The Body Shop Marketing Campaign


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This was a 360 degree marketing campaign I co-wrote for a national marketing case competition in Canada. The case was on the revitalization of The Body Shop Canada's brand.

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The Body Shop Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. THE BODY SHOPQMAC 2012 ChallengePrepared by: Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner Queen’s University 11/25/2011
  2. 2. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeTable of ContentsKey Issues at Hand Page 2 – 3The Overarching Objective: What Needs to be Accomplished Page 3The Brand Plan: Revitalizing The Body Shop Page 3 – 5Connecting to the Target Market; Driving New Business Page 5 – 7The Marketing Levers of Love Your Body. Love Your Community. Page 7 – 9The Marketing Levers of Lips for Love Page 9 – 10Implementation and Financial Analysis Page 11Revitalizing The Body Shop Page 11Appendix Page 12 – 15 1|Page
  3. 3. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeThe Key Issues at HandAfter a thorough analysis of the case and the provided appendices, the following key issues wereidentified for The Body Shop (TBS) to address going forward. The key issues are as follows, and are listedin order of priority:  Incoherent brand message has begun to confuse current and potential customers  Brand relevance has deteriorated among target consumers  Perceived lack of product assortment among target consumers  Sales promotion tactics focused on short-term profits have become detrimental to TBS’s brand  An emotionally disconnected website has had difficulty in gaining ecommerce tractionThough all of the above issues should be addressed going forward, we believe that the first two are ofparamount importance; therefore, we have chosen to specifically focus on those two issues within thismarketing proposal. Ultimately, through our recommended marketing initiatives, TBS will be able toreposition themselves competitively to drive new business from the target consumer. In the followingtable, you will find a detailed rationale along with key justifications for choosing the two issuesaddressed in this report. Issue Rationale and JustificationIncoherent  Currently, TBS has very strong imagery and statements on its core values both in brand stores and online. However, as the brand tried to communicate these values on toomessage has many of its products, TBS’s brand story became convoluted, and this began to begun to confuse consumers in an over-crowded in-store experience. This cluttered brand confuse message in stores has also translated to an overly saturated website that does notcurrent and effectively communicate TBS’s brand message. potential  The disconnect between TBS’s values and the consumers’ perception of TBS is best customers illustrated on slide 10 of the first appendix given with the case. This depicts that the consumers perceive TBS as a brand that is mostly representative of gift giving, and not of the values they truly stand for: protecting the environment, promoting self- esteem, etc.  Aside from the miscommunicated brand values, TBS acquired a strong discount and sales promotion strategy as a regular marketing tactic to compete head on with Bath and Body Works (BBW). As discounting became a key commodity in thrusting TBS’s sales going forward, the brand image of TBS began to erode, and over the long term, in-store traffic and average transaction value continued to diminish. Brand  Currently, TBS brand enjoys 98% brand awareness from Canadian consumers atRelevance has large; however, consumers have begun to defect from the brand in recent years.Deteriorated The insight from this is that TBS has had difficulty in translating brand awareness Amongst into brand relevance by failing to proactively communicate and interact with its Target consumers in a meaningful way. Consumers  A key quote that summarizes this key issue is found on slide 55 of “A Journey Towards Understanding the Canadian TBS Customers”: 2|Page
  4. 4. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 Challenge o “I still have positive perceptions of TBS but there is nothing to keep me engaged or interested anymore.”  Furthermore, slide 59 of the same presentation states that “28% of current Body Shop customers in Canada are unsure how or if the brand has evolved, and 19% do not think the brand has evolved during the 00s”.  