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Magazine Analysis


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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Masthead. It has been written in a Header. This advertises whats inside the magazine, attracts a specific audience (in this case, fans of the band 30bold black sans serif font which seconds to mars) The yellow background stands out from the light blue background and the red text whichmodernises the text and emphasises creates a bright/bold header to instantly stand out and attract people to read it.the lettering. The typography denotes Pug. This denotes a sticker effect whicha cracked/smashed effect which makes it look like it has just been stuckreflects the genre of the Rock onto the page after the cover has beenmagazine. This effect connotes printed. The bright colours, whichanger, danger and violence which contrast with the background, allowsrelates to the heavy rock genre and the pug to stand out and to be seenconnects with the targeted audience straight away. This tells us what is in thefor this magazine. It has been placed magazine which will attract the targetbehind the main image which makes audience of specific fans.the image stand out, however the Main image. This is a medium shot ofmasthead is very bold and contrasts well known band members fromwith the light blue background which different groups which will attractstill allows it to be noticed. The many people who are fans of themasthead of this magazine is also the various bands, this is because the fivelogo which allows it to be easily different band members are fromrecognised. various types of punk rock groupsMain cover line. The main cover line is which will attract a wider audience.placed within a pug which boosts the The image has been taken in directmagazine and exaggerates the main address which engages the reader tofeature inside. This is the largest cover the image. This is the largest image,line on the page which attracts the placed in the centre of the coverreader to read this first and allows which attracts the reader as it is clearthem to see what is inside the to see. The image relates to the mainmagazine. The typography of the ‘50’ is cover line which allows the reader tomade to look like a record which see what is inside the magazine.relates to the albums that the cover Sub image. This allows the reader toline is influencing. clearly see what else is in the magazineCover lines/ secondary features. and is usually placed next to cover line/These are articles within the magazine secondary features which explain what thewhich attract people but not as much image is about. It makes the front coveras the main cover line which is aimed interesting and attractive to look the core audience. They inform thereader of what else is within the Bright colours are Footer. This is similar to the header but it is Barcode. This is a necessary part of themagazine. The text is written in a sans used which usually placed at the bottom of the page. It is cover which also contains the issue numberserif font which is modern and less relates to cheap advertising what is inside the magazine and which individualises the magazine.formal. weakly magazines. attracts fans of the specific band.
  2. 2. Sub image. These images are showing a mini preview of the posters that are available in this magazine which will attract specific target audiences (fans) of the certain bands. It also makes it easier to see what the posters will look like without having to search through the magazine which will engage the targeted audience instantly. They are layered with one on top of the other and set at a tilt which creates a layered look and makes them look as if they are separate to the front cover, this relates to them being posters and that you can take them out of the magazine. They have a white border around them to separate one from the others and to help them stand out. Pug. This stands out from the background as itMasthead. The typography of this masthead is is one of the top layers and the light bluea big, bold sans serif font which gives a modern colour differs from the background colours oftheme and instantly stands out to the audience. the American flag. The sub images are layeredThis also becomes the logo which helps the over the top of the pug which easily showsreader to recognise the magazine. The block that the pug is related to the posters. Thecolour (white) emphasises the masthead and word ‘FREE’ is written in the largest font whichhelps it to stand out. It is placed in front of the emphasizes that the posters are free and willmain image which shows it is the top layer of attract the audience to buy the magazine as itthe magazine and this also helps it to stand out contains extra products. The colour schemeand to be seen instantly. ties in with the cover lines, footer and mainDate and Price. This shows the date of when image which creates fluency.the magazine was issued and also shows that Main Image. This is a mid shot of the singerhis is a weekly magazine. The price is in a bolder Lana Delrey in direct address which is placedfont compared to the date as it is more in the center of the rule of thirds. This allowsimportant, however it is quite expensive for a her to be the focus point of the front covermagazine so it is in a small font and made so it which relates to the main cover line. Thedoesnt stand out and put the audience off of American flag is placed in the top half of thebuying it. A serif font is used which is different background because it has been seen thatto the modern style of the masthead and cover many people start to look from the top oflines. magazines downwards, this means that itCover lines. These have a white background will engage the audience straight away andwhich make them stand out and easier to be will encourage them to buy it. The Americanseen as it separates them from the main image. flag reflects the main cover line ‘the trueThey are set at a tilt which reflects the genre of face of a modern American icon’. This imagethe indie rock magazine as it connotes attitude connotes attitude and rebellion whichwhich also matches with the main image. The relates to the target audience and genre ofblack and blue colour schemes help the indie rock.magazine to look interesting and stand out. The Main Cover line. This uses a quotecolours also tie in with the colour of the persons which personalizes the front cover andnails in the main image which help the helps the reader feel involved as if theconventions fit together. singer is talking to the audience. This is set at a tilt which, like the cover lines and pug, connotes attitude. The sansBuzz word/footer. The buzz word ‘Plus’ shows that there is a lot more within Barcode. This is a necessary part of the cover and its serif typography in capitals creates athe magazine which attracts the audience to buy it. It is written in a serif font placed in the bottom right hand corner of the magazine modern effect and is easy to see whichand in lowercase lettering which is different compared to the rest of the text to hide it in a way so it doesnt stand out. It also will catch the eye of the audience andon the front cover which helps to catch the audience’s eye. The footer creates contains the price, date and website. The website will be one of the first things they illa busy atmosphere to the magazine to show that there is a lot of content in encourages the audience to look further NME which look at which will drag the reader intothis issue and it is worth buying. The blue separators continue the colour may attract them to buy it every week. buying it.
