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The Search Landscape
How Search Engines Work
Building Accessible Sites
Conducting Keyword Research
Link Building Strategies
Social Media & the Web’s Influencers

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  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization? (SEO) Presented by: Chithra & Usha
  2. 2.  What is sEO  taRGEt aUDiENCE & ELiGiBiLitY CRitERia  WhY sEO fOR a CaREER?  sEO JOB tREND  sEO CaREER DEVELOPMENt LifE CYCLE  fOUNDatiON BasiCs Of sEO  iMPORtaNCE Of fOUNDatiON  sEO PROCEss fLOW  sEO PROCEss hiERaRChY aCCORDiNG tO thE DEsiGNatiON at BasiC LEVEL  sEO WEBMastER  WhY sEO iN CEGON sOft? hOW WE DiffERENt fORM OthERs?  sEO CaREER fROM CEGON sOft  LaUNCh PLaN
  3. 3. Today the world is about Internet be it personal or business. Every business & many individuals own a website for various reasons Websites have become a major part of everybody’s life & there are millions of business that take place every day online alone To search websites SEARCH ENGINES such as GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING etc are used & they find the websites and rank them as results Cont…
  4. 4.  So having only a website WILL NOT SERVE the purpose. As there are N number of people searching for various websites every minute & they will visit the websites that are RANKED BY GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING etc…  It is the SEO Professionals who make a websites rank in GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING & get them ranking  Without being listed in the Search Engines, there might be no visitors to the website & this will affect the business owners because of which SEO is given utmost importance.
  5. 5. People from NON IT & IT Background as SEO is not about coding/programming BCOM, MCOM, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, BBM, MBM, BE, BSC, MSC, MSC IT, Diploma, MARKETING STREAM, NON IT BACKGROUND WITH GOOD ENGLISH AND BASIC INTERNET KNOWLEDGE Like What Is Facebook. What Is Website. What Is Google Search Engine. Article Writing. What Is Social Media. People interested to work as Freelancers Cont…
  6. 6. People looking for Self employment Opportunities Business people who are looking at implementing SEO for their own business People who are interested in an Online marketing career Freshers and Job Seekers who are looking at Non IT Career
  7. 7. SEO is a well paid and most wanted profile in today’s market SEO can be learnt and worked upon by ANYONE. There is no specific background needed. From huge businesses to small enterprises about 90% have opted to online marketing so the need of SEO specialists is huge SEO also allows plenty of freelancing & self-employment opportunities Cont…
  8. 8. SEO Industry is still considered very new and its moving to its growth stage with a tremendous speed which also means that SEO professionals will be most sought after. SEO jobs are almost recession proof as SEO costs are less when compared to other marketing expenses & companies survive on SEO marketing alone SEO is GLOBAL & is recognized in ALL COUNTRIES including US, UK, Australia, Canada etc.
  9. 9. Cont…
  10. 10. Foundation OF SEO Project - Requirement Consultant/Analyst/Developer/Manager SEO Expert ( SEO Web Master ) Cont…
  11. 11. Technology Knowledge + SEO + Internet Standards SEO: Added Essence In Eligibility Criteria For IT Employee All Company Requires IT-SEO Skilled Employee. Relationship of SEO And Technology. Business Relation With SEO. Relationship Of Online Source With SEO And Business SEO And Online Web Competition. Web Internet Standards For Company. Social Presence And SEO Business Requirement Gathering And Analysis Resource Collection From Client SEO Plan. SEO Reporting And Results Tracking SEO Success Graphs. Cont…
  12. 12. To Learn the process one should know the foundation. Can you drive BIKE before learning BICYCLE….? It is a RISK!!! The Foundation Level stands as a pre requisite for the whole SEO Process. It will help students to understand the Core Requirement And Needs Of SEO Process clearly and easily. This is mandatory for every individual For Whole Course.
  13. 13. 1. SEO Analyst Online Source Collection SEO Plan Preparation Resource Sorting and Segregation According To Plan SEO Inputs Submission To Production Unit. 3. SEO Reporting Executive 4. SEO Manager    2. SEO Developer SEO Process Tools And Process SEO On Site Optimization SEO Off Site Optimization Google Adwords Google Analytic’s Other Software’s And Websites  Cordination of SEO Consultant Cordination of SEO Analyst Cordination of SEO Developer Cordination of SEO Reporting Executive
  14. 14. 1. Manages SEO MANAGER ROLE 2. Additional SEO Qualifications ORM (Online Reputation Management) SEO Project Cordination And Implementation. Content Management System Projects Wordpress Joomla Drupal Configuration Of CMS And SEO Internet And Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Business development tracking through SEO process Social Media Development And Marketing, Forums, Directories, Blogging, Classifieds, Business promotional Activities
  15. 15.  Good Infrastructure  Well Cum Experienced Trainer  Placement Assistance  Placement Oriented Classes ( Aptitude, Soft skills, Communication, Resume Building)  Live exposure on Projects  Job fairs  Affordable Payment Mode
  16. 16.  Competitor for SEO – Abile Technologies  Good Infrastructure  Well Cum Experienced Trainer  Placement Assistance  Placement Oriented Classes ( Aptitude, Soft skills, Communication, Resume Building)  Live exposure on Projects  Job fairs  Affordable Payment Mode
  17. 17.  Offer Prize in 15000INR  Demands In SEO  Fast Track Mode (If needed)