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Xperience Life A Start Up


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A start up overview of a reward business focused on experience based rewards and programs.

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Xperience Life A Start Up

  1. 1. XperienceLife Presented by Amazing eVentures 1
  2. 2. Who We Are Amazing eVentures (AeV) is a holding company consisting of technology, multi-media/content, physical infrastructure, and adventure experience providers Held by AeV, XperienceLife provides on-line Business-toBusiness solutions to the experience service industry, via a technology enabled suite of services Key Assets: 1. Adventure industry expertise 2. On-line reservation and CRM service suite 3. Strong experience-based marketing and sales team 4. Superior strategic IT consulting organization 5. Regionally recognized outdoor media and advertising company 6. State-of-the-art facility infrastructure for scaleable hosting and managed services 2
  3. 3. Our Mission: To become a market leader in the experience industry, using world-class technology and multi-media services to aggregate & deliver the highest quality offerings, creating the ultimate in memorable experiences. Our Goal: Create the most exciting, unique and highest quality, global experiences in the industry, serving a wide range of demographics and lifestyles through attractive web-enabled services. Facilitate the exchange of superior experience inventory between suppliers, channels and customers. 3
  4. 4. Corporate Holdings Amazing eVentures Adventure Bid Auction Site RAMS Adventure Travel Outfitter Amazing Outdoors On-line media Print media Content Internet Site Collocation Hosting Managed Services Communications Power, HAVC,… XperienceLi fe Adrenalin Sports Marketing and Sales Industry Expertise Guide Expertise Event Planning Information Technology International Enterprise Web Solutions Product Development Training eBusiness Systems Integration IT Management Consulting 4
  5. 5. Product Overview XperienceLife services allows customers to: – View and search on-line catalog of high quality experiences – Reserve experience offerings directly on-line – Receive long-lasting recognition through personalized communication services XperienceLife has created the most exciting, unique, and highest quality global experiences – Each offering is selected and designed by an industry expert – Vendors are hand selected – We carefully monitor the service quality – We continually strive to improve the experience quality and customer satisfaction XperienceLife inventory is specifically designed to maximize: – The trophy value – The recognition impact of the incentive dollar by providing unique, memorable, “once in a lifetime” experiences 5
  6. 6. XperienceLife Value Proposition XperienceLife combines technology, content, unique inventory, & value-added services to benefit channels, partners, and suppliers. • Consolidated inventory of world-class experience suppliers • Direct access to this inventory with immediate on-line reservations • Deliver experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime • Quality assurance & information security • Improved product selection with increased volume and margin growth We are: An Experience provider, with new, unique and memorable award choices available to the resellers in the incentive, loyalty, and recognition industries. We are not: An Incentives program provider. 6
  7. 7. Demonstration 7
  8. 8. RAMS Overview Corp. Clients Clients Clients Outfitters Individuals Channels On-Line Access RAMS XperienceLife XperienceLife RAMS Reservations & Inventory • RAMS is a proprietary on-line Reservation and Marketing Service – Provides real time inventory, invoicing, & automatic confirmations – Supports customer e-mails, custom reporting, security, and much more – Hosted in AeV’s world class collocation facility 8
  9. 9. Our Take on The Market We entered the market through our consulting business • Acquired a product company after designing an on-line reservation system for them • System Integration project for awards provider – opened our eyes to the potential of the incentive industry Market research revealed Opportunity • A dearth of providers of Web-enabled, experiencebased solutions • Experiential and/or Travel-based incentive use projected to grow 10-12% annually, versus 4-6% for “traditional” awards • A majority of incentive users increased their budgets in 2000 and 25% of (currently) non-users projecting to use over next two years 9
  10. 10. Our Take on The Market Our infrastructure, potential market position, and acquisitions yield strategic advantage • Already have a large exceptional “inventory” • Fine-tuned RAMS to allow (channels) direct access to same • In-house Technical and Media capabilities to “WOW” recipients and strengthen the bottom line of all phases of the delivery cycle – suppliers, channels, and customers 10
