UKTI Mission to SXSW 2012 Mission Brochure


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UKTI Mission to SXSW 2012 Mission Brochure

  1. 1. UKTI at SXSWiPower Up. Connect. Engage.The Best and Brightest in BritishTechnology at SXSWi
  2. 2. Contents 1. . . . . . . . . . . . . About UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) 2. . . . . . . . . . . . . About the UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . The Great British Breakfast 4. . . . . . . . . . . . . UK Demo Day 5. . . . . . . . . . . . . Chinwag’s Great British Tea Party 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . Tech City London 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . UK Technology10. . . . . . . . . . . . . UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 Companies20. . . . . . . . . . . . . UKTI Birmingham Mission21. . . . . . . . . . . . . Invest Northern Ireland Mission22. . . . . . . . . . . . . British Music Embassy Schedule24. . . . . . . . . . . . . British Film & Music at SXSW 201226. . . . . . . . . . . . . About Chinwag27. . . . . . . . . . . . . UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 Company Contacts
  3. 3. Map of the United Kingdomof Great Britain & Northern Ireland About UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) UKTI is the Government organisation that helps UK based companies succeed in the global economy. UKTI also helps overseas companies to bring their high quality investment to the UK market, ranked as Europe’s number one location to set up an international business presence. UKTI provides expertise and contacts through an extensive network of specialists in the UK, British embassies, and other diplomatic offices around the world. UKTI’s work with the UK’s information communication technology (ICT) sector includes: • Organising missions to key overseas markets such as the US, India, China and Japan. Scotland • Supporting sector presence at important international trade events including SXSWi, Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress. • Hosting UK based events to bring UK technology companies together with international buyers, such as Technology World. • Providing one-to-one business support to help UK companies take advantage of global opportunities. N. Ireland Visit, Find our stand on Aisle 1100 or call + 44 (0)20 215 8000. on the SXSW Trade Show floor. You can also catch up with us on these Leah Mayo and Christopher Dunn from social media channels: UKTI Houston and Bal Kaur from UKTI England • UKTI’s SXSWi Twitter at @UKTIatSXSWi London are on the stand during the Wales • UKTI on Twitter at @UKTI SXSWi Trade Show. They can: • UKTI on YouTube at • Answer your questions about UKTI. • Offer advice on doing business overseas. • UKTI’s Blog at • Help you to identify which UK and US companies to meet at SXSWi. Come meet with us and have a chat about how UKTI can help your business grow: +1 713 715 9446 +1 713 210 4177 +44 (0)7739 954561
  4. 4. 2 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 3 About the UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 The Great British Breakfast Each year, UKTI brings a group of Britain’s best Hungry for networking? to showcase their innovative technologies at Then join us for a traditional South by Southwest Interactive. British fry-up at The Great British The UKTI Interactive Mission is a collection of top-notch digital technology companies from across the pond looking to expand internationally, understand foreign markets, attract Breakfast. This is the premier investment, find partners and develop business relationships. Where better to do all this international networking than SXSWi? event at South By Southwest The 40 successful companies were chosen by a competitive process and selected by an advisory board of industry experts from the UK technology community and UK Government. Interactive organized by UKTI They span the definition of “digital media,” representing traditional software, film, music, and Chinwag. gaming, social media, and digital agencies. They have participated in networking events and education sessions to prepare them for entry into the US market. They are Britain’s best Over 250 digital practitioners, press and investors working in the interactive space will and brightest, and they are ready to give Austin a little taste of the UK. descend on 4th Street for a traditional British fry up. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the top innovative digital entrepreneurs and companies from all over the UK, discover the British tech scene and network with the people who are at the heart of it all. The companies selected for the UKTI Mission to SXSWi 2012 are: The Great British Breakfast is free to attend for all SXSW Acknowledgement Ltd • Acunu • AMEE • Analytics SEO • • Codegent • badge holders, but you’ll need first to RSVP here: Culture Label Ltd • DAD Technology Ltd • • Eventless Ltd • Foodsplore Ltd • Fortune Cookie • Gravity Thinking • Hailo • happiest limited • Harvest Digital • Milky Tea • MOFILM Ltd • Musicmetric • Net Communities Ltd • Numiko • Oil Productions Ltd • Palringo • Play Mob • Portal Entertainment • Psonar Ltd • Realeyes • Recite • • Shopcade • • DATE: Tuesday 13 March 2012 Sohnar • SoJoLife • StickyWorld Ltd • Synchtank Ltd • The Unit • Thrive Software • TIME: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm TWAds (Addiply) • ustwo • Yazino LOCATION: Cedar Street Courtyard • 208 West 4th Street, Austin, TX 78701 Information and contact details for each company are listed in this booklet and on mission landing page: Once you’ve signed up, make sure to stop by the UKTI Interactive Mission stand at the SXSW Trade Show and Stay on top of all mission goings-on with @UKTIatSXSWi and #SXBrit. meet all the UK mission companies (Aisle 1100). Special thanks to our partner, Chinwag, for their support on the UKTI Interactive You can also follow all the happenings on Twitter @UKTIatSXSWi Mission to SXSWi 2012 and the Digital Mission series. For more information, please visit their websites at and Have any questions? Go ahead, ask us!
