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Motivational seminar


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Motivational seminar

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Motivational seminar

  1. 1. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, PH.D. The Effective Watering of a Rock Garden - ROCK GARDENS ARE WATERED. PERCEPTION IS MUCH OF OUR PROBLEMS IN LIFE. Your perception is often that something does not need to be done, or that it is done “in this way.”
  2. 2. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D. HOW’S THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU?  It came from Dr. Phil, but should be part of your day. Consider this as you study. Is what you are doing…working? WHAT, I’M THE PROBLEM???  You are the complete problem with yourself, so know that upfront. It’s Mom and Dad, genetics, who your friends were, and are, where you live and what you eat, but you should know that.  Smoking is bad, some drinking is good, exercise is essential. White bread is bad. Prayer does help. You can live a lot longer than before, and that makes you worry more. IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU LIKE YOUR WORK…  But, most people don’t. When you are happy is when you do your best work. Until you do this, you will not be happy. GET OVER YOURSELF  You really do not have any real problems that you didn’t create yourself, so quit creating problems.  Think this out. Once you figure out all of the problems you keep developing (I want a really expensive car, so I’ll just lease it, but I worry a lot about saving for retirement) and stop doing them, things are easier.  Do it right now. (time one minute) THIS ALL MAY TAKE A LIFETIME, BUT THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT.  Successful people do.  If you want a life that is twice as profitable as yours is, make yours twice as profitable.
  3. 3. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D. WE NEED A LESSON…  It’s a Monday. You are 54 years old. Someone you know, that you trust and is well- informed, tells you that you must make a change. Life or Death. Change or Die.  This informed person tells you if you change, you will live much longer and with less pain.  (A good example might be to change your diet after your massive heart attack?)  Of course, you will do this as it implies reason.  But the fact is that you are probably deluding yourself and will do nothing THE ODDS ARE 9 TO 1 THAT YOU WILL DO NOTHING.  Shocked. Don’t be. 8 of 10 people that take private therapy will do nothing with it and will make no changes.  Prescriptions for mental health are quite unnecessary with over 80% of the people that are actually prescribed them. Down deep you already know this, even if you are taking such medications. Placebos have been proven to often work as well. FRAMES ARE THE MENTAL STRUCTURES THAT DEFINE HOW WE SEE THE WORLD.  We reject new facts that don’t fit into our structure. To change behavior you have to change the frames. Look at a picture that you just took. That photo shows just what you saw, not anything else in the “bigger picture”. CHANGE IS NOT MOTIVATED BY FEAR  Most change takes place, or we see the need of it, because of FEAR. Change is not motivated by fear. Crisis is not a powerful impetus for change.  The secret is that JOY is a better motivator.
  4. 4. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D. FACTS DO NOT SET US FREE Despite the fear, we are not respectful of it.  So here’s fear. People who live to 85 have a 50% chance of being senile. 2/3 rd s of the people that are prescribed statin drugs for cholesterol stop taking the drug because they see no change. They quit because they didn’t feel any better. BIG CHANGES PRODUCE BIG RESULTS  The good news is that the brain has the ability to change lifelong, and that big changes produce big results. Radical, sweeping, fast change works best. THE SIXDEVELOPMENT STEPS 1. A goal can be small, large or a life purpose. 2. The three main things you want in a goal statement: 3. Exactly what you want 4. A time Limit 5. What you will give in return 6. Carry your goals with you – on an index card – memorized – and repeat them….it works! TAKE ACTION  Just Start  It will help you figure where you really want to go  Most failure takes place from lack of action EVALUATE THE ACTION  Notice what happens, refine your action
  5. 5. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D. STUDY THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE ACTION  Study your successes, and your mistakes. Journal what you do right and wrong. Be honest with yourself as you do this. Analyze so you do NOT repeat the same bad behavior. EVALUATE AND REFINE THE ACTION …  Over and over again, get better at what you are better at. AS YOU MOVE FORWARD IN DEFINING WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT IN YOURSELF…CONFRONT YOURSELF…YOU CREATED YOU.  Simple questions, along with regular “releasing”, should be asked of yourself all the time. WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT DO YOU NOT WANT? WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?  Hard as this is to believe most of us spend our entire lives doing what we don’t want to do. TO BE SUCCESSFUL, YOU MUST FIRST BE GOOD AT SOMETHING Until you are truly good at something, you have little value to others, and not even proven to yourself what you can develop.
