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Mood boards

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Mood boards

  1. 1. Mood Boards Chloe Smith
  2. 2. Multiple/Double Exposure I have chosen these images because I think that they are quite dark and mysterious. By manipulating images I take I could create some sinister pictures using these images as inspiration. To achieve these types of images I could combine rural and wooded areas, rural and urban, or even old and new. I could add in figures or ghostly subjects, and using clouds or simple backgrounds could be effective. I would like to try and get images of wooded areas so I can overlay a more modern subject over the top. Overall I think I will be able to make some original and interesting images. I just need to experiment.
  3. 3. Photo Montage/Collages I have chosen these images because I like how strange and out of the ordinary they are, and how people have combined ordinary images with more outdoor scenes and putting old pictures on top of modern ones. I think I could make some interesting and stand-out images with this technique, as well as creating different montages of the same image and seeing which one works the best. I can achieve this technique by cutting around/out a subject in the image and putting a different one in it’s place, as well as moving the subject to another image.
  4. 4. Motion I have chosen these images because I like how you can experiment with different light sources and achieve completely different images by the way you move the light or the camera. You can draw things with the light or you can create strange light effects by having something move past the camera while it is on a slow shutter speed. Also, by moving the camera when on a slow shutter speed you can make a non-moving object become distorted and warp, possibly creating a ghostly image, or one with interesting light effects.