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Pre Production Techniques Pro-Forma

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Pre Production Techniques Pro-Forma

  1. 1. Pre-Production Techniques LO1 Rachel Kent – Purple & Chloe Smith – Blue
  2. 2. FinanceGive a definition for each of the terms listedSelf FinancedThe person making the product funds the project without help from other parties.Employer/Client FinancedThe client who has hired a company to make their product provides the company with money to complete the project. This means that the company will have had to create a brief that states a budget.Kick-starterKick-starter is a website that helps a media company make a specific product by letting them request money from the general public. By donating money to the company, the people will be given something in return from the company they donated money to.
  3. 3. FinanceWhich source of funding will be most likely for your production and why?Our project is most likely going to be self financed. This is because we will be using all of ourown money to pay for the materials needed or will be providing them ourselves without theclient giving us any money or a budget. We will buy and provide all of our owningredients/food products to take the photographs of and will use our own paper, camerasetc. instead of the client paying for us to hire some out or hire out a location.Advantages• You are providing your own money rather than borrowing it from other people which means you are not in debt to them or having to worry about paying them back immediately or keeping to a tight budget.• When you are self financing you are in total control of everything. You are supplying the money yourself which means that you can also control your own deadlines and time periods to get tasks done in.Disadvantages• You have to raise all of the money and finances yourself which means if you can not raise enough money to fund the project you will be in trouble and may have to start looking into loans from banks and another places which could end up with you having larger money issues and becoming seriously in debt.
  4. 4. FinanceList the aspects of your production that will require financeThe aspects of our production that will need financing are:• The software we will use to create the recipe cards.• The equipment we may need to add contributing factors to the cards, including cameras for photography, etc.• Models and personnel to take part in the photography and initial producing of the recipe cards (if needed).• The food that we may need to feed the personnel, or also use in the photographs which will be featured on the cards.• The location we may need to shoot in (if we would like to rent out a kitchen to take photographs in, etc).
  5. 5. Time What methods could you employ to ensure you stick to your deadlines? Why would this be beneficial to your project?We could produce a working schedule. This would ensure everything is finished on time andthat you complete all smaller tasks because you have set everything out where you can seeit. You can place end dates for each task next to the task itself which will help you to see theend dates you have set yourself and this will keep you up to date with all the tasks and thewhole project itself.You could also set interim deadlines with your client. This is setting smaller deadlines for theindividual tasks so that you have been set a date by them and they know when to expecteach piece if work. This will ensure you do not fall behind on anything because you will havea constant reminder in your mind that your client is expecting a certain thing by a certaindate or time.
  6. 6. TimeWhat is contingency time and how might this be beneficial to your project?Contingency time is adding time to a schedule so that any work that goes wrong can be fixed without having to worry about deadlines.This will be beneficial to our project because if there is an error or if we feel we can improve our work further and make the recipe cards better, we can extend the time we already have to make the changes we want. Also, adding time to our project will make sure we have enough time to complete all aspects of the project, which will help us achieve a good grade because we will have finished the project to the best of our ability and made sure everything was completed.
  7. 7. PersonnelWhat size team will you use for your production (large or small)?How many people will you have in your team? Why?For production we will use a small group of around 5-10 people. This will benefit usbecause it ensures we can keep an eye on everyone and manage the work they aredoing. It will also leave less room for disagreements between the work force becauseeach person (or sometimes pairs) will have their own individual tasks to be getting onwith and to finish. This means that there isnt a large group of people all workingtowards finishing one individual task and therefore they won’t be able to argue overwho should do what or the way a certain thing is being done.
  8. 8. PersonnelWhat job roles would you have in your production and what skills and experiencewould be required?Photographer – This person would need to have a clear understanding of the camera that is to be used to take the photographs. They would also need to be confident in the art of photography and be creative so they can take unique images that will make the recipe cards more interesting and appealing. Having some skills in Photoshop would also be helpful.Graphic Designer – A graphic designer would decide how the layout of the card is set out. This is an important role because they can change the whole look of the card, and while one idea might look good, another idea might put people off. The graphic designer will choose the font, colours and where images and pieces of text are placed on the recipe card.Chef/Expert – Obviously the chef or expert of food will need to have at least some knowledge of food and how to make it. The chef/expert will make the food or give advice on the types of food we wish to be made. We would like to include examples on how the food looks when it is finished so we will need a chef to allow that to happen.
