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SXSWi 2010

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About UK
Trade & Investment
                           t [UKTI] is t...
A nation with advanced digital habits    Games and social media
Digital Mission
                  Contact: Ian Collingwood              Contact: Karen Barber...
Digital Mission
Digital Mission
Digital Mission
companies SXSWi

Contact: Jan Reichelt          Contact: Jonathon Palmer         Contact: Ralph Cochran...
Digital Mission
Digital Mission
companies SXSWi

Contact: Andrew Scott               Contact: Lee Henshaw              Contact: Joe Ste...
Sponsors                                            Digital Mission
Huge thanks to our sponsors; international law
firm Winston & Strawn and Sun Startup Essentials

Regional Missions @ SXSWi
UK creativity has been hugely influential in global                                                  UKTI Connecting for Cr...
British events
        @ SXSWi
        Texas Tuttle 2
Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010 Brochure
Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010 Brochure
Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010 Brochure
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Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010 Brochure


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The official brochure for the Digital Mission to South by South West interactive (SXSWi) 2010, a trade mission for UK-based digital SMEs organised by Chinwag on behalf of UK Trade & Investment, sponsored by Winston & Strawn.

The brochure was used as a handout at the Expo and lists all the companies and organisations that took part in the Digital Mission.

For more information about this trip and Digital Missions in general, see our website:

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Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010 Brochure

  1. 1. SXSWi 2010 test T he hot l digita es ni compa UK in the DIG M15H
  2. 2. N NW NE W E 40 SXS Wi 201 0 Austin, Texas SW SE S Scotland Contents information 04 Digital Mission kfast 06 Great British Brea & Investment 08 About UK Trade i Northern companies at SXSW Ireland 12 Digital Mission 26 Sponsors ns 29 Regional Missio SXSW 30 British Music at SXSWi 36 British Events at 38 About Chinwag company contacts England 39 Digital Mission Wales 02 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 03
  3. 3. About sed trade missions organi Digita l Mission is a series of SXSWi 2010 in the digital sector by for UK firms operating Investment (UKTI). Chinwag on behalf of UK Trade & companies to expand The trips support UK digital ts, rstand foreign marke internationally, unde p d partners and develo attract investment, fin . business relationships sa n to SXSWi in 2009 wa The first Digital Missio advantage panies were chosen from s with 35 UK firms taking The 40 successful com of roaring succes the by an advisory board and their presence in over 120 submissions munity of the activities to exp e included industry expert s drawn from the UK com US. Other mis sions in the series hav s, specialists, legal expert k in September 2008 and including: VC’s, export two missions to New Yor l trip to Los journalist and industry pundits. November 200 9 and a ver y successfu sco in October 2009. sion Angeles and San Franci ed for the Digital Mis The companies select ted i is generously suppor to SXSWi ‘10 are: Digital Mission to SXSW wn and Sun nt, by internation al law firm Winston & Stra Blueleaf Digital, Brainie Amberlight, Audioboo, , Face Group, Startup Essentials. be Interactive Codegent, Codility, Cu r, Howard Baines, Fre shNetworks, GigLocato be, Little , KMP Digitata, Likecu n please see Illumina Digital For further informatio ndeley, Mobilized, or subscribe World Gifts, Littleloud, Me ww e with sicMetric, Nsyght, tter to keep up to dat MOFILM, Moonfruit, Mu to our newsle PageDo, Pixeco, Plug-in oneDrum, Orange Bus, , Skimlinks, mission news. Media, Qhub, Rummble, Silence Media u, Hub, TweetJobs, UberV drop us a line on Slicethepie, Smidgn, Sub ar, WorldTV. To get in touch, please DIG M15H Vibio, Videojuicer, Wolfst mission@chi contact details for each Detailed information and site: booklet and on the web company are listed in this companies g/sxsw10- 04 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 05
