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Chapter 3


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Chapter 3

  1. 1. The An Apocalypse Challenge VonNuke Family Chapter 3: Adorabubble
  2. 2. And some of you people called this kid cute? Ugh, you disgust me. Ahem, anyway, in our last chapter, Generation 2 heir Rum was born and raised, Science was topped by annoying spouse Tyson, and we managed to get 6 PlantSims! 'Cause every clever person likes to have as many toddlers as possible!
  3. 3. However, before we continue, I must confess. I used MaxMotives … but this was okay because I was already 2 more generations in. Because of this incredibly shameful act, I immediately trashed the file and started from my only back-up; this was shortly after the PlantSim spawning. So, yeah, the Apocalypse will probably go in a totally different direction now, but for the first time I can type and play together – or almost together as the case may be. So, without further adieu, let's get on with the story!
  4. 4. Firstly, a learning: Why PlantSims are useful: See the stinky ApocaKid? Yeah, he's right there, with his motives all red and all the refusingness of smelling and all that jazz. Note the happy PlantSim, content in a world of 3 needs and other joyful things.
  5. 5. Note the Spores of Happiness.
  6. 6. Note green plumbob (and TV, 'cause Science is lifted and stuff.) Shortly after this, the ApocaBorg restricted these Spores under Music. From hence forth, it should be known as Chippetg's Law! Or The Rule of Gness' or something. So yeah, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was happy about these Spores … while it lasted. YAY RESTRICTIONS!
  7. 7. Now, onto Effective PlantSim Child Raising. Before the back-up, I believed I couldn't have sunlamps. I was wrong, but it was too late before I realised it. So, instead, I had to send the PlantSims outside, then back insde for water, then back outside for sunlight, which caused much stress and other great things.
  8. 8. But, now...
  9. 9. Splash splash splash splash splash... Water need? Complete Sunlight need? Complete Love need? ...
  10. 10. Complete! Wow, I can pretty much ignore them for four days. They already have max skills and the family had 23 Family Friends. Just get them a career and we're golden!!
  11. 11. “The Five enjoys the Five's company.” Okay, moving away from the PlantCult, let's inspect the rest of the household.
  12. 12. Rum skills, and skills, then skills some more! He has about 7 Logic points, 5 Cleaning Points and some Charisma, and he's not even a teen! Take that, Pet Showbiz! His life is good.
  13. 13. Tyson hangs around and kicks out townies that the family doesn't know, 'cause the Intelligence rules are annoying like that. Then again, strangers shouldn't wander into houses anyway. His life is good.
  14. 14. Oh, and I'm keeping him in his career, in the hopes that he can eventually lift Alien Technology, if you know what I mean. If you don't, I'd recommend a good reading of the rules.
  15. 15. “Dabby, can I pwetty pwease go to bed now?” “No, G, you will sniff these intoxicants and you will like it!” “Dabby, is this legal?” Hmmm, I sense we may have a future lawyer...? Depends on what the PlantSims lift, I suppose.
  16. 16. And Tucker? He got fired. His life is NOT good! Stupid dog! Onto Service then!
  17. 17. Well, Tucker was hungry for his first day at his new job, and thanks to the Spores the family no longer eat. So Tucker can have his own meal. Yay?
  18. 18. Now Science is lifted, Rum can skill Cooking! Although this skill isn't included in any of the careers I want him to top, but it may be useful one day.
  19. 19. “Mmmm, Dabby's intoxicanants make me smell better!” WOO! Spores of Happiness FTW!
  20. 20. Yeah, look for THAT in a first generation Apocalypse! On a child, no less! Oh yeah, PlantSims! Can I hear a woot woot?
  21. 21. “Another &****** day at the office...” You work as a Mad Scientist! It must be exciting! “I thought you were gonna remove the *^^%$ fliter!” I lied. Build a bridge and get over it. “&*^(&” Eh, he's aight.
  22. 22. “Spores, G...” “Mmmm, intoxicanants...” “*^^%(((((( Biblical spores!”
  23. 23. “Come on Tucker, shake it, G!” “Grrrrl.” Tucker's having none of it. He already has pretty much everyother pet command. Stupid mutt. That's a lie. I love him really!
