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2012 GMC Savana For Sale IL | GMC Dealer Near Chicago


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2012 GMC Savana brochure provided by Sullivan Buick GMC near Chicago, IL. Find the 2012 GMC Savana for sale in Illinois. Call us about our current sales and incentives at (847) 392-6660.

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2012 GMC Savana For Sale IL | GMC Dealer Near Chicago

  1. 1. 20 12 c AtA l og Sullivan Buick GMC enGineerinG a better COMMUnitY GMC savana 777 West Dundee Rd. Arlington Heights, IL 60004 (847) 392-6660 communi t y-SuppoRt ed QuAd Rugby A g R i c u lt u R e fAcebook .com/gmc 12gmcSAVRc-25
  2. 2. pa s s e n G e r va n C O L O r s pa s s e n G e r va n W H e e L s onyX blAck p o l o g R e e n m e tA l l i c 1 1500 SeRieS wheelS5savana cargo van in summit white With thebroadest v-8 engine lineup offered in the segment, nX7savana is sure to handle whatever job comes its way. S t e e l g R Ay m e tA l l i c 1 fiRe Red1 NEED TO ADD MORE BACKGROUND HERE S A n d b e i g e m e tA l l i c 1 p u R e S i lV e R m e tA l l i c 1 1 7 " 6 - L U G G r aY- pa i n t e d s t e e L s ta n d a r d : 1 5 0 0 s e r i e s Ls triM n88 d e e p b l u e m e tA l l i c 1 w h e At l A n d y e l l o w Summit white 17" 6-LUG preMiUM aLUMinUM ava i L a b L e : 1 5 0 0 s e r i e s p03 pa s s e n G e r va n i n t e r i O r M at e r i a L s c l o t h standard Lt, avaiLabLe Ls V i n y l standard Ls neUtraL neUtraL 1 7 " 6 - L U G G r aY- pa i n t e d s t e e L WitH CHrOMe Center Cap s ta n d a r d : 1 5 0 0 s e r i e s Lt t r i M ava i L a b L e : 1 5 0 0 s e r i e s L s t r i M MediUM peWter MediUM peWter pa s s e n G e r va n s p e C i F i C at i O n s 2 5 0 0/3 5 0 0 S e R i e S w h e e l S 5 engine sPeciFications Qb5 AXle VoRtec VoRtec VoRtec duRAmAX dieSel RAtio 4.8l V-8 5.3l V-8 6.0l V-8 6.6l V-8 tuRbo sae net horsepower @ rpm 280 @ 5200 310 @ 5200 324 @ 4600 260 @ 3100 sae net torque @ rpm (lb-ft) 295 @ 4600 334 @ 4500 373 @ 4400 525 @ 1600 engine/model AVAilAbility ReAl life. ReAl pRojectS. Making a real difference. GMC vehicles aren’t made to sit in the 1500 series (rWd) — s — — showroom. they’re designed, engineered and built to get things done, to defy the impossible and 1500 series (aWd) 2500 series (rWd) — s s — — a — — to never say the job is over until you’ve overachieved. this is why GMC has joined with the 3500 series (rWd) s — a a people and organizations you’re about to meet. people who are making a difference in their mAX. tRAileR weight in lbS 2 1 6 " 8 - L U G G r aY- pa i n t e d s t e e L s t a n d a r d : 2 5 0 0/3 5 0 0 s e r i e s L s t r i M 1500 (rWd) 3.73 — 6200 — — communities and effecting real change. From helping a community learn the value of locally 1500 (aWd) 3.73 — 6000 — — 2500 3.42 6700 — 9600 — grown produce or disabled athletes pursue their dreams, GMC is proud to present these stories 3500 (regular wheelbase) 3.42 — — 9700 — of what can really happen in life when you never say never. 3500 (extended wheelbase) 3500 (regular wheelbase) 3.42 3.54 — — — — 9300 — — 9900 p03 3500 (extended wheelbase) 3.54 — — — 9700 StAndARd technicAl dAtA 1500 SeRieS 2500 SeRieS 3500 SeRieS gmc. we ARe pRofeSSionAl gRAde. Gross vehicle 7300 (rWd) 8600 9600/9900 Weight rating (lbs)3 7300 (aWd) Front suspension (rWd) independent coil springs—all series Front suspension (aWd) independent torsion bar—all series Front axle Capacity (lbs) 3600 (rWd) 4100 4300 3700 (aWd) rear suspension Multileaf springs—all series rear axle Capacity (lbs) 4000 5360 6084 1 6 " 8 - L U G G r a Y- p a i n t e d s t e e L brakes 4-wheel disc with antilock system WitH CHrOMe Center Cap transmission: electronic 4-speed with 6-speed heavy- 6-speed heavy- s t a n d a r d : 2 5 0 0/3 5 0 0 s e r i e s L t t r i M automatic with overdrive, internal oil cooler duty with internal duty with internal ava i L a b L e : 2 5 0 0/3 5 0 0 s e r i e s L s t r i M tow/Haul mode oil cooler oil cooler Cargo capacity with seats 216.2 cu. ft. removed (regular wheelbase)4 Cargo capacity with seats 252.8 cu. ft. removed (extended wheelbase)4 Fuel tank capacity 31 gallons approx. 1 extra cost color. 2Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the rating, plus driver. the weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. see your GMC dealer for details. 3When properly equipped; includes weight of vehicle, passengers, cargo and equipment. 4Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribu- tion. 5Use only GM-approved wheel and tire combinations. For important wheel and tire information, go to or see your GMC dealer for details.