  3. 3. Masthead/Logo. The masthead of this magazine Main Image. This is an image of the same artist Banner. This banner follows the feminine pink and yellow colour scheme whichis a single letter which creates a simple and creates fluency to the front cover. It is an unusual zigzag effect which will catch the that is shown on the front cover of the NMEeffective logo which can easily be remembered eye of the audience and make them want to see what it is about. The capital, bold magazine (on the previous slide). The artistand recognized by the audience. It is placed on letters make the banner stand out and easy to read. The banner is short, sharp and reflects a completely different atmosphere whichthe left hand side which allows the logo to be to the point which is a persuasive way of attracting the reader. is related to the genres of the magazines. Theseen when magazines are layered on top of each previous image of the singer ‘Lana Delray’other in shops. This is easier for the audience to connotes attitude and rebellion to the NMEfind the magazine and helps to catch their eye magazine where as this main image in this ‘Q’when on sale. The background is a block colour magazine brings across a more elegant side to theof red which allows the white lettering to stand artist through her facial expressions and mise enout and attract the reader to look straight at the scene of her feminine white dress and tiara.masthead which creates recognition. This colour However adds a twist of the dark side through thealso relates to the contents page which creates denotation of the blood running down her face.synergy and a continuous colour scheme which This effect reflects the variety of genres of musicwill make the magazine easy to recognize and that this magazine has which attracts a widercreates fluency. The ‘Q’ has been written in a audience which creates more profit. The whiteformal font which brings class to the magazine background creates a simple but affective look toand would normally attract female readers. the magazine and the shadow form the singerSelling line. This boosts the magazine and helps the helps the cover lines to stand out.reader to relate to what the magazine is about. Pug. The pug creates a sticker effect and makesThis also creates recognition so when the reader the front cover look busy which attracts readerssee’s the logo they will expect to see the selling Front cover as it makes the magazine look as if it contains aline underneath. This also promotes that the lot. A serif font is used which produces a moremagazine contains ‘great music’ which will attract formal feature to the magazine and helps toreaders as they only want to read up about the create a variety of fonts to the front cover whichbest and latest music and bands. looks interesting and stands out to the rest of the text. The number ‘26’ is in bold whichCover lines. These show what the emphasises the amount of listed festivals themagazine contains but are not as magazine is advertising.important/ big as the main cover line Buzz word. This shows that the magazinewhich is used to attract the readers includes even more features whichattention and attract specific audiences emphasises the content of the magazinewho are interested in the certain artists which will attract readers to buy it. Thismentioned. This cover line is placed under also catches the audiences eye and makesthe masthead which follows the red and them want to find out colour scheme which means that itdoesn’t look inappropriate for the front Barcode. This is acover. They have capitalised all of the Main Cover line. The typography of this cover line has been made to look as if painted/ signed on to the necessary part of thecover lines which makes it clear for the front cover which connotes attitude and adds a personal effects (like an autograph) on to the page. This cover and its placed inreader to see and catch their eye which will attract the audience especially fans of Lana Delrey. This also helps to make the page look interesting. the bottom right handwill attract them to buy the magazine. The The pink colour relates to the pink and yellow colour scheme on the front page which is different to the corner of the magazineartist’s name have been used in a larger red an back magazine in the contents page. These colours add a feminine influence to the magazine to hide it in a way so itfont and different colour which will catch which would attract the female audience. It also reflects the femininity of the singer Lana Delrey. This is doesnt stand outthe eye of fans and attract them to buy the the largest cover line on the front cover which relates to the main image, this notifies audiences who themagazine. artist is and what articles the magazine contains to attract fans of the latest popular singer.