In addition, slide 64 highlights that 65% of current TBS customers believe that the brand is trendy, versus only 46% of lapsed customers. The inherent insight in this statistic is that consumers are very fickle. TBS needs to capture the constant attention of their customers if they wish to increase both their brand visibility and relevance.The Overarching Objective: What Needs to be AccomplishedTBS currently has several objectives that need to be accomplished within the timeframe of six months;however, our marketing campaign focuses on a specific objective that, if met, will provide the necessarysupport to ultimately drive the other objectives TBS wants to achieve.Primary Objective Going ForwardThe primary objective TBS must meet in the six month timeline is twofold. TBS must re-communicate itslost values to the target market since these values have been miscommunicated and have becomeconvoluted over the past few years. Furthermore, after these values have been communicatedeffectively and clearly to the target market, TBS must reinvigorate its brand to reposition itself as arelevant and emotionally connected brand to its current and potential customers.The Effects of Achieving the Primary ObjectiveUltimately, once the primary objective has been achieved, this will provide the necessary brand platformTBS needs to drive its target market to perceive TBS as a fun place to shop, to think of TBS as a “cool”brand, and to ultimately re-engage and drive curiosity in TBS’s product lines. Please view Exhibit 1 in theappendix to view a graphic depiction of how achieving these objectives will drive performance for TBS.The Brand Plan: Revitalizing The Body ShopOverview of the Rebranding Plan and its Various ComponentsTBS has always stood for its various values: activating self-esteem in women, protecting theenvironment, being against animal testing, protecting human rights, and promoting community fairtrade. The issue, however, is that these values have not been communicated clearly to the target market,and the communication has also not been visible. Our campaign will focus on re-communicating thesecore values clearly and effectively over a six month timeframe in a visible way so TBS can revitalize itsbrand in the minds of consumers. 3|Page
  5. 5. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeRe-Communicating: Love Your Body. Love Your Community.Our marketing campaign will begin immediately at the beginning of July with the launch of TBS’s newcampaign: Love Your Body. Love Your Community (LYBLYC). This campaign will be focused on re-communicating TBS’s brand values to customers through a series of contests held over a five monthperiod. Each month will focus on a specific value TBS wishes to communicate. For example, the monthof July will choose to focus specifically on the value of activating self-esteem among women. TBS willthen host an online contest where participants can post either past community initiatives they haveparticipated in, or an idea for a new initiative that they wish to gain funding for. The initiative mustcoincide with the value TBS is promoting at the time – for example, an initiative to protect human rightsmust be posted during the month that TBS is also highlighting that specific core value. Consumers canthen vote online for whichever ideas they think deserve TBS’s funding. At the end of the month, TBS willannounce the winner and donate $10,000 towards their initiative. Furthermore, TBS will profile thewinner at the store, and online through their website and social media channels such as Facebook. Thisis simply a general overview of the LYBLYC campaign; a more detailed explanation of this campaign canbe found in the marketing levers section on pages 7-9.Reinvigorating: Lips for LoveThe LYBLYC campaign will end in the middle of November, leaving time for a final marketing campaign toend 2012. After the first campaign, TBS will have achieved its objective of communicating the brand’score values in a clearer manner to its target market. With a more coherent brand message, TBS will nowbe positioned for a campaign that drives attention and relevance in the lives of its consumers. Over thecourse of the first five months, TBS will have focused on reaffirming the alignment of their core valueswith the core values of its customers. Now, it is time for TBS to reinvigorate its brand, and ultimatelyshow consumers what it can do for them and the greater community. Thus begins the launch of the Lipsfor Love campaign.This campaign will serve to reinstate TBS’s brand presence in the minds of consumers, and help to drivemagnetism towards the brand for current, lapsed, and potential customers. Lips for Love will alsoreinforce the fact that TBS believes business can be a force for positive change, and that a company canstill be profit driven while contributing to the local and global community. Starting mid-November, TBSwill launch its Lips for Love campaign by giving away one free lipstick to all of its new Love Your Bodyloyalty cardholders. The lipstick will be a vibrant fire-engine red color to attract the attention that isnecessary for this campaign to unfold. LYB members will then be notified that if they enter any of TBSstores wearing the lipstick, they will be awarded 20% off their entire purchase. LYB members are initiallytargeted for the campaign because they are already loyal customers of TBS, and they are the perfectcustomers to begin the viral Christmas trend of wearing TBS’s fire engine red lipstick.Once LYB members are brought into the store, they will be made aware of the primary focus of thecampaign: the donation of makeup gift baskets to families in need. Every week, TBS will documentthrough various mediums how many gift baskets are being given away to these families. Ultimately, thiscampaign will also gain the attention of local media outlets for additional promotion. The Lips for Love 4|Page