  6. 6. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D. AS YOU GAIN SKILLS, YOU MUST ALSO LOVE AND BE GENEROUS.  Any part of you that is not doing this, that is unforgiving, just wastes life.  Go out and 1. Do what you say you’ll do 2. Finish what you start 3. Be on time 4. Say “Please” and “Thank You” 5. Listen VISUALIZATION  To have a new belief, focus on it constantly, and in every way you can  Make a short “thinking” movie of yourself, in color, getting the results of the new belief.  As long as you continue to hold onto the same beliefs you’ll continue to get the same results TRUTH IS REALITY  Everything is true to the person who believes it  Evidence can be created by anyone to prove their point, therefore, all evidence is irrelevant  Only other people’s beliefs can be false  Ask: Do your beliefs create good life and your desired results?
  7. 7. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D. WHATEVER YOU ARE EXPERIENCING IN LIFE, YOU ARE CREATING.  You will attract and be attracted to people and situations that confirm the truth of what you believe.  You will find ways to distort what you perceive so as to make a belief seem to be true, even if it isn’t.  Lots of negative emotional experiences allow us to focus on what we do not want.  You cannot ATTRACT by focusing on what you don’t want. CHANGE AND FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO WANT!  Discover HOW you create your feelings, behaviors and what and to whom you attract into your life and what and to whom you are attracted.  HOW do you DO “anxious”? HOW do you DO “not make money?”  Remember, except for a few things that are biologically programmed into us – death, and certain physical conditions – YOU create whatever happens to you, and you do this by focusing your mind in certain ways. ADOPT “THE SILENT WITNESS” POSTURE  To replace beliefs that don’t serve you, adopt the “silent witness” posture – to watch, with awareness (outside of yourself) the process of HOW what you believe CREATES what happens in your life.  How do you FEEL when you act a certain way, or are with a certain person, or are at work?  Why is not a good question…How is.  You are really learning to WATCH YOUR MIND. This increased awareness is what can change your behavior.  Every day, things happen to you. You have a choice what to focus on.  Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.  If you are really doing something you don’t want, but don’t know it, only your awareness of what you are doing (the witness) can help you discover the belief you have that isn’t serving you.
  8. 8. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D. DRIVE YOUR ACTION  There are three ways we can make whatever we believe come true: 1. Attract people and situations that make it come true 2. Believe there is no reality; believe your interpretation 3. Act in a way that your actions make it come true  If you believe something is possible, you want it, and you know this, you can make the belief  Drive your action.  How many negative words do you use? “not, bad, no, don’t, avoid, can’t” – (when this happens you are focusing on what you don’t want) – notice your internal pictures and thoughts REVERSE WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME  This is the hardest job! At first you are focusing on what you don’t want, and you don’t even know you are doing it. (unconscious incompetence)  Then you are doing it, and you’re aware that you’re doing it, but aren’t doing anything about it. (conscious incompetence)  Then, you’re doing it, and really making progress, but you really have to work at it, and then you’re finally noticing and instantly changing your focus on what you want, and it’s natural and automatic. (unconscious competence) “THE FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE”  Most of us don’t even really know what that means, but it is bigger than we are.  We really only limit ourselves in understanding all of this because we limit our consciousness to what we know and believe.  The most important thing you can learn is this:  WE CREATE all the Perceptions of what the world is to us. Our understanding, whether it is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or whatever….is incomplete. We know only what we are willing to experience.
  9. 9. Motivational Seminar Chip Evans, Ph.D.  Carry a 3 x 5 card with you for 2 weeks  Make a mark on your card each time you notice yourself focusing on something you don’t want.  When you make your mark, ask yourself, what is it you do want and write it down.  Keep track of your notes and learn about yourself. WHATEVER EXPERIENCE YOU ARE HAVING, YOU ARE CREATING. WHAT YOU RESIST, YOU ATTRACT. YOU ARE WHAT YOU DECIDE. ©