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How Growing Homes Southeast and Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) are delivering appropriate response services in South Carolina.

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Local solutions

  1. 1. Katrina Morgan, MSWFSS/VCM Program DirectorGrowing Homes SoutheastAndKeonte Jenkins-Davis, LMSWFamily and Treatment Services DirectorSAFY
  2. 2. EMPOWERINGFAMILIESImplementation of South Carolina’s firstFamily Strengthening and Voluntary CaseManagement Services (FSS/VCM) began inJanuary 2012.SAFY of Greenville serves as the MasterContractor for FSS/VCM services for 10counties in the Upstate.
  3. 3. NETWORK PARTNERSBehavioral Health Services ofPickens CountyPickensHope Center for Childrenformally Ellen Hines SmithGirls HomeSpartanburg, CherokeeNew Foundations Home forChildrenAnderson, OconeeSAFY GreenvilleSocial Change Initiative Abbeville, Greenwood,Laurens, Newberry
  4. 4. SOUTH CAROLINACOALITION FORSTRENGTHENING FAMILIES• The Coalition for Strengthening Familiesstrives to eliminate or significantly reduceidentified risk factors for child abuse andneglect.• To enhance protective capacities within thefamily system that result in positivepermanency.
  5. 5. SC COALITIONPARTNERSPartner Service AreaBillie Hardee Home for Boys FSS Only: Chesterfield,Darlington, Dillon, Florence,MarlboroCarolina Youth Development Berkeley, CharlestonChildren’s Place Aiken, Bamberg, Barnwell,Saluda, Edgefield, McCormickJohn K. Crosswell Home Clarendon, Lee, SumterWindwood Farm Home ForChildrenCharleston, Dorchester
  6. 6. SC COALITIONPARTNERSPartner Service AreaSouth Carolina Mentor Lexington, Union, Chester,Lancaster, YorkGeorgetown, Horry, Marion,WilliamsburgGrowing Home Southeast-MidlandsFairfield, Kershaw, Richland,Chester, Lancaster, YorkAllendale, Beaufort, Hampton,Jasper, Orangeburg, Calhoun,ColletonVCM Only: Chesterfield,Darlington, Dillon, Florence,Marlboro
  7. 7. PROGRAMCOMMONALITIESThe AR Program is designed to ensureconsistency of child welfare service deliverythroughout the state. SCDSS and bothprograms Empowering families and SCCoalition utilizes the same service provisiondocuments.
  8. 8. PROGRAMCOMMONALITIES• Face to Face Contact• Safety/ Risk Assessment• Comprehensive Assessment• Case Plan- Review• Documentation• Linkage to Community Services• Supervision• Case Closure
  9. 9. PROGRAMCOMMONALITIES1.) Safety and Risk Assessmenta) DSSb) Providers
  10. 10. PROGRAMCOMMONALITIES2.) Comprehensive Family Assessment3.) Case plans
  11. 11. PROTECTIVEFACTORS• Parental Resilience• Knowledge of Parenting and ChildDevelopment• Social Connections• Concrete Supports• Social and Emotional Competence ofChildren• Nurturing and attachment
  12. 12. PARENTAL RESILIENCEResilience is the ability to manage andbounce back from all types of challengesthat emerge in every family’s life.
  13. 13. KNOWLEDGE OF PARENTING ANDCHILD/YOUTH DEVELOPMENTAccurate information about childdevelopment and appropriate expectationsfor children’s behavior at every age helpparents see their children and youth in apositive light and promote their healthydevelopment.
  14. 14. SOCIAL CONNECTIONS• Friends• Family members• Neighbors• Community members
  15. 15. CONCRETE SUPPORT• All Families Need Support–Social–Emotional–Practical
  16. 16. SOCIAL AND EMOTIONALCOMPETENCE OF CHILDREN• Communication–Positive interaction–Building relationships
  17. 17. NURTURING AND ATTACHMENT•Relationships Matter
  18. 18. BENEFITS• Increased chance of children remaining inthe home• Development of a individualized case plan• Assistance with concrete services• Parent education and training• Assistance with identifying and building asupport system
  19. 19. GAPS IN SERVICES• Transportation• Population-specific services• Mental health providers• Victim Assistance Services• Childcare services
  20. 20. GAPS IN SERVICES• Lack of space in local shelters• Resources for assisting families with crisisneeds• Behavior issues vs. neglect issues for theolder teens