  5. 5. Chinwag’sUK Demo Day Great British Tea PartyUKTI and Thomson Reuters Anyone for tea...?scoured the United Kingdom Join us for Chinwag’s Greatto bring you the best of Supplementary type: British Tea Party, an official Helvetica Rounded LT BoldBritish tech. SXSW party, for all theFollowing a competitive application process, international folks headingUK companies have been selected to demotheir cutting-edge technologies for the to Austin for attendees of SXSWi.There will be free beverages to those who attend. DATE: Sunday 11 March 2012 DATE: Sunday 11 March 2012 TIME: 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm TIME: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm LOCATION: Hilton Hotel • Startup Village, Ballroom B LOCATION: Brush Square Park, East TentIndulge your tech curiosity. Join investors, journalists, and Sample the delights of British Afternoon Tea, complete withcurious passers-by as they check out the finest in UK tech! the finest selection of English afternoon tea cuisine along with Pimms, beer, wine and soft drinks for those non-drinkers. Organised by the UK’s leading digital community, Chinwag, and supported by UKTI and Ogilvy Labs, swing by Brush Square Park (East tent, across the street from the Convention Center) on Sunday afternoon (11th March, 5 - 8 pm) for some excellent British inspired food & drink, company and chatter. The Great British Tea Party is an official SXSW party and you’ll need to RSVP to guarantee entry. RSVP HERE:
  6. 6. 8 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 9 UK Technology The UK has one of the world’s Around 18.3 million households in the UK (70 and all major studios have UK-based per cent) had internet access in 2009 (Office of developers, including Microsoft, Activision, most advanced industries in the National Statistics), and PWC predict that 25 Capcom, Sony, Electronics Arts and Disney. rapidly changing phenomenon of million homes will have broadband by 2014 The UK has 16M users of high end digital media – the combination (The Independent, 15 June 2010). smartphones representing 34% of the of digital technology and In 2009 the Digital Britain report estimated population. Making the UK the most important that today approximately 89% of homes can market in Europe for mobile content. 51% of creativity in areas such as TV, readily get a 2 megabits per second (Mbps) - or the UK engage in M-Commerce and over 50% film and radio production; video higher - broadband service from cable, ADSL of mobile internent browsing is spent on social game development; interactive or wireless means. The UK government has networks, in terms of minutes spent per user. committed to providing high speed broadband media; graphic design; the access of at least 2 megabits per second The UK has traditional strengths in video, internet; e-commerce; and mobile (Mbps) to every household by 2012. The UK music and games industries, which are the dominant content on mobile devices. Over telecommunications. has been ranked as the top internet gateway 50% of the apps in the UK are games and in the world, with the highest international two-thirds of UK game developers are self- Thanks to the country’s position as a leading global hub for innovation, bandwidth and 36% of inter-regional traffic. publishing. Growth in the sector is coming R&D and entrepreneurship, the UK has a thriving digital sector. The UK also boasts the highest proportion from the social and mobile game companies. of internet advertising of any developed Hence the opportunity for overseas tech The UK is at the very heart of the innovation UK consumers. In a recent research report by economy. And London is the largest data companies to find appropriate content economy and ranks 4th on the BCG/Economist Econsultancy it was identified that 87% of UK centre market in Europe. (Digital Britain Report partners in the mobile space. Intelligence Unit as a global digital native businesses use Twitter and 82% use Facebook 2009. DCMS) and are rated as world leaders in the digital as part of their online marketing activity and The growth of the UK’s mobile market, with In May 2009 UK consumers spent an average economy. 57% operate a company blog. This reflects the an increase in the use of smartphones driving of 25 minutes a day online at home. (Ofcom). UK consumers appetite to engage with brands the growth of social platforms and content, The UK is a living lab for companies to innovate, online to both communicate and co-create. E-commerce in the UK has grown from £19bn presents more opportunities for mobile social co-create and experiment with a sophisticated to nearly £163 billion a year since 2002. By networks. Mobile analytics firm Flurry has user base who are keen to adopt the latest UK companies such as Mind Candy are world 2012, £1 in every £5 of all new commerce in conducted research, estimating in December technologies. This coupled with access to an leaders in developing social multi-player the UK will be spent online. 