  6. 6. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 Challengecampaign will have additional marketing activities that TBS will leverage, but please refer to themarketing levers section for these additional details on pages 9-10.TBS is a company of traditions. They were the first retailer to speak out on self-esteem issues, and theone to pioneer the practice of community fair trade. December 2012 will be the perfect opportunity forTBS to launch its new tradition, the Lips for Love campaign. It will be known as a time for people to cometogether and bring awareness to the act of gift giving to people in need at a time when generosityshould be valued and promoted. This campaign is not a one-time event; rather, it will grow and becomea cultural icon rivaling that of Movember. Ultimately, Lips for Love will provide the necessary impact oncustomers to no longer think of TBS as an unsophisticated brand that has not grown with them, but asan innovator and community leader that has always promoted the values it stood for. Through Lips forLove, TBS will continue to show its traditions in unique and meaningful ways that transcend theboundaries of time.Connecting to the Target Market; Driving New BusinessThe Main Insight: Connecting to the Target MarketThe main target market of this case has been described as a female 19 year-old university student. She isinvolved with her local community, and conscious of the world around her; therefore, she will want topurchase from a brand that is also involved with their community, and has the same values as her.Through the LYBLYC campaign, the target consumer will realize that the values of TBS are exactly alignedwith hers through the contests that are hosted each month. She will be aware of these contests as theywill be marketed on various media channels she frequents. To reiterate, the problem is not that TBS hasnever stood for its values; it is that it has not communicated these values effectively to its target market.Furthermore, the target market of TBS is very fickle, and for TBS to remain relevant in the targetmarket’s mindset, it must proactively attract and retain their attention. Lips for Love does this by beingan exciting campaign that re-invokes TBS as a company that starts new traditions for the greater good ofthe community. Since the target customer is active in her community, she will feel excited to take part inthe movement TBS is initiating. Furthermore, Lips for Love aims to retain the attention of the targetmarket since the campaign is meant to last several years as a cultural tradition – helping to keep TBS asa relevant brand for years to come.Driving New Business: Love Your Body. Love Your Community.The timing of LYBLYC will have each specific value-focused campaign timed to be one month long. Thetiming of the campaign events are cadenced specifically to capitalize on the behavioral frequency inwhich customers of TBS purchase their products. Slide 12 of one of the appendices given titled Priceoptimization of TBS products in Canada has provided us with the necessary insight in making thisdecision. On average, customers are purchasing items between eight to twelve times each year. Thismeans that they visit TBS once every one to two months. TBS needs to capitalize on the fact thatcustomers visit their store either monthly or bi-monthly, and by having their value-driven campaigns 5|Page
  7. 7. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 Challengetimed as recommended, this will create the sense that the stores are constantly changing. Ultimately,having a constantly changing store dynamic will create curiosity among customers, and drive repeatpurchases at greater frequencies.Furthermore, according to the appendix titled A Journey Towards Understanding the Canadian TBSCustomers, there were several insights that provided additional evidence for the strength of the LYBLYCcampaign. One of the latent brand drivers of TBS is being a provocative leader of the community. Withthe LYBLYC campaign, TBS will reposition itself and be seen as a community leader through its fundingsupport of the fantastic community initiatives people are advocating for. Furthermore, a key in