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Dan Miller's Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Dan Miller's Presentation

  1. 1. Searching for Grass and Water Rangeland Ecosystem Sustainability and Climate Change on the Tibetan Plateau Daniel Miller
  2. 2. Map by Jay Hart
  3. 3. Map by C. Gay and D. Miller
  4. 4. NASA/Goddard Space Center, Scientific Visualization Studio
  5. 5. New views on how we “see” and interpret the Tibetan Plateau landscape are required.
  6. 6. Ecoregions of the Tibetan Plateau
  7. 11. Map: The World of Tibetan-Speaking Nomads Map by Daniel Miller and Charles Gay
  8. 12. Map by Jay Hart Aru Tso Phala Chang Tang Reserve Wild Yak Valley Qinghai Lake LHASA
  9. 15. Wild Yak Valley Large Format Camera (LFC) image Landsat Thematic Mapper image The bright orange colored areas in the Landsat image are Kobresia dominated sedge meadows, a preferred habitat of wild yak in the summer. N
  10. 19. N
  11. 26. Lhasa Distribution of Tibetan antelope Adapted from Schaller, 1998
  12. 27. Landsat Thematic Mapper Image of the Wild Yak Valley N
  13. 28. N
  14. 30. The Aru Basin catchment (black boundary), with Aru Lake (lower) and Memar Lake (uper) and 6,000 m Aru Mountains forming its western boundary. Fences constructed within the basin in 2006 and 2007 are shown as short lines or rectangles. The southern end of the basin is an important wintering and spring migration staging area for Tibetan antelop (oval), and the antelop migration routes through the basin are shown, with line thickness signifying importance. Courtesy of Dr. Joe Fox
  15. 33. This core of the earth This heart of the world Fenced round by snow The headland of all rivers Where the mountains are high and the land is pure. 9 th century document describing Tibet
  16. 34. Top: Landsat image December 18, 2000 Right: Astronaut photograph December 4, 1988
  17. 35. North is not always at the top! Astronaut photo of the Himalaya with Mustang, Nepal in the center. View is from over the Tibetan Plateau looking south.
  18. 36. Scientific information and indigenous knowledge