2011 that 17M people in the UK had used apps experienced pool of UK and European talent games helping kids (and big kids!) around the in the last 30 days on iOS and Android alone in in a variety of skills makes the UK the perfect world play and connect. The UK provides the The UK has the highest number of games November, comScore estimated that 44.9% of place to develop your products, build your unique blend of market opportunity, ease of development companies and publishers in British mobile owners were using downloaded customer base and grow your business. doing business and a vibrant ecosystem of Europe, employing 28,000 people. UK made applications. some of the worlds most innovative companies games are some of the biggest box office UK businesses understand the value of social to ensure social businesses can succeed in the sensations in the world, accounting for £1.34 With the 2012 Olympics acting as a catalyst, business and adoption from business and innovation economy. billion in sales, from Tomb Raider, Harry the planned investment in UK internet government reflect the high engagement of Potter to Grand Theft Auto. UK independents infrastructure will support the growth of Sources: continue to attract international business, mobile media and content online. BCG e-Intensity Index, October 2011 Econsultancy / LBi / bigmouthmedia State of Social Report 2011, November 2011
  7. 7. 10 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 11 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 Companies We’re a digital creative agency based in Shoreditch, London. We work Analytics SEO - SaaS software for SEOs/Online marketers and an with leading brands and organisations across web, social and mobile API for partners. It covers every aspect of SEO including; technical platforms. auditing, competitive analysis, keyword research, link building, content Tom Jordan Laurence OToole optimisation and white- label reporting. Customers can also re-brand +44 (0)208 977 4465 the software as their own. Our customers are increasing organic search +44 (0)20 7655 6555 @acknowledgement @analyticsseo revenues by 85% and visits by 162%. We’re looking for US partners to help us take our software to US businesses. Acunu is the next-generation distribution for Apache Cassandra. It runs is a free, secure and scalable digital publishing platform. on bare metal and leverages Acunu’s proprietary storage stack (Castle) We work with public libraries, universities and government agencies and proven technology from Apache Cassandra. The result is a several- Paul Quelch to build portals, start pages, desktop dashboards and mobile apps for Emmanuel Marchal fold increase in reliability, ease of use and performance under load. It their communities. The platform is based around individual gadgets +44 (0)7590 075 035 is 100% API compatible with Apache Cassandra and all the tools. With +44 (0)20 7183 2820 or portlets using open social protocols which can be built by any user @acunu Acunu, Cassandra becomes a dependable, enterprise-ready database @quelch with no previous programming experience. Our products also generate machine. revenue as users search the web and shop online enabling us to turn traditional costs centres into profit centres for our partners. Addiply is a local, self-serve digital advertising exchange that offers Codegent is a Digital Agency and Apps Development company based local publishers a 90% revenue return; for local advertisers it is the in London, UK and Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 2004 we have since digital equivalent of placing a postcard in the window of your local Post Mark McDermott grown to a team of 20 people. We build educational mobile apps and Office. And now Addiply offers publishers the chance to out-source SaaS web applications that focus on solving issues we encounter Rick Waghorn their ad sales to third parties via an affiliate sales programme. We crack +44 (0)20 7720 4040 as web developers. Our agency clients include: BBC, British Library, @codegent the nut that is the cost of a local ad sales force. Channel 4, Hoxton Hotel, Nestlé, Nickelodeon, Pearson Education, +44 (0) 7920 804477 @rickjwaghorn PepsiCo and Skechers. AMEE’s mission is to aggregate and automate access to the world’s curates the best of the global design and art energy and environmental information in order to drive measureable community within an online marketplace officially partnered with change to a low-carbon economy. 500+ of the world’s leading creative brands. These include Tate, V&A, Gavin Starks Peter Tullin Saatchi Gallery, Andy Warhol Foundation and Chateau de Versailles +44 (0)7931 387 769 to Abbey Road Studios and The Prodigy. offers @ameehq +44 (0)207 749 6857 unique gifts, accessories, homeware as well as limited edition art from @CultureLabel hundreds of hand-picked artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.
