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iChresemo Technologies is professional software training institute. We deliver classroom, online and corporate training for students. We are specialized in Hadoop, PHP, Java and Oracle Hyperion courses.

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IChresemo Technologies

  1. 1. I Chresemo Technologies Oracle Hyperion Training I ESSBASE: Basics Dimension building Data loading Properties of applications & databases Security Excel addin Calculation scripts Report scripts Maxl scripts Backup & restore Optimization of essbase Migration (move to production) II PLANNING: Creating data source Creating application Creating business rules Creating data forms Work flow Task list Smart View III FINANCIAL REPORTING: Creating report Basic, medium, complex Creating books Publishing reports IV FDM V DRM VI HFM (Hyperion Financial Management) Website: www.chresemo.com
  2. 2. I Chresemo Technologies Introduction to Financial Management Navigating in Financial Management Creating and Deploying Applications Provisioning Users and Groups Loading Metadata from a File Entering Data Using Data Grids Creating Data Forms Loading Data Creating Member Lists in Financial Management Adjusting Data with Journals Creating Basic Reports Entering Intercompany Data Creating Task Lists in Financial Management * Running Consolidations Managing the Review Cycle Using Process Management Website: www.chresemo.com
  3. 3. I Chresemo Technologies Website: www.chresemo.com Hadoop Training Hadoop Training in Hyderabad I Chresemo Technologies providing the Best hadoop classroom and online training in Hyderabad. We will teach Hadoop Big Data course with our professional experienced Faculty. Each faculty should have a minimum experience of 6 years in top Mnc companies. Topics Covered Monitoring: > Hadoop web interface Hadoop's main Eco-System: HIVE > Hive Installation and Configuration > Hive integration to Hadoop > Hive Query HBASE > HBase Installation and Configuration > HBase integration to Hadoop > HBase columns creation and storage Basics of the following Eco-System components: > PIG , Zoo-Keeper, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume In-memory computing: > What is In-memory computing? > Architecture > Tools/Methodologies available Machine Learning: > What is Machine Learning > Mahout > Various algorithms Cloudera Developer Certification Training: > Detailed discussion on the topics specific to certification Big Data Introduction: > What is Big Data? > Big Data sources > Challenges of processing Big Data JAVA Introduction: > Introduction to OOPS concepts > Creating a package, class and methods > Collections, I/O > Running a sample program GFS (Google File System): > Architecture > How did it inspire HADOOP? > Real-time use-cases
  4. 4. I Chresemo Technologies Hadoop Introduction: Hadoop Distributions What is Hadoop Why Hadoop penetrated into the market? Hadoop Eco-System Hadoop Keywords (HDFS, Mappers/Reducers, Five Daemons) Schemaless DB's: > Cassandra > MongoDB > Couch DB HDFS Layer: > Namenode (NN) > SecondaryNamenode (SNN) > Datanode (DN) Map Reduce Layer: > Jobtracker (JT) > Tasktracker (TT) Hadoop Pre-requisites Hadoop Use Cases Understanding Hadoop Architecture: > Clear explanation from Input to Output > Daemon service flow > Hadoop Data Flow > Understanding each component > Cluster Security > Schedulers > Combiner > Partitioner Hadoop Shell Guide: > Basic Hadoop shell commands Hadoop Cluster Setup: > Choose right Hardware > Choose right Hadoop Distribution > Installation, Configuration & Monitoring > Pseudo Cluster (local VM) Developing Map Reduce Applications: > MapReduce Types and Formats > Explanation of map reduce programs > Execution of map reduce program MRv1 vs MRvZ: > Basic differences > Architectural differences > MRVZ functionalities Routine Admin Tasks: Daemon Restarts Filesystem Checks Website: www.chresemo.com
  5. 5. I Chresemo Technologies Using DFSadmin Clear Disk usage issues &Data backups Commissioning and Decommissioning nodes Hadoop log files Compression Techniques: > Lzo > Zip i Snappy Website: www.chresemo.com