  3. 3. NEED TO ADD MORE BACKGROUND HERE tA bl e of con t en t S QR codeS 2 - 11 pARt 1 how to ScAn A QR code gmc community pRojectS Use your smartphone to scan the Qr codes shown c o m m u n i t y- S u p p o R t e d A g R i c u lt u R e , 2 QuAd Rugby tRAining, 6 throughout the catalog. after scanning the code, your smartphone will be directed to a mobile site for more Learn about the organizations and individuals GMC is information on each project. if you do not have a Qr code partnering with who are committing their innovative spirit reader, simply download a free reader through the app and uncompromising attitude to projects that make a long- store on your smartphone device. lasting impact on their communities.12 - 14 pARt 2 feAtuReS And theiR benefitS the what, the where and the how of professional-grade engineering. it’s everything you need to know, from the most v-8 engine choices in its class to the available GM segment- exclusive all-wheel drive, about the 2012 GMC savana. how to uSe the uRl15 - 17 pARt 3 if you don’t hAVe A SmARtphone Spec youR model if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still experience all Compare all the options, check out the accessories and the extra content by logging on to the Web and entering the customize your own 2012 GMC savana. Web address found next to the Qr code. 1 vehicle shown with available equipment.
  4. 4. pRoject COMMUnitY-sUppOrted aGriCULtUre—bradentOn, FL UsinG teCHnOLOGY tO pULL a COMMUnitY FOrWard. in bradenton, Florida, there’s a group of people with a never-say-never attitude and a bold idea for community farming: that the community is just as important as the farming. to them, the job is bigger than just growing food; it’s about growing the health of the entire area. Geraldson Community Farm uses the latest sustainable growing methods to produce healthy, safe food for their members and the surrounding area, donating nearly 1000 pounds of excess food to the local food bank last year alone. With GMC’s help, the farm finished installing cisterns for their water retention system and constructing their community barn, both key steps toward accomplishing their goal of a zero carbon footprint. Using the farm as both a working classroom and library, they provide the community with the resources they need to learn about the benefits of locally grown food and the most efficient ways to farm for themselves. So whAt doeS community-SuppoRted AgRicultuRe hAVe to do with gmc engineeRing? it’s using technology to work more efficiently, just like GMC savana. From available dealer-installed WiFi connectivity 1 to your choice of two available wheelbase configurations to the broadest v-8 engine lineup in the segment, savana has the flexibility and capability to match your aspirations and exceed your ambition. it’s what professional-grade engineering is all about: building vehicles that do more than just keep up with today’s world. they set the pace for tomorrow. gmc SAVAnA. this catalog shows many vehicles that have been altered or upfitted with equipment, bodies or components supplied to general motors by an independent supplier. gm is not responsible for the safety or quality of design features, materials or workmanship of any alterations by such a supplier. See page 16 for more information about alterations and warranties. f o R m o R e o f t h e S t o R y, S c A n t h e Q R c o d e w i t h y o u R S m A R t p h o n e o R V i S i t g m c . c o m / S AVA n A _ p R o d u c e2
  5. 5. PA R T 1 : c o m m u n i t y- s u P P o r t e d a g r i c u lt u r e — b r a d e n t o n , F l S AVAnA cARgo VAn in Summit white savana’s engine lineup offers the widest range of available engine displacements, outputs and fuel choices in its class, from gas to e85 to CnG to biodiesel. V E H I C L E s H o w n : s ava n a c a r g o va n F E AT U R E s : s e e P a g e 1 2 F o r m o r e d e ta i l e d i n F o r m at i o n o n P o w e r t r a i n 3Monthly rates apply. visit for coverage map and details.1 vehicle shown with available equipment.
  6. 6. ↓ Up to 313.9 cubic feet of cargo volume1 ↑ vailable dealer-installed WiFi2 turns savana a ↑ ulti-functional cargo configurations provide plenty of options for M gives savana plenty of room to get the into a fully connected mobile office, making the equipment storage. visit for information about bin job done. most of any opportunity that comes your way. packages to customize your savana Cargo van. 4 1 With seats removed. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 2 Monthly rates apply. visit for coverage map and details.