drivingpurchases includes reinforcing the environmental and ethical aspects of the brand as these naturally fitwith the current customers’ own life priorities. The LYBLYC campaign achieves this in an effectivemanner that emphasizes one specific value so the customer is not confused by an over-saturation ofmessages. In addition, the LYBLYC focuses heavily on electronic touch points of the customer since oneof the main barriers of TBS brand is the accessibility of the stores. Online mediums will help bridge thecommunication gap many targeted customers are facing, and increase communication and interactionbetween them and TBS. Ultimately, this will not only drive online social activity between the customerand TBS, but online sales through TBS’s ecommerce platform.Driving New Business: Lips for LoveThe success of the Lips for Love campaign will be directly related to the timing of the initiative since it isslated to span the duration of the holiday season. The holiday season business is critically important inCanada, with 12% of TBS’s overall business in premade gifts, and 60% of those premade gifts occurringin the last four weeks of the year. Slide 63 of A Journey Towards Understanding the Canadian TBSCustomers provides evidence that gift giving is a key motivation for customers to buy at TBS.Furthermore, occasions for gifts to be bought specifically from TBS by their loyal customers are at theirmaximum during the Christmas season, with 54% of family gifts, and 49% of friend’s gifts purchased atthis time. The Lips for Love campaign will directly capitalize on the increased frequency of giftpurchasing during the Christmas season, and seek to further stimulate purchasing with the 20% discountfor wearing the promotional lipstick.Furthermore, a unique aspect of the Lips for Love campaign is that it focuses on specifically driving salesfor makeup. With the community initiative aspect of the Lips for Love campaign (i.e. purchases ofmakeup will spur donations made to families in need) TBS’s makeup products were specifically chosensince they have never had enough visibility among consumers. The campaign focuses on specificallydriving makeup sales to shape it towards becoming TBS’s key differentiator against big competitors likeBBW. The campaign will increase awareness of the makeup line primarily through the red lipstickadorned on the lips of consumers and TBS’s sales associates. Ultimately, this campaign will alsoshowcase that TBS is an evolving brand that continues to innovate its product line for its consumers.This brings TBS to another key driver of sales from the Lips for Love campaign. According to the secondappendices provided in the case, one of the main brand barriers TBS currently faces is its lack ofstorytelling. Lips for Love is an ideal way for TBS to start a new story of giving back to the community 6|Page
  8. 8. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 Challengeand empowering consumers to take part in the process. Consumers will not only feel more connected totheir communities and ultimately TBS, but it will also help break down a second barrier TBS faces:visibility and the lack of word-of-mouth advertising. The campaign encourages visible advocacy of thebrand by having people walk around with their brightly colored red lips. TBS will no longer be just acloset brand that is not talked about, seen, or heard, but a brand that is confidently expressed on thefaces of customers.The Christmas of 2012 will be the start of the new Lips for Love tradition. Red lips will not only embodyTBS’s brand reinvention, but will also act as a symbol for consumer participation in a new culturalmovement. This movement will be entirely driven by consumers who want to help change the world,and allow less fortunate women to highlight their beauty. Apathy will no longer be a word consumersassociate with TBS. In fact, TBS will be known as an innovator, and craftsmen of culture in the eyes ofconsumers who see value in TBS’s vision of touching people’s lives every day.The Marketing Levers of Love Your Body. Love Your Community.Public RelationsTo begin the five month period by publicizing the campaign, TBS should sponsor and attend theMyCharityConnects1 Conference in Toronto. This conference has been held every year at the beginningof June since 2009, and has seen attendees of over 200 charities and not-for-profits each year. Theconference is aimed at educating attendees about online and social media fundraising. Many of theseattendees will be interested in TBS values and the possibility to receive $10,000 for their own charityprogram. By sponsoring the conference – perhaps sponsor a meal or other related event – and making ashort presentation, TBS will be communicating its interest in charity to the public and will likelystimulate participation in the LYBLYC contests. No other specific public