  4. 4. On behalf of ry for g? Hung orkin netw SXSW, one of the world’s leading trade festivals for music and interactive content, this year welcomes the largest Venue Hilton Garden Inn, delegation from the UK ever to attend the event. 500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas As part of SXSW, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) will host a specially Date and time curated half-day event, showcasing UK creative excellence. Tuesday 16 March 2010, 10.30am – 6pm The Great British Breakfast is a networking event The event – ‘Content, New Technologies and the Consumer organised by Digital Mission for 250 international Experience’ – will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn, 500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas, on Tuesday 16 March 2010, 10.30am – 6pm and Attendance is free but places are strictly limited and must be digital practitioners, press and investors working will include a networking lunch. It will be a centrepiece of the UK presence at SXSW, providing the perfect platform for UK companies pre-booked. in the interactive space. looking to build their network of US partners, clients, customers and To book your place contacts. (one person per company maximum) please contact Take this opportunity to join the top innovative digital entrepreneurs and Focusing on business opportunities around new technologies, companies from the UK. Discover the British scene and meet the people who digital and mobile, the event will include panel discussions with stating your name, job title, are at the heart of it. Come along to swap SXSWi stories and talk about all things key industry representatives, as well as networking and speed company and a short business digital, over a good ol’ fashioned fry-up. networking sessions between specially invited US and UK biography, by no later than companies. Monday 1 March 2010. We’ll kick things off at 9:30am until 11:30am on Tuesday, 16th March at Paradise Ted Cohen’s TAG Strategic, the leading Digital Media consulting For more information Cafe, 401 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX 78701. agency, has been specially commissioned to organise the event contact Faron Mckenzie on behalf of UKTI. The agency has enlisted senior executives from at TAG Strategic on The Great British Breakfast is free to attend for SXSWi badge holders but you will brands, music services, rights owners and artist management to +44 (0)7932 069967 engage with delegates in a series of panels, networking breaks and need to sign up: keynote addresses. Once you’ve registered please pop along to pick up your ticket from the Digital UK Trade & Investment is the government organisation that helps Mission stand on the SXSWi expo floor. The UK digital stand is huge and is UK-based companies succeed in the global economy and assists covered with British flags so it’s very hard to miss! overseas companies to bring their high quality investment to the UK. Questions? Please email us: 06 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 07
  5. 5. About UK Trade & Investment ment t [UKTI] is the Govern UK Trade & Investmen eed based companies succ orga nisation that helps UK y. in the global econom quality companies bring high UK TI also help overseas onomy – acknowledg ed investment to the UK’s dynamic ec ovides which to succeed. It pr as Eu rope’s best place from e network of ts through an extensiv expertise and contac embassies and other specialists in the UK, in British nd the world. diplomatic offices arou ay UK’s We’re on the stand tod UKTI’s work with the ication as from UKTI Houston, tion commun Leah Mayo and Ann Luc informa r includes: rmen Ayo from the ICT team and Bal Kaur and Ca technology [ICT] secto ital Mission stand today. in London are on the Dig They can: antage of these and UK companies take adv other global opportunities. & Investment nts including SXSWi, international trade eve Show and Mobile Consumer Electronics and overseas World Congress. at SXSWi companies to meet with together with re, but have technology companies tional buyers, such as If you want to know mo y can be , the interna no time to chat today ct details: Technology World. reached by these conta such as the US, India, China and Japan. - +1 713 7159 446 leah.mayo@fconet.fco.g - +1 650 7998 310, or Visit www.uktradeinve - +44 (0)7739 954 561 call + 44 (0)20 215 8000 - +4 4 (0)7930 804595 with us on You can also catch upannels dia ch a chat. these social me Come and meet us for 08 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 09
  6. 6. A nation with advanced digital habits Games and social media and appetite per 11 homes. The UK Technology sector is the largest and fastest growing industry in Europe. Our companies and organisations are well-connected, open they keep in touch with friends using social and have a global outlook, helping to underpin our position as a leading of world). exporter of products and services. online content compared with the rest of the An audience that’s ready to immerse itself world - uploading more photos and videos to in emerging media be shared online than anywhere else. profiles or manage friends lists on a social networking site; 50 update their webpage actively developing or using ‘Second Life’ Innovation and creativity – pioneering the individual academic level. digital revolution sites and forums more than news and media Internet infrastructure to support the pages, community directories, online video nation’s digital media addiction and blogs and personal websites. A place for digital business approximately 40,000 people, representing media workforce. companies employ almost 30,000 people, while 600 offline multimedia, mobile content and interactive TV firms employ 10,000 interactive content developers. the next generation of sound and vision for digital and 10 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 11
