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Chapter 6


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Chapter 6

  1. 1. The An Apocalypse Challenge VonNuke Family Chapter 6: The One with The End of an Era
  2. 2. Boo! Evil-psycho-zombie-girl-gonna-kill-you-innit! So yeah, welcome back to the (Very delayed) VonNuke family, which has plantsims and zombies and pirates! Yes, an 'Oh My!' is in order, thank-you-very-much! So, I believe a quick recap is in order? Lifts that have been lifted: Natural Science, Science, Medicine, Culinary, Dance, Intelligence and Oceanography
  3. 3. And here's my Gen 2 couple! Say hi June! “I would, but I can't make a pun out of an emo band from it...” Oh, nevermind. Say hello Rum! “Yoyo readers! Hehe, I like yoyos!” Ahhh … let's just leave them to their skilling, eh?
  4. 4. And the PlantSims: Eden, Root, Thorn, Nettle. Stuck on an island with an angry ghost and bad photo taking, forced to die after they lifted their careers. Don't feel sorry for them though. They deserve it. “We really, REALLY don't!” Oh, hush children! We had another one, back when they called themselves “The Five” but she, ummm, died. Painfully. “THE FIVE HAS BEEN BROKEN!”
  5. 5. And lastly, my founder! He's still bouncing about, hardly into his elder years, being generally insane. I blame the Pets rules, but as you may remember, my fortune with pets are … less than great. More like the opposite, actually. “Yo, G, I'mma go jump on the couch, ya dig?” Ahhh, I love him so much. Originally based on my simself, he developed to something drastically different than myself. I would say pity, but I love him too much!
  6. 6. Now, I believe you're due an apology. The reason why this chapter was delayed was mainly because of these 3 games. They have been ruling my life! I got back to my (TS2) simmies soon enough, but only after I played these day and night. Literally. So sorry... :)
  7. 7. So last time we left with the PlantSims and their predicament. But it wasn't really working out for me – PlantSims can't die from motive decay or ghost attacks. Or drowning. Or anything, really! So, I suppose that them being locked away is pointless...
  8. 8. Especially because I hadn't got them to quit their jobs, which is against the rules. So I had to let them out to quit … not because I felt sorry for them or anything. Really. I was later told that landscaping outside the 8x8 area is illegal. My bad, but no harm done,right? I am quite sorry indeed. Rule-breaking seems to be the thing I do best, though...
  9. 9. Rum here just sits and gains the skills he couldn't have when he was a teen, one day hoping to top the Education career. “One day, I'm gonna be surrounded by fun little kiddies! Yay!” Yeah, a grown-man who wants to be surrounded by kids … MOVING SWIFTLY ONWARDS!
  10. 10. June similarly skills for her career: Military. Unfortunatly, she doesn't really understand the concepts of yoga... “This is WAY painful.” *This chapter may contain many, many cases of the word 'Way'. This is because June is obsessed with My chemical Romance, whose lead singer is Gerard Way, and there's also a bassist called Mikey Way. So yeah, that's the reason.
  11. 11. But overall, everything is going perfectly well! The sun is shining (through the radioactive clouds), birds are singing (while choking on the radioactive cloud) and children are happily skipping too and fro (except those that haven't been born, due to their parents trying to get rid of radioactivity.) Well, everything is going well … except for Pet restrictions. So when Sake walked on the lot, I instantly felt the need to move this Apocalypse forward (Y'know, as is the whole point of this challenge)! So Rum! Go to the nice kitty!
  12. 12. Ummm … Rum? Go to the nice kitty? “Whee! And all the bugs go 'Ahhh! It is burninating!' What a great time to be aliveeeee!” Rum? GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THE CAR! And go to Sake. Now.
  13. 13. “Well yoyo pretty kitty! Heh, it rhymed!” Yes, well done.
  14. 14. “Now, my lovely 'ikkle kittykat, just lie on the road like a good boy!” “Err … meow?”
  15. 15. “Now, how would you like to join the family, Sakey-Kat?” Ahhh, and now we have a cat! I've been told that they are the saviours of the Apocalypse.
