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Opportunity Lens Template


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A simple tool to help look at growth and opportunity gaining alignment across a company and/or team.

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Opportunity Lens Template

  1. 1. Opportunity Lens Name of prospective opportunity:________________________________ DATE: _____________________________________ A) Customer Profile - (Total possible points = 20) 1. Ethical business?* 2. Appropriate environment for our employees?* 3. Minimum contract volume?* (New Stand Alone FED Contract $1.5M, Non-Fed Contract $8M, IDIQ $10M, Tag Along $550K, COOP Members/Riders TBD) 4. 5. 6. 7. Commodize construction? (5 points) Commitment to cooperation? (5 points) Potential for long term relationship? (5 points) Champion with authority? (5 points) Please respond with Yes, No, or Not Sure no 0 no no no yes 0 0 0 0 B) Deliver on our value statement & mission - growing on our strategic vision? (Total possible points = 20) no 0 C) Work in core companies competencies? (Total possible points = 15) not sure 0 D) Operational Control - (Total possible points = 15) not sure 0 E) Clear operational launch and execution plan (Total possible points = 5) no 0 F) Performance based selection - (Total possible points = 10) yes 0 G) Supports the brand - (Total possible points = 5) yes 0 H) Financial return - lifetime value of contracts meets our GM targets? - (Total possible points = 10) yes 0 TOTAL POINTS 0-19 points 20-84 points 85-100 points 0 NOT AT THIS TIME MORE WORK NEEDED MIGHT PURSUE * These are go / no go decision topics, meaning a no or not sure creates a "0" not at this time decision with the whole opportunity. COMMENTS: Version 2.3 12/2013