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Rock that movie may 10 2013 dclt friday_nightforum


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Rock that movie may 10 2013 dclt friday_nightforum

  1. 1. May 10, 2013Kimball Hall LoungeNew York UniversityNYU Project DCLT
  2. 2. Linguistic AccuracySecond Prize 脚踏两只船 Matthew Nolan, Claire Thompson, Jessie Thornton Sidwell Friends SchoolFirst Prize “Xiaowang’s Life-Changing Trip” Alison Steinbach, Eva Sandri Sidwell Friends School
  3. 3. Fluency/Comprehensibility Second Prize Nian Prequel Sophia Cai, Jackie Liang, Harry Lin, Kelsey Liu, Alvin Wong Bronx High School of Science First Prize Angela’s Most Important 10 Minutes Catriona Breen, Angela Zeng, Ho-Yan Ho PS/IS 184
  4. 4. Film-Making &Technical Skills Second Prize 生命中最后两个月 Maxim Baranov, Sadie Coffin, Audrey Fritz, Ahyoung Kim-Lee Sidwell Friends School First Prize The Ten Minutes Before Death Winnie Dai, Phoebe Kaplan, Wayne Mok, Allison Wang, Michelle Zheng, SallyZheng PS/IS 184
  5. 5. Content, Story-Telling& Creativity First Prize (shared) Lotto Love Antonia Ng, Travis Kwong, Shirley Yao, Karen Lau, Vincent Chen, SophroniaMa Bronx High School of Science First Prize (shared) “代玉冬的故事” Helena Auerswald, Riley Davies, Sarah Donilon, Kaoru Yamazaki Sidwell Friends School
  6. 6. Honorable Mention 《遗愿清单》 Pascale Bronder, Joelle Jackson, Max Kohn, Shanthi Thillairajah Sidwell Friends School Baseball Dream James Riley Woodwell, Charles Migas, Matthew Saro, Noah Nash Sidwell Friends School The Monster Deal Justin Wu, Bryan Wong, Vincent Mei, Filip Gagala, TejasSingh, Jason Rodriguez, Jireh Lo Bronx High School of Science
  7. 7. Honorable Mention“年的故事 ” Roy Chen, Chapman Siu, Andrew Cheung, Harrison Lo, TobiasGao Bronx High School of Science “年的前传 ” Brendan Lei, Jiacong Yu Bronx High School of Science
  8. 8. Second Prize(Overall)“十分钟爱上你”• Carolyn Ma, Jacky Xie, Alan Cheng, ShirleyWu, Nathalie Ng• Bronx High School of Science
  9. 9. Grand Prize““The Winning Ticket” Laura Anderson, Megan Chichester, John (Jack)Hannah, Andrew Tomenga Sidwell Friends School
  10. 10. Rock That MovieThank you &CongratulationsTo all participants!New York University Project DCLT