Safe Children Healthier Families


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How appropriate response is a part of protective factors.

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Safe Children Healthier Families

  1. 1. Safe Children Healthier Families How Appropriate Response Is A Part Of Protective Factors
  2. 2. How Does DSS Fit WithCommunity Protective Factors Each community has it’s own strengths and weaknesses Many people think that DSS is the only agency that is responsible for child welfare That is like saying that doctors are the only ones that are responsible for people’s health. DSS is part of the community
  3. 3. How Does DSS Fit WithCommunity Protective Factors Just like people can take action to improve their health…  Communities can take action to enhance prevention of child abuse/neglect Each child and family belongs to the community Each case belongs to the family DSS is one of the agencies responsible for facilitating services to build protective
  4. 4. How Does DSS Fit WithCommunity Protective FactorsBEFORE:  DSS intake was to either accept or not accept report  DSS was only finding abuse or neglect in 36% of cases So, 64% of time DSS did not find abuse or neglect. Many families had identified risk factors especially around concrete needs (i.e. financial supports, housing, food and clothing)
  5. 5. How Does DSS Fit WithCommunity Protective FactorsBEFORE: DSS could make referrals during the 45 day investigation but could not follow up after the investigation These cases often would be reported again because of risk factors Some workers feeling somewhat helpless would indicate abuse/neglect just so they could get services and help the family
  6. 6. How Does Appropriate Response FitWith Community Protective FactorsAFTER: January 17, 2012, DSS began implementation of Appropriate Response in Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg. Implemented statewide May 21, 2012 Appropriate Response has structured safety questions and an evidence-based risk matrix to help guide decisions at intake
  7. 7. How Does Appropriate Response Fitwith Protective Factors Low and Moderate Risk cases are referred to our community contractors. Community contractors  assess family for child safety and then for needs.  connect the family to services to address identified needs.  identify gaps in service within the community.
  8. 8. How Does Appropriate Response FitWith Community Protective FactorsAFTER: Community contractors work with community leaders and DSS to enhance services and increase community protective factors. Since Appropriate Response more children and families are receiving appropriate services than ever before Children are safer and families are healthier due to enhanced service opportunities available within the communities