  8. 8. 12 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 13 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 Companies DADapp introduces 3D Private Sharing & your Life Catalog. 3D Private Fortune Cookie is a global full service digital marketing, strategy Sharing - one method for all three dimensions of sharing - you, your and technology agency. The world’s leading companies choose us Julian Ranger home/work & your world; that is private & secure; that you can easily to transform their digital channels because we make a measurable Kashif Hasan control; that is rich in useful data. Life Catalog - we are creating difference. Our mission? Improve the digital world to make the real +44 (0)7802 207 470 ever more data at an increasing rate, but its in different places, in world a better place. Our clients include AEGON, American Express, +44 (0)870 736 1000   @rangerj proprietary formats with rich information locked away; DADapp’s Life BP, Canon Europe, De Beers, FIBA, Fitness First, Legal & General, Royal @fortunecookie Catalog is an open unified catalog of all our data that we can reuse, Caribbean International and UEFA. extend, cross-link and share. DADapp - more flexible than Dropbox, easier than Windows Networking and more private than Facebook. DeadSocial is a free tool that allows anyone to create private and We create and execute marketing campaigns for clients including scheduled messages. These are distributed across the social web once Philips, Specialised and Visa that harness the power of social media. the user dies. DeadSocial allows for final goodbye messages to be told. From using social to better understand your customers to development James Norris It also allows users to continue to distribute messages and media Andrew Roberts of social strategies and campaigns. From blogger outreach to content once they have passed away. DeadSocial explores the notion of digital creation and digital build to community management, we quantifiably +44 (0)7868 823055 legacy and allows us all to extend our digital life through technology +44 (0)207 654 7693 maximise the power of social. @DeadSocial @gravitythinking and the social web. Eventless is a cross-platform (mobile & web) application that utilises Hailo is a network that matches passengers and licensed taxi drivers, a user’s personal information, social circle and past history to suggest using a tool which helps to make cabbies’ days more sociable – and interesting and highly relevant events in their current or chosen profitable. Hailo makes sure people are never more than two taps away Michael Howe geo-location. This application also empowers event organisers, gig from a licensed taxi, and that cabbies get more passengers when they promoters & venue managers to increase ticket sales by allowing Jay Bregman want them. Which means more journeys taken by passengers, and +44 (0)778 070 7628 them to market their events more efficiently and cost effectively while more profitable shifts for drivers. @MichaelEHowe @HailoCab collecting valuable attendee analytical data. Foodsplore is a Social Network for food, it’s for anyone who enjoys Get rewarded for doing the things that make you happy. We’re building eating out. Using Foodsplore you can see what others are eating and a location-aware loyalty rewards platform connecting businesses and enjoying nearby, This is complete with quick reviews and photos so consumers. Customers seek more than connection with brands: they Mohammed Suleman Bobby Paterson you can be inspired by the people around you. It’s about discovering search for tangible value for their time and attention. Businesses look +44 (0)7985 177 743 great food wherever you go, but it’s also about friends. Foodsplore for endorsement and data. We’re building our platform to make it easy +44 (0)191 269 6883 @mhsuleman will create a network around the food you and your friends are eating @happiest for businesses to create and manage more purposeful and meaningful so you can stay updated and connected with your friends locations, connections with consumers. recommendations and eating experiences.
  9. 9. 14 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 15 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 Companies Harvest Digital is a performance-focused digital marketing agency Net Communities specialise in representing innovative US Media running international campaigns from our London headquarters. We Companies in the UK in order to bring a wider reach and range of can help you get the full value from your digital marketing spend by marketing solutions to UK and European Brand Marketeers. telling you where to invest and how to do it well. Our clients include Andy Evans Mike Teasdale Tesco, Experian, Sage and Chevrolet. +44 (0) 207 291 0770 +44 (0)207 479 7500 @digitalandy @miketeasdale Milky Tea provides world-renowned brands and agencies from across Numiko are a leading UK digital agency working with broadcasters the globe with ingenious ideas and unparalleled digital production such as ITV, Channel 4, the BBC and more. We have worked for many Jonathan Holmes services. Whether you fancy enhancing a campaign with a bespoke high profile broadcast brands such as I’m a Celebrity, EastEnders and digital illustration or animation, or wish to bolster your brand with Doctor Who and Street Summer for Channel 4. Our innovative work is +44 (0)151 703 9153 a game or interactive service, Milky Tea is designed to make the based on an insight into user behavior and has won numerous awards David Eccles such as BIMA, Revolution and NMA Effectiveness awards. @jonathanholmes transition from idea to digital reality a simple and affordable one. Join us and you’ll be in good company, our clients include Sony SCEE, +44 (0)113 202 1400 Lloyds TSB and the BBC. Come and chat with us to see how we can lend @numiko our award-winning expertise to your brand or agency. MOFILM inspires