  11. 11. Who Will Like to XperienceLife • Not limited by age, gender, profession, or hobby/lifestyle • Any individual motivated by experience-based offerings from at least one of our 9 lifestyle/activity categories from around the globe 11
  12. 12. Trend in The Market TECHNOLOGY/MEDIA FEATURES Multimedia Experience Xperience Web Based Programs Suite Payment Products Static web catalogue Paper catalog DI R FE F T EN I O TI A N Manual Processing Cash Gift cert. Pts programs Stored Value Merchandise Group Travel Personalized Experiences MOTIVATIONAL VALUE • Current industry trends indicate a move towards awards with high motivational value 12
  13. 13. Market Positioning Xperience Xperience Suite Suite Clarityis Web Based Programs Web Miles Sales Driver Synygy Payment Products Away. com Maritz Static web catalogue AEIS AEIS ITA Group Carlson Paper catalog US Motivation Manual Processing Cash Creative Rewards iExplore TECHNOLOGY/MEDIA FEATURES Multi-media Experience Performance Excellence Unlimited in Motivation Gift cert. Pts programs Stored Value Merchandise Group Travel Personalized Experiences MOTIVATIONAL VALUE Xperience Full service Boutique Independent Stored Value Experiential travel Technology vendor 13
  14. 14. Industry Value Chain Supplier Adventure Merchandise Experience & Travel Providers Exclusive Expeditions Entertainment Brokers Aggregator XperienceLife Xperience Suite: Inventory aggregation Live inventory Liveaggregation inventory (RAMS) QualityAccess Direct assurance (RAMS) Technology Communications Services services Media Channel Incentive Travel Distributors Providers Client Corporate Corporate Performance Performance Incentive Incentive Award Award Purchasers Purchasers Incentive Distributors Incentive Distributors • Reduced Ops Cost • Market Access Expansion • Improved Brand and Marketing Award Earner & Traveler Corporate Performance • Employee • Customer,… Incentive Award Purchasers Sales & Distribution • VAR • Rep • Channel,.. Personal Services Value Recipient Xperience VALUE PROPOSITION Everybody Wins Value • Increased Market Position • Expanded Market Access • Increased Sales Opportunity Value • Maximize Productivity • Maximize ROI of Incentive Dollar • Build Customer & employee Loyalty Value • Highest Quality Experience • Unique Offerings • Easy of Use • Lasting memories 14
  15. 15. XperienceLife We Provide a wide range of pricing levels and options – Single and family rates – Discounts for “Significant Others” Add-ons – Custom add-on Xperience extensions – Standard price ranges from $25 to $10,000 with a good variety in all price ranges – Non-Standard packages • • On the spot awards ranging from $25 to $250 Exclusive Xperiences from $5,000 up 15
  16. 16. XperienceLife Global offerings with local build-out strategy – Offerings from each of the seven continents – Offerings in fifty-five countries – Local build-out strategy • Roll-out as required to major metropolitan areas • Local representative • National corporations with local presence – Home Depot – Marriott's – Barnes and Noble – 24 Hour Fitness 16
  17. 17. XperienceLife Diverse lifestyle / activity experiences • Adventure/Travel • • Culture • • Example: personal basketball lesson from Natalie Williams for your child Team/Group • • Examples: Personal trainer, makeover, wardrobe consultant, spa visit, massage… Sports & Recreation • • Examples: Interior decorator redesigns a room in your home or gardening services for a day Personal/Health & Fitness • • Examples: Trip to Disneyland or dinner and overnight stay at the Wolfe Krest Home & Garden • • Examples: Kurt Bestor private concert or trip to Broadway Family/Friends • • Examples: Inconnu Lodge, Galapagos Islands, Main Salmon River Run Examples: Norwegian Outdoor Exploration Center, Motivational seminars with speakers and team building personalities Exclusive – Examples: Golfing with Charles Barkley, fishing with Karl Malone 17
  18. 18. XperienceLife Service Description Supplier Channel Client Recipient Supplier 1. Reservations, CRM 2. Bring new customers to the supplier 3. Communication Services ( i.e. Marketing Brochure) 4. Back-Office, Admin, & Accounting 5. Payment Processing 6. Customer Care 18
  19. 19. XperienceLife Service Description Supplier Channel Client Recipient Channel 1. On-Line Access, Reservations, CRM, 2. Data Mining 3. Accounting, Administration 4. Customer Care 5. Custom Integration • Co-Branding • Back-Office 19
  20. 20. XperienceLife Service Description Supplier Channel Client Recipient Client 1. On-Line Access, CRM, Promotions 2. Accounting and Administration 3. Customer Care 4. Custom Integration 5. Payment Processing 20
  21. 21. XperienceLife Service Description Supplier Channel Client Recipient Recipient 1. Direct Access to Reservations and Communications 2. Travel Upgrade Service 3. Catalog Service & Scrapbook 4. On-line Payment Processing 5. Customer Care 21
  22. 22. XperienceLife Multimedia Services Catalog Services • • • • • • • • Brochure Creation Database Search Custom Catalog Creation Inventory Constraint Supply, Channel, Client & Recipient Custom Event Creation Scrapbook Guidebook Communications Services • • • • • • • • email CRM Multi-media promotion Incentive tracking Award notification Appreciation Survey Follow-up Quality Assurance 22