  24. 24. Two days later... “Good G!” “Woof!”
  25. 25. NO! Tucker! Get in the car now! “Grrrr!” I'm warning you! You better not get fired from this job too! “Bark!”
  26. 26. The Spores. Absorb the Spores! “Mummy, can I eat? I've had no foody for days now!” And you're still in the green. In an Apocalypse.
  27. 27. ABSORD THE SPORES! And stop smiling like that. You'll end up killing somebody with it.
  28. 28. ...First Make Out? “It's good, G! I think I'm gonna be in lurve.” With Tyson? “*&%^ Yeah!” Well, about time? Oooer...
  29. 29. Tucker got promoted! ...and missed work the next day. According to Slacker, he must quit. Again! Well, I guess I'm going to give him away.
  30. 30. Oh, look! A perfect candidate! “Say, femaleG, d'you mind taking my dawg? He belongs somewhere out the way.” “LOLWAY!” By the way, this is a towniefied simself, June, who writes Hermione's ABCs. She decided to walk across the street at the wrong time.
  31. 31. Moving on, I realised that Tyson may Elderfy before I get a Satellite, so I get him skillin'. He has a whole 1 Body Point, but I think we might make it.
  32. 32. Especially with SPORES OF HAPPINESS! Wow, I'm thinking of trademarking them!
  33. 33. Wow, those three Body Points were gained quickly! Now, Yoga! “G, I feel fuzzy. Do I have indigestion?” Actually, I think you're starting to fall for Tyson, like really, really hard. “Crap.” “^%*%^*& So he doesn't get the filter?”
  34. 34. No, I like him more than you. “&%^%%&^$&*%&^%^*&%” :D
  35. 35. Up to the attic … “The Five sense a disturbance...” Yeah, new ruling. Today, my law was passed, and there are no more Spores allowed. “No, the Five are transitioning into their adult forms.” Oh. Carry on.
  36. 36. “The Five are pleased at their aesthetically appealing faces.” Me too, kids. Me too.
  37. 37. Erm, Root, maybe?
  38. 38. Nettle, I believe?
  39. 39. I can't rember yours at all. You were the ugly one that I refuse to look at. “One of the Five disagrees with your accusation.” I'll get over it.
  40. 40. This one's called Thorn. “Names do not appeal to the Five. The Five are together as One.” Yeah, hence the name. God, brains of a daffodil. “The Five finds your pun unfunny.”
  41. 41. And I lost the picture of the other one, but onto their aspirations. As you can see, these three are Family, Knowledge and Popularity.
  42. 42. And in this corner we have the Romance twins! “The Five disagree with the showing of these aspirations. We do not like being made to suffer.” Well, tough. You're all Cannon Fodder later on anyway.
  43. 43. The Five weren't the only ones growing up today though! “Weeee, into the Sparlky land of adolol – errm, teenagehood!” Spin, Rummy, spin!
  44. 44. Not too shabby! Kinda, if you ignore the thin lips. “Am I adorabubble?” Whatever helps you sleep at night. “Awww, I luffles you Mummy!”
  45. 45. From this angle he's kinda attractive? Maybe he'd look better it he wasn't that sickly-pale Skintone #1. Anyway, he rolled my second favourite aspiration, 'cause he's all adorabubble and stuff. WOOOO, Popularity! “Now I can have cutey little friends!” Good, 'cause our we might need a new Friend Holder in the future.
  46. 46. Now, let's let Rum sleep, and let's let the PlantSims find jobs. So, Nettle, what'chu looking at? “The first of the Five believes he should top the Medical profession, in hopes of the ability to bathe dogs.” And it's first in the paper. Hurray!
  47. 47. Well, I just let the PlantSims free will it, including their outdoor clothing. Now I wonder WHY Eaxis decided it would be a good idea to put in fur coats. Ugh, the perils of Glamour Stuff. Hmmm, and I was just reminded of the new Architecture rules. New and Modern stairs = NO. WroughtWrite = YES! And I need to demolish the top floor too.