filmmakers to create video for large brands and We create drama and entertainment based on our own IP for broadcasters, social causes. A leading crowd sourcing agency, we work with brands branded content for advertisers, and commercial properties with forward to develop briefs that we promote to our 40,000 plus community thinking partners. We use digital production techniques to create low-cost, Kerry Gaffney high- value properties. We tell great stories using the familiar touch points of filmmakers from around the world. Created by passionate of the target audience. We use everyday media to tell the story to the right +44 (0) 7747 063 737 professionals, the quality of content is outstanding, a recent creation Mike Bennett people in the right place at the right time. And we make sure that our stories @mofilmugc for Chevrolet, Happy Grad, ran during the second quarter of the Super are designed so that each interaction - no matter where or how it happens Bowl scoring favourably on the USA Today Ad Meter. +44 (0) 7889 600 867 - progresses the story, rather than just repeating the headline. Oil is a multi- @_Oillspill platform story studio. This means we create compelling worlds that can reward, entertain and monetize massive audiences in a market where traditionally- served audiences are shrinking every day. Musicmetric has built the world’s most powerful artist analytics Palringo is a popular mobile group messaging service with a large dashboard, Musicmetric Pro. This empowers anyone with a commercial active community of over 300,000 social groups. Send instant text, decision to be made about an artist to be properly informed, in context picture, and voice (Push-to-Talk) messages to friends, groups of friends, Marie-Alicia Chang to other artists and real world events, in record time. Musicmetric social groups, or anyone on any mobile device, PC, or Mac. Palringo also measure artist buzz for all areas of the industry and have built a Martin Rosinski uses your internet data, so you can send unlimited messages to +44 (0)277 392 301 number of free tools to help emerging artists do their best to succeed. anyone without SMS charges. Palringo works with existing third-party @musicmetric +44 (0) 191 580 0060 IM services so you can instantly chat with all your friends on Facebook, @palringo Yahoo!® Messenger, Windows Live Messenger® and more. Download now for free!
  10. 10. 16 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 17 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 Companies Revolutionising giving through gaming, PlayMob enable digital Recite is a software as a service system that can make any website content providers to monitise their products through in-game “charity accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. Our text to speech sponsored” micro-payments. software reads websites out aloud, text only views help people with Jude Ower dyslexia and visual impairments adjust the text to their individual Ross Linnett needs. We also provide translation into 52 different languages and +44 (0) 7817 807 097 +44 (0)191 432 8092 dictionary definitions of difficult words. @playmob @reciteme Portal Entertainment makes ‘immersive entertainment’: stories where is the largest site in the Spotify ecosystem and the audience take part them. We have built a storytelling platform allows both music discovery via playlists as well as playlist sharing. that allows us to tell a story over multiple devices and measure the LONG LIVE THE MIXTAPE Across the web, Spotify App, iOS and Android apps they deliver high Julian McCrea audience’s level of emotional response to that story around anxiety, quality curated content to more than 3 million users per month. Kieron Donoghue changing the story’s direction. Our first production is a week-long +44 (0)7965 458 585 Hitchcockian suspense thriller coming out on the iPad, blending film, +44 (0) 7766 515591 @julianmccrea web, email and mobile validated against our target market - 25-55 year @sharemyplaylist old males 1, >50k. Psonar enables people to listen to great music in a radically new, legal Shopcade is a social shopping app where you can discover and way – Pay Per Play. Listen to a track once for 1c/1p/1eurocent or gift shop what’s trending among your friends and from your favourite a playlist where you’ve pre-paid for someone else to listen. Psonar is Nathalie Gaveau trendsetters. Users create their own Shopcade - a dynamic list of their Richard Urwin good for music - every time a track is played artists get paid and by favorite products that is automatically shared with their friends and sharing and gifting music on Psonar people encourage the spread of followers. That’s not all, whenever others buy from your Shopcade, you +44 (0)203 327 3130 +44 (0)771 100 9002 great music. both earn real cash, and the more you use Shopcade the more points @MyShopcade @rich_urwin you earn - which you can spend to decorate your Shopcade. You can also participate in special missions hosted by Shopcade and its partner brands, so discover, shop and prosper on Shopcade! Realeyes is a technology firm that uses computer vision to read For marketers who have to log in to too many apps to get things done, people’s faces over regular webcams. We measure what emotions is a web-based service that takes the hassle out of building people are feeling and where they are looking. We help to radically relationships with your customers because unlike other services we let improve brand advertising and online video content, power market you manage your email, mobile, Twitter and Facebook marketing in a Mihkel Jaatma Matt McNeill research industry with next-generation technologies and enable single place. smarter applications that take advantage of real-time biometric user +44 (0)7947 486 069 +44 (0)774 880 9671 @mihkeljaatma feedback. Realeyes is the “The Google Analytics of Eye Movements and @mattmcn Emotions.”