  4. 4. Selling line. This selling line is short, sharp and to the Sub image. These make the front cover look busy and worth the price. They also illustrate the cover linespoint which makes it easy for the reader to read and to attract the readers attention and see what the magazine contains. The sub images are set to a tiltremember. It gives the magazine recognition which which emphasises the busy layout and makes it look as if there is not enough room left on the page.will encourage people to buy it because of its Some of the sub images have white boarders around them which help them to stand out and give thepopularity. The words in the selling line relate to the effect that they are separate photographs to help make the front cover more interesting and audience of adult women as it is everythingthey want to know about what the celebrities get upto and real life stories which will engage the reader Buzz words/ Main cover lines. These are short,as it is something that they can relate to. sharp cover lines which instantly attracts theCove line . The cover lines are extra bits of audience as they are enthusiastic buzz words.information which show what else the magazine They have a red background with a shadowcontains. On this magazine they are all set with effect which allows them to stand out from thedifferent colours to make them stand out from main images and enhances the words. Theyeach other. It is also common for cheaper, have been written in a contrasting white and inweekly magazines to use bright colours on the capital letters to further boost the recognitionfront cover to emphasise the stories and to help of the words.the magazine stand out to attract the audience. Sub images. These images help to carry on theDate/price/website. The date shows the stories from the main images which will attractaudience that this is the latest issue of ‘closer’ the audience before having to read anything.and helps the audience see if another magazine They are placed in a round border which helpsis due to be bought. The price is in a small font the cover to look more interesting and alsoon this magazine which shows that it may not be shows that they are extra pieces of informationextremely cheap and that it may put customers that go with the cover lines. The sub image atoff of buying it. The website helps readers to the bottom of the page has no background andsearch more into the stories and the magazine. is placed on top of the main images whichMasthead. This is placed behind the main images creates a layered effect to the front cover whichwhich allows them to stand out and be the main gives a more interesting and busy atmospherefocus point. However it is still large and bold which which will attract readers at it looks good valuemeans that it is clear enough to still be seen. A serif for money.font has been used which connotes a grown up feel Bar code and issue number. This is necessaryto the magazine to reflect the target audience on front covers and is hidden away in thewhich is mainly adult women. A 3D effect has been bottom right corner which doesnt ruin theused on the lettering to help the masthead stand look of the magazine. The issue numberout from the page which can catch the eye of the informs the reader which issue the magazineaudience. The white contrasts with the pink is.background which also allows it to stand out.Main images. This magazine has used 3 images of different celebrities for the main image. This Cover line. This cover line has been placed next to the sub imagewill attract a wider audience as different people like different celebrities and want to know about which is over the edge of the boarder to show that the imagetheir lives. The images have a white boarder around them which helps them to stand out and belongs with the caption. It has a bright yellow background whichshows that they are separate pictures. The top of each image comes away from the background is completely different to the colour scheme of pink and which aswhich enhances the picture and makes them look as if they are coming out of the page. This is eye this instantly helps the caption to stand out. Quotes have beencatching and helps the cover to look more interesting. The images are placed in front of the used which creates a personal feel and drags the reader in tomasthead which again helps them to stand out but still letting the masthead be noticed. wanting to know more.
  5. 5. Title/ Logo. This is placed on the top left hand Banner. The titles are placed along a black banner across the page which helps the contents Issue Number /Date. The issue side of the contents page because it is the first page to look more busy and interesting. The black colour also helps the text stand out as it number separates the magazine thing that the audience will look at and it makes contrasts with the white and yellow titles. The banner denotes a distressed effect which from previous Kerrang it easy to identify. The typography of the lexis relates to the typography of the word ‘Contents’ and also relates to the target audience as it magazines. The date shows that ‘Kerrang’ is the same as the masthead on the connotes attitude and the hardcore image which is usually related to the punk rock genre. the magazine is a weekly front cover which creates synergy and this is magazine helps the reader to see repeated in every magazine as it creates List of contents. when they bought it and if recognition. It is a different colour to the This allows the masthead as this is because it is on a different another magazine is due to be reader to see what bought. background so the white allows it to stand out and to be clearly noticed. The typography the magazine denotes a cracked glass effect reflecting the punk contains and to Pug. The list continues rock genre of the magazine which relates to the quickly find specific but it is placed in a pug target audience. The word ‘Contents’ is in interests. The sub which allows it to stand capitals which matches the Kerrang logo and headings follow the out from the rest of the helps it to be easily seen. The typography is a colour scheme list of contents. This is faded/ distressed effect which relates to the which helps the because it relates to the banner behind the title. It is yellow in colour contents page to main cover line on the which goes with the black, yellow, red and blue front cover and it have a clear and colour scheme. appealing layout. separates the albumsColour scheme. Black, yellow, red, blue. This createssynergy with the front cover and produces