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Developed a single gift card that worked with multiple merchant brands. The card allowed a school, charity, nonprofit to raise funds without having to issues multiple plastic cards.

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  1. 1. is a Web site jointly developed by Datamark and National Scrip Center that will allow supporters to purchase gift cards and gift certificates from top merchants, designating a favorite charity to receive a percent of the purchase price as a donation. Charities also may register online to receive donations from purchase. Key Features  Web site offers merchant branding.  Allows seasonal and regional promotions.  Online shopping cart that allows you to purchase gift cards from different merchants, ship to one or more delivery addresses, and offers various payment options.  NSC manages shipping, inventory management and fulfillment.  Secured site.  Charity-based, affiliate program.  Charities can register online at to become eligible for donations from purchase.  Supporters can recommend the addition of favorite charities to be eligible with receive donations from purchase.  Donation percents will range from 2% to 15%.  Third-party accountability for donation processing and reporting by merchant.  Customers can track orders online.  There is a minimum order amount of $200. Key Benefits  The perfect solution for charities that are looking for funding sources, but don’t have the foot traffic or national recognition to drive interest.  Allows supporters to donate to organizations easily, without paying additional out of pocket and while purchasing a product of their choice.  Anyone can purchase gift cards online from top merchants and their charity receives a donation.  Convenient—24/7 ability to purchase and donate online. 1
  2. 2.  Additional charity channel. Objective Datamark’s technical expertise in loyalty and electronic gift card programs combined with National Scrip Center’s (NCS) fulfillment capabilities and market will offer and launch This premier web site allows consumers, charities, and businesses to purchase gift cards from various national merchant entities with a portion of the proceeds allocated to their favorite charitable organization. This will allow NSC to offer a version of their fundraising model to charities that do not have “foot-traffic” or the time and resources to manage a scrip program to now have a way to earn funds through the purchase of scrip (gift cards). This will also allow NSC and Datamark to offer an improved competing concept to’s SuperCert offering. 2
  3. 3. What is is a web site jointly developed by Datamark and NSC that would allow a charity to register with the web site and receive a portion of the gift card value, purchased through the site on their behalf, as a charitable donation (similar to a web affiliate program, like offers.) This would present a simple method of working with a charity that will mimic the traditional scrip program concept. It would especially aid those charities that do not have foot traffic. The site will list existing Datamark clients along with NSC merchants’ gift cards/certificates where a healthy merchant discount is received. The site ( will be accessible by the following 5 methods: 1. Direct Access to (1a would be via NSC marketing efforts 1b would be through Datamark efforts). A portion of the card value will be allocated to the charity either by specific selection of the purchaser or if not specified, at the discretion of NSC. 2. Access through the charity web site where the designation will be automatically that charity. 3. Access through the NSC corporate web site where purchaser can select a designated charity and then link to 4. Potentially, some of the Datamark merchants might be interested in also linking to the site. 5. Datamark promoting the website in more consumer channels. Every time someone clicks from the charities web site to the site and places an order, the designated charity earns 4% of the face value of the certificate. In the future this could be raised to a higher percentage. The charity would be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. The site would allow NSC to have information on NSC and fundraising, some level of branding and recognition on the site. This would also allow NSC to have a way for those not wanting a full blown traditional program, and/or the charity doesn’t have “foot-traffic” allowing for the traditional model to work, to raise funds through gift card/certificate sales. Site Functionality Datamark will be responsible for designing, operating and maintaining the site. Datamark will get input and approval from NSC on the design and approach of the site. NSC will be responsible for all fulfillment tasks, charitable organization solicitation and registration and financial settlement. The site would provide the following capabilities: 3
