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LIbrary Garden for Elmhurst Library


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A proposal for creating a library garden behind the Elmhurst Library in East Oakland.

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LIbrary Garden for Elmhurst Library

  1. 1. Ideas for a Library Garden ELMHURST LIBRARY Chiye Azuma, ASLA Volunteer, FOEL 1 Hit the space bar to advance
  2. 2. Elmhurst Library The library faces out onto 88th Ave. and has a sheltered “back yard” in the rear of the building. There is access from the side (when the library is open) and from the back door of the main reading room. Click for plan view 2
  3. 3. mature trees concrete patio Backyard space approx. 68’ x 25’ library building walkwaytostreet perimeter fence plan view-existing conditions return 3
  4. 4. view of the library and new planters 4
  5. 5. In addition to the new planters (built recently by public works), there’s a semi-circular teak bench, a scattering of chairs, a small play structure for tots, and a teak table used by staff and patrons 5
  6. 6. Access and Circulation tothestreet patio 12”-15”drop down to native grade (mulched) library back door tothefrontgarden 3 steps down 6
  7. 7. concrete steps from the patio lead down to the east side passageway to the street the passageway on the west side of the library leads to an enclosed garden area (where there is the most sun) Side Access 7
  8. 8. Activity Areas ACTIVE vs CONTEMPLATIVE 8
  9. 9. Library Garden Concept Plan Active Area: relocated play structure on wood mulch Pervious pavers over rainwater storage tank Bicycle powered pump for irrigation Story Circle with arbor and log seating 9
  10. 10. Story Circle - images - Click on captions to enlarge photos Mature trees on site Seating circle under arbor and with tree stumps seating return 10
  11. 11. Rainwater Storage Tank - images - Clockwise from top:  Pervious pavers are placed on top of the storage tank to allow infiltration from above  Excavation for the storage tank  The modular units Modular rainwater storage units The storage tank: The modular units are placed in the pit lined with a waterproof membrane Pervious pavers return 11
  12. 12. Bicycle powered pump As part of the Active Play Area we propose to install a bicycle powered pump that will enable us to draw out the stored rainwater for irrigating the planting areas. As an alternative, or in combination with the bike pump, a hand crank pump might also be considered. Including a rainwater harvesting feature takes an existing problem (with the site drainage) and turns it into a usable asset; AND it also gives us an edge in applying for grants designed to fund environmentally sustainable projects. return 12
  13. 13.  Grants- Science education, sustainable stormwater management  Volunteer labor  Vendor donations – building materials, etc.  campaign  Council District 7 discretionary funds  Public works – maintenance FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES 13
  14. 14.  Approval of Concept Design  Design development: prelim cost estimate, timeline  Develop webpage and fundraising materials NEXT STEPS 14
  15. 15. QUESTIONS/COMMENTS Active Area rainwater storage tank pump Story Circle 15Back to beginning
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. The row of four large Pittosporums provide shade and help to delineate the enclosed area. Recommend a check with City Arborist or Public Works staff for tree evaluation re health and structure to ensure safety and to ease any maintenance concerns. return 17
  18. 18. Examples of a simple arbor, log seating and stumps for a gathering area, or story circle. The ground surface on the left shows decomposed granite, while the photo on right shows compacted mulch. return 18