  7. 7. PA R T 1 : c o m m u n i t y- s u P P o r t e d a g r i c u lt u r e — b r a d e n t o n , F l the people behind the geRAldSon communit y fARm gmc SAVAnA since 2007, the Geraldson Community Farm has operated as a community-supported agriculture program, an innovative way to connect local consumers with local farmers. paying for seeds, equipment and labor, 180 members have invested financially in the farm. each week they come to the farm to receive a portion of that week’s harvest. V E H I C L E s H o w n : s ava n a c a r g o va n↓ Growing, harvesting and eating locally grown ↑ ompletion of the farm’s barn means a C ↓ sing environmentally friendly building techniques U food increases freshness and benefits the permanent space to house materials, learning helps use less energy and moves the farm toward environment by reducing pollution caused by resources and on-site supervision, and will serve its goal of a zero carbon footprint. transporting the produce over long distances. as a community shelter during hurricane season. F E AT U R E s : s e e P a g e 1 3 F o r m o r e d e ta i l e d i n F o r m at i o n o n i n t e r i o r F e at u r e s↓ the farm’s new water retention system has the capacity to collect up to ↓ Washing freshly cut produce is one ↓ laudie babineaux, farm apprentice, C 87,000 gallons of natural rainwater a year, conserving the area’s natural of the tasks that will benefit from and with the help of Geraldson’s resources and moving the farm closer to its goal of a zero carbon footprint. the new water retention system. entrepreneur program, a future farmer herself. to join the conversation about these projects, or to learn how people are making a difference, visit and look for “Community projects.” 11 vehicles shown with available equipment.
  8. 8. pRoject QUad rUGbY traininG —aUstin, tX LiFe is abOUt MOre tHan jUst LiMitatiOns.NEED TO ADD MORE BACKGROUND HERE Overcoming obstacles. pursuing your passion. the confidence to take on any challenge. the men and women of team Force Quad rugby know what it’s like to never say never. playing a sport that some would say is beyond them, team Force makes believers out of anyone who watches them. With drive, determination and perseverance, they pursue a goal most fully functioning athletes can’t even dream of: representing their country on the stage of international play. but with logistics and capability an issue, how to make that dream a reality? they relied on the help of GMC, traveling over 700 miles from austin to alabama to reach the national tryouts. proving that big obstacles can always be brought down to size if you have the right attitude. and everyday life should never be defined by your limitations. because like the engineering behind GMC, the players know if you dream big, you’ll find you build your life for better things. thAt’S the SAme Attitude we build into eVeRy gmc SAVAnA. designed to stay one step ahead in a fast-changing world, savana’s innovative engineering breaks barriers and never slows down. Uncompromised strength and uncommon capability are just two of the qualities that set it apart. With an available diesel that’s the most powerful in its class and the first full-size van in its class to offer all-wheel drive and stabilitrak, savana is used to showing the doubters what can be done when you apply professional-grade engineering. gmc SAVAnA. f o R m o R e o f t h e S t o R y, S c A n t h e Q R c o d e w i t h y o u R S m A R t p h o n e o R V i S i t g m c . c o m / S A V A n A _R u g b y 6
  9. 9. PA R T 1 : q u a d r u g b y t r a ining —a u s t in , t x V E H I C L E s H o w n : s ava n a P a s s e n g e r va n F E AT U R E s : s e e P a g e s 1 2 -1 3 F o r m o r e d e ta i l e d i n F o r m at i o n o n P o w e r t r a i n , c h a s s i s a n d s u s P e n s i o n vehicle shown with available equipment. AVAnA pASSengeR VAn in puRe SilVeR metAllic savana comes with the most standard horsepower and torque in its class and is the first full-size van to 7 offer all-wheel drive and stabilitrak. S
  10. 10. ↓ trip information, oil life ↓ passenger vans come standard with a 6-month ↑ avana’s available premium interior offers s ↓ easy-to-read gauge clusters keep and engine hours are trial subscription to the Onstar directions convenience and control, with tilt-Wheel you on track and up to date on easily accessible with the Connections plan,1 which provides turn-by- adjustable steering column and supportive, fuel levels and maintenance. driver information Center. turn navigation, route planning and advisor custom cloth front bucket seats. assistance with a simple push of a button. 8
  11. 11. PA R T 1 : q u a d r u g b y t r a ining —a u s t in , t x V E H I C L E s H o w n : s ava n a P a s s e n g e r va n F E AT U R E s : s e e P a g e s 1 3 -1 4 F o r m o r e d e ta i l e d i n F o r m at i o n o n i n t e r i o r F e at u r e s a n d o n s ta r ↓ available leather-wrapped ↑ avana seats up to 15 passengers, comes with driver s steering wheel, Usb port2 and front passenger frontal air bags,4 head curtain and bluetooth3 add comfort side-impact air bags for the first three rows, and and connectivity to savana’s enhanced technology glass for a comfortable and list of attributes. confident ride. 9 3 Go to to find out which bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 2not compatible with all devices. 4always use safety belts and the correct restraint for your child’s age and size. even in vehicles equipped withthe passenger sensing system, children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in an appropriate infant, child or booster seat. never place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with a passenger air bag. see the Owner’s Manual and child safety seat instructions for more safety information. 4visit for coverage map, details and system limitations. vehicles shown with available equipment.
