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Behind the scenes


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Behind the scenes

  1. 1. Sunday 7th November -Behind the scenes Today we filmed our thriller opening for the first time which in my opinion went very well and we managed to get most of the filming completed. As a group we had a lot of ideas at the time that we adapted to and considered when filming. Below are images that show you what happened during filming today and how we filmed our thriller opening. This is the camera we used to filmour scenes. It isn’t the ideal camera we wanted to use but because the other cameras were not available at the time we had to use this one. This camera wasn’t too bad to film on as the battery lasted the whole filming and the quality of the film was good enough to film. Here are some imagesthatwe took showingKerry,LaurenandEmilyfilming the scenes.
  2. 2. Beloware imagesshowingKerryfilminganoverthe shouldershotof the stalker andthe stalker walking.Asyoucan see we are makingsure that we use a varietyof cameraanglesandmovements. These are imagesof objectsthatwere inthe filmingframe andsowe had to move themoutthe wayas theywouldhave lookedwrongandoutof place inthe film.
  3. 3. These are imagesof where we were filming ourthrilleropeningwhichare outside Emily’shouse in penge. The imagesbelow are showingspecificsceneswe filmed.Thisisthe scene wherethe stalkerleavesa note for Chloe (me) whenthe girlsare notinthe house.