continuity Smaller page which makes it clear andand flow to the magazine. The complementary colour numbers are placed easy to see which willscheme is a strong contrast in colours which draws next to each page attract the audience ashigh attention. The colours are masculine which in a different colour they can immediatelyadheres to the patriarchal punk rock stereotype (red) which allows it read through the list ofwhich is usually related to males. to be easily seen. albums that interestedMain image. This is the largest image which will The list of contents them on the front cover.catch the eye of the reader and means that it is is set down oneone of the main articles in that particular issue. Deals for subscription. This column on the rightThere is no caption next to the image which would promotes the weekly hand side of themake some readers who do not recognise the magazine and encourages page which createsband want to find out who they are which readers to get it cheaperencourages them to search them within the a clear and effective every week. The black, blue,magazine. This image uses direct address and layout which will yellow and red colour schemedenotes fun, outgoing behaviour which will attract attract the reader continues within this box andaudiences that relate to this atmosphere and fans to find out what the the word ‘Subscribe’ isof the band. magazine contains. repeated across banners. ThisSub images. These images show previews of what is in is a persuasive technique andthe magazine which easily shows the reader what to tells the reader that theyexpect. This will attract them to read the articles and should subscribe. The imagesview the images shown in the preview. of the different Kerrang Page numbers. These bold numbers allow the reader to see clearly which imagesEditors note. This is a short not from the editor promoting and articles belong to which page so that can quickly skip to the pages that interest magazines show that thethe issue and telling the audience what great things to them. They are bigger and set with a black and red back ground than the rest of reader will get manyexpect within the magazine which will draw in the reader the page numbers in then list of contents because that are more important and magazines for a small priceand creates a personal touch to the magazine. which will attract them to catchy articles which will attract the target audience. subscribe.
  6. 6. Main image. This is another main article within the Title. Largest font, black bold sans serif font which emphasizes the title to make it easy to see. The sans serifmagazine which will attract the core audience. It is font creates a simplistic look to the contents and creates a newspaper effect which shows that thenot the same as the musician on the front cover magazine is influencing information. It is placed at the top of the page which allows it to be the first thing towhich means that a wider audience will be be seen which informs the audience what the magazine will contain this week. The diction used ‘inside thisattracted. It is the largest image on the page and is week’ draws the reader in and shows that the magazine contains a lot of information.placed in the centre which will draw in the readerand would be one of the first conventions they Date. This allows the reader to seewould look at. Direct address is used in the imagewhich attracts the audience and engages them to that the magazine is available weeklythe image. The image relates with the quotation and what is popular this week.underneath it which looks as if the artist is talking Sub images. These images relate to theto the reader which will encourage them to find captions and quotations which allowsout more about the article. them to be easily understood. The Captions/ Quotations. These relate to the sub images which give the reader extra information pictures catch the eye of the reader as to what the magazine contains. The which will drag them in and will make quotations add a personal effect as they make them want to read the captions and see the reader feel closer to the celebrity who is what the magazine contains. They also being interviewed as it helps them to see how help the audience to recognize who is in they feel. They are in a black serif font which the magazine which will attract certain gives the illusion of a newspaper (with the white fans and target audiences. The images background) but also modernises it. The are set into three columns and do not contrasting colours (black text/ white overlap each other. This gives the background) create a simple but effective contents an organized and simple atmosphere to the contents page and allows it to be easy to read which will attract the audience as atmosphere which will attract the they can see immediately what interests them. audience as it is easy to read and they Buzz words. The lexis ‘Plus’ is a catchy word and can quickly see whats inside. creates the effect that the magazine has a lot more to offer. It drags the reader in and Page numbers. These allow the reader to encourages them to buy the magazine as it quickly and easily see what pages contain contains many articles and pages which is good certain articles. This will attract the value for money. It is in a more formal font reader as it will allow them to find the compared to the rest of the text on the page pages which they are interested in which helps it to stand out and to be eye catching. instead of having to scan through theList of Contents. These are the rest of the pages whole magazine. The numbers are blackwithin the magazine. They are in a smaller font anddo not contain images which means that they are and bold and have a white background innot as important/ eye catching articles than the the corner of each image which allows Deals for subscription. This attracts the reader as it shows how muchones with sub images and bold page numbers. them to stand out and to be instantly money they would save over the course of a year. It has beenThey are lined vertically which makes it easier to seen. By putting them in the corner of separated into a red box which helps it to stand out to the reader andsee what number goes with what article and also catch their eye. Layered pictures of NME magazines are spread along each image clearly shows that the imagehelps to fit in with the simple layout of the the bottom to create a busy atmosphere and shows that by and caption belong to the certain pagecontents page. subscribing, the reader will receive many magazines for a cheaper number.
