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Mini Evaluation (Posters)


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Mini Evaluation (Posters)

  1. 1. Mini Evaluation
  2. 2. What went well? I managed to find a suitable picture of Pooh Bear, although Piglet was in the picture but I moved the image so that he wasn’t visible. Doing this also gave me free space to place the IRN BRU can and the slogan for this advert. I think I used the wording well as I looked up quotes from Pooh and changed some of the words to make it suitable for IRN BRU. What didn’t go so well? I think the cans on the flowers look a bit silly but when I take them away the advert looks quite bland and lacking in anything to do with IRN BRU. What could be improved? I think I may need to work on my editing skills or maybe pick an image that I can do more with. I could try and work with some type of comic strip.
  3. 3. What went well? I am happy with how I have manipulated this comic strip to fit in with IRN BRU and make it into a suitable advert. I have changed the colour of the battery life to orange, which is one of the colours of IRN BRU. I have also added an additional thought bubble in the second to last frame which changes the story a little bit because the IRN BRU can is replacing Garfield’s teddy. I have also used tools such as clone stamp and rotoscoping to add an IRN BRU can to the last frame where Garfield is cuddling the can. I chose this comic strip because I thought the general idea was the most suitable as it includes batteries and “recharging” which all links in with the energy boost that IRN BRU 32 is meant to give you. What didn’t go so well? I think that I could of possibly found a way to make the IRN BRU can in the last frame look a bit more like it fits in with the comic because it is really obvious that I have just stuck it on there and it doesn’t look as professional.