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2012 GMC Terrain For Sale IL | GMC Dealer Near Chicago


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2012 GMC Terrain brochure provided by Sullivan Buick GMC near Chicago, IL. Find the 2012 GMC Terrain for sale in Illinois. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (847) 392-6660.

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2012 GMC Terrain For Sale IL | GMC Dealer Near Chicago

  1. 1. 20 12 c ATA l oG ENGINEERING A bETTER COMMUNITY GMC TERRAIN QUAD RUGBY scUlpTURe TRAINING IN The pARkSullivan Buick GMC777 West Dundee Rd.Arlington Heights, IL 60004(847) 392-6660
  2. 2. ReAl lIfe. ReAl pRojecTs. Making a real difference. GMC vehicles aren’t made to sit in theshowroom. They’re designed, engineered and built to get things done, to defy the impossible andto never say the job is over until you’ve overachieved. This is why GMC has joined with thepeople and organizations you’re about to meet. People who are making a difference in theircommunities and effecting real change. From advancing the arts to helping disabled athletespursue their dreams, GMC is proud to present these stories of what can really happen in lifewhen you never say never.GMc. we ARe pRofessIoNAl GRADe.
  3. 3. TeRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck The distinguishing chrome accents of Terrain gleam through the streets of New York. TA Bl e of coN T e N T s QR coDes 2 - 20 pART 1 how To scAN A QR coDe GMc coMMUNITY pRojecTs Use your smartphone to scan the qR codes shown U.s. QUAD RUGBY TRAINING, 2 scUlpTURe IN The pARk, 12 throughout the catalog. After scanning the code, your smartphone will be directed to a mobile site for more Learn about the organizations and individuals GMC is information on each project. If you do not have a qR code partnering with who are committing their innovative spirit reader, simply download a free reader through the app and uncompromising attitude to projects that make a long- store on your smartphone device. lasting impact on their communities.21 - 24 pART 2 feATURes AND TheIR BeNefITs The what, the where and the how of professional-grade engineering. It’s everything you need to know, from the spark-ignited, direct-injected engines to the available programmable power liftgate, about the 2012 GMC Terrain. how To Use The URl25 - 29 pART 3 If YoU DoN’T hAVe A sMARTphoNe spec YoUR MoDel If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still experience all Compare all the options, check out the accessories and the extra content by logging on to the Web and entering the customize your own 2012 GMC Terrain. Web address found next to the qR code. 1 Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  4. 4. pRojecT U.S. qUAd RUGbY—AUSTIN, Tx LIFE IS AbOUT MORE THAN LIMITATIONS. big thinking. bigger dreams. And the passion to prove that those who say you can’t are wrong. The men and women of Team Force quad Rugby live life never saying never. Playing a spor t that some would say is beyond them, Team Force makes believers out of anyone who watches them. With drive, determination and perseverance, they pursue a goal most fully functioning athletes can’t even dream of: representing their country on the stage of international play. but with logistics and capability an issue, how to make that dream into reality? They relied on the help of GMC, traveling over 700 miles from Austin to Alabama to reach the national tryouts. Proving that big obstacles can always be brought down to size if you have the right attitude. because like the engineering behind GMC, the players know if you dream big, you’ll find you build your life for better things. ThAT’s The sAMe IDeA we BUIlD INTo eVeRY GMc TeRRAIN. designed with more ideas per square inch and engineered to understand that even conventional life demands uncommon utility, Terrain is the SUV that doesn’t let size limit its superiority. With an unsurpassed 32 highway miles per gallon,1 it knows how to go the extra mile to make the most out of every inch. And with full-size capability in a smaller size, it will never be the type to be hindered by perception. GMc TeRRAIN. f o R M o R e o f T h e s T o R Y, s c A N T h e Q R c o D e w I T h Y o U R s M A R T p h o N e o R V I s I T G M c . c o M / T e R R A I N _R U G B Y2
  5. 5. P A R T 1 : Q U A D R U G B Y T R A I N I N G —A U s T I N , T x VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e 2 2 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N e x T e R I o R s T Y l I N G A N D f U N c T I o N A l I T Y TeRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck Squared-off corners, flared fenders and a prominent chrome surround grille give Terrain a bold style worthy of its professional-grade heritage. 31 EPA estimated. based on GM 2011 Compact SUV-Crossover segment. Terrain FWd with 2.4L I-4 engine. Vehicle shown with available equipment.
  6. 6. 4
  7. 7. P A R T 1 : Q U A D R U G B Y T R A I N I N G —A U s T I N , T x VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e 2 2 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N e x T e R I o R s T Y l I N G A N D f U N c T I o N A l I T Y Vehicle shown with available equipment. MultiFlex seating provides unexpected versa- eRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck Terrain’s 5 tility for passengers and cargo. T 5
  8. 8. 6
  9. 9. P A R T 1 : Q U A D R U G B Y T R A I N I N G —A U s T I N , T x VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN ← MC’s signature attention to detail shows in the available Color Touch G Navigation System, where music, directions, phone, weather and more are just a touch away. ↓ Terrain’s available sunroof adds to the comfort of the interior. ↓ onvenient steering-wheel-mounted controls let you access the radio, ↓ C bluetooth®1 and cruise control with the touch of a finger. F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e s 2 2 - 2 3 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N I N T e R I o R 7 71 Go to to find out which bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  10. 10. ↑ eRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck The distinctive grille of T ↓ errain is the only SUV in its class with T GMC helps give Terrain a commanding presence on the road. a Rear-Vision Camera standard on all models. 8
  11. 11. P A R T 1 : Q U A D R U G B Y T R A I N I N G —A U s T I N , T x VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e 2 3 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N I N T e R I o R s e c U R I T Y A N D c o N V e N I e N c e Vehicles shown with available equipment. 9 you when you’re getting too close to objects behind you. ↑ errain’s available Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist alerts T
  12. 12. T eRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck EPA-est. 32 mpg gives Terrain unsurpassed highway fuel economy in its class.1 101 based on GM 2011 Compact SUV-Crossover segment. Terrain FWd with 2.4L I-4 engine.
