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What I'd Wish I'd Known At The Start Of My Career

Hindsight is a beautiful thing! Here are my top tips for breaking into the start of your career.

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What I'd Wish I'd Known At The Start Of My Career

  1. 1. What I’d wish I’d known at the start of my career
  2. 2. I am Chloe Nicholls Startup marketing, PR and growth strategist You can find me at @thatgirl_chloe Hello!
  3. 3. Hindsight is a beautiful thing! My advice for anyone breaking into their career path today.
  4. 4. “ Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion!
  5. 5. Develop your online profile ◉ Use your real identity and build your profile ◉ What makes you tick? ◉ Share interesting links, events and your blogs ◉ Create an or Strikingly page ◉ Join an online community i.e. Github for coders
  6. 6. Learn a digital skill ◉ Technology is ubiquitous, it’s everywhere ◉ Learning to code can set you apart from the pack ◉ Digital skills continue to be in demand ◉ Empower yourself to solve problems ◉ Don’t be the consumer, be the creator!
  7. 7. Learn to code
  8. 8. Why is this important? Source Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015 Source Workshape Developer Survey 2016
  9. 9. People are your best source of knowledge ◉ Go to events and meet people ◉ Be curious and ask questions ◉ Find the gatekeeper of your industry ◉ Pick your tribe and immerse yourself in the community
  10. 10. Work for a startup ◉ It’s a great way to throw yourself into the deep end ◉ You can take ownership of your career path ◉ Gain as much experience via internships ◉ It’s a collaborative and supportive community
  11. 11. Get the experience you need
  12. 12. “ But most of all enjoy the journey!
  13. 13. Never stop learning
  14. 14. What’s your big idea?
  15. 15. Any questions ? You can find me at ◉ Twitter @thatgirl_chloe Thanks! BONUS TIP: Want to create a slide deck like this? Then go to