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  1. 1. Presented by: Chinar Agarwal Nainesh Devdekhar Esha Pathak Vivek Mishra
  2. 2.  Overall growth of the economy has increased. Rural marketing is confused with agricultural marketing . The saturation of the urban market . Rural marketing strategies are different from the marketing strategies of urban.
  3. 3.  Client and location specific promotion Joint or cooperative promotion.. Bundling of inputs Management of demand Developmental marketing Unique selling proposition (USP) Extension services Business ethics Partnership for sustainability
  4. 4. 4A Approach: Availability Affordability Acceptability Awareness
  5. 5.  Market size Purchasing power of consumers Major players Marketing Rising incomes and demographics shifts spur sales Focus on innovation and price-segmentation Mounting aspirations and an upbeat economy herald a bright future positioning
  6. 6.  Non – availabilty of effective refrigeration in rural areas and access to fresh food and essential drugs. Entry level refrigerators in India are priced at USD 156, way above the budget of tier II, III and IV customers. The needs and requirements of rural consumers was a portable refrigerator.
  7. 7.  Chotukool by Godrej and Boyce, is a portable affordable refrigerator designed to meet the requirements of rural consumers. To be launched in 2011, touted as world’s cheapest refrigerator at USD 69 by Godrej and Boyce. Co-Designed with village women to assure its acceptability, and distributed by members of a micro-finance group. The number of parts in the Chotukool refrigerator is 20, almost ten times less than other refrigerators which have more than 200 parts.
  9. 9.  Since ChotuKool is so unique, Godrej needed to evolve a new business model to fit the market. Inn sight suggested options for a new kind of financing plan and low-cost distribution system that generates profits. Moving beyond a single-state test market, Godrej is now in the process of expanding distribution using community networks. The result is an innovation with impact. Godrej & Boyce is on pace to sell 100,000 ChotuKools in only its second full year on the market. The early success of ChotuKool led to Godrej being named Indias most innovative company of the year by Business Standard magazine in a ceremony conducted by the nations Prime Minister. Business Week and Fast Company also named Godrej one of the worlds "most innovative companies."
  10. 10.  Currently, the refrigerator is being test marketed in a few selected villages in Maharashtra. The refrigerator, worth Rs 3,500, will be launched in March 2010.
  11. 11. MARKET OFFERING -- ChotuKool is not the only reason it can be called super economical.- The portable, top-opening unitweighs only 7.8kg- Uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power- Consumes half the energy used by regular refrigerators.- Chotukool is 43-litre cool box
  12. 12.  Godrej Group is aiming for a unique position in the market in terms of pricing and features. The company has also found the right distribution channel before rolling out the product. are using the ambit of such groups to penetrate the rural market. These groups also help us to make the customers aware about the product better than any other medium. Local men and women in villages are thus being roped in as entrepreneurs, who sell ChotuKool in their villages at a pre-decided commission. A tie-up with India Post that helps Godrej sell its products through post offices too has been helping the company build a fair coverage in villages where there are no retailing alternatives.
  13. 13.  Chief operating officer, George Menezes, of Godrej thinks, Godrej has had an edge over others in decoding the rural folk A vada pav vendor in a Maharashtra village started selling chilled drinking water pouches from the refrigerator on his cart. a flower vendor in Karnataka, where Godrej has just taken the product, saved herself daily trips to buy fresh flowers from another market. ChotuKool is also making inroads to Tamil Nadu. It may also be taken to Gujarat soon.
  14. 14. Kind of people-- People having Pucca houses are targeted by Godrej (they of the view that can afford to shell out Rs. 3500/-.- Small time vendors like Vegetable vendors, fruit vendors, flower vendors, mobile cold drink owners etc- Shopkeepers & drugists who requires cool place to store few items
  15. 15.  Portable, top-opening unit weighing only 17.2 Ibs, has a capacity of 30-40 liters. Uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power and consumers half the energy used by regular refrigerators. Does not have a compressor instead running on a cooling chip and a fan similar to those used in computers and run on a battery.
  16. 16. • Virtual platform between company and distributors • Comprehensive business Intelligence enables in depth primary and Project Sampark secondary sales analysis • Intensified rural approach, Presence in all locations with over 10000 population Increasedpenetration • 130 super stockiest, 2450 sub stockiest • Focus on availability of all products at all 600,000 outlets Retail • Focus on modern retailing thrust
  17. 17.  Events- Advertising– Billboard – Hoarding – Wall painting – Electronic media – Print media - Sales promotion. relied heavily on the mass advertising like on the TV, radio, and newspaper Conducted the events in which the rural people have the interest. Some of the events are navratna, yaara nachle, gold awards in Mauritius etc
  18. 18.  Quality Policy Value for money product Distribution network Brand image Promotional edge Innovation strategy Strong product line