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Develop & publish “5 star” AppExchange app

  1. Develop & publish “5 star” AppExchange app
  2. 2 I’m Chirag Mehta I am here because I love to share! Namaste! You can find me at @chiragmehta84 @chiragmehta84 @chiragmehta84
  3. Idea!!!!! We all go one, isn’t :) 3
  4. Idea to Execution ❖ Believe in Yourself ❖ Create Your Own Personal Board of Advisors ❖ Embrace Risk as Your Best Friend ❖ Be Extremely Patient ❖ Learn How to Sell Your Vision ❖ Connect the Dots Along the Way ❖ Be Passionate With Your Pursuit ❖ Be Purposeful ❖ Always Make the Idea Better Reference : 4
  5. ” To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions. 5
  6. Develop Most essential we consider, but is least time consuming part of app building. 6
  7. Development Life Cycle Development Do development. QA Sanity and Regression testing. Packaging Release beta and major package versions. 7
  8. ” if everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself. 8
  9. Security Really ??? 9
  10. Security Review Security Scanner Scan and fix vulnerabilities Read more @ Web Application Scanner (ZAP) External Integrations Read more @ app/burpabout Best Practices Adhere and follow best practices. 10
  11. Read more @ Add Topics : Retire.js, False +ve/-ve, Support Case, Security Office Hours etc Quality Profile: The Security Source Scanner will detect the following common Apex coding and design issues: ● DML statements inside loops ● SOQL/SOSL inside loops ● Hardcoding[0] ● Hardcoding Trigger.old[0] ● Queries with no Where clause or no LIMIT clause ● Not bulkifying apex methods ● Async (@future) methods inside loops ● Hardcoding IDs ● Multiple triggers on same object ● Static Resource referencing ● Multiple Visualforce forms in the same page ● Test methods without assert Additional Info Security Profile: The scanner will help to detect the following security vulnerability types: ● Cross Site Scripting (reflected, stored, and DOM based) ● SOQL/SOSL Injection ● Access Control Issues (Sharing, FLS) ● Cross site request forgery attacks ● Arbitrary Redirects ● Overly permissive postMessage targets 11
  12. ” Security review is not a burden, it's a necessity to ensure customer success. 12
  13. Support 13 Most important part of app success!
  14. Support App Notes - Configuration Guides - Release Notes - Videos - Tutorial - FAQ’s Reach out - Customers - Seek feedback - ISV Org 14 Updates - Listen to customer - Make new releases - Address customer requirements Ticket/Case - Support System - Round the clock support - Instant replies
  15. ” Delivery Management is more important than Project Management. 15
  16. Resources Zap Scanner : Scanner : Scanner Help (FAQs) : ISV Security Review (Trailhead Module) : Build Apps as an AppExchange Partner (Trailhead Trail) : AppExchange : Security Office Hours : Reite JS : Retire.js 16
  17. My Apps ….17
  18. 18 THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at @chiragmehta84 @chiragmehta84 @chiragmehta84