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  • BT has been working with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK for more than six decades. In 1948 we helped the first hospitals with their telephone servcie.,  Our scientists also helped the NHS develop and produce what would become one of the first mass-market hearing aids.  In the 1960s, our researchers eveloped a device that allowed people paralysed by polio and spinal cord injuries. to operate electrical equipment by sucking and blowing on a tube.  Fast forward to the 1980s and we developed Life Pagers to help ensure that people needing vital organ transplants were never out of reach.  But it didn’t stop there. The dawn of the information age created even more opportunities for the NHS. In 1998, we helped launch NHS Direct, the 24 hour helpline staffed by nurses. In 2002, we developed the Numbers for Babies service for the NHS. This ensures that within minutes of a baby’s birth midwives can obtain their all-important NHS number. And as I’ll go on to outline, we’ve played a huge part in the National Programme for IT, helping the National Health Service in the UK lay the foundations of eHealth to transform healthcare.. And we work with the health service to provide a range of other innovative products and services.
  • So the breadth of our work in health is extensive.We have a unique breadth of capabilities and the scope to operate globally, yet deliver locally. From delivering the largest and most complex IT projects to helping a small community healthcare centre, few companies have the experience, expertise, resources and staying power to work alongside healthcare providers anywhere in the world. We’ve got network, infrastructure, communications, applications experience.And experience of delivering local regional and national eHealth.  And we aren’t just helping to improve healthcare in the UK. As an emerging player internationally, we’re looking to apply our expertise and experience to benefit healthcare providers and their patients worldwide.I’ll talk more about this shortly.
  • Healthcare providers around the world are facing the same problems...
  • Terminology:PID = Patient Identifiable DataProduct Building Blocks:IOS = Interoperability ServicesExR = Electronic Health Records / Electronic Patient RecordsRFID = Radio Frequency Identification (for asset management / tracking / location)VNA = Vendor Neutral Archive for imaging dataProducts:MT = Medical TranscriptionMed Img = Medical Imaging for a range of ologies.A3S = Analytics as a Service (core tooling)Customer Propositions:YoC = Year of Care, the likely future model for providing appropriate care for people with a long-term condition (LTC).CSS = Commissioning Support Services
  • Collaborate to innovate master class full presentation

    1. 1. The Open Innovation ProgrammeDan CorlettAssistant DirectorInstitute of Applied Entrepreneurship
    2. 2. What we need is an entrepreneurialsociety in which innovation andentrepreneurship are normal, steadyand continual.Peter F. Drucker
    3. 3. Our Vision: We aspire to be a dynamic, global,enterprising university. We will work in partnership withexternal organisations through our research and engage ourstudents as partners in a community of learning.Our values: We seek to foster excellence, innovation,creativity and enterprise among our students, staff, andpartner organisations.Entrepreneurship at Coventry University
    4. 4. The IAE•Dynamic•Global•Engaging•Growth orientated
    5. 5. Education Applied Research EntrepreneurshipSupportAdd+VantageModulesOpen Innovation MentoringBA Enterprise andEntrepreneurshipSystemicEntrepreneurshipSPEEdMasters inEntrepreneurshipEco Innovation Propeller / SEFProfessionaldoctorate inEntrepreneurshipBusiness Incubators 4FrontSchool supportErasmus for YoungEntrepreneurs
    6. 6. Innovation – University Enterprise Network(i-UEN)•Will support 420 businesses, not only within our incubation facilities, butacross others within the West Midlands•Prepare them to successfully collaborate with large organisations•Designed to accelerate the effectiveness of the innovation process•Target sectors – Niche vehicles, Digital Media & Assistive Technologies
    7. 7. •Identify firms who would benefit from the interventions.•Introduction to potential partners.•Help them to organise for innovation.•Help them to think through what form of open innovationmay be suitable for them and to plan accordingly.How can Open Innovation benefit you?
