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The No BS Guide To Dropshipping...A First-Time Introduction For Wholesale Dropship Vendors


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Just heard about this dropshipping business? Are you unsure of how it works and skeptical of both the cheerleaders and the critics? Check out this slide show for a blow-by-blow account of what wholesale dropshipping is and how a wholesale dropship supplier can make your business blossom or die.

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The No BS Guide To Dropshipping...A First-Time Introduction For Wholesale Dropship Vendors

  1. 1. The No B.S. Guide To.... DROPSHIPPING
  2. 2. An award-winning slideshow series Page Rank seeking
  3. 3. What Is Dropshipping?
  4. 4. We are a electronics dropshipping company
  5. 5. If you want to have a gadget dropshipped from China to your customers...
  6. 6. Visit us: http//
  7. 9. Dropshipping
  8. 10. Dropshipping
  9. 11. Traditional Bulk Purchasing
  10. 12. What’s good about dropshipping?
  11. 13. What’s good about dropshipping No need to make any capital purchases
  12. 14. What’s good about dropshipping No more need for storage space or distribution networks
  13. 15. What’s good about dropshipping It lets you focus on marketing and sales
  14. 16. What’s the downside to drop shipping?
  15. 17. What’s dropshipping’s downside In most cases you won’t get the bulk order discounts
  16. 18. What’s dropshipping’s downside It’s difficult finding a reliable, honest and professional wholesale dropship supplier
  17. 19. What’s dropshipping’s downside There can sometimes be a longer delay between order and delivery time
  18. 20. What’s dropshipping’s downside Miscommunication can cause larger problems than with traditional supply chain management methods
  19. 22. Keep in touch with your dropshipper
  20. 24. Keep extra stock on-hand, just in case
  21. 25. When stocking a new item buy and test out the sample, ALWAYS
  22. 28. ALWAYS find a way to add value to a product
  23. 30. Unlocked cell phones
  24. 34. What’s the take- home message?
  25. 35. Take-home message…
  26. 36. Take-home message… NO
  27. 37. Take-home message…
  28. 38. Take-home message…
  29. 39. Where can I learn more?
  30. 40. Where can I learn more? (Because we have to pay the bills)
  31. 41. Where can I learn more?
  32. 42. Where can I learn more? Successful-Wholesale-Dropship-Secrets
  33. 43. Thanks for the images
  34. 44. Thanks for the images
  35. 45. Thanks for the images