Watch Out For These Top 5 Warning Signs In Online China Wholesale Stores


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Watch Out For These Top 5 Warning Signs In Online China Wholesale Stores

  1. 1. Watch Out For These Top 5 Warning Signs In Online China Wholesale StoresThere are tons of scam internet sites that lure people into buying goods at low prices.Save yourself money and grief by dealing with a well known, reputable ChinaWholesale company like Chinavasion. Check out the full article to know more... Have you seen some incredibly good deals on products on a China Wholesale website and been tempted to buy, even though the whole outfit seems a little on the shady side? If so….read on! The sad truth is that those shoddy, thrown together websites are a dime a dozen on the World Wide Web, and you could lose your shirt in a heartbeat unless you watch out. Now, here is the good news: A little bit of knowledge goes a long way toward protecting yourself from these sorts of scammers! CHINA WHOLESALEThere are warning signs that throw up big red flags about fraudulent China Wholesalewebsites if you educate yourself about what to look for. Here are the Top 5 warningsigns to watch out for when dealing with a wholesale product source from China:1. It is a new website: Most of the crooked China Wholesale websites have beenestablished for months instead of years. So, check the WHOIS database to find outexactly how long the website has been in existence. This database is a goldmine ofinformation about websites, including their ages. As a rule of thumb, if a website hasbeen around for less than a year---watch out!2. Limited Payment Options: Most legitimate websites will accept credit or debitcards. Scammers, on the other hand, will usually not accept credit or bank cards thatoffer you some protection from being ripped off and many will only accept Paypal or
  2. 2. a Western Union transfer of funds, which is untraceable. If a China Wholesalewebsite doesn’t take regular credit or debit cards---move on!3. No Feedback: Any reputable China wholesale website will have some mention ofitself or some feedback on the internet. If you are skeptical about a website, Google it.A legitimate online business will have some mention or feedback somewhere on theWorld Wide Web. If there are no results from a Google search---beware!4. Free Email Address: This is virtually a dead giveaway! It would be so rare as to bealmost unheard of for a genuine China wholesale business to use a free web basedemail account such as Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail or something similar. If you see awebsite with a free email address---hit the back button!5. Too Cheap Prices: Let’s be honest…does it really make sense that one ChinaWholesale product source would sell its products much, much cheaper than others?Of course not. These unbelievably low prices are just that: unbelievable. So, don’t betricked into believing them. The ridiculously low prices are just bait to get you on thehook and then reel you in, pocketbook and all. If you run across a website that showsincredibly cheap prices---run!How do Scam China Wholesale Websites Fool People?There are a variety of ruses favored by illegitimate China Wholesalers, but here aresome of the most common tricks used to take you in: Product descriptions and images copied from a legitimate website Guarantees that are buried in a lot of fine print or not there at all Contact information that you have to really dig to find, or missing contact information A lack of business information such as when the company was founded, etc. Huge catalogues that are crammed chock full of products…none of which they actually have or even have access to Websites that are only sales platforms and doors to even smaller, more fraudulent sellersHow do You Find a Reputable China Wholesale Product Source?Now that you’ve been cautioned about what to look for in a bad wholesale productsource from China, you might appreciate hearing about how to find a good one.
  3. 3. Look for a China wholesale product source that has been in business several yearswith a professional website and realistic prices.Chinavasion, for example, has been around since 2005 and has established global establishedrecognition as an industry leader. It was a trailblazer in ecommerce, being the firstever internet only wholesaler to ship directly from China to business customers allover the world.Check out some of the hottest products at the lowest prices today on Chinavasion….a lowestname you can trust!Toying with the idea of starting a home business by reselling China Wholesaleproducts? Get your e-Business off the ground and start making profit in a flash when Business startyou deal with an established and reputable business such as Chinavasion. VisitChinavasion.Com or paste this link into your browser: http://www.chinavasion.c Contact Us: Company Name: Chinavasion Wholesale Limited y Contact Person: Rose Li E-mail: mail: Phone: +86-755-26451869 26451869 Site: