CETS 2012, Jennifer De Vries & Nicole Woolsey, slides for Planning for Profitable Expansion


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CETS 2012, Jennifer De Vries & Nicole Woolsey, slides for Planning for Profitable Expansion

  1. 1. 8/15/2012Planning for Profitable Expansion: Targeted Learning for Construction Project ManagersJennifer DeVries, CPT PresidentBlueStreak LearningNicole Woolsey pCorporate TrainerThe Walsh Group ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group IntroductionsJennifer De Vries, CPT President, BlueStreakPresident BlueStreak LearningNicole WoolseyCorporate TrainerThe Walsh Group ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 1
  2. 2. 8/15/2012 Agenda1. Introduction2. The Business Need The Business Need3. Solution Options4. Development Process / Blending Teams5. Course Examples6. Business Results7. Q & A Q&A ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group The Business Need Nicole Woolsey The Walsh Group ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 2
  3. 3. 8/15/2012 The Business Need• 1000 Project Manager‐track employees in North America• Corporate shift to obtaining work outside of traditional/regional markets / Past Localized market Mentoring approach Future New locations No mentors available ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Critical to Future BusinessCost Management Training is how our training department originally started! d!▸ Avoid “surprises” at end of job▸ Owner/Bonding company  confidence in Project Management  as a whole▸ Ability to accurately project costs  and profit affect our ability to  and profit affect our ability to pursue new work▸ Cost management / Forecasting  accuracy is an easy measuring tool ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 3
  4. 4. 8/15/2012 Gaining Credibility• Corporate Training Group not well established in company• High quality product imperative ▸ Gaining credibility as a group and business partner• Critical to provide training that makes an instant impact ▸ Training subject would benefit high percentage of  employees ▸ Easy to see return on investment (better cost forecasting)• Team up with BlueStreak for guidance and experience ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Solution Options Jennifer DeVries, CPT BlueStreak Learning ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 4
  5. 5. 8/15/2012 Curriculum Design Session • 12 participants from around the  company p y • Key Meeting Objectives: •Determine target audience •Agree on learning objectives •Discuss teaching methods/delivery options ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Target AudiencesTwo target audiences in two lines of business:• Building• Heavy CivilAudience Experience NeedNewly hired Project  Less than 2 years,  Training on every Engineers minimal or no PM  objective experienceExperienced hires p Managed projects for  Training on Walsh  g p j g other construction processes and  firms procedures  The big questions: Does everyone get the same course?  How many courses do we need? ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 5
  6. 6. 8/15/2012 The Curriculum Design Determines  Prescriptive  which of 20  Pre‐Test &  lessons they  y Manager need to take  from 4 courses Course 1: Course 2: Course 3: Course 4: 5 Lessons 5 Lessons 8 Lessons 2 Lessons 25 Topics 9 Topics 27 Topics 10 Topics Workshop 1‐2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4 Mgr. Discussion Mgr. Discussion Mgr. Discussion ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Readiness for eLearning/BlendedParticipant Survey Results• 78% had taken an online course before• 87% of them had a very good or excellent 87% of them had a very good or excellent  online learning  experience• 74% use the Internet more than once a day• Schedules drive a demand for self‐paced  learning• Willing to spend 30‐45 minutes at a time  ta g a esso taking a lesson• Most have access to a moderate to high speed Internet connection ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 6
  7. 7. 8/15/2012 Application/Accountability Participants wanted • Project‐based exercises and work sheets • Downloadable case studies and examples Downloadable case studies and examples  • The ability to email questions to an instructor Managers wanted: • Timely, relevant content • Close‐in due dates • Emails about employee progress and p y p g completion • To ensure accountability for learning transfer  to the job  ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Ensuring a Win‐Win PartnershipWalsh team participated as much as possible in eLearning development to:• Save cost Save cost• Learn to develop eLearningRegular communication• Getting to know each other, setting expectations • How to get teams to work together• Weekly status reports and calls y p• Billing and budget twice a month ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 7
  8. 8. 8/15/2012 Development Process Jennifer De Vries, CPT BlueStreak Learning ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Development ToolsArticulate Studio Pro 09▸ Presenter▸ Engage▸ QuizMakerCamtasia ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 8
  9. 9. 8/15/2012 Blending Two Teams Walsh Self‐Performed Tasks BSL Contracted Tasks ‣ Project Management P j tM t ‣ Process Management  P M t ‣ Content wranglers ‣ Instructional designers ‣ Photo research and placement ‣ Create design documents ‣ Author Quiz Maker questions ‣ Create storyboards ‣ Author Camtasia system demos ‣ Record audio ‣ Review wranglers ‣ Author Engage interactions ‣ User testing ‣ Insert all learning assets ‣ Quality assurance Quality assurance ‣ Compile  topics into lessons Compile topics into lessons ‣ LMS Administration ‣ Author and publish ALPHA ‣ Author and publish BETA ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Development ProcessCourse/ Lesson / Topic Design Storyboard Compile Production / Authoring Test ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 9
  10. 10. 8/15/2012 Project StandardsTemplates▸ Design Document▸ PowerPoint Storyboard▸ Articulate Presenter▸ Articulate QuizMaker▸ Articulate EngageDesign Standards▸ Color scheme Color scheme▸ Image standards▸ Interaction standards▸ Animation standards▸ Standard language▸ File naming conventions ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Course Preview Nicole Woolsey The Walsh Group ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 10
  11. 11. 8/15/2012 E‐Learning Features: User Interface ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh GroupE‐Learning Features: Engage Interactions ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 11
  12. 12. 8/15/2012E‐Learning Features: Knowledge Checks ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group E‐Learning Features: Breaks ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 12
  13. 13. 8/15/2012 E‐Learning Features: Test Out Option ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Blended Learning/ILT WorkshopsParticipants wanted:• Project‐based exercises and work sheets• Downloadable case studies and examples Managers wanted:• To ensure accountability for learning transfer to the job  ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 13
  14. 14. 8/15/2012 The Results Nicole Woolsey The Walsh Group ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group The Walsh WayMarketing Presentation ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 14
  15. 15. 8/15/2012 Employee ParticipationeLearning only Program eLearning & ILT WorkshopsFor experiencedFor experienced hires For new hires For new hiresRolled out to 215 employees Rolled out to 285 employees4 month period 6 month period ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Employee FeedbackSurvey Question/Topic Rating 1 – 5  (with 5 being high)Quality of content 4.5Will help me perform better immediately 4.0Will help me perform better later in my  4.5careerTrainers 4.6 Overall 169 of 252 participants rated the training as “Excellent” 83 of 252 participants rated the training as “Good” ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 15
  16. 16. 8/15/2012 Intangible BenefitsCredibility ▸ 1st venture into major custom eLearningStaff Development ▸ Gained understanding of Instructional Design ▸ Formalized process ▸ Increased staff competencies ▸ Confidence in ID work moving forward Confidence in ID work moving forward ▸ More efficient process for using outside ID Consultants going  forward ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group Wrap Up and Q&A Jennifer DeVries, CPT BlueStreak Learning ©2012 BlueStreak Learning and The Walsh Group 16