  12. 12. ↑ he first full-size van in its class to offer stabilitrak, savana provides the t ↑ avana’s frame readily accepts a raised roof, wheelchair lift and entry options s confidence and engineering to help your vehicle respond to steering commands. and retractable wheelchair securement systems for easy mobility conversion.↓ uilt on a long wheelbase and with passenger comfort as its first priority, b vehicles shown with equipment from independent supplier. see page 16 for savana passenger van is the ideal foundation for mobility conversion. information about alterations and warranty. 10
  13. 13. PA R T 1 : q u a d r u g b y t r a ining —a u s t in , t x the AthleteS of teAm foRce QuAd Rugby gmc SAVAnA team Force Quad rugby pulls the best athletes from wheelchair rugby teams around the country for a chance to test their skills against the highest level of competition. With 13 members and an 8-month season, the team serves as a valuable training ground for the national team, advancing 10 players in their 6 years of existence. V E H I C L E s H o w n : s ava n a m o b i l i t y va n↓ he Quad rugby Coach, james t ↓ eam Force players practice eye-hand coordination t ↑ layer C.j. brown using his “tire-dragging” p Gumbert, aka “Coach Gumbie.” by tossing the ball around before scrimmaging. technique for training. F E AT U R E s : s e e P a g e 1 4 F o r m o r e d e ta i l e d i n F o r m at i o n o n m o b i l i t y F e at u r e s↑ player wraps his hands with tape a ↓ layer emily shyrock powers down p ↓ uad rugby is played with Q before practice. the court during practice in austin, tX. a volleyball.↓ eam Manager Carolyn boebinger t talks with player jeff butler 5 before practice. to join the conversation about these projects, or to learn how people are making a difference, visit and look for “Community projects.” vehicles shown with available equipment.
  14. 14. pARt 2FeatUres and tHeir beneFits pASSengeR VAn engineS/gASoline AutomAtic gRAde bRAking standard on savana 2500 and 3500 series pOWertrainpOWertrain models, this feature can be activated in tow/Haul mode, but disengaged VoRtec engineS to give you uncompromised power and torque for confident with driver shift Control activated. it monitors vehicle speed, acceleration, daily driving, passing and trailering, look no further than the vortec engine engine torque and brake pedal usage. Using this data, it detects when your family. each model uses innovative “vortex technology” to swirl and tumble the vehicle is on a downhill grade. then if necessary, the transmission downshifts incoming air and fuel for optimum power and response. For information on to help you hold your desired speed. standard and available engines by model, see the spec Your Model section. tow/hAul mode this driver-selectable feature of the available 4- and VoRtec 4.8l V-8 VVt (l20) 6-speed automatic transmissions reduces excess shifting when towing or FlexFuel Capable hauling a heavy load. this is complemented by manual range selection that HOrsepOWer: 280 hp @ 5200 rpm allows you to manually select desired gears to suit variable driving conditions. tOrQUe: 295 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm VoRtec 5.3l V-8 VVt (lmf) active Fuel Management/FlexFuel Capable onStAR Vehicle diAgnoSticS HOrsepOWer: 310 hp @ 5200 rpm onStAR Vehicle diAgnoSticS 2 the peace of mind that comes from tOrQUe: 334 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm knowing the condition of your savana’s key systems is as easy as checking your e-mail. With 6 months of standard service, Onstar vehicle diagnostics VoRtec 6.0l V-8 VVt (l96) can run hundreds of checks of your savana’s engine, transmission, antilock FlexFuel Capable brakes and more, then organize the information into an easy-to-read monthly HOrsepOWer: 324 hp @ 4800 rpm report. Onstar can also run a check of your vehicle as you drive just by tOrQUe: 373 lb-ft @ 4300 rpm pressing the blue button and asking the advisor for an On-demand diagnostics check. that’s peace of mind when you need it. compReSSed nAtuRAl gAS (cng) technology GMC supports the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by introducing CnG technology that significantly reduces vehicle emissions. Check the fleet Web site at for availability. CHassis and sUspensiOn componentS e85 fleXfuel cApAbility to give you more choices at the pump, savana 1 135 or 155 wheelbASe optionS For the greatest flexibility when vortec v-8 engines are capable of running on e85 ethanol. this advanced ordering and maximum capacity in use, savana is available in two wheelbase biofuel is a mostly renewable fuel that burns cleaner than gasoline and helps configurations that can suit a variety of personal and professional needs. to reduce the need for imported oil. All-wheel dRiVe (Awd) available on the 1500 series, this innovative aWd VARiAble VAlVe timing (VVt) to give you effortless low-end power, this system was the first of its kind in a factory-built full-size van. it constantly feature monitors and changes valve open and close points. standard on all monitors and adjusts torque quickly and seamlessly between the front and vortec v-8 engines, this technology gives you near-peak levels of torque rear wheels for optimum balance and control, giving you extra confidence in across the entire range of engine speeds. a variety of driving conditions. eAton® AutomAtic locking ReAR diffeRentiAl no other competitor offers an available fully automatic locking rear differential for on-road use. engineS/dieSel When the eaton locker senses a difference in wheel speed between the left and right rear wheels of approximately 100 rpm, it locks both to turn in unison duRAmAX poweR to become the most powerful available diesel in its class, for added traction. the duramax diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo uses advanced direct-injection technology to run at