  13. 13. P A R T 1 : Q U A D R U G B Y T R A I N I N G —A U s T I N , T x The AThleTes of TeAM foRce QUAD RUGBY GMc TeRRAIN Team Force quad Rugby pulls the best athletes from wheelchair rugby teams around the country for a chance to test their skills against the highest level of competition. With 13 members and an 8-month season, the team serves as a valuable training ground for the national team, advancing 10 players in their 6 years of existence. VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN↑ mily Shyrock unloads for E ↓ Team manager Carolyn boebinger with players↓ practicein Austin, Tx. Emily Shyrock, Jeff butler and Maury the dog. F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e 2 1 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N p o w e R T R A I N↑ he quad Rugby Coach James T ↓ Emily and Maury use Terrain’s ↓ Coach Gumbie and C.J. discuss ↓ aury takes a break from practice. M Gumbert, aka “Coach Gumbie.” versatile cargo capacity to go out strategy.↓Team member C.J. brown. on the town. To join the conversation about these projects, or to learn how people are making a difference, visit and look for “Community Projects.” Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  14. 14. pRojecT SCULPTURE IN THE PARK—bROOKLYN, NY THE ART OF UNCOMPROMISING ART. Like the nature that inspires him, Robert Lobe believes the definition of art can’t be restrained. It can’t be confined to a canvas or seen only in a museum. To Lobe, the thought of art, the idea of art, is bigger than a gallery or an exhibition. Art happens every day and it happens all around us. So he set out to put art where the people are. A New York City-based artist and sculptor, Lobe uses items like rocks and tree limbs to shape sculptures that highlight the random beauty of life itself. Although his work has been displayed around the world, for his latest series, “Nature in Nature,” he wanted to bring it a little closer to home, namely brooklyn’s own Prospect Park. but how do you move half-ton sculptures from the studio to the park? You start by never saying never. With GMC’s help, Robert had the power to haul his three sculptures to the site, the capability to navigate works of art through the hustle of the city and the bold thinking to see the project through to completion. BUT whAT cAN The IDeA of pUBlIc ART sAY ABoUT The ThINkING BehIND The GMc TeRRAIN? That good ideas shouldn’t be contained by convention. That compromise doesn’t have a place in art or engineering. That true inspiration can make a powerful impact. And with professional grade, even everyday life can be a work of art. GMc TeRRAIN. f o R M o R e o f T h e s T o R Y, s c A N T h e Q R c o D e w I T h Y o U R s M A R T p h o N e o R V I s I T G M c . c o M / T e R R A I N _s c U l p T U R e12
  15. 15. P A R T 1 : s c U l p T U R e I N T h e p A R k —B R o o k l Y N , N Y VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e 2 2 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N e x T e R I o R s T Y l I N G A N D f U N c T I o N A l I T Y Vehicle shown with available equipment. The unique profile of Terrain signals this is anything but a common SUV. TeRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck 13
  16. 16. ↑ The chrome grille, sculpted fenders and ↓ With the help of an available programmable power → T eRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck Jeweled wide track give Terrain its muscular stance. liftgate, loading and unloading Terrain’s rear cargo area halogen projector beam headlamps and is incredibly easy, even in low-clearance situations. chrome accents gleam in the streets of SoHo. 14
  17. 17. P A R T 1 : s c U l p T U R e I N T h e p A R k —B R o o k l Y N , N Y VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e 2 2 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N e x T e R I o R s T Y l I N G A N D f U N c T I o N A l I T Y Vehicle shown with available equipment. 15
  18. 18. ↑ details like chrome door handles make Terrain’s interior ↑ a stylish space.↑ errain’s advanced center console with available High-Feature T Navigation System gives you easy control of your interior environment, from temperature control to music selection.→ eRRAIN slT-2 IN jeT BlAck Technology like the available T High-Feature Navigation System with Rear-Seat Entertainment that includes dual 8 seatback-mounted screens helps make your ride fun as well as enjoyable.↓ ontrol your music right from the touch-screen with Terrain’s intuitive C audio system, complete with 10 gigabytes of music storage. 16
  19. 19. P A R T 1 : s c U l p T U R e I N T h e p A R k —B R o o k l Y N , N Y VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e s 2 2 - 2 3 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N I N T e R I o R 171 NavTraffic requires a monthly subscription after introductory trial service, sold separately by SiriusxM. NavTraffic only available in select markets. For more information, visit Visit for coverage map, details and system limitations. Vehicle shown with available equipment.