  11. 11. 18 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 19 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 Companies Sohnar’s Traffic LIVE is an online, flexible, real-time scheduling, For rights holders we build, manage and monetise online communities. Managing creative business online workflow and project management tool. It manages the project Working with some of the world’s most successful stars we have lifecycle from quoting to invoicing, including drag and drop scheduling, identified important new revenue streams for the music and Callum Broderick one-click timesheets, live job notifications and some of the most entertainment industry. The Unit is a social software and interaction impressive management reporting and business analytics available. Jim McCall design company who provide the tools, expertise and creativity to +44 (0)7972 833 424 It’s fast, visual, with an easy to use interface that your team will just develop and manage successful subscription, paid content and ‘pay @TrafficLIVE love using. Traffic LIVE is creative management redefined. +44 (0)1273 686 713 per view’ activity. Blendology’s SoJoLife is a new breed of interactive event solutions that Thrive create beautiful and intuitive web applications which take promotional give-ways and consumer engagement to a whole new revolutionise they way users track, interpret and act upon their level for both users and brand managers. “SOJO™” branded give-aways business data. Maximising their time and increasing profits. With a Jerome Iveson connect users with just a ‘tap’ to build real-life networks, expand their worldwide user base, ThriveSolo is an all-in-one solution for the creative Bill Munday online networks and engage with brand communities. +44 (0)7801 505 262 freelancer. ThriveStudio will reinvent the way creative studios manage @thrivesolo their business data, collaborate and work. ThriveMarket will unite the +44 (0) 7960 525 035 @sojolife global marketplace. StickyWorld offers a visual forum to discuss projects, products and ustwo™ is a digital design studio that delivers pioneering user places. We help people share their exact point of view on visual media, experiences as digital partner to the world’s leading brands from using sticky notes placed in the context of images, plans, documents, studios in London, Malmö, Sweden, and very soon New York. Michael Kohn videos and 360 virtual tours. Our SaaS solution connects colleagues, Specialising in interaction & user interface design, we create design collaborators and customers, enriching dialogue and informing Jules Ehrhardt multi-platform experiences across mobile, tablet, TV and beyond +44 (0)7939 519 356 decisions across a variety of sectors, including education, design, across a range of markets including mobile, consumer electronics, @makohn +44 (0)7763 131 099 property, products and events. retail, entertainment, medical and financial. With the New York studio @ezyjules opening soon, the team is hitting SXSWi to meet existing and potential clients, make friends and find new members to join the studio of dreams. SynchTank is highly configureable cloud-based software that provides Yazino develops innovative social games which use real-time multiplayer your business with an interactive portal and internal system through technology – an approach called ‘in-sync gaming’. Yazino games are cross- which to control, pitch, deliver, and license your creative digital assets platform – available on web, mobile and tablet – enabling live, synchronous and catalogues from anywhere, operate more efficiently, reach gameplay and delivering shared experiences anytime, on any device – all customers and licensees directly, and keep 100% of your revenue. with one account. Our global community of playful grown-ups come Joel T. Jordan Alyssa Crankshaw together every day to socialise, meet, chat, and join friends on private tables and tournaments. Yazino was commercially launched in August 2010 with +1 917 640 7231 +44 (0)7580 178 365 the ambition to make multiplayer social gaming truly social and universal. @synchtank @yazino Yazino has launched seven in-sync social games to date.