  48. 48. Those items on the roof are from Tyson's inventory BTW The elixir is from Chippeth's Uni Days, which he still hasn't used, and the lights just look good. I prefer this new look. It doesn't look as unstable and dangerous.
  49. 49. All the items on the top floor were 1 tile, so I was able to move them. Now we have 4 sinks on the second floor for handwashing and water drinking. And that's it for the house updates.
  50. 50. Ignore Rum's face here – Having PlantSims is great for Rum's aspiration. I sit him and a PlantSim who he has a want to be friends with sit down at the chess table, and before I know it he's Platinum. I LOVE PLANTSIMS!! Woo!
  51. 51. However, the PlantSims with each other? Well, we have 6 people in the house with 0 Nice Points, so yeah.
  52. 52. And so the first PlantSim begins his first working day. My, my! He looks pretty dashing, don't you think? It's because I have such great genes! ;)
  53. 53. Now, for the second job. What'chu getting? “The Five is sickened by the dismal amount of jobs available. All that we can choose is Journalism.” The most useless lift? Eh, take it, on Tuesday you can use the computer, but it's nice to have a back up.
  54. 54. Say what? Two walk-bys at the same time? When Rum is in the green? And they're both simselves? Rum. Greet. Now!
  55. 55. On the right is MaxiBuckle who writes the Smarter Family, the Fancy family and the Didit family, all of them Apocalypses. If Pinstar is the king of Apocalypse's, Maxi is surely the queen. Actually, she's more of a sick, twisted, empress. She's really quite nice though, once you get past her tendency to laugh as Sims suffer. “This snowball shall whack June in the face! Muhahahah!” Yes, nice girl.
  56. 56. And this is JuneBug, as you've been told. She's known as a stalker. “I'm way not a stalker... LOLWAY!” Oh, and she has a tiny little, um, obsession with MCR. Scary stuff indeed.
  57. 57. First day promotion – Duh! Now say goodbye to this townie.
  58. 58. “I'm cold. I'm off. Laters.” But Maxi's cold and she's not leaving...? “Yeah, but she's in a gorilla suit.” True. I don't know why it's classed as outerwear though.
  59. 59. “I'm super, super sowwy Maxi, but can't let you in until you give me your friendship!” “Rum, DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?!” Wow, somebody needs anger management... “And Maxi, it is your own rule! You have to followollow it!” “Ugh, very well then.” Note the PlantSim. More proof of Maxi commiting Sim Cruelty. Typical.
  60. 60. And so the relationship builds. Rum and Maxi get on pretty well, so it's all good.
  61. 61. Another day, and a PlantSim gets a job in Intelligence. Not the most handy restriction, but it'll have to do.
  62. 62. “Tyson, G, I think I actually love you.” “Come here and bring me some &*%^ sugar!” Umm, bless?
  63. 63. Wow, 3 bolts? Where the hell did that come from? I have tons of pictures of these two doing romantic acts. Wow, Tyson's actually growing on me. This I do not approve of.
  64. 64. Oh. Or not.
  65. 65. Ugh. About time! “The Five are having a slight disagreement.” “The Five will be back with you shortly.”
  66. 66. Job? “Journalism again. The Five does not approve.” Pffft, pathetic. Who ever does these newspapers should be shot.
  67. 67. June? “For the love of Frank, you saw me.” Wait, I'll get Rum to greet you! He wants to be friends!
  68. 68. “Well, I think I'll be on my way. LOLWAY!” Pffft, stalkery little simself.
  69. 69. More PlantSim warfare. Eh, I've seen worse.
  70. 70. Oh. Hi there, RoseFyre! Our lot gets way too many walk-bys, but you are one of the ones lucky enough to be greeted. “By a kid with a baby voice talking about acts he'd like to do with me?” Yes, it's a huge honour. “...k.”
  71. 71. Ugh, don't turn into a perv please Rum. “But … pwetty lady looka goooood!” I blame YOU Rose! Be ashamed! RoseFyre writes the BuffyVerse Apocalypse. Just saying.
  72. 72. “Actually, he's pretty adorable! Can I keep him?” No. Thanks for his first best friendship, though.
