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Get With The Program - Selling Power Jan 2000


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Online incentive services are growing. This new award tool promises easy use and delivery. "The web will open the doors to new markets, enable faster ways to do business, create new customers and allow a larger audience of incentive users from the business world to tap into incentive thinking and rewards," says David C Carrithers, chief information officer at American Express Incentive Services (AEIS). "We feel the web will create a growth cycle within the incentive industry that will be 100 times what anyone is seeing today," he says. "The web is the way to create better, more informed customers. Over night the web is changing the whole industry idea that you need to go to an incentive company to get all the industry secrets on motivation and incentive. You can now go out on the web and find what you need and then do it." Carrithers went on, "No longer will everyone in the incentive business be selling just to Fortune 1,000 companies. Any business in the US or in the world can get the same solutions, support and help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The incentive industry is ripe for the web."

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