Front cover (statement of intent)


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Front cover (statement of intent)

  1. 1. Front cover (Statement of Intent)
  2. 2. What is the name of your product and why?Product name:The name of my front cover will be called ‘JAZZMIN’ because I am aiming to challenge conventions of many real media products – specifically Jazz magazines. The masthead name will be unconventional to an extent, this means the first half of the masthead will follow unconventional lines; the first half of the masthead which is ‘Jazz’ will have a specific focus on the genre of Jazz music, therefore highlighting the Niche target audience. As well the masthead having a focal aim in promoting the genre of music , it will also mark the potential target audience which is essentially Jazz fans.The conventionality of many real media products (Jazz magazines):Techniques and strengths of the masthead:The name is similar to ‘Jasmine’ in pronunciation which is a females name, again this makes a direct statement on the target audience who are females. Also another aim of my product is to challenge conventions in relation to the target audience. This is because, the products Ideology will be promoting Feminism through Jazz music and stressing the importance of female recognition in the Jazz industry especially female Jazz fans in their late teens and early adulthood. Therefore, creating a music magazine that is suited towards the target audience will be empowering for the target audience.
  3. 3. What will your magazine be about and why?The magazine is about promoting the Ideology of Feminism into Jazz music, because the Jazz industry at the moment is one that is male dominated, and my product aim is to challenge this by using the product to empower young female Jazz fans who to be confident that females too can be just as successful as males in the Jazz industry.INCLUDE IMAGE OF FEMINISMAlso, creating this vision for a magazine that is targeted at females only, more importantly young females who range from age (16-21) will create a potential target audience. This potential target audience will be created in a sense that the product is creating a new type of market as it rare that many young females listen Jazz music, as the dominant genres of music today that are usually associated with young people are : Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie etc.Also, from my research I found that not many real media products of the Jazz genre represent the young and successful Jazz musicians that exist, especially female one, and if the females are represented it is only less than 1 in 5 chances of them being represented. Only certain female Jazz musicians who are relatively young that have been able to make their big break through in the Jazz industry such as Ezperanza Spalding (INSERT IMAGE OF Ezperanza)Below are real media products of the Jazz genre that are only representative of males, through the creation of my product, this is what I aim to challenge.(INSERT IMAGE OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS THAT ARE ONLY REPRESENTATIVE OF MALES)
  4. 4. The design of the masthead How the masthead will be designed: The colour of the masthead The colour that will be used for the masthead will be red because it is suited to the colour scheme which is: red, black and white. The connotations attached to the colour red is passion; this passion is linked to the feelings of how the Jazz fans feel about the genre of music as well as the musicians that are going to discussed about in the magazine. Also, the colour red is one that ties in with femininity. Using red will be effective in the sense that it will create an image of females of Jazz to be strong women as the red that will be used will be strong and vibrant. As well as the colour red positioning the target audience in a strong light, the colour also rejects the stereotypical colours that are used to represent or indicate some type of femininity through colours such as pink. The colour pink is rather innocent and does not make a subjective statement in the way that the colour red does. Also the vibrancy of the colour will achieve attention because it will stand out as very clear on the front cover. In addition to this, the colour red will portray the target audience to be one that is sophisticated despite their age as an opposed to using colours such as pink that creates a childlike image for the readers. Positioning of the masthead on the front cover: I Intend to place the masthead at the left hand side corner in order to create space for the main image. The whole masthead which is ‘JAZZMIN’ will not be placed as one on the front cover but will be separated. The first part of the masthead which is ‘JAZZ’ will be placed on top to draw the audiences attention to the genre of music. The second part of the masthead which is ‘MIN’ will be directly underneath ‘JAZZ’. Font style that will be used for the masthead: The font style that I will be using for the masthead will be Stencil because the font style mirrors a Saxophone which is a Jazz instrument. Using this type of font style will achieve a creative unconventionality for the masthead because it will appeal to the readers as being very different in terms of design. However, the font style Stencil instantly captures the genre of Jazz without the main image being a necessity to indicate what genre of music that the magazine is.Size of masthead:•The size of the first half of the masthead will belarger to highlight the genre of music instantly. JAZZ•The second half of the masthead will be placeddirectly underneath the first part of the mastheadto indicate that both parts make one masthead. MIN
  5. 5. What will be the dominant image on your music magazine front cover? (1) & Why will you be using this image? This is dominant image that will be on the front cover and will be the only image on the front cover. Why use this image: Clothing: Both musicians are wearing blazers which allows them to adopt a masculine type Why use this image: role, which again reinforces the Ideology The female musician sitting of Feminism. down has a facial expression that is very strong and powerful. Also, her gaze is aimed directly towards the reader; the effect achieved here is that she is Why use this image: communicating the Ideology of The background of image is one that is Feminism through her facial suburban, which creates the idea that females expression to the target are daring to be different , furthermore, the audience. background is representative of real places andWhy use this image: real people. The background of the imageThe hat coming off is symbolic of the fact differs from the conventional photo shoot typethat males are not the only ones in the images that can be seen on many real mediaindustry who are taking over; the products.females will now be more dominant too.The hat is a males hat, which suggest the The use of the guitar involves all Jazz musicians, as well as creatingdominant idea of male occupying the a modernised representation of Jazz through the guitar as anJazz industry is now about to be taken opposed to using a trumpet or Saxophone. It is because of this thatoff as females are being just as powerful. the guitar introduces a new generation that is emerging in the genre of Jazz.