  73. 73. PlantSim warfare gone wrong? That just looks painful! “The Five does not think well of glitches.”
  74. 74. One day later … what's in the newspaper today? “Law Enforcement. The Five understands, however, that this career should not be pursued until Law has been lifted.” Smart beings, you are. “Should she take it?” Nah, it's Tuesday tomorrow. We can use the internet.
  75. 75. Moar promotion. No get in that care. “Member of the Five gets no speech?” No. Now work, peasant!
  76. 76. “The Five does not approve of you” Oh no. I should just go slit my wrists now. “The Five think sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.” Pity.
  77. 77. “Member of the Five has yet another promotion.” And you can go back to work! Yahoo!
  78. 78. “Very well, but the Five warns you of an act which is happening upstairs.” ?
  79. 79. Oh. Chippeth got old, but I never really controlled him anyway. All I need to do is check his age bar to make sure he dies outside. Aww, I really love you Chippeth. Enjoy your complete Free Will. “Will do, G.”
  80. 80. “The member of the Five has returned.” Promotion? “The Five feels obliged to tell you that your statement is correct.” A 'yes' would have done well.
  81. 81. Oh look, Helena Granger! I didn't know you were a doctor! “Oh for the love of Popsicles, you saw me.” Say, you'd be a great family friend. “Joy.”
  82. 82. “The Five approves of Helena's fine body.” ANYWAY, he got another promotion – I think he's only two promotions away now.
  83. 83. No June, I am not using your creations for Aspiration Fodder. Anyway, moving on!
  84. 84. Tuesday! What jobs are available? “Culinary, Oceanography, Dance, Politics, Slacker” Hmmm, the one in Journalism can take Culinary, and the other unemployed ones can take Oceanography and Dance.
  85. 85. Another advantage of Tuesdays are the phone lines being open! “Hey, Juney, I need fwiends.” Yeah, my original plan was to get Rum to marry one of Chippeth's acquaintances that is in Military or something useful. Tyson has some high-level friends that I know are in good careers, but they're men. Rum, why couldn't you go for the penis? “I find that remark to be inappropriate, mummy.” Well, I'm guess he's marrying a simself then. 'Cause they are the only women he knows.
  86. 86. “Yeah, Maxi, my needs are low. I need to recharge. Luffles you!”
  87. 87. I realised I hadn't chosen a reward to unlock from topping Science, so I chose the Energizer. With any luck, all the other rewards should be available soon.
  88. 88. “WOOHOO!” Not yet.
  89. 89. “The Five has good news.” Oh? “It all started at a member of the Five's workplace...”
  90. 90. “Baby, the Doctor of Love is in!” Wait, what's with the normal voice? “Away from the Five, I can live!” Oh, I like you. “Back atcha!”
  91. 91. “Mhm, I can have me some Doctor-Plant eyecandy!” ...Are you sure this is a hospital? You are in the Medical career, after all.
  92. 92. “So, baby, how about we get jiggy?” “No. I don't want a baby. Restrictions and all that. Call me back when you're a REAL doctor.” Ouch! “She cut me deep, there.”
  93. 93. “Hmmm, what if I actually work hard and lift this career? All I need is to drop something into the nation's water supply.”
  94. 94. “Pffft, you think it's that easy? Yeah, sure. I'll just go jump from a cliff now, k?” Some people, seriously! Well, she's never getting any.
  95. 95. “Maybe it's up here? Must find water supply!” Wow, she's left. “Yes, but I'm halfway there now. Why stop?” Good point. I'll stop complaining then.
  96. 96. “Well, it's not over there...”
  97. 97. “Not in that direction. Wait, is that...?”
  98. 98. “I FOUND IT! YES!”
  99. 99. “Through here! I have the Cleanifier(TM) in my pocket, I just need to cleanse the radioactivity!””
  100. 100. “And … done! And this extends to contraception too!” And so the Medical restrictions are lifted! Wooo!
  101. 101. And so ends Chapter 3 of The VonNuke family! We've lifted Medical, and are quickly lifting Dance, Intelligence, Culinary and Oceanography. Thanks for reading, you sexy, sexy person! :D x x x