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Chip tuning

Visit this site for more information on Chip Tuning. TOAD Chip Tuning software will also point you to some excellent programming resources online, to get you started, or improve your existing skills. The OBD2 scan tool is built using the ELM327 processor chip, for which many software packages have been written.

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Chip tuning

  1. 1. Chip Tuning Use TOAD to tune vehicles performance or change the way vehicle behaves. If you're serious about car ECU chip tuning — you want to look into dedicated ECU chip tuning software like TOAD. Software that not only provides HEX editing capabilities, but can also visually map out cars ECU map into sections... without you having to look for them manually. This means you can tune a map in minutes vs. hours... and without making any mistakes that could potentially render cars ECU chip useless.
  2. 2. Chiptuning TOAD (TOTAL OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics) is a complete professional all-in-one package that'll let you perform powerful and thorough health and performance checks on your car. It'll show you in detail what's going on inside the engine, transmission, brakes, Airbag, etc. You can even make optimized performance changes by editing, tuning and reprogramming cars ECU chip data (brain that controls how the car runs).
  3. 3. Car Tuning
  4. 4. Chiptuning TOAD will instantly show you existing problems and faults with the car, where they're located, and how to fix them. This could save your car from potential future complete failures — ultimately saving you thousands of dollars, time and frustration before the vehicle brakes down unexpectedly. Worse yet, leaving you or your customer stranded! Discover how fast your car is with 0-60 speed timings — more accurate than just using plain old GPS
  5. 5. Chip Tuning For inquiries please visit :