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Finalists and winner from Chew Valley School's #GromitUnleashed design competition

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. #GROMITUNLEASHEDTHE FINALISTSGromit needs a coat of paint…
  2. 2. Chew Valley students got creative!THE FINALISTS
  3. 3. Freddie Cardew & Bex Betton (Year 10)FINALIST
  4. 4. Freddie Cardew & Bex BFINALIST
  5. 5. Ben Nield 7HFINALIST
  6. 6. Harry Power 7HFINALIST
  7. 7. Harry Power 7HFINALIST
  8. 8. Anna Hester 9AFINALIST
  9. 9. Ailsa Mackie 9AFINALIST
  10. 10. Ailsa Mackie 9AFINALIST
  11. 11. Alice Taber 7HFINALIST
  12. 12. Cam Wiltshire 9E, Ella Scott 9E &Carys Yeatman 9AFINALIST
  13. 13. Tom Garland 9EFINALIST
  14. 14. Ailsa Mackie 9AFINALIST
  15. 15. Ailsa Mackie 9AFINALIST
  16. 16. …and the winner is…
  17. 17. Harry Power’s cracking idea …
  18. 18. Harry Power’scracking idea…Harrys design was calledFRUITY and it’s designed toencourage people to eathealthily. He delivered a fantastic pitch to the judges andexplained that he hadconducted some research withthe Health Centre and withMagna Minors to identify whatthey thought about his idea. He also asked them if they wouldlike to have GROMIT for atemporary period when he toursthe local community.
  19. 19. Let thepaintingbegin!