  16. 16. “A kitty, G? Well, it's aight, but it's no dawg...” I agree. However, Rum seems to like it, so it might be a good idea to keep it around. “G? Maybe we should call it 'he'?” Errr … no.
  17. 17. Wow, ACR seems to have finally awoken. Whenever I check on June, she's always woohooing Rum on the couch. So I make her skill, which she should be doing ANYWAY! “Charisma? Well, it might be useful for that one day where Gerard Way will tell me that he lo-” Excuse me, you're in love and married to my son. NO LUSTING OVER CELEBS! “But Gerard may be a zombie now, and it's only cheating on Rum if it's a human...” That's not politically correct, June. Zombies have rights too!
  18. 18. “Oh, are you lovely PlantSims looking at me? Well, isn't this a surprise … I feel so overdressed...” *CoughCough* Married to my son, June! Who you just woohoo'd, might I add!
  19. 19. “Ugh, so Mechanical skill... Where will this get me in life please?” Ummm … to the top of the Military? “Pffft, that's hardly worthwhile.” Oh, yes it is June. Yes it is...
  20. 20. “Mummy?” Ummm, yes Rum? “I need a hobby. Something to do in my spare time.” You have June, don't you? “...I get bored though!”
  21. 21. So anyway, moving onto the kitty... “Meow?” We got Sake a job in Pet Showbiz, which proved to be one of the most annoying restrictions ever. And he gets promoted on his first day! Woo, go Sakey!
  22. 22. And then I see Rum running as fast as his little legs will carry him. “Umm, bye Mummy! I'm bailing!” Rum? RUM?! Why!? “Well, Juney's not a very happy girly at the moment...”
  23. 23. … … ...WHY DID I GIVEACR AN ACCIDENTAL PREGNANCY PERCENTAGE? “Oh crap. Well, I hope it's Rum's...” ..Who else could it be? “...”
  24. 24. And to top it off, she has work. Which she can't miss, or my plans will be dead for another generation. “I can't believe you're sending a cold, pregnant sim to work. This is way not cool.” Tough.
  25. 25. “I can't believe you're making a pregnant sim work out! WTF is wrong with you?” You can't do Yoga, and you need skill points. “But it might damage my baby!” So? It's unwanted anyway, and probably not my grandbaby anyway... “Well the PlantSims are descended from you...”
  26. 26. And then I see this. Rum! No! “Relax mummy! I'm training the kittykat!” ...Oh. Thanks GOD for that. I forgot I set you to training. “Sowwy Mummy...”
  27. 27. “Are you sure Dr. Pepper is good for the baby? I mean, I understand the beneficial effects of playing morbid songs like 'Mama' and 'Helena' during pregnancy, but Dr. Pepper can only be detrimental to-” ...never insult the Dr. Pepper.
  28. 28. “... You don't like me any more do you?” Honestly? Well, I do like you. You're an awesome sim … but really? The comments hurt you know. “Well, I'm sorry for insulting your deity.” *Sniff*
  29. 29. “OH pooey!” Rum? “Well, my Dabby's hubby's in the house...” What? Tyson? No. You're lying.
  30. 30. “Oh look &*^*(face! I'm back!” If you dare scare my pregnant spouse, or Rum, or anybody, you are going to die. Again. “Well, I can tell you're not happy to see me.” You caused me ENDLESS MISERY Tyson. Go die in a fire. “Like Petal? Don't pull the guilt card, Tyson.
  31. 31. “Oh look, I gave birth without you watching!” Well, that was efficient! I take it you let Rum name ...him? Her? “Her. And I called her the name, thank-you-very-much.” And the name is? “Valentine. Valentine VonNuke, after a Shakespearean character from a play-that-is-now- destroyed-by-the-Apocalypse.” Ahhh, Valentine VonNuke. Nice ring to it!
  32. 32. So, introducing the baby! She has all of June's colouring! Woo! Recessives and healthier skin!
