What Is The Montessori School Program & Is It Right For My Child?


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You may have heard of the Montessori program that is developing in schools but do you really know what this means or how it changes your child’s education?

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What Is The Montessori School Program & Is It Right For My Child?

  1. 1. What Is The Montessori School Program & Is It Right For My Child? Chesterfield Day School
  2. 2. As parents you always want the best for your children. When looking for your child's school, you may have heard of Montessori school programs, but do you really know what they are?
  3. 3. Montessori Method of Education Delivers a highly personalized educational experience for every student.
  4. 4. Montessori Method of Education • Designed to capitalize on a child’s inherent love of learning to realize his or her highest potential • Guarantees exposure to materials and experiences while developing not only intelligence but physical and psychological abilities
  5. 5. Montessori Method of Education Focuses on setting the right direction for every student, identifying and capitalizing on the child’s strengths in the right way at the right time
  6. 6. Montessori School Environment Supports an academically challenging environment that promotes a love of learning and fosters concentration, initiative, respect, and independence.
  7. 7. The CDS Montessori Classroom • Students explore six core areas of study: – Mathematics – Language – Cultural Studies – Science – Practical Life – Sensorial
  8. 8. The CDS Montessori Classroom Language Arts Engages the attention of children with books, stories, and a wealth of materials to encourage writing, reading, true comprehension and communication.
  9. 9. The CDS Montessori Classroom Language Arts Provides opportunities for the development of all aspects of communication: thinking, listening, speaki ng, reading, and writing
  10. 10. The CDS Montessori Classroom Mathematics Students work with carefully designed and sequenced materials that build visual and muscular memory, a process which allows children to internalize functions and concepts.
  11. 11. The CDS Montessori Classroom Mathematics • Students are able to progress with confidence to more abstract mathematical thinking. • At every level, children are introduced to lessons or one-on-one and small-group activities allowing progress at an individualized pace.
  12. 12. The CDS Montessori Classroom Cultural Studies • Cultural Studies curriculum covers two subject areas: – Social Studies – Science
  13. 13. The CDS Montessori Classroom Social Studies Students are introduced to important geographical concepts, and develop a respect for diversity among people, responsibility for self and the environment, and cooperation with others.
  14. 14. The CDS Montessori Classroom Science Students explore biological science through various outdoor activities while through experiential learning, students study gravity, density, magnetism and other phenomenon which serve as the foundation of many complex theories.
  15. 15. The CDS Montessori Classroom Practical Life Throughout the Toddler and Preschool years, practical life activities are the foundation of the Montessori curriculum.
  16. 16. The CDS Montessori Classroom Practical Life They provide a fundamental link between the child and his/her environment by building skills and fine motor control that aid in developing independence.
  17. 17. The CDS Montessori Classroom Sensorial The Montessori sensorial curriculum is designed to stimulate, develop, and refine all of the growing child's senses.
  18. 18. The CDS Montessori Classroom Sensorial Educating the senses allows the child to perceive the richness of life while contributing to the development of cognitive skills such as thinking, judging, classifying, associating, and comparing.
  19. 19. But what about continuing education outside of a Montessori environment?
  20. 20. Montessori schools such as Chesterfield Day School often establish a curriculum that builds a bridge from a highly personalized Montessori classroom to secondary school preparation.
  21. 21. READY. SET. LAUNCH. A Chesterfield Premier Montessori School for Children 18 Months Through 6th Grade Visit Chesterfield Day School To Learn More