  20. 20. ↑ eRRAIN slT-2 IN oNYx BlAck StabiliTrak control and T ↓ 3.9 cubic feet of cargo room1 give 6 the longest wheelbase in its class give Terrain a capable Terrain uncommon capacity. and confident ride. 18
  21. 21. P A R T 1 : s c U l p T U R e I N T h e p A R k —B R o o k l Y N , N Y VEHICLE SHOWN : TeRRAIN F E AT U R E S : s e e p A G e s 2 1 - 2 4 f o R M o R e D e TA I l e D I N f o R M AT I o N o N p o w e R T R A I N , I N T e R I o R A N D s A f e T Y↓ apability, versatility and style combine C ↓ ith standard MultiFlex sliding rear seat, W to make Terrain the perfect tool for any task. Terrain’s functional flexibility gives you the space you need for almost any task. 19 Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 1 Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  22. 22. The TAleNT BehIND scUlpTURe IN The pARk GMc TeRRAIN Robert Lobe’s “Nature in Nature” exhibition is three separate sculptures that have been installed in brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Lobe, a sculptor whose work has appeared around the world, created “Nature’s Clock,” “Invisible Earth” and “Antique Jenny” for specific sites on the grounds of the park’s historic boathouse, to be enjoyed by the public in a natural setting. 4↓ Artist Robert Lobe. ↑ obert Lobe unloads at the site of his art installation R in Prospect Park, brooklyn.↓↓ ssistants wait for final A instructions. ↓ reparing the base for “Nature’s Clock.” P↑↓Assembling the sculpture. ↓Robert Lobe putting the final touches on ↓ ssistants help to move pieces A “Invisible Earth.” into place. 5 To join the conversation about these projects, or to learn how people are making a difference, visit and look for “Community Projects.” Vehicles shown with available equipment.
  23. 23. pART 2FEATURES ANd THEIR bENEFITS eNGINe AUToMATIc GRADe BRAkING To prevent unwanted acceleration and reduce M E C H A N I C A L F E AT U R E S POWERTRAIN the need for the driver to brake during a hill descent, the 6-speed automatic 2.4L I-4 VVT dI (LEA) with overdrive features Automatic Grade braking. This “smart” feature HORSEPOWER: 182 hp @ 6700 rpm monitors braking, acceleration, throttle position and even whether a trailer is TORqUE: 172 lb-ft @ 4900 rpm connected to the vehicle. Then it commands the transmission to remain in a 3.0L V-6 VVT dI (LFW) lower gear if the vehicle is decelerating or coasting on a downgrade to help HORSEPOWER: 264 hp @ 6950 rpm you hold your desired speed and minimize the need for additional braking. TORqUE: 222 lb-ft @ 5100 rpm sTReNGTh AND RelIABIlITY oIl lIfe MoNIToR For long life and durability, changing your engine oil at the right time is essential. GMC engineered the mystery out of this essential service with the Oil Life Monitor. It calculates how much life your oil has left, based on when and how you drive. Then it updates you with a telltale on your driver Information Center. oNsTAR VehIcle DIAGNosTIcs3 The peace of mind that comes from knowing the condition of your Terrain’s key systems is as easy as checking your e-mail. The OnStar Vehicle diagnostics service that comes standard with your 6-month trial subscription to OnStar can run hundreds of checks of your Terrain’s engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more, then organize the VARIABle VAlVe TIMING (VVT) Standard in both Terrain engines, this POWERTRAIN information into an easy-to-read monthly report. OnStar can also run a technology gives you the power of a high-performance engine with the low- check of your vehicle as you drive just by pressing the blue button and speed response you need for situations such as trailering or climbing steep asking the Advisor for an On-demand diagnostics check. That’s peace of inclines. VVT constantly monitors and changes how the valves open and close to mind when you need it. give you near-peak levels of torque across the entire range of engine speeds. DIRecT INjecTIoN For precise fuel distribution and fast, efficient combustion, both Terrain engines feature direct injection technology. coMpoNeNTs CHASSIS ANd SUSPENSION Simply put, this system moves the fuel closer to the point where it ignites inside the engine —in the combustion chamber. by injecting fuel at over 2000 TRAcTIoN coNTRol sYsTeM To make the most of available traction on psi, the air and fuel mix more completely. This helps the charge burn fast for many road surfaces, traction control measures and compares the speed of crisp throttle response and lean for efficiency at cruise speeds. The result: the your wheels. If it senses one or more wheels starting to spin, such as on a 2.4L I-4 Terrain offers an unsurpassed 32 hwy mpg, the best standard highway slippery surface, the system applies individual brakes and manages engine fuel economy in its class.1 This capability could also give you a cruising range of power to slow the wheel down and maintain traction, so you can move forward up to 600 highway miles on a single fill-up. with a better sense of control. 