    8. 8. Levels of support availableWork Package 2 –General Knowledgeand Experience2 days - 420 SMEsWork Package 3 –Specific SME Interventions3 days - 168 SMEsWork Package 4 –Collaboration for Innovation5 days – 84 SMEs, 30 Corporates
    9. 9. Opportunities / What next?•Think about what support your business requires to develop or supportand open innovation strategy•Post Master Class - each business will be offered a one to one sessionwith IAE staff•Who are the companies you want to collaborate with?•Determine your level of readiness to go to the next stage
    10. 10. Thank youDan
    11. 11. Panel DiscussionSustainable Innovations – how tocreate conditions for growth andprotect your ideasFacilitated by Peter WaltersWalters Consultancy
    12. 12. InnovationProf E.CandyStrategitelHarnessing chaos
    13. 13. Concept to reality Strategitel
    14. 14. How it really starts• If only we could• If we had this wecould?• If this was zero ?• If we add this tothat• We could use thisfor thatStrategitel
    15. 15. How it ends up!• I thought it would….• I didn’t realise theywere customers!!• They are using it forsomething different!• I’ve spent much morethan I intended!Strategitel
    16. 16. The user eco system
    17. 17. The technology opportunityStrategitel
    18. 18. The power of the teamStrategitel
    19. 19. Collaboration• Pre normative• Shared I/P• Eco System• Volume markets• Little of a lot versesa lot of a little• Accelerator for newproducts /services= UMTS/3G
    20. 20. Mobile Landscape.2001 20101982 1983 1987 1991Analogue CellularAMPSBusinessAnalogueMobilePhone CallsDigital Cellular2G GSMMassMarketDigitalPhoneCalls + DataResearchResearchResearchMobile IP42 MbtsWeb ServicesIntegrationSoftware DefinedMulti-accessWeb UbiquityService Evolution384Kbps3G BroadbandMobileBroadbandMobileInformationStrategitel
    21. 21. TelecomIndustrymain framesdesk top computingPC-LANPC-WANIntranet/Internetelectronicpublishing andentertainmentComputer IndustryMedia IndustryIndustry transformation /Convergence (from 1997)The ConvergedIndustryWirelinemobilityWireless/CellularPSTNPTNISDNPC/ServersNewTelecomsIndustry3G/Wireless InternetCarrier classMMMWWWPersonal(Mobile)Multi-mediaservicesWAPStrategitel
    22. 22. Convergence-of servicesInternet TelephonyMediaENTERTAININFORM3GCOMMUNICATEStrategitel
    23. 23. Internet / IP packet environmentdominatesInternetTelephonyMediaENTERTAININFORM 3GCOMMUNICATERadioStrategitel
    24. 24. Take Up AcceleratorMassMarketTechnologyStandard or De-factoUniversal Adoption / RegulationUser RelevanceUser SimplicityAddressable MarketEconomies of ScaleAffordabilityStrategitel
    25. 25. Take Up AcceleratorMassMarketTechnologyStandard or De-factoUniversal Adoption / RegulationUser RelevanceUser SimplicityAddressable MarketEconomies of ScaleAffordabilityMore FeaturesLower CostDe-FragmentationMore AdoptersIncreasing Investment in UIInvisibleTechnologyLargerPotentialMarketStrategitel
    26. 26. AdaptingExtrapolatingReactingUnderstandingForecastingTime horizonPast FutureIntelligentPursuitStrategitelLook beyond know the environmentNow
    27. 27. Now, Mobile and Mine!PersonalityFashionMineWhat I Want !Strategitel
    28. 28. The innovation processStrategitel
    29. 29. From Innovation to exploitationConceptualVisualAdaptiveCreativeIndividualUn constrainedThoroughDetailedPreciseOrderedSystematicStarterThrives on new.Bored with repetition.Frustrated by detailFinisherNeeds orderFears uncertaintyDriven to finishPreciseConceptualizationResearch to developmentPrototype to productStart up to going concernProspect to saleOrder to fulfilmentTransition
    30. 30. Thank youforlisteningProf E.CandyStrategitel
    31. 31. High BWLow BW5 Mbps50 kbpsSimpleFunctionalityComplexFunctionalityInternet Mobile Internet
    32. 32. Mobile:- Three separate sectors.• Communication• Information• Entertainment• 3G 1st to delivertelephonyentertainment andinformation on oneplatform anywhereanytimeStrategitel
    33. 33. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initials34Open Innovation & IPDonal O’ConnellChawton Innovation Services
    34. 34. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsAbout Donal OConnell
    35. 35. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsOpen Innovation
    36. 36. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsNot all the smart people work for you
    37. 37. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsThe OI pie
    38. 38. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsSome misunderstandingsOpen to all?Free, no costs involved?IP free zone?
    39. 39. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsIntangible assetsIntellectual capitalIntellectual assetsIntellectual property
    40. 40. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsLegal foundationsLegal foundationsBusiness aspects
    41. 41. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsIP maturity
    42. 42. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsThe IP environment
    43. 43. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsIP risks
    44. 44. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsLevel of controlPuddles vs oceans Calm vs turbulent
    45. 45. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsHow IP adds valueFreedom of actionProduct differentiationRevenue Business influenceEnabling a technologyCost competitivenessBundled with technology and know-howPositive Image / PerceptionTax benefitsInvestmentCustomer intimacy
    46. 46. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsTraditional vs enlightened view of IP
    47. 47. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsIP framework
    48. 48. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsIP strategy
    49. 49. © Chawton Innovation Services/Title.ppt/Version/date/initialsThank youPlease check out Chawton Innovation Services
    50. 50. Questions
    51. 51. Panel DiscussionStimulating Innovations – The need tocollaborate and how to overcome someof the barriersFacilitated by Peter WaltersWalters Consultancy
    52. 52. Loy LoboDirector of Strategy & InnovationBT Global Healthloy.lobo@bt.comBT Global HealthGrowth ThroughCollaborativeInnovation
    53. 53. More than 60 years experience in health... and counting1948Hearing aidsfor all1969Communicationfor people withdisabilities1985Life pagerservice fororgan recipients1998NHS Directestablished2002NHS numberfrom birth2007NHS NationalBroadbandNetworkcompleted2010Patient informationon the move
    54. 54. Specialized systems for researchersand public health data collection and analysisSystems for health education and healthpromotion of patients/citizensClinical information systems andspecialized tools for health professionalsSupport systemsBT Mobile Health WorkerThe Spine - National Care RecordService, N3 Virtual Private NetworkLocal Service ProviderNetwork servicesIntegrated Regional/National Health InformationNetworks and Electronic Health RecordSystems and associated servicesTelemedicine and personal health systemsand servicesHealth Service PerformanceImprovement FrameworkSecondary Uses ServiceQMASOur breadth in eHealth
    55. 55. Strategic health IT objectives for nations we’reengaged withInformation strategydriven aroundempowering patientsand cliniciansClinical informationsystem deploymentShared electronic healthrecords for patientsEmbedding knowledgetools and clinicaldecision support at thepoint of careAlignment andintegration of healthand social caresystemsHealthinformationexchanges
    56. 56. Four areas of investment© British Telecommunications plc 57InteroperabilityMobilityTelehealthAnalytics
    57. 57. Network of NetworksOther Networks(Private / Public)(Local / Regional / National / International)Core PortfolioPID Secure Compute InfrastructureProduct Building BlocksIOS ExR Sensors RFID VNAProductsTelemedicine Telehealth MT Asset Mgmt …Med Img A3SCustomer PropositionsYoC – Managed Svc Digital Hospital CSS Portals BPO/ITO ……ProductisedInteroperabilityValueE2EDelivery&ServiceExcellenceConsistent healthcare challenges internationally requiring transformational solutionsGloballyConsistent ModelStandards Based -- Local Adaptation & Flexibility
    58. 58. Collaborating with BTAlignmentScaleValue• Does your innovation fit inour four themes?• Is the power of yourinnovation multiplied by anetwork?• Zero People Intensity?• Global market?• Needs sales force?• Is the customer valueproposition clearlydefined?• Does it improve with BT’sinvolvement?© British Telecommunications plc 59
    59. 59. Innovation Challenge – Cost-effective Telehealth• Whole System Demonstrator showed that patients get benefit from Telehealth.• The current debate centres on its cost-effectiveness.• WSD Telehealth cost about £80k per Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY).• The total cost of Telehealth service per person per year was in the region of £1000 -£1400.• In order for Telehealth to be cost-effective, it cost needs to drop by about 75%.• How do we achieve it?© British Telecommunications plc 60
    60. 60.© British Telecommunications plc 61
    61. 61. John CunliffeChief Technology OfficerEricsson Western & Central EuropeMay 20th, 2013Collaborate toInnovate
    62. 62. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 63This isEricsson› We provide:> Communication networks> Services to network operators> Enablers to service providers› Customers in more than 180 countries› 40% of the world’s mobile calls passthrough our networks› Founded: 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden› President and CEO: Hans Vestberg› Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden› Employees: ~110 000› Net Sales: SEK 228 billion in 2012› Around £22.6bn
