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Quiz held on 4th Jan, 2012 at Infosys Pune

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  1. 1. The Idiot Box QuizCompiled By : Chintan ShahFor : Hinjewadi Quiz Club Compiled By: Chintan Shah
  2. 2. The Idiot Box QuizMains• Who Am I? 2 questions each at the start, middle and end of the quiz.• Round 1 - clockwise infinite bounce till the cycle completes.• +10 for correct answer on pass.• Round 2 – anti-clockwise – same rules as Round 1. Compiled By: Chintan Shah
  3. 3. The Idiot Box Quiz Who Am I?• Everyone can score• Answers to be jotted on a piece of paper. Will be checked by QM.• Only 1 attempt per question by each team.• 1st clue - + 30• 2nd clue - + 20• 3rd clue - + 15• 4th clue - + 10• 5th clue - + 5 Compiled By: Chintan Shah
  4. 4. The Idiot Box QuizIdentify• Recently received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award given out intermittently by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1956.• Was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Steven Spielbergs 1985 film, The Color Purple.• Only living woman on Life magazine’s 2010 list of “100 people who have changed the world”.• The Wall Street Journal coined a term - “_____________", meaning public confession as a form of therapy.• Chairman and CEO of Harpo Productions. Compiled By: Chintan Shah I1
  5. 5. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Oprah Winfrey• The Wall Street Journal coined the term "Oprahfication", meaning public confession as a form of therapy Compiled By: Chintan Shah I1
  6. 6. The Idiot Box QuizIdentify• Playing the role of Ahmed Sinai in Deepa Mehta’s film adaptation of Midnight’s Children• Shares the same birth-day as Amitabh Bachchan• Starred opposite Farheen in his 1st major movie role and claimed to be famous across India• Arrested by Mumbai Police for rash and negligent driving in October, 2011• Owner of Ace Security and Protection Compiled By: Chintan Shah I2
  7. 7. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Ronit Roy• Clientele of his security agency includes Mithun Chakraborthy, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Lalit Modi.• Often referred to as the Amitabh Bachchan of the small screen• Film acting awards for Udaan - 2010 - Best Actor in a Negative role at Star Screen Awards and Zee Cine Awards + Filmfare Best Supporting Actor in Supporting Role Compiled By: Chintan Shah I2
  8. 8. The Idiot Box Quiz Idiot Box – Really?An experiment by IIM Ahmedabad faculty BrijKothari has supposedly been a proven mediumfor a low per-person cost to shore up literacyrates in India. Acknowledged by UNESCO.What am I talking about? Compiled By: Chintan Shah F1
  9. 9. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer: (Marks to be granted for funda)• SLS - Same Language Sub-titling makes reading practice an incidental, automatic, and subconscious part of popular TV entertainment, at a low per- person cost to shore up literacy rates in India. Compiled By: Chintan Shah F1
  10. 10. The Idiot Box Quiz CircusIdentify the logo: Compiled By: Chintan Shah F2
  11. 11. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• World Series Cricket – Kerry Packer’s Circus• Started because Australian Cricket Board refused to give TV rights to Channel Nine• Origin of use of helmets, drop-in pitches, colored outfits, day-night matches etc. Compiled By: Chintan Shah F2
  12. 12. The Idiot Box Quiz MeasureTAM and AMap are very importantorganizations for the Indian TV fraternity.Why? Compiled By: Chintan Shah F3
  13. 13. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• TRP s• In India, television ratings are collected mainly by - TAM Media Research and Audience Measurement Analytics Limited (aMap).• AMap entered the market in 2005, with more coverage and latest technology from Telecontrol- Switzerland. AMap polls the meters (6000 households) using GSM network and provides ratings overnight.• TAM India collects data manually (physical visits) and releases data weekly. Compiled By: Chintan Shah F3
  14. 14. The Idiot Box Quiz Time keeps tickingAll the cast members of a TV series wererequired to have their hair trimmed every fivedays. Which famous thriller series? Compiled By: Chintan Shah F4
  15. 15. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• 24 by Fox network• Which Indian actor was a guest star on this F4 show?• Anil Kapoor Compiled By: Chintan Shah
  16. 16. The Idiot Box Quiz In ProtestCampaign for: Compiled By: Chintan Shah F5
  17. 17. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• No TV Day – 29 Jan 2011 Compiled By: Chintan Shah F5
  18. 18. The Idiot Box Quiz (In)famousWhich TV mini-series? Compiled By: Chintan Shah F6