relations activities arerecommended; however, we expect much of our campaigns to produce other related public relationsawareness through the media attention garnered over the six month period.Social MediaOur recommendations for social media include the integration of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Thegoal is to leverage the unique value of each medium to support the actual campaign and create adynamic experience for customers.The primary task of TBS’s Canadian Facebook page is to promote awareness of the given months value.TBS can do this by posting news articles relating to the issue, posting videos (originally posted toYouTube) of TBSs history of activities relating to the issue, and posting information about certainproducts that TBS sells that specifically relate to the issue. For example, in month five, which will focuson community fair trade, TBS can post the story of trading shea butter with women in Ghana.1 "MyCharityConnects 2012." My Charity Connects. Web. Nov. 2011.<>. 7|Page
  9. 9. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeAdditionally, TBS should post messages publicizing and explaining the contest of the month with a link tothe contest page. We recommend this contest page to be part of website to avoid toomuch information being displayed on the Facebook page.In terms of YouTube, we recommend that TBS Canada launches its own YouTube channel. This channelwill be needed for the posting of videos relating to the companys historical participation in the monthsvalue that is being promoted. For example, for focusing on animal testing in month three, TBS canrelease a video outlining the Lifetime Achievement Award that the company received from the RSPCAin the UK in 2009. These videos will solidify the brands image as an ethical beauty retailer and hopefullyinspire people to care about the cause and participate in the contest. The YouTube channel for TBSCanada will also be helpful for future promotional videos TBS will need to have in proactively managingtheir online presence with its customers. Furthermore, since TBS currently has a UK and US YouTubechannel, we feel it is necessary to create a Canadian one to support Canada-specific marketing.The final social media recommendation is for TBS to use Twitter to tweet comments on proposalsubmissions throughout the month. This will communicate how interested the company is in the charityideas the community is putting forth and further engage participants and viewers of the contest. Thesetweets should be linked to the contest pages on both Facebook and TBS’s website, which should bothserve as the main platforms for much of the campaign.In-Store Events / PromotionsTo fully engage customers, it is important that the LYBLYC initiative is visible on all fronts. We considerthe in-store events and promotion to be one of the most important touch points with customers. Ifeffective, these tactics will directly influence store traffic and sales.For storefront window displays, TBS will place large posters with a picture and tagline that reflect themonths theme; each month this poster will change. For example, in month one, a picture of a womanwith the phrase "I love me" will express the cause of activating self-esteem in females (Please viewExhibit 2 for a prototype of this poster).Inside all stores, a floor-to-ceiling banner will be hung from the ceiling near the entrance. The bannerwill include a rectangle for each of the five months, with a title on top of each (for example, on top ofrectangle one, there will be the title "Animal Testing"). At the end of each month, after TBS has granted$10,000 to the winning proposal, the winners photo will be added to the square relating to that month.Next to the photo will be a brief biography and an explanation of their charity plan (Please view Exhibit 3for a prototype banner). This will require a new banner to be printed each month, with the additionalwinner. These banners will help publicize the campaign, glorify the winners, and bring the charitycontest experience into the stores.To complete the in-store experience, all sales representatives must become very knowledgeable aboutthe months issue and how TBS has been an active advocate in it. When dealing with customers, theymust be encouraged to communicate this knowledge. This will allow sales people to fully embody TBSsvalues and foster a differentiated, positive association in the minds of customers. 8|Page