  4. 4. Charity Specific 1. Signup. will facilitate the affiliated charitable organization’s registration and support a link from the charity site to that members of the charity would utilize. The charity can either set up 100% via the web, no human interaction OR via an NSC phone representative setting the charity up. The preferred way is the charity alone via the web. 2. Reporting. The charities will be able to generate activity reports and determine the revenue allocated to them. General Function Overview 1. A customer can either visit the charity web site or directly. If they visit the charity web site and link through to, then the charity’s association will be displayed. If they visit the web site directly, then they will be presented a list of charities from which they can select the benefactor of their gift card purchase. The site will present the following options. a. Purchase a retailer gift card. The customer can select one or more gift cards from a list of retail merchants, and enter the value of the card(s) and supply any gift recipient information. Customer provides payment information to place order. Information may or may not be saved for future order retrieval. b. Purchase a SuperGiftCard. If a customer wishes to purchase a gift card without designating the merchant, the customer can purchase a generic SuperGiftCard (offer both a virtual web/e- mail certificate and a physical card mailed). The recipient is notified of a gift and signs on to the SuperGiftCard web site to choose one or more specific merchants and valuations adding up to the value of the SuperGiftCard value. The Super Gift Cards can will also allow people to add value to them c. Request Buying Support. Site asks questions and from answers makes suggestions of which gift card best fits the customers’ needs. d. Review Merchants. Potential merchants are listed based on filter choices, themes, and/or association with specific charities. Hyperlinks to merchant sites are provided to permit review of merchant products. e. Status Request. Tracking existing orders. f. Reloads. Allow customer the ability to reload an existing gift card. 4
  5. 5. g. Shopping Cart. Full shopping cart functionality is provided. Included will be payment types of credit card, a PayPal function (i.e. funds from their bank account) and a SuperGiftCard (and/or in any combination – i.e. 90% from a credit card and 10% from a SuperGiftCard.) Also, any credit card fees that would normally be hidden within the purchase amount will be added on top of the purchase (i.e. in an effort to get as much back to a charity as possible the 2% interchange fee will be paid by the purchaser). h. Shipping Preferences: Allow for a the purchaser to decide which method (overnight, 2 day, regular, etc.) The orders will be sent to the individual not the charity. i. Special promotions. A tab for special promotions will be provided. j. General Information Gathering. Capture information from the purchaser, including e-mail, etc. to receive future promotions, new gift cards/ certificates added, etc. The system then sends orders to National Scrip Center for fulfillment and sends the Customer and recipient an Email follow up. NSC Specific  Reporting. NSC will be able to access data on which charities have signed up, the orders placed, for what products, etc.  Access To The Sign Up Data. NSC will have access to the charity sign up data, the purchase data, etc.  Order Processing. Information will come to NSC that will allow NSC to process the orders, fulfillment and shipping to the individual, etc. Technical Integration In order to integrate the website at Datamark with NSC, a network connection must be established between the two companies. A protocol will be negotiated that would provide Datamark with the capabilities of transmitting an order to NSC, querying stock availability of items, canceling orders and order tracking. Subsequently, for Datamark supported customers, Datamark will enhance the protocol to allow NSC to issue cards on demand on the Datamark network. Ultimately this can be expanded so that Datamark will act as a conduit or hub to the other gift card companies (SVS, Value Link) so that NSC will be able to issue cards on their networks. This will help NSC realize a substantial capital savings in that their inventory investment will be greatly reduced. 5
  6. 6. It is understood that NSC will be an equal and involved partner in the develop of this site and technology. NSC will be included in the requirements gathering, site design, navigation and functionality, etc. – being involved at all stages. Project Development Datamark Web site design and development – Datamark, in conjunction with NSC, will design the web site and the standard interface used by the charity web sites. Datamark will develop the web site and establish the linkage methodology. Communication with NSC – to support fulfillment and status reporting Datamark will establish a frame relay linkage to NSC and define the communication protocol. E-mail functionality – Set up the E-mail push operation. Database upgrade – Update the advanced database to support additional information used for reports, tracking, credit card authorization, and any other NSC required information. Reports – Definition and development of reports. Hardware – Definition, purchase, and setup of site and communication hardware. NSC Gift Cards/Certificates Fulfillment methodology – Setup and implementation of fulfillment procedures and software. Communication protocol handling – Accept and process fulfillment request, status requests, Charity enrollment requests, etc. Charity information requirements - set-up and on-going access/use. Marketing and launch of the site, etc. 6
  7. 7. Possible Post Card Mailer 7
  8. 8. Possible Flyer For Charities To Use 8
  9. 9. Possible Supporter Letter 9
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