"Healthy Places: Making a Difference in Chicago"


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Healthy Places is a CDC-funded initiative to implement sustainable policy, systems and environmental changes that address obesity in Chicago by creating healthier environments where Chicagoans live, work, learn and play.

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  • The Healthy Chicago Agenda includes these 12 priorities.
  • When developing the Healthy Chicago Agenda, intentional overlap was created with Healthy Places’ goals and objectives. There are 3 main areas where this overlap occurs.
  • The inclusion of Healthy Places strategies in our Healthy Chicago Public Health Agenda reflects not only the value that we place on the Healthy Places strategies, but also our intention to continue this work following the conclusion of the cooperative agreement.The Healthy Places’ initiatives listed here will continue after the cooperative agreement ends through various existing partnerships or partnerships being developed under the award. The other Healthy Places initiatives will continue as well, but we will continue to be more directly involved with these listed initiatives.
  • Vending Implementation:-RFP and contract role - to ensure health requirements were primary elements of the new vending contract. -Receiving sales and other data - for monitoring and assessing health impact of vending changes
  • CDPH assisted with ordinance development of Produce Merchant license – carts will now be permitted to remain stationary throughout the day which builds better community engagement
  • There are many ways we believe we can advance the overall obesity prevention initiatives started under Healthy Places. These are the primary areas we plan to mobilize our sustainability efforts.
  • Advocating at federal level for continued obesity prevention grant funding – working w/ other big cities to suggest the CDC fund Community Transformation Grants that were approved, but not funded. (maybe you could talk about your DC visits?) Interagency Partnerships-goal to identify and maximize opportunities for public health. For example, with CDOT’s “Make Way for People” we are ensuring any food sold at these new sites is healthy and smoking is not permitted-Healthy Chicago Inter-Agency Implementation Council -17 city agencies: (1) to create synergy and opportunities for health related inter-governmental collaborations and (2) to better understand agency priorities and create linkages from IDTF and Agency’s higher level policy work.
  • Convening a Funder’s Meeting- In order to develop many of these strategies, it will take additional resources and therefore, we are actively reaching-out to the philanthropic community to educate them on the Agenda’s priorities and where they might align with their missions.Expanding Community Engagement through Partnerships – The Dept. can not make Chicago healthier alone, it will take the concerted effort of many community partners. LISC New Communities Program is one such partner we are developing community engagement.Leveraging Existing Partnerships – The state of IL was fortunate to receive a CDC Community Transformation grant and many of their priorities also align w/ Healthy Places: Baby Friendly, School focused initiatives, healthy food access and Complete Streets to name a few. We also have partnerships with the regional (Northern IL Public Health Consortium, state groups (IL Alliance to Prevent Obesity- on Steering Committee and co-chair Transportation Work Group) and our own internal Chicago Partnership for Public Health.
  • Building off areas of the Healthy Places work, the Department continues to develop additional obesity prevention policy objectives.These are some of our current obesity policy objectives being considered.
  • "Healthy Places: Making a Difference in Chicago"

    1. 1. Bechara Choucair, MD CommissionerChicago Department of Public Health @ChiPublicHealth on
    3. 3. HEALTHY CHICAGOChicago Department of Public Health IT DEMANDS THAT WE MAKE CHANGES » In policies » In programs » In health education
    4. 4. Healthy Chicago Strategies by Intervention Type (n=193) 23% 29% n=45 n=56 n=92 48% Policies Programs Education and Public Awareness
    5. 5. Chicago Public Health Agenda
    6. 6. Chicago Public Health Agenda
    7. 7. Integration of Healthy Places into Healthy Chicago: A Key to Sustainability – Food Plan Implementation – Baby Friendly Hospitals – Vending Implementation – Healthy Produce Carts – Healthy Corner Stores
    8. 8. Integration of Healthy Places into Healthy Chicago: A Key to Sustainability, cont’d– Food Plan Implementation • Active participation in the City’s Internal Working Group • CDPH leads the City’s Consumption Workgroup –Fostering a culture shift of both individuals and organizations to consume or provide healthier foods
    9. 9. Integration of Healthy Places into Healthy Chicago: A Key to Sustainability, cont’d – Baby Friendly Hospitals • Continue outreach to hospitals • Explore other methods (incentives, mandates, etc.) to increase breastfeeding.
    10. 10. Integration of Healthy Places into Healthy Chicago: A Key to Sustainability, cont’d – Vending Implementation • CDPH was instrumental in developing the content of the City’s RFP and the final contract • Vendor contract requires sales and other related data to CDPH
    11. 11. Integration of Healthy Places into Healthy Chicago: A Key to Sustainability, cont’d – Healthy Produce Cart Implementation • CDPH assisted with ordinance development of Produce Merchant license • Continue to work with DHED to ensure successful implementation
    12. 12. Fostering Continued Support for Obesity Prevention Strategies1. Federal Advocacy2. Interagency Partnerships3. Community Engagement
    13. 13. Fostering Continued Support for Obesity Prevention Strategies, cont’d1. Federal Advocacy – Continuing to push for chronic disease, physical activity and nutrition funding to cities – Supporting Federal Menu Labeling policy – Participating in Big Cities Policy Coalition
    14. 14. Fostering Continued Support for Obesity Prevention Strategies, cont’d2. Interagency Partnerships – Participating in other City Agency Projects – Healthy Chicago Inter-Agency Implementation Council – CPS Chief Health Officer • Joint Report Release of Chicago’s Youth Obesity Prevalence
    15. 15. Fostering Continued Support for Obesity Prevention Strategies, cont’d.3. Community Engagement – Convening a Funder’s Meeting – Expanding Community Engagement through Partnerships – Leveraging Existing Partnerships – IDPH’s CTG grant, IL Alliance to Prevent Obesity, NIPHC, Chicago Partnership for Public Health
    16. 16. Building CDPH Policy Capacity• Staff dedicated to developing local policy related to obesity and other Healthy Chicago priorities• Developing a Healthy Procurement Ordinance for all city sponsored events (meetings, events, etc.)• Active Design strategies for new buildings• Exploring potential policies to address the unhealthy foods sold at fast food establishments• Looking for support to enact and implement a health in all policies ordinance
    17. 17. For More Information on Healthy Chicago www.Cityofchicago.org/HealthHealthyChicago@cityofchicago.org Facebook.com/ChicagoPublicHealth @ChiPublicHealth http://gplus.to/ChiPublicHealth (312) 747-9884