  7. 7. Logo/Title. This is the title and the logo of the Title. This is placed at the top of the page because most people tend to look towards the top first. This informs the reader thatmagazine which is identical to the logo on the front this is the page that tells you where to find what you are looking for. It is set in a bold, black font which is capitalised, this linkscover. This creates continuity throughout the with the simplistic colour scheme and also helps the title to stand out and clear to read. It is set against a white background whichmagazine. The logo sets a simple colour scheme of contrasts with the black to help the tile to be come eye catching. It is a sans serif font which produces a simple and modern lookred, black and white to the contents page which helps to the magazine and encourages a classy and professional effect which will help attract the audience to buy the magazine.the audience relate to ‘Q’ magazine as it will be Selling line. This helps to identify the magazinerecognisable in further issues. The red connotes and also describes what the magazine is about.passion which can be related to the magazines passion By using the lexis ‘Great’ boosts the magazine astowards music. By using the same colour scheme it is showing that it contains the most popularthroughout the magazine and continuing it onto other and latest music, which attracts a wide audienceissues creates a professional finish and recognition as many people always want the latest trends.which will attract the audience as it looks good value Issue number. This is placed in the centre topfor money. half of the magazine with a bold red Heading. This gives a title to the list of contents background. This helps it to stand out and is an which helps the reader to clearly see what the unusual technique used in this magazine. magazine is about. The red background links in with However this is set in every ‘Q’ magazine which the colour scheme and brightens the page to make it creates a unique layout. This promotes the look more appealing for the audience. magazines history which shows that it is aSub Image. This image gives a preview of what type ofsingers/ artists are involved in the caption below about successful magazine which will attract manysongs to download. This will attract the audience who are readers as many want to know if they are buyinginterested in this particular band but also audiences who a well known, successful magazine which isenjoy the same type of music. The sub images are set as the Contents worth the price.same shape as the main image but scaled down a few sizes Main image. This is the largest image on thewhich helps to encourage the audience to focus upon the page which is an extreme close up of the fontmain image but also creates a simple and clear layout for cover. It is a slightly different picture butthe contents page. This will appeal to the audience as it contains the same elements (blood) whichmakes the page simple and clear to read which will not put relates to the front cover page and createsthem off viewing what is inside the magazine. synergy between them. Half of her expression isCaptions/List of contents. The caption link to the sub image cut off which intrigues the audience and makesand helps to inform the reader what the image is about. It iswritten in a larger font to the rest of the diction on the page them want to find out what the rest of thewhich helps it to stand out and to be the first caption to picture and what the article is about. The imagefocus on. It is an interesting caption that will benefit the is in direct address which attracts the audienceaudience which is why it is the main caption on the page, to and draws them to drag the reader in. It is in a sans serif font which Graphic image. This emphasizes that the articlecreates a modern look to the contents page and follows the is talking about something to do with themodern and simplistic theme throughout the magazine. The internet and adds an interesting feature to thecaption is followed by a small piece of text which further contents page.informs the audience what the articles are about to help Page numbers. These vary in size through out the contents Subscription. This is a link to the website to subscribeinterest them into reading the magazine. This text has been page which connect with the size of the images. This helps for the magazine. This link is in a small font and hiddenwritten in a serif font which links with the logo’s theme and to make the page look interesting and bold which will at the bottom of the page which is an unusual way toalso helps the captions to stand out. Each caption is the attract the audience through its attractive appearance. They persuade the audience to subscribe as it is hard to seename of an artist which will catch the eye of certain fans fit in with the red, white and black colour scheme which and many readers will not notice it .and will encourage them to read the magazine. The list of creates fluency throughout the magazine. They are clear to Date. This informs the reader when the magazine wascontents is set in a column down the left side of the see which makes it easy for the audience to find what pages on sale which will help them to see if the magazine ismagazine which helps to portray a simple and organisedlayout. interest them. talking about the latest music.
