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Top 10

  1. 1. iCow: first mobile phone cow calendar  iCow is an SMS and voice-based mobile phone application for small-scale dairy farmers in Kenya.  It functions as a virtual veterinary midwife, helping farmers track the estrus stages of their cows.  Gives farmers valuable tips on cow breeding, animal nutrition, milk production efficiency and gestation.  iCow aims to reduce cow mortality rates, produce healthier and more robust calves and ultimately provide improved financial returns for the farmers. Visit:
  2. 2.  This app, offers real-time market prices for crops, matching kenyan farmers with buyers.  It acts as a transparency tool for kenyan farmers,  allows farmers to get information about the retail price of their products,  buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices,  and find buyers for their produce.  It allows remote farmers to plug into market updates and as a result keep up with the competition.  Visit:
  3. 3.  This is a fully automated app  It offers instant loans to workers at a fee via their mobile phones  It targets employees on a full-time basis registered for the service and offers a small emagency loan ranging from (US$58 to US$350) depending on pay-scale.  Users can access loans anytime anywhere without the necessity of having to wait for advance approvals or having to visit a financial institution to request for emergency money.  Visit: logo
  4. 4. Africa Travel Guide • The Africa Travel Guide Offline for phones or tablet) provides comprehensive information on over 1,000 destinations. • No internet connection is required as all the data is stored within the app. • Thus no matter where you are in Africa you can access it in the most remote places and avoid expensive roaming charges. • It allows users to explore all the major cities(hotels,bars,resturants,nightlife,entert ainment,transportation,sights)
  5. 5. nikohapa • This app is very similar to foursquare. • It is a social location app which allows users to discover new locations and connect up with friends. • It also acts as a loyalty program by rewarding users who visit certain locations, retailers, and restaurants, spend money and share these locations with their friends. • Users scan their phone’s address book to automatically detect when friends have joined NikoHapa and connect with them seamlessly.
  6. 6. Refugees United • There are millions of people especially across Sudan, Somalia, the DRC and North Africa, that have been separated from family and friends due to conflict or disaster and are desperately looking for loved ones. • Refugees United is an organization with an important mission to reconnect refugees with their families, wherever they might be. • Their app known as ‘Refugees United ’ allows users to search for lost family or friends in the NGO’s database. .
  7. 7. Olalashe • Olalashe is a location- aware distress alerting mobile application. • With a push of a button, users in trouble can send a preset SMS or Email alert. • The alert includes their location and is sent to all emergency contacts on the users mobile. • The app won first price in the Social category of the 2011 Android Developer Challenge for Sub Saharan Africa.
  8. 8. MedAfrica • This app helps users diagnose symptoms and providing directories of doctors and hospitals • it aims to revolutionize how people in developing areas access and use health information. • It is set up as a sustainable buisness rather than on a charity model. • It brings basic information about health and medicine to all types of phones and enables them to the information on their own. • In a country like Kenya, where on average 14 physicians must serve around 100,000 people. A self-serve information could be vital in improving national health and wellbeing.
  9. 9. Mama • Stands for Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action • It’s a program that works with low-income and at-risk mothers and families in countries with high population of mobile phone users • Provides vital health information through SMS text messaging and simple voice messages. • Provides pregnant women and new mothers with targeted health information and care tips using SMS and voice calls. .
  10. 10. M-Pesa • This is an award-winning mobile money transfer service. • It was first launched Safaricom (Kenyan mobile network operator) • It grew quickly capturing 6.5 million subscribers by May 2009 and 17 million subscribers by December 2011 with over 2 million daily transactions in Kenya alone. • The service has since expended to Uganda, Tanzania, south Africa, Afghanistan, India and Egypt. • It had been recognized worldwide including 4 GSMA awards, 2011 Mobile Money Award winner and UN-Habitat winner. • Visit the M-Pesa page: 0