  19. 19. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Bodyline• An Australian television miniseries which dramatized the events of the 1932–1933 Ashes - English cricket F6 team tour of Australia. Compiled By: Chintan Shah
  20. 20. The Idiot Box Quiz Power shiftConnect Compiled By: Chintan Shah S1
  21. 21. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• TEN Sports –• Abdul Rahman Bukhatir – famous for bringing cricket in the deserts – was the founder• TEN = Taj Entertainment Network• Zee Entertainment Network owns 50% stake Compiled By: Chintan Shah S1
  22. 22. The Idiot Box Quiz It’s PopularConnect (exhaustive list, as yet)• George Clooney• Julia Roberts• Sean Penn• Susan Sarandon• Helen Hunt• Robin Williams• Reese Witherspoon• Charlton Heston Compiled By: Chintan Shah S2
  23. 23. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Oscar winning actors/actresses who have appeared on Friends Compiled By: Chintan Shah S2
  24. 24. The Idiot Box Quiz CommotionIdentify the logo (part of the logo is missing) Compiled By: Chintan Shah S3
  25. 25. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Hungama TV Compiled By: Chintan Shah S3
  26. 26. The Idiot Box Quiz Har photo kuuch kehta haiConnect Compiled By: Chintan Shah S4
  27. 27. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Piyush Pandey - Godfather of Indian Advertising• Brain behind the famous ad campaigns for Kinetic Luna (Chal meri Luna), Fevikwik (the fisherman ad), Cadbury (Kucch khaas hai), Asian Paints (Har ghar kucch kehta hai), Vodafone Zoozoos, MP tourism (MP ajab hai) etc.• Ila Arun’s brother Compiled By: Chintan Shah S4
  28. 28. The Idiot Box Quiz Going On & On & OnThe dramatic serials broadcast on radio thathad soap manufacturers such as Procter &Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and Lever Brothersas sponsors and producers led to the evolutionof a famous term.According to Albert Moran, it is defined as "thatform of television that works with a continuousopen narrative. Each episode ends with apromise that the storyline is to be continued inanother episode". Compiled By: Chintan Shah S5
  29. 29. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Soap Opera Compiled By: Chintan Shah S5
  30. 30. The Idiot Box QuizIdentify• Won the PrimeTime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (2010) for her role in “The Good Wife”• Feature film debut in the BAFTA-award-winning 1999 British dramedy East is East• She spent part of her childhood in Mumbai (Bombay), which is why she considers herself "Part Bombayite, part British"• Played the role of Pinky Bhamra in Bend It Like Beckham• Shares her first name with a famous comic series character Compiled By: Chintan Shah I3
  31. 31. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Archie Panjabi• Named as one of the Top 10 Faces on TV to watch by Variety (2009).• Named as one of the "Eight Actors Who Turn Television into Art," in cover story of The New York Times Magazine (2011). Shah Compiled By: Chintan I3
  32. 32. The Idiot Box QuizIdentify• Appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated on July 4, 1977 after being chosen to lead the 1977 Americas Cup defense as skipper of the yacht “Courageous”• Nicknames - "The Mouth of the South" and "Captain Outrageous“• Chairman of the United Nations Foundation• In 1991, he became the first media figure to be named Time magazines Man of the Year• Launched the charitable Goodwill Games in reaction to the political troubles surrounding the Olympic Games of the 1980s Compiled By: Chintan Shah I4
  33. 33. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Ted Turner, founder of CNN• Has challenged another media Moghul for a televised fistfight. Who?• Rupert Murdoch Compiled By: Chintan Shah I4
  34. 34. The Idiot Box QuizDD Archives Compiled By: Chintan Shah
  35. 35. The Idiot Box Quiz UnIIdentify• Written by Piyush Pandey• Composed by Ashok Patki• Co-composed & arranged by Louis Banks• First Aired on 15th August, 1988 Compiled By: Chintan Shah R1
  36. 36. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Compiled By: Chintan Shah R1
  37. 37. The Idiot Box Quiz IntroducingConnect Compiled By: Chintan Shah R2
  38. 38. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• A Mouthful of Sky – First English language TV serial to be produced in India• Some episodes were directed by Mahesh Bhatt. Compiled By: Chintan Shah R2
  39. 39. The Idiot Box Quiz OverloadedConnect Compiled By: Chintan Shah R3
  40. 40. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Amul Surabhi• Amul launched the ad featuring Smita Patil & Girish Karnad from the film Manthan for the first time on this show.• Violin maestro Dr. L. Subramaniam composed the title music.• According to the Limca Book of Records the show once received the highest ever documented response in the history of Indian television - over 1.4 million letters in a single week.• The Indian postal department was forced to issue a R3 different category of postcards called "Competition Postcards" priced at Rs. 2 each for participating in such contests. Compiled By: Chintan Shah