32 All-wheel DRIVe (AwD) An intelligent AWd system is available for extra 18.8 600 HWY EPA-EST. APProx. uP To MPG GAllon TAnk HWY MilES traction and the ability to adapt to changing road conditions. This system sends the maximum amount of torque needed and adjusts the torque as required to help you maintain control. Thanks to its efficient design and direct injection engine technology, Terrain also offers best-in-class AWd highway fuel economy 4 as well as best-in-class AWd highway cruising range. fUel-sAVING MoDe To help you save fuel, the 2.4L I-4 engine has an Eco- fUllY INDepeNDeNT sUspeNsIoN For precise control and a high level of Mode button that, when pressed, delivers slightly better fuel economy by refinement, GMC Terrain is engineered with a four-wheel independent holding gears longer, with only a slight decrease in acceleration. suspension. As the name implies, each wheel can act independently to maintain road contact, which helps you stay in control. On the highway, this e85 flexfUel cApABIlITY 2 To give you more choices at the pump, both suspension offers the best of both worlds: a steady, smooth ride with a precise Terrain engines are capable of using E85 ethanol fuel. This advanced biofuel is feel for the road. a mixture of 85 percent ethanol, a mostly renewable fuel that helps to reduce the need for imported oil, and 15 percent unleaded regular gasoline. selecT pAckAGe TRANsMIssIoN AVAIlABle TRAIleRING pAckAGe In addition to its stable, precise ride and exceptional maneuverability, Terrain has an unsurpassed trailer weight 6-speeD AUToMATIc wITh oVeRDRIVe For brisk acceleration from a stop and rating5 of 3500 lbs with the available 3.0L V-6 or up to 1500 lbs with the reduced highway rpm, this advanced transmission has a wide ratio spread. That standard 2.4L I-4. That means a model with the 2.4L I-4 engine can means first gear is numerically “high” to let the engine rev quickly into its power comfortably handle a jet ski or a motorcycle, while the 3.0L V-6 can pull larger band, while fifth and sixth gears are overdrive ratios that are numerically “low” single-axle camping and boat trailers. to reduce engine rpm, saving fuel, reducing wear and minimizing engine noise. The gear ratios between low and high are evenly spaced for strong, consistent acceleration at almost any speed. 1 EPA-estimated 32 hwy mpg. based on GM 2011 Compact SUV-Crossover segment. 2Go to and search E85 for more information about E85 as a fuel alternative. 3Visit for details and system limitations. Services vary with conditions. 4EPA-estimated 29 hwy mpg on AWd model with 2.4L I-4 VVT. based on 2011 GM Compact SUV-Crossover segment. 5 Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the rating, plus driver. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See your GMC dealer for details. 21
  24. 24. pART 2FEATURES ANd THEIR bENEFITS (CONTINUEd) sTeeRING low lIfT-oVeR heIGhT Loading and unloading Terrain is easy thanks toCONTROL ANd RESPONSE ExTERIOR FUNCTIONALITY a load floor set at a low, comfortable height, which takes away much of RAck-MoUNTeD elecTRoNIc poweR sTeeRING This system automatically the back and shoulder strain of moving large or heavy items in and out gives you extra steering boost when you need it for parking and tight of your vehicle. maneuvers, and less assistance for highway driving in 2.4L Terrain models. because this system delivers assist electronically, there is no need for a pRoGRAMMABle poweR lIfTGATe Helping you take advantage of its easy power steering pump or mounting hardware. cargo access, Terrain offers an available programmable power liftgate. It opens and closes with the touch of a button to the height you select. Electronic obstacle detection can stop and reverse liftgate motion to prevent damage. BRAkING ANTIlock BRAkING sYsTeM (ABs) For confident stops in a variety of conditions, every Terrain features four-channel antilock brakes. When the brakes are applied, AbS can detect impending wheel lock-up, and then pulse that wheel’s brake to prevent it. hIll sTART BRAke AssIsT To prevent your Terrain from rolling backward while on a hill or steep incline, Hill Start brake Assist takes over as soon as you lift your foot from the brake. This system holds full brake pressure for up to 1.5 seconds if it senses potential “rollback,” giving you time to carefully move your foot to the accelerator and pull away smoothly. DesIGN DesIGN INTERIORExTERIOR STYLING ANd FUNCTIONALITY AlUMINUM wheels Every Terrain model has standard aluminum wheels to AcoUsTIcs AND NoIse sUppRessIoN For a remarkably quiet ride, Terrain reduce weight and enhance fuel economy. SLE and SLT-1 models come pays special attention to stopping unwanted noises. Its laid-back windshield standard with 17 wheels. SLT-2 models feature 18 wheels with the top- angle, body shape and mirrors were designed and optimized to improve of-the-line chrome-clad aluminum that completes the chrome exterior airflow and reduce wind noise. The rigid body-frame integral construction accents. All V-6 models can move up to a brilliant 19 chrome-clad wheel. results in tight, uniform panel fits that minimize air leaks and stray exterior sounds. To further enhance quietness, Terrain utilizes triple door seals and spAcIoUs DesIGN Terrain’s exterior is designed to give you an extremely acoustic-laminated windshield and front side glass. comfortable and accessible interior. The edges of the body are pushed to the limits for a bold, signature GMC presence. From the inside, the dimensions afforded by this bold profile give Terrain ample leg and head room and up to 64 cubic feet of available cargo space1 with the second-row seats folded down. coNsole AND ceNTeR sTAck Terrain’s interior groups important functions close together and places them in easy reach. The console, cupholders and center stack are bathed in warm red ambient lighting for an inviting look that is soothing to your eyes at night. The center console also features a deep storage well with both an auxiliary 12-volt power port and a USb port.2 You can store a laptop, charge portable electronics, as well as connect your iPod® or MP3 player to your Terrain’s audio system, all from a secure location away from prying eyes. sToRAGe feATURes To help you organize your most important items, Terrain offers a variety of convenient spaces and places to keep them. The interior features an oversize glove box, a console large enough for a laptop, a smaller compartment under the center armrest and two-tier storage in the doors. pRojecToR BeAM heADlAMps For a bright and focused beam that gives confidence-inspiring visibility, Terrain features integral projector beam headlamps. This technology uses a concave lens that works in conjunction seATING with an ellipsodial reflector surface to provide a very smooth and uniform light pattern. 