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  1. Canon creative pre- production
  2. Journeys inspiration
  3. Canon inspiration
  4. Canon magazine covers After researching both canon campaigns and canon magazine covers, I have found that canon usually uses one focal image in their promotional material with the rest of the product then based on the theme of the image such as using a similar colour scheme throughout the product. As I am making this promotional material for canon, I will use this same concept to allow for it to seamlessly blend into existing canon products. This approach will also allow for the product to remain coherent throughout in order for it to be aesthetically pleasing for the intended target audience to look at hopefully make it more engaging for them.
  5. Initial ideas • Tram and bus beamish tram car and regular bus • Where will the path take you white bridge • holiday • Social media • Photography development • Social media theme to link to target audience
  6. Initial photography
  7. Initial photography
  8. Initial photography
  9. Developed ideas • Social media theme • Take photos to impress followers with the camera • Holiday and adventure
  10. Created in paint as a first draft Inspiration Photoshop first draft
  11. Eve123 @Eve123
  12. FIRST DRAWING Capture the moment £6.99 Take your selfies up a gear with a pocket-sized camera printer, complete with mirror, ring-light, remote shutter and live view. Canon Zoemini S2
  13. Flat plan magazine front cover Magazine template Capture the moment £6.99 Take your selfies up a gear with a pocket-sized camera printer, complete with mirror, ring-light, remote shutter and live view. Canon Zoemini S2
  14. Analysis of flat plan The magazine front cover uses a consistent colour scheme of sunset warm tones primarily red orange and yellow. The cover uses the same layout of existing canon magazines maintaining the continuity of the brand. The magazine also references social media this is to hopefully engage the audience as through my research this age group is the biggest consumer of social media. The front cover also advertises the canon Zoemini S2 a pocket-sized travel camera and when asked the audience said that when they think of journeys they think of travel or adventure making it the perfect camera to take with you as it states, "Take your selfies up a gear with a pocket-sized camera printer, complete with mirror, ring-light, remote shutter and live view." I made sure to also include in my plan the strapline that most canon magazines include advertising free products/gifts this is to not only maintain magazine and brand continuity, but it also engages the reader making them think that they are getting more for their money making it a value magazine this is also the case for the bottom left-hand corner of the magazine where free videos are advertised which also makes the audience think that the magazine is value for money.
  15. Flat plan advertorial Advertorial template What's included: A collection of related images Information about the product Quotes from relevant personnel Take your selfies up a gear with a pocket-sized camera printer, complete with mirror, ring-light, remote shutter and live view. Get creative and customise your photos with filters, emojis and text via the Canon Mini Print app on your smartphone. The Canon Zoemini S2 lets you print up to 25 photos on a full battery. Save your favourite shots to a Micro SD card for printing later – handy if you run low on paper. From pocket to palm in seconds, each sticky-backed snap can be used to personalise your possessions. This sleek and slimline mini photo camera, available in Teal, Pearl White and Rose Gold, is the ultimate portable companion and includes Effects and Frames buttons for filter flair and cool customisation. 8 Tips and Tricks to improve your feed 1)Think like an editor. You’ll want to start thinking about your Instagram feed as a whole entity and not as individual posts 2)Design your aesthetic 3)Take high-quality photos 4)Rearrange the order of your posts to make your feed flow 5)Color coordinate 6) Consistent Background Colors 7)Photo composition 8)Have fun! Eve123 @Eve123 £144.99 Journeys Canon allows you to capture the moment whether you are out on your first night out since the coronavirus pandemic started or just love travelling or going to gigs canon can provide the perfect camera for you to capture memories to remember forever. “To travel is to live” -Hans Christian Anderson PROS:  multi color design  Simple and fast operation  Rechargeable battery  Support memory card up to 256GB  It has mirror and ring light  With NFC and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity  Beats other Zink- format instants on quality  Truly compact size with premium looks  Companion app adds hands-free shooting and wireless printing A Journey is What YOU Make it. Canon Zoemini S2 REVIEW
  16. Analysis of flat plan For my advertorial I used the same colour scheme as the magazine front cover this allowed for product similarity making it easier for the audience to relate the advertorial to the front cover. I have also included social media tips and tricks to try to connect the audience as it is proven that for this age range social media engagement is at its highest level therefore it will actively engage the audience making them more likely to engage with canon as a brand as they will feel as though their interests are being recognised and personalised to the consumer establishing a strong company and consumer connection. The theme for this campaign was journeys and therefore the first thing I thought of was going on a journey and travelling somewhere and based on my research that is also what the audience most identified with when asked what they thought of when they thought of journeys therefore using this theme for my campaign allows for the audience to be able to understand the theme of the campaign easily.