  33. 33. “I've noticed I'm wearing different pants...” True story.
  34. 34. “Care to explain?” Well … There was a thread on GoS dedicated to Default Replacements, and suddenly my downloads file expanded. “...Is that against the rules?” It may be against the spirit of the rules … but look at these pants! How awesome are they please? Anyway, be thankful that you don't have new skin, eyes and hair!
  35. 35. “Well, I do look pretty awesome...” Exactly!
  36. 36. “Wasn't this crib brighter last time I saw it?” It didn't feel Apocalyptic enough … so I downloaded stuff! “So Rum got comfort, but MY baby doesn't?” Yeah, that's pretty much that. “You're cruel.”
  37. 37. “I take it the PlantSims will be the ones looking after the baby?” Awwww, thanks for offering! “Well, better than letting the parents do it...” Oh?
  38. 38. “Floor...”
  39. 39. “And more floor. Joy.” Ahhh. Well, carry on!
  40. 40. “Oh, I WILL carry on. Stupid baby.” Oi, that's MY grand-baby! “Yeah, like you honestly care!”
  41. 41. Soon, however, the one day rolled by and it was time to grow up Miss. VonNuke! “I'm on my own. Where the hell is Rum?!”
  42. 42. “Ahhh, Sakey! I luffles you! You're like the child I've never had!” I once said Rum would make a great dad. I take it back.
  43. 43. Still, I love Rum solely for this picture! Crazy kitty! “Hehe, Sakey makes a funny face!”
  44. 44. “Hmmph, if I married Mikey or Gerard, I would have an audience...” Yes, but most celebrity simselves have ugly genetics! “True … I wouldn't want my children to be ugly!” ...Charming.
  45. 45. “...I take it back. I'd still love them if they were ugly.” ...Well, at least we know that Rum's the father “Always a plus.” ... “Well, at least she has custom hair.” Adult hair made for toddlers, actually. “Yeah...”
  46. 46. Valentine quickly got to skilling away. NO SLACKING HERE VAL! “But … okay...” Hmmm, she reminds me of Shelby Barrett* Scary, huh? *Shelby Barrett is a townie that comes with AL, and was popularised by FairyIndia's Apocalypse My Brain
  47. 47. Oh. Hey there ACR. How nice of you to make my PlantSims romance townies. “Actually, I'm Romance. This is my own doing!” No, it's ACR. Don't lie to me boy!
  48. 48. Ugh. I guess so. On the bright hand, this PlantSim really got some good genetics! Who'da thunk it? Anyway, I need you to train Valentine. “I'm on it!”
  49. 49. “My face may look evil, but inside I just want to be free~” Okay, Val? Just learn your skills please!
  50. 50. “Oh? Okay! Done!~” ...Really? That fast?
  51. 51. “And can walk too! I'm like the sky – Free to just live my life~” ...Wow. I'm impressed! You were born yesterday! “Awww, thanks~”
  52. 52. “Hey, lady! My sister just taught your brat how to walk AND talk! Are you gonna do anything for her?” “Nahh, I have work. Besides, for all you know it could be YOUR baby. So you should be taking care of it!” “*Gulp*”
  53. 53. “So you might actually be mine? Well,let daddy teach you the art of the potty.” “Dad? This feels … weird~”
  54. 54. “Back on the potty please?” “But Dad, I can't do it anymore~”
  55. 55. Sorry to interrupt this thrilling potty training session, but a HELICOPTER HAS LANDED INFRONT OF MY FRICKING HOUSE! *Faints*
  56. 56. “Yes, yes, in the name of Mikey Way, I pronounce myself the official general of Chippeth Bay.” Yes! You lifted Military and made it rhyme too! Care to tell us how it was lifted? “Well...”
  57. 57. “Nothing you can say will stop me going home.” Ummm … what? “It's a quote from MCR! Anyway, it started in a forest...”
  58. 58. “My loyal squad were standing there, ready to sacrifice themselves to the Black Parade!” Umm, the wha- “IT'S A SONG! GAWD, GET WITH THE TIMES!”