    63. 63. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 64Innovating since 1876› 1878 Telegraph to telephone› 1923 Manual switching to automatic switching› 1968 Electro mechanics to computer control› 1981 Fixed communications to mobile communication› 1991 Analog (1G) to digital (2G) mobile technology› 1998 Integration of voice and data in mobile networks› 2001 Launch of WCDMA/3G networks in Western Europe› 2006 Launch of HSPA mobile broadband globally› 2009 First commercial LTE network launched› 2011 Sales of mobile broadband took offEarly automatic switchMulti-standard radio base station RBS 6000
    64. 64. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 65Leading patent portfolio› ~20% of sales spent on R&D› Ericsson holds the world’sstrongest portfolio ofessential patents fortelecommunications› 33,000 granted patents worldwide› More than 80 patent licenseagreements› Positive net revenue fromroyalties
    65. 65. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 66Innovationin a networked society
    66. 66. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 67› Innovation isn’t always big and/or glamourous› Hire the right people– Beware naysayers› Make time for innovation› Stopping projects is important as starting them– Ruthlessly release cash for new projects– Avoid hobby horses– Focus on what’s important› Timing– You may be too early› Talk to people, network– Online forums– Trade associations, e.g. Intellect for IT and Communications– Academics– Institutions e.g. The Institute of Engineering and TechnologyInnovation Thoughts
    67. 67. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 68Open standards key forthe industry› Innovation is an important element of our corporate culture› Early involvement in creating new standards› Largest contributor to open standards› Often first to market with new solutions› 5th largest software supplier in the world
    68. 68. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 69ScaleResourcesCustomerconfidenceInvestorconfidenceFocussedFastAgileTheinternet is agreatequaliserLarge & SmallcompaniesLarger Smaller
    69. 69. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 70New kinds of creativityOld Creativityby and for the fewthe geniusthe masterpiecethe pen & pencilthe given momentthe studio & the labthe monologueNew Creativityby and for allthe communitythe mosaic of small ideasthe computer, mobile, pen, pencilthe continuous torrentanywherethe dialogue
    70. 70. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 71In 2008 it was estimated open source codesaved consumers $60bn/year
    71. 71. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 72Raspberry pi
    72. 72. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 73IOS & AndroidDevelopment platforms
    73. 73. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 74
    74. 74. Ericsson Internal | © Ericsson AB 2013 | 2013-05-19 | Page 75› We have a vision of 50 billionconnected devices by 2020› We do not just connectplaces and people – but alsomachines and devices› Anything that benefits from beingconnected will be connected© Ericsson AB 2009 | Ericsson Internal | X (X) | Date50 billion connecteddevices
    75. 75. Questions
    76. 76. © 100%Open 2012Collaborate to innovateAn open innovation master class7803/06/2013
    77. 77. 100%Open 2013100%Open
    78. 78. © 100%Open 2010Our Clients03/06/2013 80
    79. 79. © 100%Open 2012 81100%Open Networks
    80. 80. © 100%Open 2012Innovating with partnersby sharing the risksand the rewards.03/06/2013 82Open Innovation
    81. 81. © 100%Open 2012“It’s not the big that eat thesmall…it’s the fast thateat the slow.”Laurence HaughtonIt’s Not What You Say it’s What You Do3 June 2013 83The agile enterpriseFor corporates it’s about bigger faster cheaper
    82. 82. © 100%Open 201201/08/2012 84100%Open Innovation ProcessExplore Extract ExploitIdentify Interesting Questions andexplore potential answers.Select the best innovations andpotential partners.Prototype and take investablepropositions to market.
    83. 83. 100%Open 20133 Minute Joint Venture
    84. 84. 100%Open 2013Session 13 minute joint venture3 June 2013 86Session 1
    85. 85. 100%Open 2013Open innovationlive!3 June 2013 87Session 2
    86. 86. © 100%Open 20123 June 2013 88The BT Health ChallengeCan you help BT deliver acomplete service for peopleto manage long termconditions at home for lessthan £1 a day?
    87. 87. 100%Open 2013Dragon’s feedback filter
    88. 88. 100%Open 2013To change image Right click it andchoose Change Picture and Sent to Back
    89. 89. 100%Open 20133 minute pitches3 June 2013 91Session 2
    90. 90. 100%Open 2013Session 3Case histories and lessonslearned3 June 2013 92Session 3
    91. 91. © 100%Open 200903/06/2013 93Lessons LearnedConversations first,then relationships,then transactions.
    92. 92. © 100%Open 2010P&G03/06/2013 94P&G systematically gather and share needs through it’s Connect & Develop programme, with theexplicit objective of being viewed as the partner of choice in the FMCG industry.
