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Beginners' Guide to B2B SaaS Marketing

I got an opportunity to share my learnings with aspiring SaaS founders, fellow and aspiring SaaS marketers, and product folks.

This is the deck I used for the workshop.

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Beginners' Guide to B2B SaaS Marketing

  1. 1. B2B SaaS Marketing
  2. 2. About us Chirayu Akotiya Head of Growth, Anaek Ex-Head of Growth, MyOperator Ashad Hassan Head of Marketing, Xeno
  3. 3. Software as a Service (SaaS) SaaS Marketing
  4. 4. Topics that will be covered today ● Intro to Product Marketing ● How to make B2B Marketing more effective & personal? ● Key metrics every B2B marketer must measure ● Prioritising the metrics according to the stage of your startup ● Conducting marketing experiments & how to learn from them ● Marketing Secrets that led to the growth of Xeno, MyOperator & Anaek
  5. 5. What is Product Marketing?
  7. 7. Without product marketing, your product won’t achieve its maximum potential in the market.
  8. 8. ● Helps you understand your customers ● Allows you to target your buyer personas ● Teaches you about your competitors (products and marketing tactics) ● Ensures your company’s marketing, product, and sales teams are all on the same page ● Helps you position the product in the market ● Boosts revenue and improves sales Product marketing …
  9. 9. Responsibilities of a Product Marketing team? • Sales Enablement • GTM Strategies • Lead Generation • Product Launch Strategies • Conversion Rate optimization
  10. 10. Ideal Team Composition
  11. 11. Acquisition Marketing Team Product Marketing Manager Engagement Marketing Team Retention Marketing Team Digital Marketers, Content Marketers, Graphic Designers Analytics manager (Product Analytics), Onboarding team Lifecycle marketing manager
  12. 12. Metrics
  13. 13. Teams responsible for each stage Acquisition Activation Revenue Retention Referral ● Marketing ● Sales ● Customer Success ● Sales ● Marketing ● Product ● Sales ● Customer Success ● Product ● Marketing ● Customer Success ● Product ● marketing ● Marketing ● Customer Success ● Product Product Marketing spans across all 5 stages
  14. 14. Strategies for each stage Acquisition Activation Revenue Retention Referral ● Paid advertising ● Content Marketing ● Social Media Marketing ● Cold Outreach ● Partner Program ● In app messages ● Triggered Emails ● Drip Sequences ● User Engagement Tracking ● Product tutorials ● Pricing Strategies ● Free Trial ● Demos ● Sales Enablement ● Loyalty Program ● Product Updates ● Feature Additions ● Customer surveys ● How to Resources ● Referral Program ● Affiliate Program ● Product Invite Features
  15. 15. How MyOperator grew from $10k ARR to $3.5mn ARR • Marketing channels mix • How did we prioritise experiments? • Focus on customer success
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. Thank You! Connect with me on