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PREP Game Plan Workshop


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PREP Game Plan Workshop

  2. 2. • Understanding the recruiting process and reality of collegiate athletics helps student-athletes & their parents/guardians foster collegiate success athletically, academically, and personally.• Our focus is to inspire & develop successful students who are also successful athletes. We know these student-athletes can turn their dreams into reality – on and off the playing field.Our Philosophy
  3. 3. • Your Dream.  Without a dream, there is no direction.• Your Goals  Without a direction, there is no movement.• Your Action  Without movement, there is no progress.It all starts with a dream…
  4. 4. Click the picture for video clipProtect Your Dreams
  5. 5. Answer the following question… “What is your athletic dream andwhat action does this video inspireyou take towards your dream?”Moment of Reflection
  6. 6. Making YourDream a Reality
  7. 7. • Mutual Commitment from Student-Athletes and Parents/Guardians• Develop Your Brand, Skill-Set & Work EthicBuilding Blocks for• Maximize Exposure, Visibility & OpportunitiesBecoming a CollegiateStudent-Athlete
  8. 8. 1. Get on the recruiting radar2. Involve your coach in the process & clarify expectations3. Do your homework on the prospective colleges4. Enroll in the NCAA Eligibility Center ( & use available resources5. Be patient in the decision-making process6. Understand recruiting ethics The Recruiting Process
  9. 9. Remember… there’s moreto college than sports!•Academic Experience•Athletic Experience•Social Experience•Do your homework on each areaThe Student-AthleteExperience
  10. 10. • When considering Scholarships & Financial Aid…  Know what is covered in a “full-ride”  “Athletic Scholarships” are different in DI, DII & DIII  Be sure to fill out your FAFSA  Earn other $ with Good Grades & Community Service• Watch out for “hidden” costs of college  Extra books, computers, travel, parking, entertainment, fees, etc.• What is the Total Cost of Attendance  More than just “tuition, room & board”, how much will it actually cost once you add the hidden costs & subtract your Important Financial financial aid/scholarships Con$ideration$
  11. 11. Bringing it all together…TAKEAWAY KEY POINTS
  12. 12. Additional Services & Resources•PREP Game Plan Recruiting Guide•PREP Game Plan Individual Coaching•www.ChildressSports.comWe’re here to help!