  7. 7. Digital Mission companies SXSWi Contact: Ian Collingwood Contact: Karen Barber Contact: Rob Smith Contact: Emi Gal Twitter: @KLBarber Twitter: @robsmith_uk Twitter: @brainient London’s most experienced Audioboo is a platform for Blueleaf Digital is part of Brainient helps video publishers multi-platform user experience creating & sharing the spoken Blueleaf Group, based in monetize video content by design consultancy. Highly word. Initially an iPhone App, it Cheshire. Blueleaf Digital adding interactive elements qualified staff, innovative, makes it simple to record audio helps clients with their digital and affiliate marketing. The rigorous research, beautiful, on the move and upload it to the strategy, ecommerce and digital solution works with any video elegant designs that users web, complete with photo, title & customer engagement and is management platform and only love. We work all over the world geolocation data. highly focused on fantastic takes a few minutes to set up. with clients like Microsoft, return on investment. Sony Computer Entertainment, Vodafone, eBay, LG, Samsung and RIM. 12 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 13 Company biographies are their own Company biographies are their own
  8. 8. Digital Mission companies SXSWi Contact: Mark McDermott Contact: Chris Kowalczyk Contact: Wil Stephens Contact: Francesco D’Orazio Contact: Charlie Osmond Contact: James Proud Twitter: @mr_mcd Twitter: @codility Twitter: @facecocreation Twitter: @cosmond Twitter: @jamesproud Codegent is an award winning, Codility simplifies recruitment Cube is a leading developer of Face is a mix of researchers, FreshNetworks is a social GigLocator enables people digital marketing agency based of software engineers by interactive, digital content and planners, brand strategists and media software provider. We to discover, enjoy and share in London, UK and Bangkok, assessing programming skills web services to major brands social media experts based in help brands engage customers live music with ease. With Thailand. Historically we over the Internet. Candidates including BBC, ITV, Microsoft London. We use co-creativity in conversation by building and recommendations based on re-invest our profits into R&D are requested to code solutions and Domino Records. to enable brands to interact managing white-labelled online the music that you like, you for competitive advantage. In to programming problems in a Cube’s custom built social directly with consumers communities. We believe that will always be able to find that 2010 we are taking to market browser-based development gaming engine, focused on in real-time, online and communities are often the most nearby gig that you would have a new division of the agency environment. Submitted code the kids and teenage market, face-to-face, to deliver a effective and sustainable way missed or try out that new band that exclusively develops is automatically assessed (for with built-in interaction, range of insight, innovation for brands to leverage live youíve been hearing about, web applications aimed at the correctness and performance), multi-user and monetization and planning objectives. social media. all with the cheapest ticket entrepreneur and developer. yielding detailed evaluation services, powers a number of available too! reports and a clear ranking high profile and commercially of candidates. successful sites. 14 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 15 Company biographies are their own Company biographies are their own
  9. 9. Digital Mission companies SXSWi SXSWi 40 2010 Austin, Texas Contact: Clive Howard Contact: Mike Flood Page Contact: Jon Keefe Contact: Emmanuel Marchal Contact: David Jacklin Contact: Paul Stringer Twitter: @howardbaines Twitter: @IlluminaDigital Twitter: @kmpdigitata Twitter: @likecube Twitter: @littleloud Twitter: @lwgifts Howard Baines is a web Illumina is a full service Established in 1991, KMP LikeCube, founded in Littleloud Studios are a BAFTA Little World Gifts is redefining consultancy based in West multiplatform production Digitata creates amazing, user- 2006, develops innovative award winning creative agency Digital Gifts on mobile London whose strategy, design company supplying design, centric digital experiences that personalization