    93. 93. © 100%Open 200903/06/2013 95Lessons Learned“Innovation is aU-Shaped Process.”Paul Vanags
    94. 94. © 100%Open 2010OxfamBy connecting insight gathering with prototyping with product development Oxfam were able to co-create better innovations cheaper and faster with supporters and partners.03/06/2013 96
    95. 95. © 100%Open 200903/06/2013 97Lessons LearnedClients not Cash
    96. 96. © 100%Open 2010OrangeAn Airlock competition that helped source and create a new £20m service proposition called LastSecond Tickets trialed with 1m customer & launches nationally in Q1 2012.03/06/2013 98
    97. 97. © 100%Open 2010Give to Get03/06/2013 99Open Mindsets
    98. 98. © 100%Open 2010InterfaceInterface are a $1bn carpet company who have a promise – called Mission Zero - to eliminate anynegative impact the company may have on the environment by 2020.03/06/2013 100
    99. 99. © 100%Open 200903/06/2013 101Lessons Learned“The future reveals itself throughthe peripheral.”J.G. Ballard
    100. 100. © 100%Open03/06/2013 102McLaren & NATSMcLaren’s predictive F1 software allows air traffic controllers to predict how aircraft are likely to act atairports, overcoming costly and dangerous uncertainty.
    101. 101. © 100%Open 200903/06/2013 103Lessons Learned“People are much more likely toact their way into a new way ofthinking, than think their wayinto a new way of acting.”R. Pascale
    102. 102. © 100%Open 20123 June 2013 104Find existing challengesIt’s out there, somewhere.
    103. 103. © 100%Open 20123 June 2013 105Digital media• TSB Digital Fashion Innovation Contest,£25k 5th June, 2013 Link• Digital Finance Innovation ContestSpeed networking & pitch event majorplayers 10th June, 2013 Link• Samsung Venture & Entrepreneur call,open Link• LG Collaborate & Innovate Link
    104. 104. 100%Open 2013
    105. 105. © 100%Open 20123 June 2013 107Assistive Technologies• REALISE Market Place - OI communityfor Assistive Technologies Link• Clinical Excellence - up to £24k each, 5thJune Link• The Long Term Care Revolution - Up to£2.4m, 5th June Link• Boots Centre for Innovation - Call for ideasand innovation Link• Colgate - Patented Innovations Link• GSK Innovation - Call for innovation Link• Medtronic - Call for inventions Link
    106. 106. © 100%Open 20123 June 2013 108Niche Vehicles• Niche Vehicle R&D Competition - Up to£1.35m - Midnight 7th July Link• Ford Social - Call for ideas Link• BMW - Virtual Innovation Agency Link• Johnson Controls - Open Innovation Link
    107. 107. © 100%Open 2012Open Innovation Cheat Sheet for SMEsIAE Coventry03/06/2013 109
    108. 108. © 100%Open 2012Ideas are Worthless03/06/2013 110Innovation is valuable
    109. 109. © 100%Open 2012Dress for the Occasion03/06/2013 111Connect your brands in a meaningful way
    110. 110. © 100%Open 201203/06/2013 112Customise your pitch and make itfit for purposeTailor Made
    111. 111. © 100%Open 2012Lost in Translation03/06/2013 113Convey your offer in an understandabletone of voice
    112. 112. © 100%Open 2012www.address.ip03/06/2013 114Address Intellectual Property and NDAsbefore, during and after
    113. 113. © 100%Open 201203/06/2013 115What differentiates you from the others?The Left Angle
    114. 114. © 100%Open 2012Source Code03/06/2013 116Understand organisations supplier andprocurement guidelines and processes
    115. 115. © 100%Open 2012Better Together03/06/2013 117Open Innovation – a mutually beneficial,win-win relationship
    116. 116. © 100%Open 201203/06/2013 118Find the right door within the organisationKnock Knock!Who’s There?SME.SME Who?!
    117. 117. © 100%Open 2012Observe the Speed Limit03/06/2013 119Don’t try to run faster than the othercompany can walk
    118. 118. © 100%Open 2012Louise Marjoram03/06/2013 120Collaborate to innovateKeynote
    119. 119. 100%Open 2013Heard of the 6 degrees ofseparation?It’s now only 2.3 June 2013 121Session 4 - Outro
    120. 120. © 100%Open 2012South Building | Somerset House | Strand | London | WC2R 1LAPhone: +44 (0) 20 7759 1050Mobile: +44 (0) 7747 634038Email: david@100Open.comWeb: www.100Open.comTwitter: @deeyesbee @100openDavid Simoes-BrownCo-Founder & Strategy PartnerThank you03/06/2013 122