  41. 41. The Idiot Box Quiz Rising StarConnect Compiled By: Chintan Shah R4
  42. 42. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Shahrukh Khan• Lekh Tandon gave him first break in Dil Dariya. He acted as “Dadaji” in Swades• Colonel Kapoor gave him his first major role in Fauji• Became famous through Aziz Mirza’s Circus Compiled By: Chintan Shah R4
  43. 43. The Idiot Box Quiz My LordIdentify this person Compiled By: Chintan Shah R5
  44. 44. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Master Manjunath• Stone Boy + Swami and Friends (Malgudi Days)• Agneepath – young Vijay Dinanath Chauhan Compiled By: Chintan Shah R5
  45. 45. The Idiot Box Quiz DD ArchivesChiriyakhana, a.k.a. The Zoo (1967) - The filmwas a huge success with Uttam Kumar baggingthe first ever National Award for playing therole of X and director Satyajit Ray receiving aNational Award for best direction. Identify X. Compiled By: Chintan Shah R6
  46. 46. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Byomkesh Bakshi• Directed by Basu Chatterjee.• Rajit Kapur played the title role.• The series of books was created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. Compiled By: Chintan Shah R6
  47. 47. The Idiot Box Quiz Spinning tales Compiled By: Chintan Shah S1
  48. 48. The Idiot Box Quiz Spinning tales• Veteran ad-man Chetan Shashital has sung famous songs like Sabse Bada Rupaiya in Bluffmaster and more recently Saigal Blues in Delhi Belly. He has provided voiceover for one of the most loved Disney characters on DD. Who? Compiled By: Chintan Shah S1
  49. 49. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Ballu from Disney Hour’s Talespin Compiled By: Chintan Shah S1
  50. 50. The Idiot Box Quiz InspirationalConnect Compiled By: Chintan Shah S2
  51. 51. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Kavita Chaudhary, Udaan• The serial was inspired by true story of her elder sister Kanchan Choudhary, the first female Director General of Police. By: Chintan Shah Compiled S2
  52. 52. The Idiot Box Quiz Old is Gold• This is a famous e-Bay India ad campaign. Identify both the people in this ad. (No part marks) Compiled By: Chintan Shah S3
  53. 53. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Famous e-Bay ad campaign• Dr. Narottam Puri - Famous DD commentator from the 80s and 90s. Even today, he is often seen in DDs 4th umpire show during live telecast of cricket matches• The lady is the famous DD anchor – Komal G B Singh. She was offered to act opposite SRK in Fauji at her peak. Compiled By: Chintan Shah S3
  54. 54. The Idiot Box Quiz Old friendsWho is being interviewed? Compiled By: Chintan Shah S4
  55. 55. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Yuri Gagarin• DD began a 5 minute news bulletin in 1965.• Pratima Puri (right) was the first newsreader. Compiled By: Chintan Shah S4
  56. 56. The Idiot Box Quiz Humble beginningsWhy are they here? Compiled By: Chintan Shah S5
  57. 57. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• TV news readers• Smita Patil and Jayanti Natarajan – Both of them worked as TV news readers on Doordarshan kendras, Mumbai and Madras respectively.• Mandatory required words to award points – “news reader” or “news caster” Compiled By: Chintan Shah S5
  58. 58. The Idiot Box QuizIdentify• In January 2010, he released his book "Karl, Aaj aur Kal", a semi-autobiographical comedy about celebrities, Bollywood and politics.• At the age of 12, acted in his first Hindi film Jalwa and starred alongside Naseeruddin Shah.• Hosted Chevrolet Cricket Show on Ten Sports• Started his career as RJ and turned out to be one of the most popular Indian VJs• Was named after a Persian Emperor Compiled By: Chintan Shah I5
  59. 59. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Cyrus Broacha Compiled By: Chintan Shah I5
  60. 60. The Idiot Box QuizIdentify• In April 2005, she was awarded the FICCI Woman of the Year award.• The World Economic Forum named her as one of the Young Global Leaders of 2009• Her first job was at UTV, where she worked alongside Karan Thapar, Tavleen Singh and Nafisa Ali.• As a part of UTVs News and Current Affairs division, she produced shows like We the People for Star TV and Line of Fire for Sab TV.• Anchors and produces several shows like Young Turks, India Business Hour, The Nations Business and Power Turks. By: Chintan Shah Compiled I6
  61. 61. The Idiot Box QuizAnswer:• Shereen Bhan• Credited with breaking some of the biggest corporate stories of our time, like the Vodafone- Hutch deal and the Bharti- Walmart JV• NRN is very fond of Shereen, and considers her to be “just like his daughter”. Compiled By: Chintan Shah I6