and producing Digital Entertainment platforms. The service delivers and development services editorial, TV video production, have outstanding return on recommendations solutions for for the film, broadcast and 3D interactive gifts that users maximise our clients online software development and investment for our clients. We the travel and leisure industry. gaming industries. Productions can touch, play with and admire potential. Our work with cutting project management. We have specialise in web development, The company is backed are delivered to work over - and send to their friends on edge web 2.0 start-ups and a won over forty national and audio visual production, email & by an award-winning team multiple formats including TV, iPhone and Facebook. The passion for new ideas mean international awards including mobile marketing, ecommerce, including a world leader in Web, Mobile, Game Consoles company also enables global we naturally understand the four BAFTAs, and Best social media applications, PR computer science and experts and emerging hand held brands to engage with users via web as it is today and will be Museum on the Web creating 2.0, online brand analysis and in semantics and scalability. devices. Our clients include stunning 3D gift experiences. tomorrow. This experience experiences that inspire, dialogue monitoring, outreach, Customers include the leading BBC, Channel 4, Nickelodeon, equips us better than others to enable and enhance learning, community management and European local reviews Paramount, Sony Entertainment assist established companies to broadcast, entertainment, SEO /SEM. site and Universal Pictures. exploit the internet. culture and heritage. 16 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 17 Company biographies are their own Company biographies are their own
  10. 10. Digital Mission companies SXSWi Contact: Jan Reichelt Contact: Jonathon Palmer Contact: Ralph Cochrane Contact: Wendy Tan White Contact: James Contact: Geoffrey McCaleb Twitter: @mendeley_com Twitter: @wendytanwhite Twitter: @musicmetric Twitter: @nsyght Mendeley is free academic Mobilized has reinvented the MOFILM is an online video Moonfruit has been providing Musicmetric provides real-time, Nsyght is a social service software (for Windows, Mac, traditional greeting card. competition platform with DIY tools for people to design online analytics to the music similar to Friendfeed that allows and Linux) to manage & share Mobilized cards revolutionise a global community of and build beautiful websites, industry. you to aggregate, share, and your research papers and a the experience of giving or filmmakers, working with major simply since 1999. To date search your social graph in real research network to manage receiving cards by seamlessly global brands to showcase 2.1m+ websites have been We track millions of sources, time. Nsyght supports threaded your papers online, discover integrating mobile content exciting new talent and generate built by small businesses, including blogs, file sharing discussions, email alerts, research trends and connect into paper greeting cards. It new ideas. MOFILM also works communities, families, networks and social networks. inline video and photo display, to like-minded researchers. gives consumers new ways closely with Film Festivals and designers, crafters, freelancers Our desktop tools reveal where and supports services such to express themselves or give mobile operators distributing and individuals who just want to music fans are active and what as: twitter, Facebook, Digg, something special so they can content and training young express themselves. Moonfruit they are saying. Discover what Stumbleupon, Flickr, Vimeo, create unique moments in their would-be filmmakers in over is passionate about creativity the world thinks of music. Delicous, and friends and families lives. 85 countries. and simplifying technology for everyone.Moonfruit has been profitable since 2003 and grew 70% in 2009. It is part of Gandi Group which includes sister company, the ethical and innovative domain name registrar and cloud VPS hosting provider. 18 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 19 Company biographies are their own Company biographies are their own