60/40 MUlTIflex ReAR seATING To provide the rear seat room of a full-size SUV, Terrain offers the innovative and easy-to-use MultiFlex rear seat system. low sTep-IN heIGhT Giving convenient access and entry is Terrain’s first This seat slides fore and aft nearly 8 to offer best-in-class rear leg room of up priority. While the upper door opening is set high for clearance, the floor is at to 39.9. The second-row seatback is split 60/40 and can recline for your a lower, car-like height, making it easy for drivers of all sizes to enter and comfort or fold down on either side (or both) for loading large objects. exit. Also, the rocker panels are integrated with the door, which creates a larger opening that is protected from splashes, dirt or winter road salt, heATeD fRoNT seATs To help you feel warmer faster on cold mornings, helping to keep your clothing cleaner in foul weather. Terrain offers available heated seats on both cloth and leather-trimmed models, which can be activated when you use the available remote start. both the cushions and seatbacks have heating elements, which spread the warmth evenly for added comfort. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 1 Not compatible with all devices. 222
  25. 25. sTANDARD coNNecTIVITY AND TechNoloGY secURITY AND coNVeNIeNceINTERIOR INTERIOR BlUeTooTh® foR phoNe coNNecTIVITY 3 For easy, hands-free operation ReAR-VIsIoN cAMeRA sYsTeM Make it easier to back up to a trailer or of your mobile phone, bluetooth connectivity is standard in every Terrain. negotiate a tight space. This standard system uses the 7 radio display to This system links your compatible bluetooth device to the Terrain’s audio show real-time video from the rear view. It can also help identify obstacles or system controls. Steering-wheel-mounted radio controls allow you to start moving objects that could interfere with your vehicle. a call and control volume, then dial with voice commands and listen to your call through the audio system. ReMoTe keYless eNTRY One touch is all it takes to lock or unlock your Terrain or to flash its lights and sound its horn. It works at a range of up to 195 UsB coNNecTIVITY 4 For the ultimate in convenience, all Terrain models feet to unlock your doors for fast entry. The convenient key fob also controls feature USb ports that allow you to access or recharge various portable the available programmable power liftgate. electronic devices. You can activate and manage your compatible iPod® or MP3 player to see your playlists on the sound system screen and ReMoTe VehIcle sTART Warm up your Terrain for up to 10 minutes without operate either device to hear your own sound mix by using the audio leaving the door. This available feature is capable of starting your vehicle from system controls. up to 195 feet away, so your Terrain will begin warming to your preset temperature until you start the vehicle with your ignition key. Uplevel models sTeeRING-wheel-MoUNTeD RADIo coNTRols Play your audio system with can begin heating or cooling your Terrain based on exterior temperature. It your fingertips, while you keep your eyes on the road. With the USb4 interface can also turn on your heated seat and activate your rear defroster. connected, these available fingertip controls can also manage most music search features of compatible MP3 and iPod® players. UlTRAsoNIc ReAR pARkING AssIsT This system, standard in SLT-2 models, sends out ultrasonic waves from the rear bumper that function like radar to alert you to certain objects, buildings or people within range of your rear bumper. The closer you are, the faster it beeps, to give you a clear signal eNTeRTAINMeNT that can help you operate the vehicle with maximum care. coloR ToUch RADIo sYsTeM This standard entertainment system makes your Terrain an even more integral part of your life. It is based on a simple, intuitive 7 touch-screen Color Interface display that makes it easy to find DIRecTIoNs coNNecTIoNs O N S TA R your most important information quickly. Not only does it include AM/FM/ Cd/SiriusxM5 capabilities, it also gives you a customizable home page and DIRecTIoNs coNNecTIoNs plAN Non-stop communication and never- both USb4 and auxiliary inputs for your iPod® and MP3 player. ending demands on your time place a premium on the ability to sort and focus the information of greatest importance to you. To place this capability at your coloR ToUch NAVIGATIoN sYsTeM6 To keep your passengers entertained fingertips, every Terrain has a 6-month trial subscription to the OnStar 9 on the go, this available system includes the Color Touch Radio System and directions Connections Plan, standard. adds important navigation and information capabilities, such as a built-in gyro compass and secure digital mapping to help you find your way. It also hANDs-fRee cAllING wITh VoIce-AcTIVATeD DIAlING Available OnStar features 3 months of NavTraffic7 and Local Forecast feature (in areas with this Hands-Free Calling is built into your Terrain. Just push a button, call out the broadcast capability). The Color Touch Navigation System also offers a secure number and you’re free to keep your eyes on the road. It’s reliable because it is digital card reader linked to Photoviewer to review pictures from your cameras specifically designed for better connectivity and fewer dropped calls in areas or smartphones in the LCd display, as well as display album art (if available) with limited cellular reception. when listening to music from your iPod.