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Top Android App Development Trends in 2020


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Android Apps Continue to Become Powerful and Come 2020, They Will Become Even More- Equipped with Cutting-Edge Features!

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Top Android App Development Trends in 2020

  2. 2. MULTIPLATFORM APP DEVELOPMENT Android app development is no longer linear. 2020 will see apps being developed simultaneously across multiple platforms.
  3. 3. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI has already been implemented in mobiles as voice assistants, but these will get further amped up soon.
  4. 4. MACHINE LEARNING By letting modules learn on their own through supervised and unsupervised learning, they become incredibly smart and function automatically!
  5. 5. BLOCKCHAIN Blockchain has been revolutionary in improving security and making transactions seamless.
  6. 6. PAYMENT VARIETY A lot more payment modules can be expected to emerge to make customer experience smooth.
  7. 7. JETPACK The Android Jetpack package comes with libraries and tools to make development easier.
  8. 8. There are a lot of trends approaching and a lot more in store. Give your business the best digital backing and make the most of Android App Development! Call Openwave today. +65 94594989