  11. 11. Digital Mission companies SXSWi Contact: Jasper Westaway Contact: Julian Leighton Contact: Matthew Ogston Contact: James Franklin Contact: Dominic Minns Contact: Christoper Lee Twitter: @ onedrum Twitter: @orangebus Twitter: @pagedo Twitter: @pixeco Twitter: @pluginmedia Twitter: @qhub oneDrum is a free, lightweight Orange Bus create beautiful PageDo is an online service Pixeco is a digital design Plug-in Media is an innovative Qhub is a quick & simple way desktop application that can websites that are clean, intuitive for building and testing highly studio dedicated to the film digital media production for anyone to build a question turn any application into a rich, and easy to use (and they effective landing pages for and broadcast industries. We company that uses cutting edge and answer (Q&A) website. collaborative environment. get results - otherwise what’s marketing, advertising and specialise in working with film technology to deliver engaging, Simply choose a Qhub name The first release enables the point?) Combining user social media campaigns. projects and finding innovative interactive entertainment and subdomain to build a new simultaneous, multi-author experience design with visual PageDo provides you with all of forms of film distribution. From experiences. We blend Q&A site instantly. document creation and editing design. We give you a CMS, let the tools to build pages that are identity creation to website animation, gaming and narrative in Microsoft Office, as well you sell things (if you want), optimized for gathering leads design, widgets to typography, with great design and top class Qhub, launching early 2010, is as secure, synchronised create your social networking and responses from your we’ll find the right mix of ideas, coding to produce work that is a new development from the file sharing and version strategy (twitter, facebook and target audience. design and technology to match visually stunning, technically team at, a Q&A management. Workstreams all that), teach you SEO and do your needs. ground-breaking and with great community with over 11 million enable effective communication, any custom stuff that only you storytelling and humour at unique visits per month. coordination and control want (because we know how its core. of change. special you are). 20 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 21 Company biographies are their own Company biographies are their own
  12. 12. Digital Mission companies SXSWi Contact: Andrew Scott Contact: Lee Henshaw Contact: Joe Stepniewski Contact: David Courtier-Dutton Contact: Jonathan Markwell Contact: Miles Gailford Twitter: @rummble Twitter: @SilenceMedia Twitter: @skimlinks Twitter: @jot Twitter: @subhub Rummble makes it as easy to Silence Media is a cost per Skimlinks is revolutionising the Slicethepie is a consumer Smidgn radically simplifies SubHub makes it easy and find people and places nearby engagement (CPE) advertising way publishers monetise their driven music filter and the way you share interesting affordable for anyone to build you’ll love. A real-time location network for video banner sites, by offering innovative search engine. This filter facts on the web. Start using and manage a content website based social search platform, advertising. Its clients only ways to earn from their content powers a number of services our platform as a fun way to and make money from it via Rummble tells you where you pay when people engage with without compromising editorial including fan financing at get the back-story on your subscription, membership, should go next. Walk out the their banner ads by rolling integrity or interfering with the (26 artists Twitter friends and followers. advertising and e-commerce. door & in 30 seconds find out over them. Silence works with user experience. financed to date); unique market Share what you know to get the places relevant to you, Europe’s and America’s leading insight/analytics for record recognition in your areas of anywhere in the world. entertainment websites and was Built on a platform that labels and independent artists expertise and build your responsible for them working aggregates over 20 affiliate at (; online reputation. with the CPE model for the first networks, Skimlinks makes and semantic filtering and time. Its clients include Sony, affiliate/CPA monetization easy search solutions for major Universal, EMI, Beggars Group by providing text-link based music publishers. and PIAS. services and toolkits. 22 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 23 Company biographies are their own Company biographies are their own
  13. 13. Sponsors Digital Mission companies SXSWi 40 SXSWi 2010 Austin,39 SXSWi 39 SXSWi2010 Texas 2010 Austin, Austin, Texas Texas Contact: James Mayes Contact: Dragos Ilinca Contact: Simon Montford Contact: Ted Han Contact: Stuart Bruce Contact: Alx Klive Twitter: @Tweetjobsnet Twitter: @ubervu Twitter: @vibio Twitter: @knowtheory Twitter: @wolfstarpr Twitter: @worldtv TweetJobs brings two decades UberVu helps small and medium (View Inventory By Videojuicer is a powerful and Wolfstar is an awarding winning WorldTV let’s anyone create of front-line UK recruitment companies and freelancers Invitation Only) is a web based flexible online video platform, international public relations, their own TV Station, on the experience together with some find out and understand what’s Social Trading Application offering a range of products and social media