® TURN-BY-TURN NAVIGATIoN drive with more confidence and certainty. hIGh-feATURe NAVIGATIoN sYsTeM wITh ReAR-seAT eNTeRTAINMeNT OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation is built into your vehicle. It’s simple—all you The High-Feature Navigation System8 features a 7 LCd dVd center-stack have to do is push the blue button and ask the Advisor to download directions display with advanced mapping capabilities in either 2-d or 3-d views, with to your Terrain. Turn-by-Turn is also smart because an automated voice calls voice recognition capability for navigation and real-time updates from out every turn just as you need it. NavTraffic.7 The built-in hard drive features pause-and-play live radio func- oNsTAR eNAV wITh GooGle™ MAps AND oNsTAR eNAV wITh tions and up to 10 gigabytes for your own music storage. Like the Color MApQUesT.coM™ MAps Want to get a head start on a trip? Start by Touch Radio, the Rear-Vision Camera also displays through this screen. checking out your destination on Google Maps or With The Rear-Seat Entertainment System offers video gaming and dVd play- OnStar eNav, just click the “Send” link on the Web site, and it will be sent back for rear-seat passengers that can play independently of each other. to your vehicle. When you’re ready to head out, simply retrieve the destination The twin seatback-mounted 8 flip-up LCd video screens can pivot 205 and directions will be downloaded to your vehicle based on your location. With degrees for comfortable viewing by passengers of all heights. Each screen nothing to type on the screen and no maps to hold, it’s simple. also includes a video input jack to connect various gaming systems or other electronic devices, as well as a pair of wireless headphones and a DesTINATIoN DowNloAD Looking for a destination in your navigation wireless remote control. system? OnStar will do it for you. Simply press your blue OnStar button, and you will be connected with a trained Advisor who will download your directions pIoNeeR® pReMIUM soUND The available Pioneer Premium audio makes it to your Terrain’s screen-based navigation system. You can also have possible to hear your favorite music just as the artist intended. With the help destinations downloaded on the go—no need to pull over and type in a new of eight strategically placed speakers, this available sound system fills the address. It’s an enhancement to navigation that makes screen-based interior with 250 watts of distortion-free sound. systems easier and faster to use. siriusxM sATellITe RADIo5 Enjoy SiriusxM Satellite Radio in your Terrain with a 3-month trial subscription to the xMPremier Package. Only SiriusxM 3 Go to to see which bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 4Not compatible with all devices. 5Requires a subscription, sold separately by SiriusxM after the trial period. SiriusxM Radio service brings you more of what you love, all in one place. Get over 130 channels only available in the 48 contiguous United States and the district of Columbia. For more information and to including commercial-free music, plus the best in sports, news, talk, com- view Customer Agreement, visit 6 Map coverage available in the United States, U.S. Virgin edy and entertainment. With NavTraffic6 and the Local Forecast feature, Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada. 7 NavTraffic requires a monthly subscription after introductory trial service, sold separately by SiriusxM. NavTraffic only available in select markets. For more information, visit you’ll get live traffic and weather updates as they occur, right on your vehicle’s 8Map coverage for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands available on separate disc. available navigation system. Welcome to the world of SiriusxM. Coverage not available for portions of Canada. 9Visit for coverage map, details and system limitations. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Services vary with conditions. 23
  26. 26. pART 2FEATURES ANd THEIR bENEFITS (CONTINUEd) VehIcle secURITY heAD cURTAIN sIDe-IMpAcT AIR BAGs3 These air bags deploy from theO N S TA R SAFETY roof rail like a protective curtain for outboard passengers and can be sToleN VehIcle AssIsTANce If your Terrain is ever stolen, OnStar can help activated by either rollover sensors or side-impact sensors. to locate it after verification with law enforcement. OnStar can use built-in GPS technology to help to locate it, prevent it from restarting with Remote sIDe-IMpAcT AIR BAGs3 To help protect the thorax and pelvic regions of the Ignition block or, if the vehicle is in use, engage the Stolen Vehicle Slowdown driver and outside front passenger in a side-impact collision, Terrain technology to help police recover it quickly and safely. includes standard side-impact air bags mounted on the driver and outside front-passenger seats. RoADsIDe AssIsTANce 1 If the unexpected happens on the road—you’re stranded, run out of gas or have a flat tire—one push of the OnStar button can elecTRoNIc chIlD sAfeTY locks To prevent young children from opening immediately connect you to an Advisor, ready to help you any hour of the day the rear doors unexpectedly, Terrain includes a one-touch electronic safety or night. OnStar can use GPS technology to find your location and connect you door lock switch. Simply pushing this button in the center console sends an to a service provider. No guessing about where you are or what to do. electronic signal to the rear doors, blocking interior door handle function. The button is backlit in amber when the doors are locked and