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American Classroom Management


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By Maquita Alexander, Head of School & Pearl Zaohe You, Chinese Language Program Coordinator

Published in: Education
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American Classroom Management

  1. 1. Washington Yu Ying PCS Classroom Management For New and Pre-service Teachers Maquita Alexander, Head of School Pearl You, Chinese Program Coordinator February 3, 2017
  2. 2. Free public charter school in Washington DC Authorized IB PYP One of the most diverse schools in the US Prek 3 - Grade 5 Confucius Classroom of the year 2015 3% Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School
  3. 3. Yu Ying by the numbers 6 1500 571 9 1
  4. 4. Grade Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Prek 3&4 Chinese all day / All subjects taught only in Chinese K-5 A week Chinese English Chinese English Chinese K-5 B week English Chinese English Chinese English Our Model - Dual Language Model
  5. 5. Explore, Learn, Appy 10,000
  6. 6. Session Goals ● Interactive ● Share lesson learned ● Share strategies in action ● Questions from you ● Recap
  7. 7. Housekeep Rules for a great session! Large Crowd Lots of information to share/discuss Attention getter We monitor each other
  8. 8. Thinking about Effective Classroom Management See? Think? Wonder?
  9. 9. What works at Yu Ying? Create a positive learning environment Build relationships with students Ensure the physical space is student centered Practice transitions/routines
  10. 10. Create Positive Learning Environment Quality of Student Interactions IMAGINE What will it look like? How will it sound? What it feel like? What does a classroom need in order to have respectful, encouraging, risk-taking, sensitive peer interactions?
  11. 11. Create Positive Learning Environment What Makes You Say That?
  12. 12. Relationship Building In any part of a school’s culture: ‘Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’ ‘Teachers/staff don’t care how much you know, until they know how much admin/other ‘bosses’ care (no one wants to work at a ‘blah’ place).’ ‘Parents don’t care how ‘great’ a school might seem, until they know how much all members of a school care about their child/children.’ -A variation of the words by John Wooden and Madeline Hunter ● Creating Relationships with students ● Recognizing the students as individuals ● Sharing your interests
  13. 13. Activities That Work Introducing Me/3 Objects This activity is sometimes called a "Me Bag" or an "All About Me Bag." Students choose a few objects which reveal things about themselves or are special in some way, and bring them in to share with the class. Find Someone in this Class Who . . " Scavenger Hunt A scavenger hunt is an easy way to get students out of their seats, talking and interacting within minutes! I am Activity There are many variations of the "I Am" activity. Students can create a poster, a poem, a slideshow, I am happy when __________________ I am scared when _____________ I worry about _______ because________ I hope to ________________ Sharing Weekly Reflections Each week, we have students write about two positive events that occurred in their lives and one not-so-positive event
  14. 14. Organizing the Physical Space More Student friendly visuals Labeled classroom materials Learning materials easily accessible to students Organization
  15. 15. Essential Items for Successful Learning Environment Routines and Procedures must reinforce classroom expectations Essential Agreements Marble Jar Star Chart to Reinforce Oral Language Jobs Chart Clearly defined “take a break” area Easily identified “Fix It” form
  16. 16. Ensuring Smooth Routines in the Learning Space 1. Teach: State, explain, demonstrate, and model the procedure. 2. Rehearse: Practice the procedure under your supervision. 3. Reinforce: Reteach, rehearse, practice, and reinforce the classroom procedure until it becomes a student habit or routine. LJ video
  17. 17. Questions???
  18. 18. Take Aways Create a positive learning environment Build relationships with students Ensure the physical space is student centered Practice transitions/routines Be consistent