  12. 12. 20 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 21 UKTI Birmingham Mission Invest Northern Ireland Mission UKTI in Birmingham are delighted to be supporting a Northern Ireland has a 40 strong delegation at delegation of Birmingham-based digital companies SXSW 2012: visiting SXSW 2012, encompassing both the Interactive and Music elements of the conference. 360 Production Iglu Media Real Music Club Birmingham benefits from a vibrant mix of digital companies: from global systems Black North Jampot Technologies Red Dust Music Design integrators to thousands of smaller independent firms, collectively employing more than Score Draw Music Ltd 64,000 people. Our digital sector has both a breadth and depth of expertise: from online Kabosh tools and content to computer games and mobile products and services. Seedups Birmingham is the UK’s hub for games, serious games and interactive digital media and Canderblinks Kainos home to 21 per cent of the UK games workforce as well as playing host to a number of CITZN Silver Tree Records & leading animation and TV production companies, plus award winning digital agencies. Lisa Barros D’Sa Publishing Culture Co 2013 Love Gum Records Six Miles North Ecliptic Labs Media Sights Smalltown America The following companies from Birmingham will all be visiting Filmtrip No Dancing Spirit Marketing Group SXSW 2012: • Ammba Digital Consulting • Gotham Records Frank Non Zero Sum Start Together Studio • Creative Soles Ltd • Ltd Gecho Asset Production Oh Yeah Music Centre Third Bar • Fused Magazine • PlayMob Glenn Leyburn • Guy Wilday Ltd • Sapport Ltd Omnisoft University of Ulster Gogamingo • Soshi Games • First Flight Placements Quiz Fortune • Access all Bands • Birmingham City University Hubb IT • Flaming Tarball Ltd • Punch Records And you can find them at Anyone interested to find out more about any of the Birmingham companies involved on the mission, or to arrange a meet-up with any of them during SXSW 2012 can contact Paul Meikle, UKTI, at or call +44 7971 144052
  13. 13. FOLLOW US: Ensure thatEnsure that youon thistabs onBritish FOLLOW US: you keep tabs keep year’s this year’s British Music Embassy schedule by followingby following us on Twitter and Facebook: Music Embassy schedule us on Twitter and Facebook:,Monday, March 12th, 7pm - 12am March 12th, 7pm - 12am Wednesday, March 14th, 9pm - 2am - 2am Wednesday, March 14th, 9pm Thursday, March 15th, 8pm - 2am - 2am Thursday, March 15th, 8pm Friday, March 16th, 8pm - 2am - 2am Friday, March 16th, 8pmNorthern IrelandIreland @ SXSW Raw Power Power presents Northern @ SXSW Raw presents The Agency Group presents The Agency Group presents NME presents NME presents ll wristbands wristbands and badges All and badges in association with with in association in association with with in association in association with PPL PPL in association with PRS For Music Music PRS For UK Trade & Investment UK Trade & Investment Wristbands Wristbands and badges and badges Wristbands Wristbands and badges and badges Wristbands Wristbands and badges and badgesCashier No.9 Cashier No.9 2:54 2:54General Fiasco Fiasco General Cancer Bats Cancer Bats Foxy Shazam Shazam Foxy Howler (US) Howler (US) he Wonder Villains Villains The Wonder Charlie Simpson Simpson Charlie Crystal Fighters Fighters Crystal Big Deal Big Deal nd So I And SoYou From Afar Watch I Watch You From Afar Spycatcher Spycatcher Twin Atlantic Atlantic Twin KindnessKindness Turbogeist Turbogeist Jonquil Jonquil Chad Valley Valley Chad uesday,Tuesday, March 13th, 8pm - 2am The Xcerts Xcerts March 13th, 8pm - 2am The BenjaminBenjaminLeftwich Leftwich Francis Francis Tashaki Miyaki (US) Tashaki Miyaki (US)Xtra Mile presents Xtra Mile presents The Chevin Chevin Then association with with in association Thursday, March 15th, 11:30am 11:30am - 3pm Thursday, March 15th, - 3pm Saturday, March 17th, 12:30 - 6pm - 6pm Saturday, March 17th, 12:30AIM AIM East Of England Party Party East Of England Friday, March 16th, 12pmNorthern Day Day Friday, March 16th, 12pm - 2pm - 2pm Northern ll wristbands wristbands and badges All and badges British British AbroadAbroad Brunch Music Music Brunch N fiN Morning Parade Parade Morning The Dutch Uncles Uncles The Dutch rank Turner Turner Frank Spycatcher Spycatcher SpectralsSpectrals The DunwellsDunwells The uture Of The Left The Left Future Of Bitches Bitches D/R/U/G/SD/R/U/G/S Therapy?Therapy? he Xcerts Xcerts The New Cassettes New Cassettes The Dutch Uncles Uncles The Dutch D/R/U/G/SD/R/U/G/S im Lockey &Lockey & TheSun Jim The Solemn Solemn Sun BenjaminBenjaminLeftwich Leftwich Francis Francis Thursday, March 15th, 3pm - 6pm - 6pm Thursday, March 15th, 3pm Friday, March 16th, 3pm - 6pm - 6pm Friday, March 16th, 3pm PolarsetsPolarsetsWednesday, March 14th, 1pm - 4pm - 4pm Sherman presents Wednesday, March 14th, 1pm Ben Ben Sherman presents Showcasing Scotland Showcasing Scotland GhostingGhosting Season SeasonNew Music From Wales Wales New Music From The Plectrum Sessions The Plectrum Sessions Saturday, March 17th, 8pm - 2am - 2am Saturday, March 17th, 8pm in association with with in association CLASHCLASH Magazine Magazine The Twilight Sad The Twilight Sad Huw Stephens presents Huw Stephens presents kindredSkindred The Xcerts Xcerts The in association with with in association uture Of The Left The Left Future Of Three Blind Wolves Wolves Three Blind UK Trade & Investment UK Trade & Investment iôn Russell Jones Jones Siôn Russell Jackmaster Jackmaster Wristbands Wristbands and badges and badges Clock Opera Opera Clock Breton BretonWednesday, March 14th, 5pm - 7pm - 7pm Wednesday, March 14th, 5pm Toddla T Toddla T Slow Club Slow ClubThe British British @ SXSW SXSW The Music Music @ Slow ClubSlow ClubLaunch Party Party Launch MaverickMaverick Sabre Sabre y Invitation only By Invitation only Django Django Django Django The British Music EmbassyEmbassy The British Music Clock Opera Opera Clock @ Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto. Jacinto. @ Latitude 30, 512 San The Dutch Uncles Uncles The DutchBen Howard Howard Ben For RSVP visit: For RSVP visit: Drink Drink RSVP RSVP he Staves Staves The Food Food Invite OnlyInvite Only rank Turner Turner Frank