  10. 10. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeCommunity AdvertisingTo further publicize the campaign and specifically the contests each month, TBS should place posters incommunity centres (such as the YMCA, churches, and university athletic centres). This marketing tacticwill substantiate the brands image as a grassroots retailer and encourage more participation incommunities.The Marketing Levers of Lips for LoveAdvertisingWhile billboard advertising is not a typical marketing tactic of grassroots campaigns like the onesoutlined in this report, we believe it is vital in stimulating the mass popular involvement necessary forLips for Love. The Lips for Love billboards will be simple and arouse curiosity in viewers (Please viewExhibit 4). These billboards will be placed in high-traffic areas in the metropolitan centres of Vancouver,Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Their purpose is to drive awareness for the campaign andintrigue viewers with the brand.Digital MarketingTo further promote Lips for Love, we recommend TBS to alter their Canadian website landing pageduring the campaign. Before entering the site, the entire window should fade to the same image as thebillboards. As the website has a wider reach than billboards, this altered landing page will effectivelyincrease awareness for the initiative.Social MediaTBS will be donating gift baskets to The Salvation Army among other charities every week during thiscampaign (more information on the donation process is under “in-store events/promotion"). At thattime, the company should film women receiving the makeup gift baskets and expressing theirexcitement. These videos can be posted on TBS Canadas YouTube channel as well as the Facebook pageto allow customers to actually see the tangible results of the initiative.In-Store Events / PromotionOnce again, we find it vital that the entire marketing campaign is brought together in the stores of TBSacross Canada. To communicate the transition from the LYBLYC campaign to Lips for Love, all 116 storesacross Canada must replace the pictures in their storefront windows. The new pictures will be the sameidea as the billboard image described previously. The reasoning for this consistency is to provide a clearand concise image for consumers during a time of rampant Christmas advertising. The simple andprovocative image of TBS’s Lips for Love campaign will help to differentiate the brand during the holidayseason. 9|Page
  11. 11. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeThe actual makeup donation process will be highlighted in the stores. For every $75 of makeup productsales, TBS will donate one gift basket to organizations like The Salvation Army. It is important to notethat we recommend this $75 amount to be cumulative among all sales; this way, there is no pressureplaced on customers to individually spend that amount. However, the fact that customers’ makeuppurchases will contribute to the donations will act as an incentive to drive sales. Furthermore, to exhibitto customers the number of gift baskets donated, we suggest setting up a large chalkboard behind thecashiers in each store. At the end of each business day, the store manager will update the total numberof makeup gift baskets to be donated by TBS. These chalkboards will add to the dynamic storeexperience and communicate the pride the company has in the initiative.The next in-store recommendation and all the recommendations following are aimed at fosteringcommunity support for TBSs donations via the wearing of fire-engine red lipstick. Similar to poppiesworn before and during Remembrance Day and moustaches grown during Movember, bright red lipstickis a way for the public to express their approval and respect for the Lips for Love initiative. Mostimportantly, it is a reason to get excited about the brand in an unconventional way that is trendy. Werecommend a number of tactics to stimulate participation in this December lipstick practice.First, all female sales representatives in all stores across Canada must wear the fire-engine red lipstick.As the majority of these workers are in the same demographic as TBSs target market, this is a proactiveway to encourage other women to participate. Next, TBS will launch a Lips for Love discount for allwomen who walk into stores wearing the lipstick. This discount will be 20% off their entire purchase andis a stronger way of motivating the public to become involved in the movement and to visit the stores.Customer Relationship ManagementTo increase loyalty program members and to further trigger participation in Lips for Love, werecommend complimentary fire-engine red lipstick given to new members during the campaign period.This will act as an incentive to join the Love Your Body loyalty program and to wear the lipstick. Thepackage of this lipstick will have an explanation of the initiative.Finally, TBS should randomly send representatives to walk around high-traffic areas in the fivemetropolitan Canadian cities mentioned before throughout the campaign period. An example would beDundas Square in Toronto, or Robson Street in Vancouver. These representatives will spot randomindividuals wearing fire-engine red lipstick in public and give them a $10 gift card to TBS. This part of thecampaign will be known as “Spotting Lips for Love” and will be promoted through the social mediamediums previously mentioned. This tactic will further encourage public involvement, generate evenmore brand excitement, and likely attract media attention. 10 | P a g e
