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Internet Addiction , causes , symptoms and consequences


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Now days new types of addiction is arising that is Internet addiction. This presentation clear all your doubts about internet addiction. Also this presentation will also tell you about different types of Internet addiction. Its harmful effects towards your health as well as to your surrounding people and this presentation will also tell you about how internet addiction can effect your relationships.

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Internet Addiction , causes , symptoms and consequences

  1. 1. Internet Addiction
  2. 2. Contents • What is Addiction ? • Introduction to Internet Addiction. • Types of Internet Addiction • What makes internet addictive ? • Symptoms • Consequences
  3. 3. Addiction The Word “Addiction” can be used in many context in order to describe obsession, compulsion or excessive psychological dependence. • Drug Addiction (alcoholism , Nicotine etc) • Gambling • Internet Addiction • Crime • Television • Pornography ……………….and many more……..
  4. 4. Internet Addiction Internet addiction is compulsive urge to continuously use the internet.
  5. 5. Types of Internet Addiction • Web Surfing. • Internet Gambling Addiction. • Social Networking Addiction. • Online Gaming Addiction. • Cybersex Addiction. • Online shopping.
  6. 6. What make Internet use addictive ??
  7. 7. • It is accessible 24/7. • It can be anonymous. • It is easy to use. • It provides illusion of connection. • Less expensive. • Fun and very engaging.
  8. 8. Symptoms •Health Diseases • Neck and back pain • Eyestrain. • Headaches. • Eating irregularities. • Sleeping disturbances.
  9. 9. • Neglect family and friends. • Feeling empty depressed and irritable without Internet. • Getting more emotionally attached with your friends on social network than in real worl.
  10. 10. Consequences •Physical • Sleep hour disturbance. • Brain strain. • Eye strain. • Headaches and many more health problems.
  11. 11. • Family Problems • Academic Problems • More time spent in researching than actually completing the assignment. • Inability to concentrate in studies. • Skipping classes to stay in cyber cafe’s.
  12. 12. Thank You