and word of mouth Internet, for free. A ‘universal of the best Twitter developers being said about them on that has been optimized for services such as customizable marketing and communications player’ and flexible video available. Our Tweets are the web in real time. In just 5, and video players, video analytics, specialist. Services include publishing platform allows effective, well formatted and minutes a day they can see who It enables video monetization, and live- communications strategy, social users to curate the millions of targeted, but also part of a and what is important for their users to notify their friends and event video streaming. With media audits, online influencer clips that exist on YouTube, wider strategy to strengthen business and act. trusted contacts before they customers like Burberry, relations and blogger outreach, their own web servers and communication between are about to buy or sell their, digital PR and online media other video sites. Since recruiters and candidates. personal possessions, giving and, Videojuicer relations. Clients include Sony launch, 200,000 channels have Our metrics allow clients people they know and trust attracts highly engaged Ericsson, Discovery Channel, been created by users in 200 to develop as Twitter first refusal. communities around high First Direct (HSBC), Philips countries. These channels users evolve. quality video content. and the NHS. will ultimately be available on traditional TV via Wi-Fi enabled TV’s and set-top boxes. 24 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 25 Company biographies are their own Company biographies are their own
  14. 14. Sponsors Huge thanks to our sponsors; international law firm Winston & Strawn and Sun Startup Essentials ls Winston & Strawn illieu Sun Startup Essentia Contact: Danvers Ba wnsend Contact: Barry Vitou Twitte r: @danversbaillieu Contact: Stewart To Twitter: @stewart townsend Twitter: @bazv p Essentials firm with 1000 attorne ys the fee-free Sun Startu is an international law Exclusively for startups, ustry leading systems and Winston & Strawn LLP a, London, Los Angel es, counts on ind tte, Chicago, Genev program offers deep dis ting ser vices, plus am ong 11 offices in Charlo sco, and Washington, D.C. vely scalable Web hos wark, Paris, San Franci storage products, massi . Build your business on an Moscow, New York, Ne nd China and Hong Ko ng, we g and technical advice Pending local regula tor y approval in mainla FREE trainin your success. ijing and Shanghai. Our firm infrastructure that sca les right along with ces in Hong Kong, Be plan to soon open offi types and sizes, in all sectors. ser ves the nee ds of enterprises of all ials today Join Sun Startup Essent of our resources enable pessentials and geographic reach at The exceptional depth ry type of business-rela ted nage virtually eve Winston & Strawn to ma g for value beyond jus t rd that clients are lookin Start Smart - Scale Ha legal issue. We understand nt from us. Unusually, we iver what our clients wa legal expertise. We del their business objective s. about our clients and take the time to learn nt ser vice, professional to the traditions of clie We remain committed instilled by our leader s of the development, and community involvement legal profession in the the the innovations driving past, while embracing 21st centur y. 26 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 27
  15. 15. Regional Missions @ SXSWi nd from Northern Irela Eleven companies Interactive n for SXSW will be hitting Austi Media partners Airpos – .uk huge reputation in David Rice - www.david Northern Ireland has a a wider – www.digitalsoftware.c om interactive circ les and will be par t of Digital Robot Software pan ies. Northern Ireland Filmtrip Ltd – www.filmt UK contingent of com successful companies Good on Paper – www.g has spawned incredibly re Art – www.nomoreart. com in the web ser vices, gaming, mobile apps No Mo tners – www.origin-partn Origin Par spaces – and all these y – www.sonicacademy. com and interactive media year. Sonic Academ resented in Austin this uk – sectors will be rep The Design Zoo Lee Munroe – ww www.computerweekl and@SXSW team by Frank Design & Follow the NorthernIrel – www.frankideaworks.c om. or follow the Communications Ltd Video partner visiting www.NIatSXS #NISXSW has h tag on Twitter. There ff in it for you! may be Contact: a pint of the black stu Terry Reilly, Invest NI: terr Twitter: @T radeandExpor t is a video news site reporting on Internet culture. Their European blog covers technolog social media, entrepren y startups, eurs, news and events region, the Heart of the European tech sce from ne including coverage across Europe from the from The West Midlands ter ir team of corresponden art of the UK compu is a produc tion of their sister ts. England, is at the he ery sense. ev company Newspepper .com. games industry – in of Inward Investment, Richard Butler, Head SWi located in the centre of Advantage West Mid lands comments: “SX Video sponsor Geographically England, it is home to the vibrancy of second largest city, is a critical event on our cal endar, as it provides panies to connect to Birmingham, the UK’s a place for British com y and culture of towns us to showcase the together with the histor n-Avon and American ones and for ich the Founded in June 2004, and areas such as Stratford-upo booming dig ital media industry wh Viadeo quickly establish the Cotswolds. This central location means r stand at SXSWi, which itself as an essential too ed region is home to. Ou l for professional netwo tion is within 5 hours Digital Mission, will in Europe and beyond . Since then, Viadeo is rking 90% of the UK’s popula of 7 forms par t of the British m those who want to inc used by drive time. Moreo ver, with a population be a hub for a spe ctrum of companies fro rease their business opp hou r of the centre of work. Creative ortunities million people within 1 and net (to discover new clients a the region to gather , staff and business par al universities, there is a Bottle, whose clients enhance their visibility and their online reputa tners), Birmingham and 13 loc digital agency, Fish in tion, on the doorstep. odeon and Disney is and manage and develo p their network of wealth of skilled talent include the BBC, Nickel ng just professional contacts. just one of aro und 15 who will be doi the games industry, the their technologies to And when it comes to this, and demonstrating just as impressive, who may be interested region’s credentials are rce American companies with over 25% of the UK’s games workfo iness to Europe, in expanding their bus ds – no wonder ’ll be helping to connec t American emplo yed in the West Midlan whilst we e that really with the ava ilability of such a wealth businesses to the region, by making sur res earch and existing por t ser vices and of skills, cutting-edge they can access the sup n. ilable to them. experience to draw upo investment which is ava www.theheartofenglan 28 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 29
  16. 16. UK creativity has been hugely influential in global UKTI Connecting for Creativity Event media; entertainment and the arts. The tradition of This year we see an increasing collaboration Did you know between music and interactive. creative individuality in the UK stimulates innovation For the first time UKTI are hosting a forum UK music is a major UK export, worth around US$2 billion annually. and creates an environment for commercial exploitation Content, New Technologies and the Consumer Experience. It will provide the perfect platform The UK is the second-largest exporter of and development – no where is this more true for UK companies at SXSW looking to music repertoire in the world (after the USA). than within the British music industry; a distinctive build their network of US partners, clients, customers and contacts. Focusing on business In the US itself, the UK is the second-largest source of repertoire, after US home-grown. international brand – hard to define precisely, but with opportunities around new technologies, digital and mobile, the event will marry UK and US International royalties earned by UK acts have an unmistakable energy and authenticity. companies from across the three key sectors more than doubled since 1999. attending SXSW - Interactive, Music and Film British Music@SXSW is back this year Fly, One Night Only, And So I watch you From - and will focus on facilitating cross-sector The UK is a gateway to Europe for global with its biggest ever delegation, organised Afar, Band of Skulls, Pulled Apart By Horses, business opportunities between specially companies, with the likes of SonyBMG and by a partnership consisting of UK Trade Mr Hudson, Everything Everything, The Drums, invited US and UK companies. For further info Warner Music Group having their European & Investment (UKTI), the major trade Broadcast 2000, Soft Toy Emergency & Django contact organisations AIM (Association of Independent Django to name a few! The full line up can be Music) and rights collecting societies PPL and found at The UK is a must-stop venue for international Panels and events: PRS for Music . This year the Embassy will also be hosting its first Film & Music collaboration with Monday “Pervasive Games and Playful Experiences” of live music available week-in, week-out Over 200 UK acts have been invited to perform night’s Strummerville & Jail Guitar Doors Party UKTI’s Creative Industries team is sponsoring across the UK. and around 500 delegates are expected to which celebrates the premiere of the music a panel at SXSWi led by UK company iShed attend, with Regional representation from; documentary “Strummerville“, directed by Don