turns to red when ReMoTe DooR UNlock It’s happened to everyone. but there is an easy unlocked to help you determine the locks are deactivated. solution. If you get locked out of your Terrain, OnStar can help. After verifying your account, an OnStar Advisor can send a signal to your Terrain that usually foRwARD collIsIoN AleRT AND lANe DepARTURe wARNING These unlocks the doors within minutes. systems, available on SLT-2 models, use sophisticated digital imaging technology to help you avoid a crash. Forward Collision Alert provides an ReMoTe hoRN AND lIGhTs Say you’re in a large parking area and you just audible and visual signal if you are rapidly approaching another vehicle and it can’t remember where you parked. Just call the toll-free number and OnStar appears that a collision may be imminent. Lane departure Warning alerts you can send a remote signal to flash your lights and sound your horn to help you if you happen to wander from your lane without using your turn signal. locate your Terrain. DRIVeR coNfIDeNce AUToMATIc cRAsh RespoNse If your Terrain is in a crash, built-in sensors can automatically send an alert to OnStar. An OnStar Advisor is immediately connected to your vehicle to help you. Even if you aren’t capable of responding, lATch chIlD seAT ANchoRING sYsTeM Make it easier to properly install a the Advisor can use GPS technology to locate you and request that emergency child seat. LATCH stands for lower Anchors and Top tethers for children. It help is sent right away. means that a LATCH-equipped child seat will install to specially designed retainer hooks in your Terrain. LATCH also enables a child seat top tether strap cRIsIs AssIsT during severe weather or other natural disasters, OnStar can to be attached that helps limit movement in a forward crash to help reduce the offer assistance and help you navigate your way to safety. Just push the red chance of injury. OnStar emergency button and our specially trained Crisis Assist Team moves quickly to help you. OnStar can pinpoint your location and provide up-to-date ReINfoRceD sTeel sAfeTY cAGe DesIGN Terrain’s robust body-frame information from public safety authorities, request that help be sent to you or integral structure is engineered to help maintain the integrity of the even contact family members or loved ones. passenger compartment in the event of a collision. eMeRGeNcY seRVIces lINk If someone in your Terrain needs emergency sTABIlITRAk sTABIlITY coNTRol sYsTeM To help you stay in control when help, the OnStar emergency button gives you a priority connection to a the road is loose, snowy, icy, wet or uneven, StabiliTrak uses a network of specially trained Advisor at any time, day or night. OnStar uses GPS vehicle sensors to monitor how your Terrain is responding to your steering and technology to pinpoint your location and request police, fire or medical braking commands. If the system determines your vehicle is not responding support be sent to you right away. The Advisor can also stay with you until properly, it can pulse the brakes or reduce engine power to help you stay on help arrives. the path being steered. oNsTAR ReMoTelINk App OnStar RemoteLink offers an amazing level of TIRe pRessURe MoNIToRING sYsTeM 4 Properly inflated tires are control and connection with your vehicle. After downloading and registering the important to your comfort, vehicle control and economy. This system uses app, GMC owners with an eligible vehicle can use their iPhone® or Android- tiny sensors inside the wheel to “broadcast” tire pressure to your vehicle, based mobile devices to control their vehicle from their phone and perform which alerts you to their status and inflation level through the driver specific commands—like unlocking their doors—remotely. You can lock/unlock Information Center. If you subscribe to OnStar Vehicle diagnostics, this your doors from any distance, start your vehicle remotely,2 flash your lights and information is part of the monthly e-mail update. If you have the RemoteLink sound your horn to help locate your vehicle or contact an OnStar Advisor, app for your iPhone,® you can check this status instantly. Roadside Assistance or your preferred dealer. To learn all about the great features available, go to Roadside service provided by Cross Country. 2Requires factory-installed remote start. 3Air bag inflation can 1 cause severe injury or death to anyone too close to the air bag when it deploys. Always use safety belts and the correct restraint for your child’s age and size. Even in vehicles equipped with the Passenger Sensing System, children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate infant, child or booster seat. Never DUAl-sTAGe fRoNTAl AIR BAGs3 To help reduce the risk of injury to theSAFETY place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with a passenger air bag. See the driver and front-seat passenger, the Terrain is equipped with two front Owner’s Manual and child safety seat instructions for more safety information. 4does not monitor spare tire. RemoteLink requires active OnStar subscription. dual-stage air bags with the Passenger Sensing System. This feature uses sensors within the front-passenger seat to detect the weight of an occupant. If the occupant is under a certain weight, the system turns off the air bag to protect the occupant.24