  59. 59. “So anyway squad, today we will fight under the guidance of the mighty My Chem, rule over the zombies and their Mama's, and most importantly, we will give FREEDOM to our people!” Awww, inspirational...
  60. 60. *Silence*
  61. 61. “Yeah, well … on guard, peasants! We will not end up like Helena, I assure you.” *Annoyed Mumbling*
  62. 62. “Hmmph, if June thinks I'm gonna fight for her, she's wrong! I'm not gonna succumb to that infidel's will!” ...I see some religious rivalry. This might get interesting...
  63. 63. “So, several hours later, me and my crew are bored.” *Yawns and cricket chirps*
  64. 64. “I was determined to find these zombies, however. I had the best vantage point in the Bay, and this was a site where many humans had been eaten.” “Wait-” “What-” “You didn't tell us tha-” “Apparently, my crew couldn't take a hint.”
  65. 65. “Hell, even Pheobbs started to feel awkward.” “I'm … food … oh Fall Out Boy … What will I do?”
  66. 66. “Even I was chilled by my words.”
  67. 67. “Well, until … errm … well, this is awkward...” Why? “ZOMBIE!”
  68. 68. “CHARGE MEN! AND WOMEN!”
  69. 69. ...
  70. 70. “We've lost our teammate, haven't we?” “...Yes.”
  71. 71. “Ummm … help? Please?”
  72. 72. “Oh … poo.”
  73. 73. “Ummm … help? I've lost both my teammates...”
  74. 74. Well … “It's just my time, I guess...”
  75. 75. “Narf! I has a human in mah teeth!”
  76. 76. “O wat now? Me smell human! Ommy nommy ommy!”
  77. 77. “I'm lost in the deep, dark, lonely forest!”
  78. 78. “Hello? June? Pheobbs? Anyone?”
  79. 79. “Oh crap, not her!”
  80. 80. “I can't believe we lost everybody! Pheobbs, your turn!”
  81. 81. “...What? No! You don't rule over me, woman!”
  82. 82. “Oh really? How about do as I say – or die!”
  83. 83. “Yeah, and how do you plan to kill me?” “Turn around, non-believer!”
  84. 84. “Too doo! Me gobble you now! I are turkey! GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!”
  85. 85. “I would swear right now, but it might provoke anger...” Run, idiot!
  86. 86. “She's staring at me, right?” Right!
  87. 87. “Crap, the ground's further away than I thought...” Ouch. Splat?
  88. 88. “And then there were 2?” “Blargle!”
  89. 89. “SO how about a peace offering?” “Offering? Me no understand...”
  90. 90. “Oh. Well, here's the thing. I give you this, and you tell your friends to stop killing the humans, correct?”” “Ummm … I suppose ...”
  91. 91. “Yes. Peace between humans and ZOMG!bies.” “Thank you!”
  92. 92. “Though, I could have done without the helicopter...” So, with Military lifted … Hell, how could you not know! People can leave the lot! People can move out! Woooooooo! “Oh, and it's Tuesday...”
  93. 93. ...Oh Em Gee. PlantSim, on the computer now! “And … leaving. See ya boss!” Toodles now!
  94. 94. Wait, Chip, you're leaving? “I don't wanna die in this dump, G!” Ahh. Good-bye, old friend. “You haven't seen the last of me!”
  95. 95. And so the PlantSims move into this eco-like house! At first I followed the rules, but I soon drifted away...
  96. 96. “So G, I feel, like, woah!” Really?
  97. 97. “Dawg, I'm fricking young!” Chip! Ahh, back in your prime, yes?
  98. 98. “G! I'm HUMAN!” Ahh … mirror and dresser now please!
  99. 99. Back to normal. I love you Chip. I really do!
  100. 100. “I love you too, G! Well, now I'm kicking this town. See ya, dawgie!” And this concludes chapter 6! Thanks for reading everybody x x By the way, June actually did woohoo a PlantSim, then got pregnant the next day. I was worried, but the child WAS actually Rum's. So it's all good.