  8. 8. Title. The title of the magazine is the largest Sub images. These help the page to look more interesting and show the reader what and who thetext on the contents page which allows it to magazine contains. The images show well known celebrities which will attract readers who are fans. Thestand out and also gives recognition as it is the image on the right has been edited to denote a tare in the picture which reflects their break up and howlogo as well. It has been written in pink which they are separated from each other. This will drag the reader in straight away without having to read thefollows the feminine colour scheme of pink, article and will encourage them to read on and see what and white. This colour scheme reflects Article. This mini article has been separatedthe target audience of women which will attract from the rest of the contents page with itsmany female readers. A serif font has been pink background and also links in with theused which creates a formal and more editors note. It uses a drop cap which willsophisticated look which also reflects the target induce the reader and encourage them toaudience of adult women. read the article. At the bottom is a picture List of contents/ numbers. This is places and signature of the editor which shows that down the left hand side of the page which it has been written by her, however talking gives a simple but effective layout which will about a popular TV show will interest the attract readers as it is easy to follow. A sans audience. serif font has been used which is a modern Pug. This stands out from the page and looks look and clear to read. The black text as if it has been stuck on after. The pug contrasts with the white background to help informs the reader when the next issue is on it stand out for the reader. The page sale which will encourage them to buy it next numbers have been coloured in pink which in the following week. A shadow has been reflects the colour scheme and also put around the pug to make it look as if it is separates them from the rest of the writing on the top layer of the page. to make it simple and clear to see which page belongs to the text. Images. These images have been made toHeadings. The headings ‘on the cover’ have look as if they are Polaroid pictures whichbeen used to notify the audience that the gives an interesting look and also linksparticular stories are the ones promoted them together and shows that they arefrom the front cover. This will quickly inform part of the same subject. They have beenthe reader what page the article is on which made to look as if they have been pinnedinterested them from the front cover. This up to attract the reader and encouragehas a orange background which follows the them to see what they are, orange and white colour scheme andalso helps the headings to stand out from the Social network advertising. By encouraging the reader to follow therest of the text. The headings that have a Sub headings. This sub heading has been magazine on social networking sites gives them extra insight oncontrasting black background separate the written in two separate colours which what the magazine is about and also promotes and advertises thepages to help the reader find what interests brings out the word ‘Closer’ to match it magazine to the readers friends which will create recognition andthem. These have been written in capital with the title at the top of the page and attract more consumers. The social networking logos have beenletters to emphasise the headings and make also catches the readers eye. The same font used which will catch the readers eye and instantly shows what theit clear for the reader to see. has been used as the sub heading which caption is about. An orange background has been used to separate creates fluency in the contents page. the information and follow the colour scheme on the contents page.
  9. 9. Main Image. The main image is in Header/ boarder. This gives a busy atmosphere to the pages and helps Title. This is in a sans serif font and is the largest Writer anddirect address which automatically them link together. It suits the colour scheme of Blue, black, yellow text on the page. The font helps to create a Photographer. Thisengages the reader as it looks as if and white which is continued from the front cover and contents page. modern effect and deferrers from the serif font informs the in the article. It matched with the quote inserted audience of whomthe ‘band’ is looking at them. The This brings fluency and continuity to the magazine which give it a into the article which creates a fluent theme wrote the articlemain member of the band ‘Matt professional and flowing finish. The ‘logo’ in the left had corner informs within the double page spread. Also the yellowTuck’ was part of the main image the audience that the double page spread is part of a list of ‘album and who took the colour sets the colour scheme. The whiteon the front cover and is seen to previews’ which means that other pages like this are continued on background surrounds the title and cuts into the pictures. This helpsbe doing a similar pose. This previous pages. The blue boarder line has been set to look as if it is main image which shows that the title is the to promote themcreates synergy and helps the underneath the main image which helps the main image to stand out. main focus of the article. and give themcover and the double page spread flow. This also helps the reader Sub heading/ Introduction. Thisto relate to what the front cover starts off the article and drawswas trying to promote, by seeing the reader in. The words ‘Bullet’this image it tells the reader that and ‘Matt Tuck’ have beenthis is one of the main stories in written in blue to emphasise thethe magazine and that is part of name of the band and main artistthe must have ‘top 50 albums’. which will attract the eye of certain fans. It has been writtenThe band is standing on a plain in a serif font which matches thewhite background which helps the article to make it look like it is anmise en scene of their contrasting enlarged part of the clothes to stand out. Also Banner. This banner helps tothe band members’ head is on top create a busy look to the doubleof the header/ boarder which page spread. It is advertisingmakes it look as if the main image other bands which may interestis the top layer of the double page the reader into wanting to findspread to help them to stand out out more about them. It has awhich will attract the reader as it black background which bringslooks interesting. The pose and across the colour scheme andexpression on ‘Matt Tuck’s’ face can act as a boarder to match the blue line across the top. Likeconnotes attitude and rebellion. the main image , it is set to goThis relates to the target audience across the blue boarder at theof this magazine which enjoy the top which helps it so get noticedgenre of hardcore rock. This image and stand out.takes up 2/3 of the page which Drop Cap. This is in a serif font and a Insert/ quote. This quote has been set inhelps to show that the image Page number. This helps the audience to find the page that between the columns which gives the page an different colour to the rest if thebelongs with the article and also was shown from the contents. It has a black background to text which helps it to stand out and interesting and busy look. It has been writtenallows the image to be as big as stand out from the white . It also has the Kerrang title/ catch the eye of the reader. The blue in a much larger font and bordered withpossible. logo next to it which emphasises the magazine. yellow lines which match the colour scheme colour against the black text reflectsPicture caption . This informs the reader of Caption. This shows who the artist is and helps the the colour scheme which helps the to help it so stand out. By doing this it encourages the reader to focus on the quotewho the band are and what the article will audience to recognise the band. The typography is double page spread to flow together before reading the article which will engagebe about to interest them and drag them a hand written style in black which helps it to and gives a more professional look. them and make them want to find out moreThis has a black background to help it stand stand out and also looks as if someone has drawn The drop cap gives an interesting about what he is saying. The article has beenout from the white and matches the black, onto the page. This connotes a rough and rebel start to the article which will draw in set into two columns which helps to give ayellow, blue and white colour scheme. style which is relates to the target audience. the reader. simple and clear look to the layout.