  9. 9. PersonnelHow could you find people to be in your production team?To find your production team there is a variety of ways you could advertise the jobsyou need doing or get people aware of what you need.• You can create your own network filled with friends, family members and previous employers or work colleagues. This will be helpful because you can talk to them and then they are likely to talk to people they know also and word will quickly get round about the work and jobs at hand.• You could also publish an advertisement in places such as local papers or international papers. These advertisements will then be seen by everyone who either purchases the paper or looks at them online and you will quickly get a large base of people who are aware of what you are needing.• Job specific magazines and websites are useful places to advertise because then you are opening yourself up to people who work in that specific industry and are looking for work so you will gain experienced workers.
  10. 10. FacilitiesList the equipment, resources and facilities you need for your production and its source
  11. 11. Contributors Contributor Type of Contributor Team member Public Client Expert Tutor ExpertPhotographer of Sourced Images Talent
  12. 12. LocationsWhat method could you employ to identify locations needed for your production(production/ post production facilities) and how could this be useful?We already know in which locations we are planning on cooking, shooting and producing.Kitchen – The kitchens provided are our own. This is useful because we are in our own surroundings and the location is easily accessible. We will also know where the ingredients needed to make the food are because we will be familiar with the location already.College – College is a very useful location because not only is our project based here, but all of the software and resources we need for production (Photoshop, paper, etc.) are well within reach and we can use this facility as much as we need, whether it’s in class time or outside.
  13. 13. LocationsAre there any limitations or risks you would need to consider for your locations? Location Limitation/Risk Kitchen • Someone may burn or injure themselves due to hot pieces of equipment or hot mood. • They could also trip over something or drop something causing breakages which may be sharp to touch. College • If you have limited access to college due to no buses or trains running then you have no way of getting into college which may affect your rate of work.
  14. 14. Codes of Practice - ClearancesWhat is a model/location release form and why is it important to your production?A model/location release form is a document which states that you have permission to use the model or location however you want (within reason) and they cannot stop you. This is why a signature is needed from the model or someone who is responsible for the location/property so that they can’t turn around and say that you can’t do what you’re doing, because you will have their consent.In our project we do not have or require any models, so the only release form we will need is one for the location we will be cooking and taking photographs in. It is important to our production because it states that we have the right to use the location for our needs and is also giving the owner of the location piece of mind because if we damaged or didn’t use the location for what we originally said, they could fine us or take legal action.
  15. 15. Codes of Practice - LegalWhat legal requirements will you have to consider in your project and what aspects do they relate to? Aspect of Legal Consideration ProductionGraphically designing Copyright – not using anything such as photographs or textthe cards which do not legally belong to you.Photography used Copyright – not using anything such as photographs or text which do not legally belong to you.Recipe consideration ASA – making sure there are no problems with your product and that it fits and meets all guidelines associated with advertising. (especially associating food and drink or working with children)Preparing food Health and Safety – conducting risk assessments and ensuringproducts there are no potential hazards or causes for injury and accident.
  16. 16. Codes of Practice – Regulatory BodiesWhich regulatory body’s guidelines would you need to follow when creating yourproduction?For our production we would need to follow the guidelines of The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). The ASA’s code of practice says that adverts must not be harmful to their target audience or exaggerate or lie in attempt to make people buy the product. All adverts must follow this code of practice ( fact that these guidelines are more important when advertising products that include food or drink means that we have to be extra careful when creating our product, making sure not to breach the guidelines.
  17. 17. Codes of Practice – Regulatory BodiesWhere can you source information from regarding these guidelines?ASA (advertising standards authority) ASA is a regulating body which ensures that when you are advertising yourproduct you do not create anything which is harmful to your audience and means youcannot lie about your product.There are also legal requirements and acts such as ‘Copyright, Designs and Patents act1998’ which stops you copyrighting anyone elses work or using their ideas andclaiming them as your own. It gives exclusive rights to the original author, meaning ifyou do not have their permission to use their work you are breaking the law as theyhave it protected against people using it at their own free will.