Tablet PC Android Versions - Essential Seller's Guide


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Tablet PC Android Versions - Essential Seller's Guide

  1. 1. Tablet PC Android Versions - Essential Seller's Guide<br />Selling Android Table PC is becoming competition by the day. A niche segment sellers need to domain expertise to achieve greater market penetration and sales. Check out the full article on Android Tablet PC evolution...<br />Wholesale Android Tablets / Android Phones From ChinaSelling Android Table PC is becoming competition by the day. A niche segment sellers need to domain expertise to achieve greater market penetration and sales.Who is developing Android Android technology is the result of collaborative efforts of Google and a group of hardware, telecom and software companies called as Open Handset Alliance. This group developed the Android platform using the open source coding software called as Linux. Sandwich (2.4) in the last quarter of this year. This was announced at the Google I/O convention in May 2011 as a ‘cohesive whole’. <br />The advantage with using open source software is that they need not be purchased as one would a windows software package. Instead, the software would be released by developers for free use for all with appropriate acknowledge by end-user. <br /> Hence, Android is a freely available Operating System that manufacturers of Tablets and other devices can use to integrate the hardware(of varying capacities) and match feature to feature with branded Android OS based Tablets from Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc.<br />As a seller this is of importance to you as you can stress on the benefits of ‘free open source software’ as a technology-driver.<br />Brief history of Android <br />The Android technology saw the day of light in February 2009. This was quickly followed by the 1.5 release the Cupcake in April 2009. This version saw the introduction of recording and watching videos, upload videos, soft keyboard, Bluetooth and animated screens. <br />This was followed by 1.6 (Donut), on 15 September 2009 with improved features and integration of Gesture Builder a development tool and better User Interface.<br />Next, on 26 October 2006, saw the release of 2.0/2.1 (Eclair) with newer User Interface and HTML 5 support. Digital zoom, live wallpapers were added attractions. <br />2.2 (Froyo) was the next release on 20 May 2010 with sophisticated features.<br />2.3. x Gingerbread arrived next in last months of 2010 with wonderful WebM technology features.<br />Honeycomb version debuted in early 2011 and is perhaps redefining the future of Android technology.<br />Why are newer versions released so regularly <br />Newer versions are released to update the core operating system to overcome bugs and add new features. Every version consists of two part names. First is a code name such as Honeycomb and the second is the name of a dessert item in alphabetical order. Hence the most popular android version is called the 2.3.x Gingerbread.<br />Evolution of Android <br />The android became a very successful operating system for smartphones given its open source background and use of ARM (low cost) architecture. What began as a smart OS for phone began to be used more for development of newer smart devices especially tablets. <br />The better performance of the OS saw android phones being sidelined for the greater capabilities of the tablet PC. With advanced core features it became the first tablet based on open source technology and continues to set new benchmarks for other tablet OS.<br /> The current release versions<br />The latest of version is the 3.0/3.1 Honeycomb followed by the Ice Cream Sandwich and is pending release in last months of 2011 and is expected to be ‘the most ambitious release to date’.<br />Sellers of android tablet pc find more information on technology, latest models here. Visit Chinavasion or paste this link into your browser:<br />Contact Us:Company Name: Chinavasion Wholesale LimitedContact Person: Rose LiE-mail: support@chinavasion.comPhone: +86-755-26451869Site:<br />