  10. 10. Main image. This image relates to the main image on the front Sub image. These images contribute to making the page look Article. The article has been dividedcover. It carries on the American theme with the flag in the more interesting so that it isnt just words. Many people get into three columns per page. Thisbackground, the blue red and white in the converse’s and the put off of reading magazines if the articles are too long to read makes is easier for the audience towhite stars on her blue top. This synergy helps the magazine especially the target audience of this magazine who are more read and doesnt make the pageto flow and engages the audience who were interested from likely to be the younger generation. These images are set at a look ‘wordy’. It has been written inthe image on the front cover. This large image is directly on tilt which gives the page a messy but effective style. This can a black serif font which gives thetop of the title/ quote which helps to show the reader that it is relate to the target audience who are likely to be teenagers writing a more professional and‘Lara Delray’ who is saying “I’m so nervous”. The converse’s which are stereotypically untidy and messy. formal style.relate to the target audience of this magazine as the younger Quote. This has beengeneration are interested in the latest fashions and trends. inserted into the articleCaption. This explains what the and has a blue borderimage is about and gives an around it to help standinside peak of the article. It has out from the rest of thea blue background so it can be text and to link in with theseen separately from the image colour scheme of blue,and can add another blue white and yellow. It alsocolour to the colour scheme. attracts the eye of the reader so that it is focused on before readingDrop cap. This starts the article the whole article. This canoff and makes it look more help draw in the readerinteresting to read. It also and make them want tomatches the colour scheme. read more. The round shape looks like a target which reflects what the quote says “Ive been fighting for survival for aQuote/ title . A quote has been long time.” The wordsset to look like the title of this ‘fighting’ and ‘survival’double page spread. Quotes can relate to war whichpersonalise the article and can bring across the ideaengages the reader to make of a target from a gun.them feel as if the artist isdirecting her interview towardsthem personally which draws in Sub heading/ introduction. This introduces what the article Time line. This lets the reader find out about the artist and herthe reader and makes them want will be about to intrigue the audience and persuade them to past and why she became famous which can interest them andto read on. The quotation marks read more. Like the ‘Kerrang’ magazine the words ‘ Lana encourage them to want to find out more about her and read thehave are in yellow to match the Delrey’ and ‘Laura Snapes’ have been coloured in blue to get article. It will interest ‘Lana Delray’ fans who want to knowcolour scheme and drop caps them to stand out. This is done so it catches the eye of the everything about her. The time line has a blue background whichwhich helps the pages flow reader and attracts fans of ‘Lana Delrey’ and also promotes contributes to the colour scheme on this double page spread. Ittogether. It is in a sans serif font the write by emphasising her name. The font is set in a more contains sub images with some set to a tilt which makes themwhich gives a modern feel to the feminine style which reflects the artist and also relates to the look as if they have been stuck onto the page and creates anpage and also reflects the main main audience of young girls. interesting style. The time line goes across both pages whichimage of the modern fashions. helps bring the double page spread together.