peak efficiency and to start easily in extremely cold fully boXed high-StRength Steel fRAme to create this strong temperatures—as quickly as 3.0 seconds at -40° F. this advanced engine is foundation, two C-channel sections are overlapped, essentially welding a also b20 biodiesel capable to help manage fuel costs. frame inside a frame to form a rigid box that resists bending and twisting. this frame helps savana achieve impressive Gross vehicle Weight ratings (GvWr) duRAmAX dieSel 6.6l V-8 tuRbo (lgh) and Gross Combination Weight ratings (GCWr) as well as support a HOrsepOWer: 260 hp @ 3100 rpm conventional trailer rating3 of up to 10,000 lbs in Cargo van models, and up to tOrQUe: 525 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm 9900 lbs in passenger van models. duRAmAX b20 biodieSel cApAbility to reduce CO2 emissions and stretch your fuel budget farther, the duramax diesel is engineered to operate on b20 biodiesel, a mixture of 20 percent biodiesel produced from domestic, renewable resources and 80 percent petroleum diesel. duRAmAX high-pReSSuRe diRect injection For fast starts in cold weather, quieter operation and maximum efficiency, the direct injection system pressurizes fuel up to 29,000 psi. this helps to turn heavy diesel fully independent fRont SuSpenSion to give you a smooth ride fuel into a fine mist that can be injected precisely to meet engine demand, with maximum control, savana features a fully independent coil-over-shock burning clean and fast with lower emissions and increased power compared front suspension in rear-Wheel drive (rWd) models. aWd models use the to more conventional diesels. innovative torsion bar front suspension to keep the ride height close to standard rWd models for easier driver and passenger entry and exit. pARAllel leAf SpRing ReAR SuSpenSion For the highest possible load- tRAnSmiSSion carrying capacity, all savana models use parallel leaf springs that increase 6-Speed AutomAtic oVeRdRiVe tRAnSmiSSion engineered for control their capacity progressively to match your payload, preserving a comfortable and confidence in a wide variety of situations, the 6L90 6-speed automatic ride when empty and a strong, stable feel when loaded to the limit. is an ideal partner for vortec power. Filled with innovative technology, this available transmission can help you cut steep climbs, long grades and 1 e85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent regular gasoline. visit and search e85 for more heavy loads down to size. information on e85 as an alternative fuel. 2Capabilities vary by model. visit for details and system limitations. 3Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the rating, plus driver. the weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. see your GMC dealer for details.12
  15. 15. StAbilitRAk StAbility contRol SyStem to help you stay in control when comfoRt And conVenienceCHassis and sUspensiOn interiOr the road is loose, snowy, icy, wet or uneven, stabilitrak uses a network of vehicle sensors to monitor how your savana is responding to your steering and braking climAte contRol You’re at your best when you’re the most comfortable. commands. if the system determines your vehicle is not responding properly, it all savana models are equipped with front air conditioning, while rear air can pulse the brakes or reduce engine power to help you stay on the path being conditioning is available on 1500 and 2500 series models and standard on steered. stabilitrak is not a substitute for common sense; please drive carefully 3500 series extended-wheelbase models. a rear auxiliary heater is available within the limits of the road conditions and your vehicle’s capabilities. with Ls trim, included with rear air conditioning and standard on 3500 series extended-wheelbase models. tRAction contRol SyStem to make the most of available traction on many road surfaces, traction control measures and compares the speed of SteeRing-wheel-mounted RAdio contRolS Control your audio system your wheels. if it senses one or more wheels starting to spin, such as on a with your fingertips as you keep your hands on the wheel. these available slippery surface, the system applies individual brakes and manages engine controls adjust the radio band, channel selection, volume and muting, as well power to slow the wheel down and maintain traction, so you can move as manage the available bluetooth® 6 function that operates your hands-free forward with a better sense of control. phone. When your savana is equipped with the available Usb port,7 the steering-wheel-mounted controls can also run many of the music search and tRAileRing cApAcity4 For work or recreation, savana gives you the trailering audio features of compatible Mp3 and ipod® players. capacity you have come to expect from GMC. the maximum ratings range from 6700 lbs in the 1500 series Cargo van and 6200 lbs in the passenger van. tilt-AdjuStAble SteeRing wheel One touch is all it takes to make With the duramax diesel or the 6.0L v-8, the capability rises up to 10,000 lbs in yourself comfortable with the available tilt-adjustable steering wheel. just the 3500 series Cargo van and up to 9900 in the passenger van. click the lever and move to the position that suits you best. Choose the available Lt model, and your steering wheel is wrapped in leather and fitted with steering-wheel-mounted radio controls. enteRtAinment And connectiVity AVAilAble deAleR-inStAlled wi-fi8 Connect up to 20 wireless users at one time and stay in touch with your life’s vital information with the first wireless router designed just for automotive use. it’s called autonet Wi-Fi and it allows any combination of laptops, phones or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect to the internet. ask your dealer for specific plans and prices. bluetooth foR phone6 to extend your capabilities, savana is available poweR