  12. 12. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeImplementation and Financial AnalysisLove Your Body. Love Your Community.The LYBLYC campaign will be initiated on the first day of July 2012, and will last until November 16th.Each new value and each new contest will be initiated on the first day of each month, lasting for theduration of the month. This will make it easy for customers to keep track of the campaign. However, thefifth month, promoting community fair trade, must be shortened to just over two weeks. This is to leaveroom for our second campaign which relates to the winter holiday season (Please view Exhibit 5 for aGantt chart outlining our implementation).We expect a total cost of $243,000 for this campaign, with the most significant expense being thestorefront window displays (Please view Exhibit 6 for a detailed budget).Lips for LoveThe Lips for Love campaign will begin on the weekend of November 17th, 2012 and last until the end ofChristmas. Donations will be given to charitable organizations every week based on the weeks makeupsales across Canada. Chalkboards in stores will post a total amount of gift baskets given in addition togift baskets planned to be given each week (Please view Exhibit 5 for a Gantt chart).We expect a total cost of $730,700 for this campaign, with the largest expenses being the billboardadvertisements, and lipsticks given away to new loyalty card members (Please view Exhibit 6 for adetailed budget).Revitalizing The Body ShopOur proposed plan will help transform The Body Shop into a coherent and relevant brand. By promotingthe companys core values and engaging the public in charitable acts, the brand will once again bedifferentiated as the number one ethical and natural beauty retailer. Together, the LYBLYC and the Lipsfor Love campaigns will drive the target market to feel connected to the brand, be intrigued by thebrand, and perceive the brand as an active ambassador for social change. We want The Body Shop to continue to touch peoples lives every day. 11 | P a g e
  13. 13. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeAppendixExhibit 1: Driving the Goals of TBS • Re-communicate TBSs lost values to the target market • Reinvigorate TBSs brand in the minds of its current and potential Primary customers to regain relevance Objective • Drive the target market to perce TBS stores as a trendy place to shop • Perceive TBS as a "cool" brand Provides a platform to • Re-engage and drive curiosity for TBSs various product lines • Increase in-store and online traffic • Increase brand awareness and mangnetism with the target market Ultimately, this will • Increase social media activity between the brand and its customersExhibit 2: Storefront Poster of TBS Depicting the Self-Esteem Value of the Month 12 | P a g e
  14. 14. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeExhibit 3: Prototype Banner for TBS “Love Your Body. Love Your Community.” Campaign 13 | P a g e
  15. 15. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeExhibit 4: Lips for Love Campaign Billboard 14 | P a g e
  16. 16. Chester Lau, Elliot Seetner QMAC 2012 ChallengeExhibit 5: Implementation Plan 2012 Activity June July August September October November December Attend MyCharityConnects Conference Promote activation of self esteem inwomen and run a charity contest for this cause.Promote protection of the environment and run a charity contest for this cause. Communicate opposition to animaltesting and run a charity contest for this cause.Promote protection of human rights and run a charity contest for this cause.Promote community fair trade and run a charity contest for this cause. Run Lips for Love CampaignExhibit 6: Financial Breakdown of Marketing Initiatives Love Your Body. Love your Community. Cost Breakdown Conference Sponsorship 10,000.00 Charity Grants 50,000.00 $10,000 for each month Banners 67,000.00 $120 banner for 116 stores that have to be changed monthly Storefront Display Pictures 116,000.00 $200 photo for 116 stores that have to be changed monthly Subtotal 243,000.00 Lips for Love Billboards 320,000.00 $16,000 for 4 areas of 5 cities Complimentary Lipstick 240,000.00 $5 (lipstick at cost) for projected 48,000 new loyalty members (16% increase) Storefront Display Pictures 23,200.00 $200 storefront poster for 116 stores Gift Basket Donations 140,000.00 $20 (makeup gift baskets at cost) for estimated 7,000 donations Gift Card Giveaways 7,500.00 $10 gift card for 25 random people a week in 5 major cities for 6 weeks Subtotal 730,700.00 Total Plan 973,700.00 15 | P a g e