  23. 23. Technology Infrastructure Client Services XperienceLife Direct Access XperienceLife Incentives XperienceLife Concierge Business Services Channel Services Inventory Services • • • • • • Custom Catalog Services Custom Package Services Search Services Custom Event Creation Guide Book Services Scrapbook Services • • • • • • Incentive Program Dev. Customer Care Services Add-On Travel Service VIP - Service Account Administration Enterprise Integration Corporate Services • • • • • eMail Campaign Service Recipient Intelligent Service Quality Tracking Program Recipient Follow-up Recognition and Retention Data Services Supply Inventory Account Tracking Quality Assurance 23
  24. 24. Service Rollout • Initial XperienceLife Service – – – – – – • Catalog Services On-Line Reservation Services Recipient Communication Services Administration Services Customer Services Custom Integration Services (Channel & Channel Client) XperienceLife Service 3 – 6 Months – Incentive Plan Integration Services – Local Package Creation Services (New Region Development) – Accounting Services – Electronic Guidebook Services – Electronic Scrapbook Services 24
  25. 25. Current and Projected Inventory Current 5/01 Supply Contracts Inventory Accessible Projections 9/01 12/01 20 40 80 600,000 1,200,000 2,500,000 Major Contracts – OARS – Big Five – Western – Everen Expeditions – Nicholson Yachts Lifestyles Covered – Leisure Travel – Adventure Travel – Sports & Recreation – Personal/Health – Exclusive * RAMS Product Launch 3/15/01 25
  26. 26. Revenue Opportunities for Partners 1. Commission on XperienceLife packages – – Packaged Sales RAMS Inventory Sales (Commission range from 8% to 12%) 1. Commission on integration and consulting services (Commission range from 5% to 15%) 1. Commission on software product sales (Commission range from 5% to 7%) 1. Add-on travel services (Commission TBD) * Potential commission overrides available based on volume 26
  27. 27. Summary of XperienceLife 1. Unique, high quality experiential offerings 2. Direct access to consolidated inventory through on-line reservations 3. Capitalizes on industry trend towards experiential rewards 4. Provides channels/partners with unparalleled product offerings 5. State-of-the-art web technology, – – Streamline administration of program Improve employee communication processes 1. Fully scalable solution – – Highest information security Commitment to quality assurance 1. Willingness to work with end customer directly – – – – Technology integration to client “back office” Customizing technology solution Creation of custom packages to fit specific needs Customer support 27
  28. 28. The Management Team • Will McCoy – CEO, CPA, CIA – – • Craig Cunningham – COO - – • Responsible for marketing and business development for several large systems integration firms. Developed strategic relationships and established international business. Launched and operated a startup operation. Robert Stoker – VP Product Development - – • Responsible for management of complex technology groups for Fortune 25 companies. Managed multi-billion dollar outsourcing efforts, brand establishment and launched several startup business operations. Steve Banick – VP Business Development - – • Successfully launched and operated several startup operations. Senior executive for multi-billion dollar companies with experience in executive management, accounting and information management systems . Launched and operated his own software product/service business. Over 15 years experience in software development and product management for GTE and CISCO. Verle Duerden – VP Adventure Travel - – Over 25 years in the adventure travel and recreation industry. Started and managed several companies including major outfitter and lodging operations. The original founder and designer of RAMS. 28
  29. 29. Advisory Board • Everen Brown – President/CEO, Everen Brown Expeditions – An adventure travel, multimedia syndication, and merchandise memorabilia provider specializing in unique, extraordinary experiences and products. • David Carrithers – BusinessHive – – A business consulting & product development think-tank, focusing on services and strategies for the performance/incentive and travel industries. • David Ibarra – President/CEO, eLeaderTech – Software product to help in achieving higher productivity, enhanced performance, improved profitability and increased customer loyalty. • Ty McCoy - Washington Capital Partners & Director of Government Operations, Thiokol – As a partner in an venture capital company and a shareholder in AeV, Ty provides advice and insight in the financial and venture equity areas. • George Wendt - President/CEO, OARS and Partner of Adventure Collection - – The largest and most diverse river company in the West with operations in Idaho, Utah, California, Wyoming, and International. 29