SteeRing rack-and-pinion type steering is standard on all savanaCOntrOL and respOnse with bluetooth. this allows you to wirelessly operate your compatible phone 1500 models. this provides a positive, on-center feel at highway speeds, as through the controls and features already installed in your savana, including well as extra low-speed assist for maneuvering in tight spaces. savana 2500 hands-free operation and dialing. and 3500 series models use power recirculating ball-type steering. the high- capacity power steering pump and large reservoir help to give a constant level SiriusXm SAtellite RAdio9 enjoy siriusXM satellite radio in your savana, of assist, even when operating at the maximum weight rating. with a 3-month trial subscription to the XMpremier package available in Ls and Lt models. Only siriusXM brings you more of what you love, all in one place. Get over 130 channels, including commercial-free music, plus the bRAking best sports, news, talk, comedy and entertainment. Welcome to the world of siriusXM. Antilock bRAking SyStem (AbS) For confident stops in a variety of conditions, every savana features four-channel antilock brakes. When the uSb connectiVity 7 plug into the available Usb port and you can control brakes are applied, abs can detect impending wheel lock-up, and then pulse most of your ipod® or Mp3 music player’s functions, including playlists and that wheel’s brake to prevent it. the four-channel system can activate any song selection from your available steering-wheel-mounted radio controls. combination of vehicle brakes to maintain control. poweR fouR-wheel diSc bRAkeS every savana model comes standard SecuRity with the confidence of power four-wheel disc brakes with abs. their large size gives them impressive capacity, which helps the brakes to run cooler pASS-key iii theft deteRRent SyStem preventing unauthorized starting and minimize wear. attempts in your savana comes down to a tiny chip found in your ignition key. it functions as an electronic “fingerprint” that disables your starting system if it detects a theft attempt is underway. cARgo cApAcity 5 With its long wheelbase and minimal rear wheel wellinteriOr interference, savana Cargo van models can accommodate 4 x 8 sheets flat poweR dooR lockS with lockout pRotection avoid the angry feeling with both doors closed and have a maximum cargo volume of up to 313.9 cu. ft. of locking your keys in the car with this available system. it will prevent driver door locking if a key is still in the ignition system and the vehicle is in park. clASS-eXcluSiVe dRiVeR-Side Swing-out dooRS to save steps and increase your productivity, an extra pair of side doors are available on savana Remote keyleSS entRy One touch is all it takes for this available system to Cargo van models. these GM-exclusive swing-out doors let you choose the most lock or unlock your doors from up to 195 feet away. remote Keyless entry can convenient access point for fast, easy loading and unloading of tools or cargo. also flash your lights and sound your horn in a parking lot to help you locate your vehicle. multiple pASSengeR configuRAtionS With two wheelbase choices, three model series and three basic seating arrangements, savana passenger vans Remote Vehicle StARt this available feature will start your vehicle from up can accommodate up to eight or 12 passengers in all 135 wheelbase models, or to 195 feet away and run it for up to 10 minutes to start warming up or cooling up to 15 passengers in the 155 wheelbase 2500 and 3500 series models. down, based on your presets. 4 Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the rating, plus driver. the weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. see your GMC dealer for details. 5Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 6Go to to find out which bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle. 7not compatible with all devices. 8Monthly rates apply. visit for coverage map and details. 9requires a subscription, sold separately by siriusXM after the trial period. siriusXM radio service only available in the 48 contiguous United states and the district of Columbia. For more information and to view Customer agreement, visit 13
  16. 16. pARt 2FeatUres and tHeir beneFits (COntinUed) diRectionS connectionS onStAR Remotelink App the Onstar remoteLink app offers an amazingO n s ta r O n s ta r level of control and connection with your vehicle. after downloading and diRectionS connectionS plAn 1 never-ending demands on your time registering the app, GMC owners with an eligible vehicle can use their iphone® place a premium on the ability to sort and focus the information most or android™-based mobile devices to control their vehicle from their phone important to you. to put this capability at your fingertips, savana models and perform specific commands—like unlocking their doors—remotely. You come standard with a 6-month trial subscription to Onstar directions can lock/unlock your doors from any distance, start your vehicle remotely,3 Connections plan. flash your lights and sound your horn to help locate your vehicle or contact an Onstar advisor, roadside assistance or your preferred dealer. to learn all hAndS-fRee cAlling with Voice-ActiVAted diAling available Onstar about all the great features available, go to Hands-Free Calling is a service built into your savana. just push a button, call out the number and you’re free to keep your eyes on the road. it’s reliable, because it is specially designed for better connectivity and fewer dropped fRontAl AiR bAgS 4 to help reduce the risk of injury, all savana models pa s s e n G e r p r O t e C t i O n calls in areas with limited cellular reception. feature driver and front-passenger frontal air bags. savana 1500 models have the passenger sensing system that can deactivate the outboard front- tuRn-by-tuRn nAVigAtion drive with more