discussing “Pervasive Games and Playful UK talent has come to the attention of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, North West, Letts at the SXSW Film Festival. The party Experiences” on Tuesday 16th March. mainstream audiences via digital channels Yorkshire and London, all hosting events at the will present artists who are with the charity like MySpace and YouTube. Examples include British Music Embassy, UK companies will also or have benefited from its support and who UKTI & SXSW UK Music Managers Speed Sandi Thom, Lilly Allen and Arctic Monkeys. be in attendance at SXSW, seeking overseas appeared in the film. Another first is the “Ras Dating event partnerships, securing licensing deals and Kwame presents” gig, hosted in association SXSW Trade Floor Speed Dating Area, establishing publishing agreements. with UKTI, which showcases a selection of hot Friday 19th March, at 12.30 To find out more about all British Music new UK urban and R & B influenced pop artists @SXSW events - Come to the ‘British British Music Embassy; including VV Brown and Master Shortie. AIM and A2IM - Label Members Speed Date: Music @ SXSW Stand’ in the main Venue British Music at SXSW Stand; within the conference centre or visit The British Music Embassy is open from Content, New Technologies and the Consumer main exhibition hall. DATE & TIME TBC Monday 15th to Saturday 20th March Experience” Tuesday March 16th Hilton Acts Include: Billy Bragg, Get Cape Wear Cape Garden Inn 2010 30 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 31
  18. 18. British events @ SXSWi Texas Tuttle 2 st Sunday, 14th March – 12pm - 2pm Great British Breakfa0am - 11:30am – 9:3 Digital Mission stand , SXSWi expo floor Tuesday, 16th March East Sixth Street The renowned weekly Paradise Cafe, 401 Digital Mission for 250 get-together is coming g event organised by Tuttle. Every Friday mo to Texas for the second Breakfast is a networkin tive space. rning, a group of people annual Texas The Great British working in the interac around social media at come together to talk and ers, press and investors London’s Centre for Cre work interna tional digital practition band of Tuttlers is taking ative Collaboration. Thi companies the long way round to s year a small ital entrepreneurs and other US cities on the get to Austin, stopping the top innovative dig who are at the heart of it way for conversations about the effect of the off in five Take this opportunity to join and meet the people cultures. As there are allied and similar groups web on national from the UK. Dis cover the British scene the Tuttle group in Austin all over the UK and wit fry-up. , a gathering with like-mi h so many of over a traditional British US is planned with tea , coffee, pastries and fres nded souls from the UK and the RSVP: http://digit Tuttle Club: www.tuttlecl h fruit to help the discus sion along. Panel Session: Panel Session d Playful Experienc es Digital Britain: How Pervasive Games an - 11am 10am to Launch into Euro Tuesday,16th March y Monday, 15t pe SWi led by UK compan h March – 5:00pm - nsoring a panel at SX 6:00 pm UKTI’s Creative Industries team is spo l Experiences: Rende ring in the The UK’s thriving digital ive Games and Playfu sector has been booste d by the Digital Britain iShed discussing Per vas overhauling the countr initiative y’s Internet infrastructur Real World. shared language betwe e and legislation. The perience en the US and UK ma (mostly) d the Consumer Ex US firms to tackle Europ e. kes Britain a natural sta rting point for Content, New Technologies an 30am - 6pm – 10: Tuesday, 16th March Quiz our expert panel n Inn on how to setup, find Hilton Garde corporates and unders par tners, make in-road and interactive. tand the digital landsc s with large oration between music FUBAR-free. ape, whilst keeping you This year we see an increasing collab nt, New Technologies and the r expansion hosting a forum: “Conte hnologies, For the first time UKTI are unities around new tec on business opport Speakers: Consumer Experience”. Focusing US companies fro m across the three event will marry UK and and will focus on facilita ting CHAIR: Sam Michel - Founder, Chinwag / Dig digital and mobile, the ractive, Music and Film Social Media Week Lon ital Missions, Lead Org key sectors attending SXSW - Inte specially invited com panies from the US don aniser of opportunities between Jemima Kiss - Digital cross-sector business Media Repor ter, Guard and UK. Joe Stepniewski - Co-Fo under at Skimlinks For more info: ukti@tag Richard Titus - CEO, As sociated Northcliffe Dig Mike Teasedale - Par tne ital Limited UKTI @ SXSWi r at Harvest Digital – 8pm - 1am Tuesday, 16th March San Jacinto ssy @ Latitude 30, 512 British Music Emba icken City, Viva City ht Only, Unicorn Kid, Str Fenech-Solar, One Nig RSVP @ www.britishm 36 UK Digital @ SXSWi UK Digital @ SXSWi 37