Comprehensive Trade Show Services


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Sertus helps customers navigate what can be an overwhelming experience of attending a trade show in China. From Planning prior to your trip, Shadowing with qualified and knowledgeable staff that can speak your language and translate for you during the show, to follow up (collection of samples, quotes, factory certifications, etc.) - Sertus can help you get the most out of attending any trade show in China.

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Comprehensive Trade Show Services

  1. 1. Comprehensive Trade Show Services Follow Up Trip Report: Sertus will provide you with a full contact list inc. the status of each supplier visit (whether it was completed or remains pending). All observations and next steps will be noted as well. Planning Trip Objectives: Sertus will work with you to clearly define your trip objectives for your China visit and identify, where possible, clear and measurable goals that will be used to help determine the agenda, gauge the overall success of your trip, and define what follow-up action is needed after you have returned home. Agenda: A great agenda is the starting point of a successful trip. Sertus will assist with the daily time allotments for all activities and events during your trip, ensuring enough time to have meaningful and complete meetings and to get to each scheduled plete appointment on time, but not too much time so as to limit the number of meetings on your schedule. Sertus will also assist in contacting suppliers in advance of the show to set up meetings so as to manage a more efficient agenda. Contact List: Sertus will work with you in advance of your trip to identify the target list of suppliers that will be visited during the Fair. This list will consist of names that are provided to Sertus based on your prior research or relationships you may have developed. In addition, we will help you to identify other names that we consider to be of interest. The combined list will comprise the Contact List and will be captured in a d database, with stand number, location, and any published or available contact ished information (including factory address, telephone, website, products description, etc.). Accommodations: Sertus will assist, if needed, with hotel reservations and any : domestic airfare or travel that might be required during your visit and will provide a letter inviting you to China for visa purposes. In the event you wish to visit factories after the Fair, Sertus will be happy to accompany you and arrange all logistics of these on-site visits. Shadowing Trade Shows: We will provide you with a member of our team, who : will accompany you to all of your meetings and assist with translations, collect valuable contact information, pricing commitments (where provided), photographs, catalogs, etc. All information will be consolidated into a single, well-organized file for your reference. We organized will make sure that your guide has relevant language fluency to be able to fully translate for you any important information and to assist with all of your meetings. We will leave contacts with a general email (e.g. so that there is a central point for all emails, pricing, etc. and to protect you from receiving into your own personal or work email the post-show spam that often arrives. The show email account will be well organized by category and supplier name for easy reference. Factory Visits: In the event you wish to visit the plant of certain : factories following or preceding the show, Sertus will accompany you and arrange local transportation to and from the site and your hotel. m We will offer the same translation and data management services noted in Trade Shows as well. Pricing: Any pricing requested during the show or factory visits that were not provided during your trip will be collected by Sertus. Suppliers will have been instructed to send all information into the central email account, but Sertus will follow up to make sure the promised information is indeed sent and will also update the Trip Report to reflect status. Sertus will also help with pricing analysis. Samples: Any samples requested during the show or factory visits that were not provided during your trip will be collected by Sertus. Sertus will ensure at least two samples of any product are sent, one of which will be sent to you either directly by Sertus or directly by the factory. Sertus will follow up to make sure all samples are indeed sent and will also update the Trip Report to reflect the relevant status. .