confidence and certainty. passenger air bag if that occupant is under a certain weight. Onstar turn-by-turn navigation is built into your savana. it’s simple—all you have to do is push one button and ask the Onstar advisor to download directions to your savana. turn-by-turn is also smart, because an automated voice calls out every turn, as you need it. SecuRity Remote dooR unlock it’s happened to everyone. but there is an easy solution. if you get locked out of your savana, Onstar can help. after verifying your account, an Onstar advisor can send a remote signal to your savana that heAd cuRtAin Side-impAct AiR bAgS 4 this system is standard for the usually unlocks the doors within minutes. requires power door locks. first,- second,- and third-row outboard passengers. these air bags unfurl from the roof rail like a protective curtain for outboard passengers and can be Remote hoRn And lightS say you’re in a large parking area and you just activated by either rollover sensors or side-impact sensors. it only takes can’t remember where you parked. just call the toll-free number and Onstar milliseconds for these air bags to deploy and all the air bags can stay inflated can send a remote signal to flash your lights and sound your horn to help you for up to five seconds in the event of a rollover. locate your savana. ReinfoRced Steel SAfety cAge deSign savana’s high-strength steel RoAdSide ASSiStAnce2 if the unexpected happens on the road — you’re frame is tied into the main body structure with reinforced body sills, roof stranded, run out of gas or have a flat tire —one push of the Onstar button can pillars and a reinforced floor. this design creates a safety cage that surrounds immediately connect you to an advisor, ready to help any hour of the day or passengers and helps to maintain passenger compartment integrity in the night. Onstar can use Gps technology to pinpoint your location and connect event of a collision. you to a service provider. no guessing about where you are or what to do. tiRe pReSSuRe monitoRing SyStem properly inflated tires are Stolen Vehicle ASSiStAnce if your savana is ever stolen, Onstar can help important to your comfort, vehicle control and economy. the tire pressure to locate it after verification with law enforcement. Onstar can use built-in Monitoring system uses tiny sensors inside the wheel to “broadcast” tire Gps technology to help locate it, prevent it from restarting with remote pressure to your vehicle,5 which alerts you to their status and inflation level ignition block or, if the vehicle is in use, engage the stolen vehicle slowdown through the driver information Center. if you subscribe to Onstar vehicle technology to help police recover it quickly and safely. diagnostics, this information is part of their monthly e-mail update, or if you have the remoteLink app, you can check the status instantly. dRiVeR confidence commeRciAl/ VocAtionAl AutomAtic cRASh ReSponSe if your savana is in a crash, built-in sensors can automatically send an alert to Onstar. an Onstar advisor is immediately fleXible optionS GM Fleet Operations offers many different upfit options connected to your vehicle to help you. even if you aren’t capable of responding, for your savana. please see your GMC dealer for details.6 the advisor can use Gps technology to locate you and request that emergency help is sent right away. 155 wheelbASe pASSengeR VAn this gives you a stable, comfortable MObiLitY cRiSiS ASSiSt during severe weather or other natural disasters, Onstar can platform that is easy to drive and control. Yet, it still leaves plenty of room for offer assistance and help you navigate your way to safety. just push the red the interior upfits you need to accommodate passengers of varying abilities, Onstar emergency button and our specially trained Crisis assist team moves all with the dignity and comfort they deserve. quickly to help you. Onstar can pinpoint your location and provide up-to-date information from public safety authorities, request that help be sent to you or deSigned foR AmeRicAnS with diSAbilitieS Act (AdA) compliAnce even contact family members or loved ones. to assist you and your organization with compliance under the ada, savana is designed to be fitted with ada-compliant wheelchair and seating configurations, emeRgency SeRViceS if someone in your savana needs emergency help, without compromising interior comfort or convenience. savana readily accepts the Onstar emergency button gives you a priority connection to a specially conversions for a raised top, raised doors and upper reinforcement safety trained advisor at any time, day or night. Onstar uses Gps technology to structure upfits, as well as various wheelchair lift options, retractable wheelchair pinpoint your location and can request police, fire or medical support be sent securement systems, numerous wheelchair seating configurations, running right away. the advisor can also stay with you until help arrives. boards and entry systems. 1 Onstar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. services vary with conditions. visit for coverage map, details and system limitations. 2roadside service provided by Cross Country. 3requires factory-installed remote start. 4air bag inflation can cause severe injury or death to anyone too close to the air bag when it deploys. be sure every occupant is properly restrained. always use safety belts and the correct restraint for your child’s age and size. even in vehicles equipped with the passenger sensing system, children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate infant, child or booster seat. never place a rear- facing infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with a passenger air bag. see the Owner’s Manual and child safety seat instructions for more safety information. 5does not monitor spare tire. 6 Mobility upfits contain equipment from independent suppliers. see page 16 for information about alterations and warranties.14
