ACI Affinity Partner Benefits Sept 2011


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ACI Affinity Partner Benefits Sept 2011

  1. 1. Loyalty Pointsfor Associations!Members rewarded for buying fromprogram partners.Affinity Center International (ACI) has joined with selectassociations to launch an exciting new loyalty program.This program, called AchieveLinks, rewards associationmembers with loyalty points when they buy from any ofACI’s program partners (merchants, manufacturers, service What do I get as a Partner?providers, suppliers). For members, it’s an excellent way toget rewarded for industry spending, but for partners, it is a Free listing in our partner directoryvery compelling way to attract new business, build stronger Access to our pool of highly motivatedbrand awareness, and strengthen customer loyalty. buyersHow It Works Performance-based program that delivers profitable resultsThe program is completely designed to drive business byrewarding members every time they transact with partners.In fact, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. Why Partner with ACI? 1 Your company’s listing in the partner directory is free. Really! 2 Stay as long as you want, there are no long- term agreements. 3 There are no setup fees or costs for joining our program. 4 You control the commission paid to us when we bring you a sale.Step 1: An association member learns more about an 5 We get paid only after we bring you a sale.affinity partner in the ACI points earning directory (Note: this 6 You can access our ever-growing pool oflisting is free to partners) and decides to buy from the partner. members.Step 2: After the transaction is complete, the partner provides 7 Your participation helps associations fund theirACI with a referral commission for the sale to the member. missions.Step 3: ACI converts the referral commission into points 8 This is the coolest loyalty points program outfor the member and makes a cash donation to the member’s there, don’t miss out!association. Points earned across all partners go into themember’s AchieveLinks account. 11951 Freedom Drive, Suite 1300 Reston, VA 20190 o 202.495.0998 tf 877.542.4442
  2. 2. Frequently Asked QuestionsWho is Affinity Center International (ACI)?Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Affinity Center Internationalprovides industry-leading loyalty, incentive, and member benefitprograms for associations. We connect association membersand our partners in ways that drive customer loyalty and prof-itability for our partners while helping benefit associations.Our company was created by Maritz, a 115-year-old, $1.2billion leader in loyalty, incentives, rewards, and motivationprograms. David Carrithers, our president and founder, createdthe first stored-value loyalty card (predecessor to the giftcard), has two U.S. patents, and is a recognized expert inthe field of loyalty and incentives. Our team is highly skilledat what we do—we have over 200 years of combined working As an Affinity Partner, how canexperience and knowledge in motivating customer behavioralchange and have successfully launched hundreds of loyalty this benefit my company?and incentive programs in various industries. We are very In a nutshell, our program provides you with freeexcited about the AchieveLinks loyalty program and the advertising and incremental profit—how great ispositive impact it will have. that? Here’s how we do it: 1 You receive a free listing in our partner directory,Why are you offering this new loyalty which is where members go to learn whereprogram? they can earn points.Our research confirmed there is a strong need for effective 2 Your directory listing provides key informationloyalty solutions within this industry. By acting as a consolida- about your company and helps build brandtor and a network platform that connects many associations awareness.with our business partners, we create winning results for all: 3 Our program is performance-based—our Partners—gain new business with motivated/loyal customers commission (determined by you) is paid after and powerful program ROI a transaction is complete. Members—quickly earn enough points for meaningful 4 If one of our members purchases from you, rewards (our points never expire) they become your customer. Associations—receive funding for their missions while 5 As our network of participating associations providing compelling loyalty programs that enhance grows, so does your pool of potential new membership value customers.What makes it compelling for members? 6 We reward our members for their loyaltyMembers earn by transacting with our diverse selection of to your in industry-specific, general business, and everyday On top of all this, your participation in thespending categories. What’s more, they earn additional program helps associations fund their missionspoints from us if they use our program’s credit card. Points because with every member transaction, weearned across all categories are pooled in the member’s provide a donation to the member’s associationpersonal account and they quickly add up to some exciting in addition to giving points to the member.redemption options in our rewards categories. 11951 Freedom Drive, Suite 1300 Reston, VA 20190 o 202.495.0998 tf 877.542.4442