  14. 14. 24 | UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 UKTI Interactive Mission to SXSWi 2012 | 25 British Film & Music at SXSW 2012 The passion and creativity of the available everything and everyone that off, there is the amazing performance of is needed to make a film of the highest XL Recordings’ Adele around the globe, UK’s creative industries are the production value. There are over 100 selling over 17 million of copies of “21”. envy of the world and give the production studios in the country, ranging XL’s new act SBTRKT will be representing the label at SXSW this year. We will also UK a creative influence out of all from large studios capable of housing see showcases from other indie labels the biggest sets to small studios catering proportion to its size. The UK’s for music videos and commercial work. including Communion Records who have creative industries are hugely Leading examples include Pinewood, recently launched in the US and Xtra Mile Shepperton, Elstree, 3 Mills and Ealing. Recordings whose artist Frank Turner will influential globally, and leading London is the third busiest film production be playing SXSW as part of an extensive UK creative figures - including city in the world after New York and Los US tour. musicians, film directors, writers Angeles, with an average of 35 crews on The UK is also renowned for its live music, the streets every day. enjoying a reputation as the music festival and artists - are household names nation of the world, offering hundreds of SXSW Music will see some of the UK’s throughout the world. greatest emerging and established talent events catering to all tastes. The number including Kasabian, Michael Kiwanuka, of music festivals in the UK increased by This year at SXSW UK excellence in innovation and creativity will be 16 per cent in 2010, with primary ticket Kindness, Tribes, The Ting Tings, Keane, amply demonstrated by the fantastic array of talent on display from revenue growing by nearly 20 per cent. The Ed Sheeran, Maverick Sabre and Big Deal. the UK’s film and music sectors. The British Music at SXSW Launch event on UK boasts five of the 10 top-selling arenas worldwide, including The 02 in London, the This year SXSW will be screening 15 films Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which earned almost Wednesday will showcase three of the best world’s best-selling arena; Birmingham’s and showcasing over 130 acts from the UK. US$1 billion worldwide, and independent title UK acts at SXSW; Frank Turner, Ben Howard LG Arena; Wembley Arena in London; and Added to the group attending the Interactive Kick-Ass (which premiered at SXSW in 2010). and The Staves. Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. London festival, SXSW will play host to the largest The UK’s independent sector is currently offers more live music than any other city The reach of UK talent goes further than ever contingent of creative and interactive British films, as UK actors, directors and enjoying huge international success. First in the world. businesses from the UK. The variety of writers work on films produced across the companies and content on show at SXSW in globe. SXSW 2012 will provide a showcase 2012 will clearly showcase the breadth of the of some of the best and most innovative If you’d like to find out more about the UK Film and Music Sectors visit UK’s creative offer. British film talent around today. Among the the British stand at SXSW’s Trade Show for the Creative Industries. The UK film industry is a true international UK films being featured are a documentary success story, renowned for its innovative about reggae legend Bob Marley by The Last All this should have convinced you that the UK is the creative capital of the world. So why ideas, creativity and skills. The diversity King of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald, not come and visit this summer when London plays host to the 2012 Olympics. Alongside and quality of UK films and industry talent and Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley’s feature- the most important sporting event in the world, London will also present the 2012 Festival, resonate across borders, cultures and length comedy drama Black Pond. the UK’s biggest ever nationwide festival. This will include a diverse and extensive music societies, winning respect, audiences and The UK is a world leader in film production, programme showcasing an array of UK and International talent. To find out more go to: awards all over the world. In 2010, the UK excelling at everything from independent film share of global cinema takings was 14 and blockbuster features to shorts and from Check out for more information about UK films and screenings at SXSW. per cent, up from 7 per cent in 2009. Major animation and drama to documentaries. To find out about the British Music Embassy programme and sign up for events go to: successes included Harry Potter and the The UK is second only to the USA in having