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Polar bear vs walrus fight- who going to win?


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Polar bear vs walrus fight, who going to win. People often compare walrus vs polar bear and want to know who going to win the fight. so, here you find complete detailed comparison between them. Moreover, you can also check polar bear vs grizzly bear fight from here-

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Polar bear vs walrus fight- who going to win?

  1. 1. Compare Polar Bear vs Walrus, who will win? Vs
  2. 2. POLAR BEAR
  3. 3. POLAR BEAR
  4. 4. WALRUS
  5. 5. WALRUS
  7. 7. POLAR BEAR VS WALRUS- HEAD TO HEAD FIGHT  Polar Bear that are found in the Arctic and is considered to be the top predator in its range. They comfortably stay in this extreme cold climate with the help of thick blubber that it has along with the fur that insulates the polar bear against the cold. Though the fur appears to be cream colored or white, but it is translucent and hollow.  This very feature helps the Polar Bear a perfect camouflage, which they use as a shield against their predators too. But, if you talk about the skin, then you will find that it is black in color, which is quite a contrast to the color of the fur.
  8. 8. POLAR BEAR VS WALRUS- HEAD TO HEAD FIGHT  Walrus also inhabits in Arctic only and you will find three different species of Polar Bear there. The three-different species are Atlantic, Pacific and the Laptev Sea. They occupy almost circumpolar Arctic region. They migrate with the changing of ice in Arctic, so you will see that they move towards the south of Arctic during winter and in the summer they move to north Arctic. The migration has a span of about 3000 km, which is a vast place to cover.  So, what will happen if these two inhabitants of Arctic come face to face with each other? Some says that Walrus will have advantage over the Polar Bear whereas some feel that Polar Bear has the advantage. The Polar Bear and the Walrus is completely different from each other and has some features that are unique to them and helps them in making them a good predator. It is also interesting to see Polar bear vs grizzly bear fight.
  9. 9. FACE - OFF BETWEEN WALRUS AND POLAR BEAR  The polar bear saw that a Walrus is resting and so, it plans to attack it and feed itself with the meat. But, walrus is not an easy prey, so Polar Bear finds it hard to bite into the thick skin. Startled by the sudden attack walrus heads straight towards the sea and when the polar bear sees that it is running away, the bear tries to scratch and bite it again with its sharp teeth.  Though the polar bear couldn’t make a great impact on the thick skin of the walrus, but the walrus do hits back with its 4 foot tusks. The polar bear is also swift enough to anticipate the attack from the walrus and escapes the stabbing of walrus. Now the walrus tries to make a quick escape into the water, but the polar bear strikes again and in the process the polar bear gets dragged into the water. Looking at the condition of the polar bear, the walrus strikes back with the tusk of theirs and injure the polar bear.
  10. 10. FACE - OFF BETWEEN WALRUS AND POLAR BEAR  As the bear is now wounded, so it runs out of air and tries to head straight to the surface, but walrus has some other plans for the polar bear. It doesn’t take any chance and strikes back with vengeance. This time the walrus doesn’t waste a single moment and sinks the tusks on the back of the Polar Bear, thus killing it.  So, no matter whether the polar bear strikes first or the walrus is trying to make an escape, the end result matters and in this case too, the walrus took its tusk in its stride and make the most out of it. The Polar Bear will have advantage over walrus on land, but in most cases you will find that when walruses get attacked by Polar Bear, they try to flee towards the water and that way they gain advantage. Walrus uses its tusk as the major weapon and makes the kill successfully.
  11. 11. POLAR BEAR VS GRIZZLY BEAR You can also check Polar vs grizzly bear fight, it is very much interesting to see them like who going to win the fight. Moreover, you can check animal fight comparison from Polar Bear vs Grizzly bear Fight