  6. 6. What are your thoughts on Representation as regards on your image and why? The Representation of the image places young females from their late teens to early twenties (16-21) in a sophisticated light through the use of clothing which is very vintage and mature. However, not only does the clothing highlight the fashionable aspect of the magazine and the musicians, it also highlights the roots of Jazz, which evolved from the 1940’s. In terms of Representation in regards to ethnicity , the magazine is only representative of two ethnicities: Black and Mixed Race. This type of representation has been created in order to highlight the roots of Jazz, which was influenced from the African American realm. What does the image tell your potential target audience about the content of your magazine? The image tells the potential target audience that, the Representation of females to be discussed within the product will be strong and subjective. The concept of being strong and subjective is conveyed through the facial expression of one of the artist who sitting down. The subjective Ideology of Feminism is reflected through the image.
  7. 7. Will your target audience find this image appealing?The main image sees the emergence of females involved in Jazz to be portrayed in a new light through the representation shown on the main image which is young and sophisticated, as well as dedicated to the genre of music. As well as the readers will be drawn to the clothing worn by the musicians which is vintage because it challenges the stereotype of how all female teenagers dress (INSERT TYPICAL IMAGE). This image will also create a community of interest through the genre of Jazz in the Representation of females through clothing. The product will achieve a community of interest in fashion; readers will become satisfied in a sense that stereotypical style of clothing to much more enticing in other genres of music such as Indie and Pop. In this way, the main image is inspirational in a sense of empowerment through the clothing worn by the musicians.The product will also be appealing the target audience because of the background of the main image which is very suburban like; the background challenged the glamorous photo shoot or CGI backgrounds of many real media products. It is because of this that product acts as one that is representative of real people in real places instead of create unrealistic images and portrays for its target audience.The removing of the hat is elevating and creates a female empowerment for the target audienceWhy the magazine will not find the image appealing?My target audience is all females who are actively involved in Jazz who range from age 16-21. The product is aimed at all ethnicities.However, my potential target audience can argue that main image is only representative of two ethnicities :Black and Mixed. The potential target audience may regard the magazine to be contradictory in relation to the appeal of magazine being suited towards all ethnicities.However, my magazine does not intentionally mean to exclude all other Ethnicities from the genre. I have selected the two models in the picture because I wanted the first issue of the magazine to be representative of the main roots of Jazz – which had a heavy influence from African American musicians.The potential target audience could also argue that the product’s representation is too backwards and the Representation of the two ethnicities shown on the main image, defeats the whole concept of the magazine- which is essentially to include all Jazz females coming from different ethnicities/backgrounds.
  8. 8. Who is the potential target audience and how you know this?Creating the potential target audience:I want to create a potential target audience, because Jazz is a genre that is usually associated with the older ages such as from 30+ and predominantly Jazz is a genre that is associated with malesCover linesThe cover lines that I am going to use will also indicate the potential target audience:• ‘’Give a girl Jazz and she will conquer the world’’ – Cover line has a philosophical sense to it, which could attract intellectuals.Age groupThe age group of the target audience will be 16-21 because *
  9. 9. What stories will be found in the magazine, as depicted by your chosen cover lines? The stories found in the magazine will be stories about the musicians that feature on the front cover. The female Jazz group is called Rema. Stories of them will be indicated by the contents page. Below is a table of the stories in the contents page and the cover lines on the front page.Contents page (stories) Front Cover (Cover Lines)‘Roy Loves Jazz’ ‘’The Truth’‘Zayna loves fun’ ‘REMA CARE’‘Exclusive Interview with ‘REMA CARE’ All of this links will be visualRema’ especially ‘Roy Loves Jazz’ and ‘The Truth’. However, the other cover lines and stories will be visually true but also will relate to one another in the magazine to a huge extent. The ‘Exclusive Interview with Rema’ is linked to ‘REMA Care’ On the front cover because it is through the interview that the girl Jazz band will be able to advice aspiring Jazz females about the Jazz industry and will be discussing their own views on what it takes to be successful.
  10. 10. How many different fonts will be used for the front page? The font style that will be used JAZZ for masthead will be Stencil and will be the largest in side, in comparison to the rest of the MIN text on the front page. The colour of the masthead will be red. The font size used for the first part of the masthead will be about style 120. The font style used for this cover line will be Stencil (the same font style used for the masthead). This is because ‘REMA’ the female duo group are Jazz musicians, and the font style imitates the genre of Jazz. The font style of Stencil has a similar to image to that of a Saxophone. It is because of this reason that the font style of the masthead will depict the genre of the magazine which is Jazz. The font size used for that cover line will be about 25. Also, the colour of this cover line will be in red to suit the colour scheme. The font style of the cover line that will be placed here will be ‘Times New Roman’ which is a very simplistic and sophisticated kind of font style. The cover line here is actually a quote, which is why it will made into an italic text. The colour of the cover line will white; the colour is vibrant and stands out on the front cover especially in darker areas (such as the clothing worn by the musicians). However the word ‘JAZZ’ will use a variety of colours that still keep to and tie in with the colour scheme: red, white and black . The font size here, should be about a 28, because it is a key quote philosophical quote that will draw the readers attention if made larger in font size.
  11. 11. Will your target audience find the font appealing?The target audience will find the fonts used on the front page to be appealing because each font communicates a different message to the target audience: Why the audience will find this appealing:Stencil JAZZMIN • Indentifies genre of music straight away (the front style is extremely representative of Jazz, as the font style is similarly linked to a Saxophone which is a Jazz instrument. Why the target audience will not find the font appealing: • Too cliché in being representative of Jazz, some of the target audience may feel the font used for the masthead and other cover lines is in sophisticated enough, and it perhaps too animated.Times New Roman Give a girl Jazz.. Why the target audience will find the font style appealing: • the font style is sophisticated, therefore creates a representation for the target audience to be sophisticated too. • Because the cover line is a quote and sounds quite philosophical, using this type of font will be key in communicating the message behind the cover line. Why the target audience will not find the font style used appealing: • this font style introduces another type of audience, perhaps an older audience because the font style is very formal.