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My Trailhead


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myTrailhead enables organizations to leverage the power of Trailhead, Salesforce's online learning platform, to reinvent learning at their company - with their brand and content. myTrailhead is designed to create an inspiring and revolutionary culture of learning in the workplace by providing the tools needed to make learning customized, gamified, and fun at every step of an employee's learning journey.

Trail Maker is a guided set-up tool that will enable companies to create private learning content for their employees customized with their own brand—in just a few clicks. With Trail Maker, companies can write and create their own materials or customize the pre-curated library of public Trailhead content. With Trail Maker, companies can build content for all employees, such as employee enablement, best practices for sales reps, and customer service agent onboarding.

Trailhead Profile is a complete view of an employee's skills and expertise. The profile showcases the Trailhead badges earned, points accumulated and skills learned. Rewards and ranks gamify learning and career advancement. When employees want to switch roles or take on a special project at a company, the manager will have a complete view of their skill set to recruit internally.

Trail Mixer enables companies to build custom learning paths from personal and Trailhead content—trails, modules, projects, and superbadges. Companies will be able to use Trail Mixer to create a customized Trailmix to onboard and enable employees with gamified learning paths customized with their own content throughout their career. For example, to onboard a sales rep, managers must train them on logging opportunities and activities, running reports and provide an overview of the sales cycle. Now managers will be able to create one Trailmix, that consolidates all onboarding materials, both in Trailhead and out, that a rep would needs to get up and running in their role.

Trail Checker rates and rewards learning by allowing companies to build interactive challenges designed to assess skills—including stand-and-deliver, quizzes, hands-on challenges. For example using the stand-and-deliver video assessment tool, companies can upload videos and a customizable scorecard directly to myTrailhead, enabling individuals to receive real-time feedback from superiors and peers directly in the platform.

Trail Tracker motivates teams and enables managers to assign and track personalized learning for their employees. For example with Trail Tracker, a department head at a company that requires new managers to receive Management 101 training, can assign a module or trailmix to see that all their new managers complete the assignment. Once complete, the new manager will be awarded with a badge, showcasing their competency right on their profile. As they continue to earn badges and reach milestones, a leaderboard showcases where they rank against their peers.

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My Trailhead

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