  17. 17. pARt 3 speC YOUr MOdeL g m c . c o m / e X p l o R e S AVA n Asavana passenGer triM LeveLs savana passenGer triM LeveLs lS lt lS lt poweR pAckAge includes Convenience package (ZQ2) a —MeCHaniCaL and outside heated, power-adjustable, black mirrors. Upgradeable to include turn signal indicators.AlteRnAtoR 145 amps. standard on diesel models. also s s poweR windowS And dooR lockS a sincluded with rear air conditioning on gas engine models. ReAR AuXiliARy heAteR Ls trim; included with rear a sAuXiliARy heAt geneRAtoR Fuel operated. diesel models only. a a air conditioning; standard on 3500 series extendedbAtteRy dual heavy-duty maintenance-free with s s wheelbase models770 cold-cranking amps, rundown protection and ReAR-window defoggeR a aretained accessory power. diesel models only. Remote keyleSS entRy includes 2 transmitters. a scold climAte pAckAge engine block heater a a requires Convenience package (ZQ2) on Ls models.diffeRentiAl Heavy-duty automatic locking rear a a Remote StARt requires remote keyless entry on Ls models a aengineS vortec 4.8L v-8 FlexFuel. standard on 2500 s sand 3500 series models. e n t e r ta i n M e n t/ C O M M U n i C at i O n / n av i G at i O nvortec 5.3L v-8 FlexFuel. standard on 1500 series models. s svortec 6.0L v-8 FlexFuel. available on 2500 and 3500 series models. a a Am/fm SteReo With seek-and-scan, digital clock and 2 front-door speakers s sduramax diesel 6.6L v-8 turbo. available only on 3500 a a With Cd player a aseries models. see dealer for details. With Cd/Mp3 player, Usb port1 and 6 speakers. On Ls trim, requires a aStAbilitRAk vehicle stability enhancement system and s s power windows and door locks.traction control bluetooth® 2 foR phone personal cell-phone connectivity a atow/hAul mode SelectoR s s onStAR directions Connections plan.3 6-month subscription. s stRAileRing eQuipment Heavy-duty trailering hitch a a SiriusXm RAdio 4 3 trial months included a aplatform and 7-pin sealed connectortRAnSmiSSionS 4-speed automatic, electronically s s eXteriOr stYLinG and FUnCtiOnaLitYcontrolled with overdrive, tow/Haul mode and internaltransmission oil cooler. standard on 1500 series models. chRome AppeARAnce pAckAge Chrome front and rear a s6-speed automatic, heavy-duty, electronic tow/Haul s s bumpers and grille; includes halogen composite headlampsmode and internal transmission oil cooler. standard on dAytime Running lAmpS s s2500 and 3500 series models. fRont And ReAR bumpeRS black (includes rear step pad) s —tRAnSmiSSion oil cooleR external; 2500 and 3500 series models s s Chrome (includes rear step pad) a s outSide ReARView miRRoRS Manual foldaway s ss e at i n G power-operated, heated, black. requires Convenience a afRont Reclining bucket SeAtS With vinyl trim s — package (ZQ2). included with power package on Ls trim.With custom cloth trim a s power-operated, heated, black, with turn signals a a in glass. requires Convenience package (ZQ2).poweR SeAt AdjuSteR driver and front passenger, 6-way — a Sliding pASSengeR-Side dooR On Ls trim, requires a aSeAting configuRAtion 8-passenger, 1500 series models s s rear air conditioning8-passenger, 2500 and 3500 series models a a SolAR-RAy deep-tinted windowS s s12-passenger, 2500 and 3500 series models s s Swing-out pASSengeR-Side dooRS s s15-passenger, 3500 series extended wheelbase models only a a saFetY and seCUritYi n s t r U M e n tat i O n a n d C O n t r O L s AiR bAgS 5 Frontal, for driver and front passenger s s8-point digitAl compASS Located in the driver information Center. a s Head curtain side-impact for first, second and third row s srequires rear air conditioning. outboard occupantsoutSide tempeRAtuRe diSplAy Located in the driver information Center. a s enhAnced-technology glASS rearmost side windows; s sOn Ls trim, requires Chrome appearance package. 12- and 15-passenger models onlySteeRing wheel Leather-wrapped; includes steering-wheel- a a lAtch child SeAt AnchoR SyStem s smounted audio controls. requires tilt-Wheel, cruise control, pASS-key iii theft-deteRRent SyStem s sConvenience package (ZQ3) and uplevel Cd with Mp3 audio system.tilt-AdjuStAble SteeRing wheel includes cruise control. a s poweR dooR lockS With lockout protection a srequires Convenience package (ZQ3) on Ls models. standard Side Steel dooR beAmS s son 3500 series models. tiRe pReSSuRe monitoRing SyStem (does not monitor spare tire) s sinteriOr/COnvenienCe not compatible with all devices. 2Go to to find out which bluetooth phones are compatible 1 with the vehicle. 3visit for details and system limitations. 4requires a subscription, sold separatelyAiR conditioning Front s s by siriusXM after the trial period. siriusXM radio service only available in the 48 contiguous United states and the district of Columbia. For more information and to view Customer agreement, visit 5 always userear. requires auxiliary lighting on Ls models. standard a s safety belts and the correct restraint for your child’s age and size. even in vehicles equipped with the passenger sensing system, children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in an appropriate infant, child or boosteron 3500 series extended wheelbase models. seat. never place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat of any vehicle equipped with a passenger air bag. see the Owner’s Manual and child safety seat instructions for more safety information.conVenience pAckAge (zQ2) power windows and door locks a sconVenience pAckAge (zQ3) tilt-Wheel and cruise control. a sstandard on 3500 series models.deluXe conSole With swing-out storage a spAdded ViSoRS driver and passenger side s sWith vanity mirrors (illuminated on passenger side). a srequires auxiliary lighting on Ls models. standardon 3500 series extended wheelbase models.a-avaiLabLe s-standard — -nOt avaiLabLe 15