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  1. 1. COURSE PLAN AND EVALUATION PLAN Course Code: EC216 Course Title: Linear Systems & Signals Lab L-T-P: 0-0-3 Credits: 2 Pre – requisites: None Course Instructor: Dr. Sumam David Teaching Department: Electronics and Communication Engineering Objective of the course: Through the experience in these labs the student will be able • To introduce PSPICE for circuit analysis. • To analyze the R-L-C networks for different types of excitation • To use Matlab as a tool for modeling & simulating signals and systems • To analyze continuous- time signals in terms of their time and frequency domain behavior Evaluation Plan: Continuous Evaluation – 30 % ο Preparation, Class Performance, Documentation, Regularity, Class projects Test I – 30 % ο Circuit Simulation using PSPICE Test II – 40 % ο Circuit Simulation using MATLAB / SIMULINK Circuit Simulation Using PSPICE Introduction to PSPICE Module I DC and single phase AC steady state analysis Week 1 – 5 Coupled circuit analysis. DC transient analysis, Frequency domain analysis. TEST 1 Week 6 Circuit Simulation Using MATLAB/SIMULINK Introduction to MATLAB: Interactive computation, MATLAB scripts Graphics using MATLAB, Function, File I/O, GUI, Module II Modeling using SIMULINK Week 7-11 Properties of Signals Effect of sampling and quantization Time domain representation of systems Frequency Domain Representation of Systems Transform Domain Representation of systems TEST 2 Week 12 Prepared by: Approved by Sumam David S. Sumam David S. Course Instructor Head, Dept of E&C and DUGC Chairperson