  11. 11. Picture captions. This helps to explain what the picture is about. It is placed at Title. This is placed in the centre of the page which separates the the top of the page which suggests that many readers will look there first. This picture from the article and becomes one of the main focus points in means that they can find out what is going on in the picture and what the the double page spread. The typography denotes a spray painted effect article is going to be about to help drag them in and persuade them to read the which can be seen as a graffiti style. This reflects the younger article. This caption has a red background with white writing which follows the generation as this is a stereotypical action. By reflecting the younger colour scheme from ‘Q’ magazines contents and front cover pages. This generation it links in with the student riots which the article is about. It synergy helps the magazine to flow and gives a professional effect which will is in a thick, black serif font which is in the typical military style. This attract the audience to buy the magazine. Images. These are a selection connotes fighting and anger which is reflected in the riots.of images which are placed Sub heading. This has a redtogether in a way which background which helpsappears to be one main image the text to stand out andwhich covers 2/3 of the double look different from the restpage spread. This unique effect of the article. This willis eye-catching and interesting encourage the audience toto look at which will attract the read this first and willreader read this article. The introduce them to theimages denote riots and chaos following article. The redwithin London (signs imitating compliments the colourthe London underground in scheme which is shownfront of St Pauls cathedral) through out the magazinewhich will attract audiences D.P.S including the front coverwho know the area as it and contents page. Thisfamiliarises them and helps synergy helps the magazinethem to engage with the images to flow and createsand what is going on. The recognition so whenlargest image is of the artist readers see a black red and‘Tom Morello’. This shows itself white colour scheme it willto be the main image which will help them to know that it isattract many fans of the artist the ‘Q’ magazine. Drop cap. This catches the eye of Article. The article has been divided intoto look at the page. By showing the reader and invites them into three columns and takes up 1/3 of the doublethe artist in the largest image Writer. This tells us who has reading the article and creates a page spread. Too much writing can put thecatches the audiences eye written the article which gives more interesting look. The reader off so by making the article smallerbecause he is a well known the writer recognition. This typography used connects with the than the images helps to create the illusionperson and will stand out from could persuade readers to title of the article which produces that the article is short sharp and too thethe rest of the crowds in the read the article if they fluency to the double page spread. point. The three columns make the articleimages. It engages the reader Bold, black serif font has been used look easy to read creates a simplistic layout to enjoyed the style of theand makes them intrigued to writers work in previous to emphasis the letter and helps it attract the reader as it has an appealingfind out why the artist is in that articles. to stand out from the rest of the appearance. A serif font has been used whichsituation, this will encourage diction. gives the article a professional finish.them to read the article.
  12. 12. Banner. This is placed on the left had side at the top of the double Pug. This is a completely different colour to the rest of the colour scheme on the doublepage spread which will be one of the first things the reader will page which will catch the eye of the reader and encourage them to read the pug first as itlook at. It informs the reader what the double page spread is about tells them what the article is about and shows that it is exclusive. By showing its exclusiveand which will attract them if they are interested in the popular will encourage the reader to read the article as is it is not in any other magazine. Theprogramme. It has a pale blue background which matches the edge had been folded over to emphasise the look of a sticker which helps it to stand outcolour scheme of the page which creates fluency. from the rest of the page. The pink colour relates to the colour scheme on the front coverTitle. The title is a which shows that it is exclusive to the ‘closer’ magazine.quote which creates a Main image. Thispersonal effect and connoteswill attract the reader sophistication by theas it shows what the golden chair and thearticle will be about way that the womanand relates to the ‘Lydia’ ismain image to show sitting, which relateswho is said the quote. to the typography ofThe lexis ‘jealousy’ the title and thehas been underlined colour scheme. Herwith a pale blue line pale blue jumper andwhich relates to the the colour of her eyescolour scheme and reflects the colouremphasises the main scheme and createsword in the title. The flow through thetypography of the double page spread.title connotes Caption. This gives asophistication and little bit of informationbrings across a related to the mainfeminine feel which image which will makereflects the the reader want to findprotagonist of the out more about thearticle. subject and influenceArticle. The article them to read the article.takes up roughly a third Drop cap. This helps to drag the Sub image. These images help theif the double page and Page number. This relates to the contents reader in as it is eye catching and reader to picture what the article iscrosses over to the next page and helps the reader to easily find interesting to look at. The backgroundabout and to give a further insight onpage which connects what page that are looking for. The word colour creates a nice flow as it ties in the protagonist and her life. Itthe two pages together. ‘closer’ is written in pink which relates to with the colour scheme. The letter engages the reader and makes themIt has been set out into the colour scheme on the front page and has been written in a serif font which want to read the article. They have afour columns which is brings across recognition, so that when the makes it look more formal and relates blue boarder to separate them andeasy for the audience reader sees the colour pink it will let them to the feminine and sophisticated to match the colour scheme toto read. know that it is related to the magazine. atmosphere. create fluency.