  27. 27. pART 3 SPEC YOUR MOdEL GMc.coM/exploReTeRRAIN sle-2 sle-2 slT-2 slT-2 sle-1 sle-1 slT-1 slT-1TRIM LEVELS TRIM LEVELSMECHANICAL I N T E R I O R d E TA I L SAlTeRNAToRs 120 amps S S S S AssIsT hANDles Front passenger and rear outboard S S S S150 amps. Included with 3.0L V-6 Variable Valve — A A A AUxIlIARY poweR oUTleTs 4 12-volt with covers S S S STiming (VVT) direct injection engine. clIMATe coNTRol Single-zone manual air conditioning S — — —BATTeRY 525 cold-cranking amps with rundown S S S S with climate controlprotection. Included with 2.4L I-4 VVT direct Single-zone automatic air conditioning with climate control — S S Sinjection engine. coNsole Front center with armrest and concealed storage S S S S615 cold-cranking amps with rundown protection. — A A A cUpholDeRs 4 front, 4 rear, including 2 in center armrest S S S SIncluded with 3.0L V-6 VVT direct injection engine. DefoGGeR Rear-window electric S S S SBRAkes 4-wheel antilock, 4-wheel disc S S S S flooR MATs Carpeted front and rear S S S SDRIVeTRAINs Front-Wheel drive (FWd) S S S S lIGhTING Theater dimming, center-mounted dome, rear S S S SAll-Wheel drive (AWd) A A A A cargo area and dual front map lightseNGINes 2.4L I-4 VVT direct injection, 16-valve S S S S Ambient lighting on cupholders and center stack. S S S S4-cylinder; 182 hp, 172 lb-ft of torque On SLE-2, SLT-1 and SLT-2, included on overhead3.0L V-6 VVT direct injection; 264 hp, 222 lb-ft of torque — A A A storage and deep storage. On SLT-2, includes doorexhAUsT Single S S S S pulls and door storage.dual with premium tips. Included with 3.0L V-6 VVT — A A A MIRRoRs Inside rearview, auto-dimming S S S Sdirect injection engine. sUNRoof Power, tilt-sliding with express-open — A A SsTABIlITRAk Vehicle stability enhancement system S S S S and wind deflectorsTeeRING Power with variable electric assist S S S S VIsoRs driver and front passenger with S S S SPower with variable hydraulic assist. Included with 3.0L — A A A illuminated vanity mirrorsV-6 VVT direct injection engine. wINDows Power with driver and front passenger S S S SsUspeNsIoNs Front independent with strut-type S S S S express-downcoil springsRear independent trailering arm with 3 lateral S S S S E N T E R TA I N M E N T/ C O M M U N I C AT I O N / N AV I G AT I O Nlocating links, coil springs coloR ToUch RADIo sYsTeM wITh AM/fM/siriusxM sTeReo 2 S S S STRAcTIoN coNTRol S S S S With Cd player and MP3 playback capability, 7 touch-screenTRAIleRING eQUIpMeNT 1500 lbs.1 Requires 2.4L I-4 VVT — A A A Color Interface display, Radio data System (RdS),3 auxiliarydirect injection engine. input jack, speed-compensated volume, USb port4 and outside temperature display3500 lbs.1 Requires 3.0L V-6 VVT direct injection engine. — A A A coloR ToUch NAVIGATIoN sYsTeM 5 AM/FM/SiriusxM stereo2 — A A ATRANsMIssIoN 6-speed automatic S S S S with Cd player, 7 touch-screen Color Interface display, GPS navigation system, secure digital memory card, USb port,4S E AT I N G MP3 playback capability, RdS,3 speed-compensated volume,seATs Cloth S — — — auxiliary input jack and outside temperature display hIGh-feATURe NAVIGATIoN sYsTeM6 wITh ReAR-seAT eNTeRTAINMeNT — — — APremium cloth — S — — AM/FM/SiriusxM stereo2 with Cd player, 7 touch-screen ColorUltrasoft perforated leather-appointed — — S S Interface display, navigation with voice recognition, integralFront buckets S S S S hard drive, USb port,4 MP3 playback capability, RdS,3 speed-60/40 split rear bench, 3-passenger with MultiFlex manual S S S S compensated volume, Pioneer® premium 8-speaker systemfore/aft adjustment and recline feature and dVd entertainment system, including 2 8 screens, rear audio controls with 2 headphone jacks and 2 wireless headphonesHeated driver and front passenger seats. On SLE-2, — A S Srequires Convenience Package. AUDIo 6-speaker system S — — —driver 2-way manual seat adjuster, fore/aft and recline with S — — — Pioneer premium 8-speaker system with subwoofer — S S Spower seat height (up/down) and amplifierdriver 8-way power seat adjuster and power lumbar — S S S siriusxM sATellITe RADIo 2 Includes 3 trial months of service S S S S and quad-band antennaMemory settings for driver seat and outside rearview mirrors — — — S NAVTRAffIc 7 Includes 3 trial months of service and only — A A AI N S T R U M E N TAT I O N A N d C O N T R O L S available with Audio System with Navigation BlUeTooTh® 8 For phone, personal cell-phone connectivity to S S S ScRUIse coNTRol S S S S vehicle audio system and Human Machine InterfaceINsTRUMeNTATIoN Includes speedometer, single S S S S oNsTAR directions Connections Plan.9 6-month S S S Strip odometer, fuel level, engine temperature, subscription.tachometer and driver Information CenterReAR-VIsIoN cAMeRA sYsTeM Integrated into audio S S S S 1 Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessarysystem screen to achieve the rating, plus driver. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See your GMC dealer for additional details. 2Requires asTeeRING wheel Comfort-grip vinyl with integrated S — — — subscription, sold separately by SiriusxM after the trial period. SiriusxM Radio service only available in the 48audio and cruise controls contiguous United States and the district of Columbia. For more information and to view Customer Agreement, visit 3RdS functions only where stations broadcast RdS information. 4Not compatible withLeather-wrapped with mounted audio and cruise controls — S S S all devices. 5Map coverage available in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada. 6Map coverage for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands available on separate disc. Coverage not available for portionsTilt and telescopic steering column S S S S of Canada. 7 NavTraffic requires a monthly subscription after introductory trial service, sold separately byUlTRAsoNIc ReAR pARkING AssIsT — — — S SiriusxM. NavTraffic only available in select markets. For more information, visit 8Go to to find out which bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 9Visit for details and system limitations.A-Available S-Standard — -Not Available 25